BlackBerry Bold 9790 makes its way into UAProf document status

Bold 9790 UAProf
By Jared DiPane on 16 Aug 2011 02:13 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Bold 9790, you know the clone of the 9780 but with the awesome added functionality of the touchscreen, has shown up yet again for us all to see, and this time via a UAProf Document. We have seen some previous news of this device, some leaked photos, a leaked OS, and a device tutuorial, but now we have some more official type documentation which shows RIM is planning on actually releasing this. While the exact specs of this device have yet to surface, and there is no release timeframe showing just yet, it is still exciting to see things moving forward with it. Is the 9790 with the smaller size and touch screen the next device that interests you, or would you rather the larger screen a bigger keyboard that the Bold 9900 brings?

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 makes its way into UAProf document status


I think I'll stick with the 9900 but I can see how others might like the more portable size. Oddly, my 9900 doesn't actually feel much bigger than my 9780 but the useability and enjoyment went way up

I think it's stupid for rim to put a touchscreen on the 9700 series. Isn't that what the 9900 is for?

I don't get it either. Unless some companies liked the smaller form factor and insisted on it I don't see any blackberry users say something like "the screen on the 9900 is too big eventhough it only fills half the phone. I want it even smaller.". There's got to be a catch. Maybve something different coming out with that form factor.

The 97xx and 99xx are different devices. There is a bigger battery in the 97xx, an auto focus camera, it's physically smaller, and users should be able to use some of there existing accessories, but I can't confirm this last part without knowing the physical specs.

I don't know about accessories... The 9790 is reported to be a lot thinner than other 97xx devices. They might not fit at all.

The screen is smaller and also has the same res as all other 97xx. It could be a device not meant for NA release, like the chinese 8910 and 8980 curves.

As usual, we'll have to wait and see.

With regards to the cases if you watch the videos released on this website, the 9700/9780 cases won't work because the microusb port has been moved to the bottom of the device and the top of the device is one big lock button. Of both features, the microusb on the bottom is the one the attracts me to the device(docking pods bexome true docking pods[computer connectivity])

Having finally been able to hold a 9900 in one hand and my 9700 in the other I love the looks of the new keyboard but was suprised that the screens were identical size, except for slightly more width on the 9900. I would really like a bigger screen. Will be checking out the 9860 (all touch) when it comes out as I really don't like the keyboard on the Torch slider.

If people are even remotely complaining that the 9900's touchscreen is too small...RIM is going to get ripped apart for releasing this. This is a poor business decision, 100%. Same with the Curve 9380.

When they only announced the 2 new torches and the 9900, I thought it was a sign that RIM smartened up and started to consolidate their product line up. If they release all of these phones we've heard about, the product line up will be more fragmented than it ever has been. It's awesome there's tons of options, but it's really not a cost-effective decision for them.

Maybe they think it's a good idea to match the number of options Android has on the market except all from the same manufacturer. Hint: It's probably not a good idea.

The 9700 series wasn't BOLD 9900 brought back the bold name I personally thought the 9700 series was to small but that's my opinion

The bold 9790 is for all those possible me as well who didnt like the orgianl bold and wanted something smaller. My gf has the 9780 and loves it i had a 9700 and loved it then moved up to the 9800 and was happy with the speed but didnt like the slide. i have bought just about every flagship bb even if i didnt like it; but the 9000 was where i stoped. I really want the 9900 but for some reasom i think rim will correct what ever mistakes ppl are talking about right now on the 9900 and make the 9790 small and mistkes possible corrected what do you think.

If it has all the niceties that the 9700 enjoys (AF camera, UMA, long life battery, size) with all bonuses of the 9900 (NFC, 1.2ghz cpu, touchscreen) then I think they will definitely have an audience with this model. I would very strongly consider this device if it was exactly the same dimensions and layout of my 9700 as I could reuse my charging pod, additional batteries, otterbox case, etc with it and save a ton of cash.

Really, other then the larger screen and keyboard what are you missing with this device? If it comes in at the $50-100 range on a 2 year contract like the 9850/9860 is then it will really get some attention.

