BlackBerry Bold 9790 lands on Koodo, no device only purchases allowed

BlackBerry Bold 9790
By Bla1ze on 30 Nov 2011 04:21 pm EST

While the parent company of Koodo may be holding off until December 2nd to let go of their BlackBerry Bold 9790 stock, it seems as though their 'budget' brand Koodo is letting them go out the door provided you're not actually looking for an outright purchase of the device. Koodo will gladly sell you one, placing the device at $400 retail if they were allowed to sell it to you outright but only $250 on their tab offerings -- anyone gonna try and swindle one for the outright cost?

More info available at Koodo



First, lol. Not as nice as a bold 9900.

From my Bold 9900 on Rogers


who uses BBM to get girls lmao....


Koodo has probably the cheapest BB full data plan (2GB/month for $25). I have used this service every single day with my 9900 tethered with my PlayBook and I'm loving it.


It's back on the site. So tethering is allowed on all Koodo data plans? I need to update my old reliable Curve 8330 and I have a playbook on the way.


$400 with no contract is not bad! Just unlock and go.


I'd pay more for this phone than the 9900 *if* it were available in a CDMA version (Verizon). Most of the horsepower of the 9900 series AND an autofocus camera (for use as a xerox/scanner).
Also, I'm suspicious of the style of flat plastic "buttons" on the 9900 series... it just seems wrong in a flimsy way.


No longer on the Koodo site...


what happenned they had it in the morning and they removed Y Y Y !