BlackBerry Bold 9790 now available from Telus, Bell and Virgin Mobile

Telus BlackBerry Bold 9790
By Adam Zeis on 2 Dec 2011 01:06 pm EST

While Rogers beat everyone to the punch, today Telus, Bell and Virgin Mobile have all made the BlackBerry Bold 9790 available for purchase. If you're in Canada and looking to pick up the Bold 9790, you now have plenty of choices. Prices vary a bit on each carrier, but it looks like Bell and Virgin are the best at $99.99 for a 3-year term. The Bold 9790 is carrying a 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard and is a great alternative for those not wanting the larger Bold 9900.

Check out the Bold 9790 at Bell
Check out the Bold 9790 at Telus
Check out the Bold 9790 at Virgin Mobile

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 now available from Telus, Bell and Virgin Mobile


Will this be available for TMO USA? My daughter's 9700's trackpad is behaving badly so she needs a new phone. We are searching for 9850 but it seems that this model has disappeared from stores - we were at several stores last night. But if this model is coming to TMO, we might wait for a while. We asked the reps at store but they don't know if this is coming to TMO at all.

Does anybody know?

I read a post from someone else saying that they went to a T-Mobile store, and the sales person told them that they think TMO won't be getting the 9790, because they already had 3 BB models. I'm not sure how much the sales people are told about upcoming devices though. The Curve 9360 is a good upgrade though. You can get that for $79 with a 2-year contract. If you have enough cash to buy a 9900 get that, but for some reason TMO wants $100 more then the other carriers.

A 3 year contract doesnt even sound real to me. Since i started an 18 month contract with the Torch 9800 last november ive had 2 x 9780, a 9700 & a 9900 ive still got Six month left & dare say i'll have at least 2 different BlackBerrys by then including this one, but i digress. When is this phone coming to the uk, it would be nice to rock a new BlackBerry for my Birthday & Christmas 24/25th December :-)

Cant wait for the CrackBerry Video review. YO Kevin pull your finger out.

I don't think they will get this model, because they wouldn't be able to sell it at an affordable price. Virgin Mobile USA might get the Curve 9350 though.