I am enjoying my Bold 9700 as my main device since I switched from a Pearl flip, and am awaiting the 9790 sine I do not like the size of the original bold 9000 or the feel of the 9900. This device would be the perfect device for me since I have skinny fingers(for a man) and don't like the bigger keyboards.

For me, i love my original bold 9000, but i just simply don't want to have a new phone which looks almost exactly like my old one. So i'm looking forward to switching to the new bold in a 97xx form factor.

i'll get the 9790 if it comes to AT&T otherwise i'll stick with my 9700 and wait for the qnx phones. 9900 not doing it for me -- i can't stand the metal band around it for some reason -- prob because it's taken from the iphone and i hate the m'f'n iphone.

I love my 9780 and really hope this 9790 becomes reality. This will be my next BB if it does. Much prefer the form factor of this over the 9000 / 9900.

"The thinnest blackberry to date" - Pah!

I love my 9780 having upgraded from the 9700. I would love for RIM to release a 97xx with a 1.2gz processor and 8mp + camera. I don't really like touch screens and feel that RIM are grasping this trend with open hands !!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this and hopefully there will be news of a non-touchscreen bold 97xx being released in time for my upgrade in February !?!?!

If the 9790 will keep the great battery of the 9780 and the nice camera with autofocus, I definitelly buy the 9790. 9900 is a big disapointment for me. Bigger display and keyboard, but a weak battery and a creapy camera. Nothing for me.

I've been chomping at the bit for the 9900 but since it won't be out on AT&T for a while, I'm considering checking out the rest of the BB selection. Lots coming out and i always wanted the 9780 but it was never picked up by AT&T. Now I just have to get my hands on these and take 'em for a spin.

This is my next BlackBerry. They can stick that ugly 9900 where the sun doesn't shine... I'm also willing to wager that this device will out sell the 9900. Flagship my ass...

This is a real tough one for me. I like the size of the 9900, well more the larger screen, but I like the look of the 9790 much more. I really liked the look of the 9700, 9780 but the small screen had me sqinting. I'm cool with the 9700 keyboard. I had the 9700 then went to 9800 for the screen size and was going to go to the 9900 even though the look doesn't quite do it for me and now if the 9790 gets released, I'd love one, but then I need the size of the 9900 for the screen. Why couldn't they make the 9790 same size as the 9900. It's a much better looking phone. Tough one for me!!!

I doubt this will be coming to our shores, more likely a 8980 successor as mentioned earlier.

If however it is coming, and has the
1. 1.2ghz processor
2. 768mb ram
3. UMA

I would take this over the 9900 in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even care about the AF camera (if it did have it, it would be nice, even if the same one thats in the 9780). I would even take the smaller screen and lack of NFC in a tradeoff. At this point, I would even sacrifice the touchscreen.

I just need a faster device with more memory and UMA.

This is a stupid thing to release, afaic. The Curve 9360 could have a touch screen, and be the EXACT same damn phone. Same screen size. Autofocus camera, blah blah blah. It's the same damn thing minus a different style keyboard. I most sincerely hope that it doesn't get released, as RIM needs to consolidate its device line up, rather then having it as fragmented as a year ago. Ridiculous

Calling this device ridiculous is a little silly as far as I'm concerned. Not everybody likes the keyboard of the curve and not everybody likes the size of the 9900.

If this device were not to be released, I would skip purchasing a BlackBerry altogether and just stick with my 9700 and I am sure there are many who share that view.

Mark my words... This will be the last time that RIM release a form factor like the 9900 as the 9790 when released will hammer it in terms of sales.

I would get that phone in a heartbeat. Provided , of course, that RIM doesn't fuck it up again like they did with the 9900. Still can't believe they released that devise with such a crapy battery.

I'm personally a fan of the 97xx form factor, I find it to be just the right size for me. If the 9790 retains the auto-focus camera and is running OS7, then I'm sold!

I personally hope this BB comes to T-Mobile. I own a 9700, and love the size, design, style, etc. Added performance, memory, OS7, and other nice things would make me consider it over the 9900 if the price is right.