BlackBerry Bold 9790 heading to Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Bold 9790
By Adam Zeis on 28 Nov 2011 04:44 pm EST

It looks like the BlackBerry Bold 9790 may be heading to Virgin Mobile Canada sometime in the very near future. We already know that the device will be hitting Telus soon (and most likely Rogers and Bell as well) so add this one to the list. No official word on pricing or a release date just yet, but we can expect it to be in line with the early December arrivals of other carriers. The Bold 9790 is sporting a full QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen display, 5MP camera and 1GHz processor.

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 heading to Virgin Mobile


ok.....and of course virgin mobile would not offer this in the states you are right.what sense would that make?

Well for starters, Virgin Mobile Canada is a GSM company under Bell, whereas Virgin Mobile USA is CDMA under Sprint, and so you can't expect them to carry the same devices- and with the 9790 being a GSM phone, it actually makes perfect sense not to expect it to be offered by Sprint or any of its properties.

I don't suspect so with the 9790. It's a device designed from the get go for GSM, Anyone looking for a CDMA Bold will likely be far more attracted to the 9930 anyway.

So yes, my comment, really did make sense.

I agree, what is up with this? I know this is a GSM device, but there are newer CDMA BB's. Why does VM and all the other prepaid in the states only have the 8500 series? Why no updated versions? If you go to the Canada VM and other prepaid, you will see the latest versions of the devices. Why nothing new in the states? Is it RIM, or is it the carriers?

If I go with BB, it will either be this one or the 9810. Contract is up in April so maybe by that time the BBX devices will be out!

So no chance that we can get an autofocus Blackberry in Verizon (without resorting to the two year old blackberries)

omg oh well. just got the bb 8530 a month ago, and i don't want to pay for another bb so soon! i will wait until VM gets the next bb after this.

sprint for sure have a cdma little bold for both boost and virgin imo.The phone caters to that exact customer base.The customer who dont have 500$ to shell out for a new bold 99xx.The 9790 was built for people who want os7 bb experience without dipping into the rent $ and thats exactly why this phone will end up on every pre paid no contract phone carrier that rim can shop it too.Destined for boost and virgin cdma and probably even cricket before to long...whether or not Canadians like it. :)

I'd pay the same for this bold as for a 9930... if it were on Verizon.

That this has autofocus is important for the ability to 'scan' documents and immediately email them.

This feature is probably underused by most BB users because it doesn't occur to them. Once I discovered this tactic, it is used daily by me. I no longer have to go hunt a xerox or fax machine....and don't need to carry or organize nearly as much paper stuff with me. It is huge.

The 9930 looks delightful, but the 9650 and its camera is far more useful to me.... wouldn't mind a 9790 type upgrade. Again, I don't even need the discount.
(for crying out loud.... I didn't even know fixed focus cameras were even possible these days!)

My Torch 9810 died. In the past 3 to 4 months I have gone from a Blackberry addict to a non-supporter of blackberry. Face it, Blackberry is weak, non-inventive, and behind the times. Do yourself a favor and get an iPhone or Android device. I think I'm going to post this continually until my AT&T contract expires. BEWARE OF BLACKBERRY DEVICES - A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME - NOT RELIABLE

If you are willing to part with a physical keyboard, go with the torch 9850 for Verizon customers, I'm loving mine as a blackberry, and that it has autofocus. Great device. :)