BlackBerry Bold 9790 Images and Photo Gallery

By Bla1ze on 15 Nov 2011 05:10 am EST
BlackBerry Bold 9790

Here we have a collection of BlackBerry Bold 9790 images and photos so you can check out the device from all sides. When we get our hands on one we'll update with some more "real" BlackBerry Bold 9790 photos, but for now keep reading to check the latest in the Bold series out.

Research In Motion expands BlackBerry 7 portfolio: New BlackBerry Bold 9790 and BlackBerry Curve 9380 Smartphones announced

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Images and Photos

BlackBerry Bold 9790
BlackBerry Bold 9790
BlackBerry Bold 9790
BlackBerry Bold 9790

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 Images and Photo Gallery


That what happens when you don't sleep and are in a hurry to get to a dentists appoint for 8AM and you were supposed to of have left 20 mins ago.. fixed. ;)

Is this the same size as the 9650?

Are there two convenience keys or one? (I can't see one on the right)

If battery life is strong, I like this phone. Smaller, Autofocus!, probably twice as fast as last gen BB, etc.

love the look much more then the 9900 good job rim/blackberry vary happy with it and will be in line to get it the day it comes out

Hmm. To give you an idea how disappointed I have been with my 9930 (horrible battery life, too frequent "working" clock icon, poor convenience key placement causing unintended camera launches, fingerprint magnet and cheap looking battery door, etc.) I am wondering if "downgrading" to this model isn't a good idea for me...

You don't like the look of the back of the bold 99xx series!... You must be one of those people that like the look of white brown and orange doillies on your table and lots of dolls on your shelves... Maybe a cat plate here and there

really, really dislike those buttons. I don't understand why they switched to that instead of the flat integrated ones. I've never had a problem with the 9000/9900 style and with these I just see causing problems with dirt and dust getting in and getting stuck and sticky.

Does this have the top-mounted mute and lock buttons that the older 9700 (and the 9800/9810) have? Those are _really_ annoying.

I still dont understand why not send the 9900 series as well as it's torch counterparts over to Indonesia rather than making a specific lower end model for them and fragmenting the BB society even further....

Looks like my 9860 from the back but why the slower 1GHZ CPU instead of 1.2GHz :S - I would really like this phone as a replacement to my 9860 since touch typing isn't my thing I have tried it but its driving me crazy. Hopefully the battery life is better than the 9900.