BlackBerry Bold 9790 Hands-On Video Walk Through!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Nov 2011 04:08 pm EST

If you follow @crackberrykevin on twitter, you might have noticed that I'm in Waterloo, the hometown of BlackBerry, today! I'm still in the middle of briefings, but just had to get some content up for CrackBerry Nation asap. So to kick things off is a hands-on video walk through with the newly-announced BlackBerry Bold 9790.

The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is the lower cost, young brother to the BlackBerry Bold 9900. As you'll see in the video above, the overall footprint of the phone is quite a bit smaller than that of the 9900. While the battery is the same 1230mAh battery that is found in the Bold 9900, with a slightly smaller display and 200 less MHz on the processor, the battery life on the 9790 *should* be a bit better than that of the 9900.

More first impressions are on the way, but for now you can watch the video above to get a good look at the BlackBerry Bold 9790!  

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 Hands-On Video Walk Through!


This seems like a kool phone too. was concerned about the raised keys, but they dont look that bad at all. There is a possibility that i will own this device, still thinking about it though.

These are my exact thoughts.. The raised keys are still bothering me somewhat, thought I don't feel as strongly about them as I felt some days ago. ..guess the hatred is sinking in and mellowing down.. ;)

I went from a Pearl to the curve 8300 series, to the 8520 and now have a bold 9780. The week the 9900 came out I went to T-Mobile to check it out, was kinda big for me. Glad to see this one, will definately scoop it up when it comes out, glad I didn't get the new curve

sure love my 9900. Just awesome. It is hard for me to get excited for the 9790. This phone is just a speedier version of the 9700. Nice, but not thrilling.

In the final stages of designing, the phones go through RIM's in-house "How-to-screw-a-fantastic-concept" department. It comprises of the top brass of RIM. The no-autofocus camera on 9900, the raised keys on the 9790, and the new range of low power batteries are all their brainchilds! They have a lot more to their credit, like the tacky silver battery door on the Torch 9810.
This department's motto is:

An insider working with RIM tells me that the BBX phone design is almost complete, and the way it's turned out to be, it will blow away all competition. But sadly the design now has to pass through this infamous department which has quite many ideas up their sleeve, like reducing the battery power to 900 mAh. They are also contemplating on adding a shiny GOLD color battery door.. ;)

C'mon Kevin...I thought surely you would ask him about the fate of UMA on this new BB after Rim's "belly flop" of leaving it out of the Bold 9900!

those buttons don't look bad at all, and better camera, better battery life with a fair price, I'm totally into it

The touchscreen experience is cramped enough on the 9900, the touchscreen must be almost pointless on this.

Okay here's what i wanna know about this device... Is the silver lining around it stainless steel or plastic and secondly how is it that i'm seeing the torch style layout in the menu when viewing photos... I 1st saw that on the 9900 when in earlier vids but now its back on the 9790...does any know if RIM will bring that to the 9900/9930 in future updates?

Is thing the same size as a 9650? I love that size.... and the autofocus!

I get the feeling that this thing will offer performance that is equal to the 9900 in actual use.

They put in an autofocus camera and took out 720P video recording. Back down to VGA. Makes no sense to me.

they have so many different hardware, cpu speed, resolutions, features... its a real zoo in Waterloo. A highly fragmented zoo....

Now throw in a legacy software.

Im not touching a BBOS7 phone with a 10 foot pole...

Their world market share has taken a nose dive in the pas 2 years, and these phones wont help at all. Not at all.

Looks great! I know many people who will love this form factor. I don't know if I could go smaller after using the 9900 all that keyboard has me spoiled.

YEAH - my question too Brian.

The Indonesian model doesn't - but does the Nth America, Europe, Aus etc have HSPA+

Assuming the 99XX is able to hold it's price point, which is doubtful, it's a great addition. I wonder if the conversation just drifted towards emphasising the smaller form factor being a major selling point for the female demographic, or if RIM's actually banking on it...

You have to ask the questions though, with this device, what makes the 99XX a flagship? A slight larger screen? A slightly bigger keyboard? A slightly faster CPU that's still single core?

That's a whole lot of slightly.

Not just that but the looks and NFC too. Rim sells a lot of phones to countries that don't have cutting edge technology and bleeding edge profits, so I see the purpose of this phone, however at the same time, if that is the have a Bold, bold, Torch, Torch, Curve and Curve all with very similar specs, one has to wonder, when will Rim make two types. High end and low end? They really should, I see no reason to continue to have quite similar products.

I still don't really like how the 9790 turn out look kinda cheap for a bold.. I am think of getting a bold 9900 when they finally release it in white

Ok I bet any money down that this blackberry is going to have uma cause is not using the same cpu like 9900. The blackberry 9790 is going to have uma out of the box

Would be a nice follow-up to my current 9700, almost got all the candy from 9900...but no HD recording. It would've been nice to have more crisp when recording random stuff.

And then there is BBX, with a target release around Q2/3 maybe even Q4....
I will not commit myself to a any new phone right now, instead I will pray RIM will hit a homerun with the upcoming BBX models and my good ol' 9700 keeps working till then.