BlackBerry Bold 9790 gets caught in another round of photos

BlackBerry Bold 9790
By Bla1ze on 1 Nov 2011 04:42 pm EDT

Seems as though the BlackBerry Bold 9790 just can't stay under the covers. It has been blurry-cammed, shot in high-res and even outed by RIM themselves in the past and yet -- we're getting another look at the device. This time around a close up of not only the front but of the back of the device as well. Nothing appears to of have changed since we last saw the BlackBerry Bold 9790. It still has those buttons the people either love or hate. Needless to say; this thing looks ready for release or at the very least -- get an official announcement of its existence. Thanks, Anon!
BlackBerry Bold 9790

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 gets caught in another round of photos


Aside from being 1st! :)

I'm not a big fan of the separate button keys. But that's only my opinion.

Grain of salt.

Otherwise, Nice.

Yes I agree as well. It looks very cheap with the raised buttons...almost like a Curve Bold hybrid...

Either that or there were some tweaks to the looks of the new Bold. But I agree, it does not look as bas as it did the first time I saw it.

Indeed there were some tweaks. I first saw the 9790 and it looked like My 9780 with a touchscreen added on. I have a 9930 now and that 9790 shown above has the exact same keyboard in addition to the raised buttons.

Don't be fooled by the pictures... the 9790 keypad looks and feels NOTHING like the one on the 9900/9930.

Maybe because the BBX phone are still just in the mind of MikeL and will be released in 2015 (late in the last quarter).


spot on! Everyone keeps thinking that QNX phones will be out next year. smh. It's like no one ever learns from history or RIM's track record. I love blackberry, but I am not delusional about the timeline.

Nope, it's not too bad actually. With it's smaller and lower resolution screen, battery life is much better than the 9900... and almost on par with the 9780.

The more i look at it, the more the design catches me. If i can say it this way. It looks, like the buttons were a must because of the display shield, which gets up from the top (looks curved there...nice!) until down to the keyboard. As this thing should get a touch device, i think, this is a nice way of implementing it and therefore the keys must have been separated and raised up from the surface. Ok, the buttons look a bit oldshool, but thats ok.

As i said, the more moments i look at it, the more i want to get it. I think it is a well choice, if you are used to the form factor of 9700 or 9780 and cant get used to the size of the 9900.

I've been a fan of the new look of the device from day one. This picture does it even more justice. The entire phone design looks sleek and they made the best use of every bit of real estate. This WILL be my physical qwerty device, and the 9860 will be my touch.

it is not new information:
JM1 and that it has NFC is known about the device.
When I ordered my extra battery charger bundle ( JM 1 for bold 9900 it said in the package that is works with the 9790).

Dope meant good in the 80s-90s. So in this case, being behind on slang would be beneficial ;)

I am unsure if this should be a plastic screen. Even because its curved, this would be way more tough if it would be made of glass. Did you know or did you think of a plastic screen?

I disagree. I think plastic would be tougher than glass. If you drop it, it'd be way less likely to shatter.

It does look like the 99xx keyboard but it looks to me like the esges are rounded even on the keyboard. That might be an issue for people who want to put a case on it. Might be hard to put a case on it and not cover part of the outter keys.

Yeah that could be a serious problem. I hope they design a proper case that can fit the 9790 without blocking the side keys from being used.

The keypad looks and feels nothing like the 9900, it's more like the 9700/9780. The far left and right side keys are very curved down towards the edges of the phone, and are a bit fiddly to press.

I like the style of it but those raised buttons I am not a fan of and don't look as nice and elegant as the bold 9900.. I am still waiting for white 9900 to come out so I can buy one

Unless it runs BBX, I honestly don't care. I'm quite happy with the Bold 9900, unless it doesn't fit well in your pocket I don't see why you'd want a smaller version with a smaller display and keyboard. Just my two cents, you may have a completely different opinion.

rim doesn't get the meaning of don't fix if it aint broken.those physical buttons already ruined the sexiness of the device.that plasticy design only works for android-and thats not a compliment for them either.

Buttons ? Are you serious ? Ok so now the "new" Bold is current for the 1980's sweet...............

I am all up for the new changes to the buttons. They look great I sent my bold 9900 for a curve 9360 due to the size. One thing I couldn't stand was the menu bar style on the 9900 which is the same as the torch cheep and flimsy. The build quality between the 9900 screen and menu part also sucks big time uneven. This will be my next blackberry :-)

I kinda like it actually. Will have to try it before deciding just like everyone else should...But I'm not sure I see the wisdom in releasing another new Bold when the 9900 is already awesome.

So what is it that makes this phone interesting? Is it on par with the 9900?... or an affordable compromise? (I guess I'm asking, "do we know the specs yet?")

Specs are identical to the 9900 except for the smaller screen with lower resolution, smaller physical size/weight, and the 5MP camera with auto focus from the 9780.

Did anyone see a side view of this phone? I was wondering where the charging contacts were on it. I have a charging holster for my 9780 and it would be great if it was compatible with the 9790.

There are no charging points on the 9790. The micro USB port is on the bottom of the phone, so I guess that it will just plug into it's charging dock. The 9700/9780 dock definitely won't work with this phone.

I don't know what I think about the buttons have to see it when its done .. but I am planning to get one 9790

The keyboard is quite straight compared to the curved keyboards of the past. Would it affect typing comfort, requiring to sort of have to bend the thumbs low as you get to the letters close to the edges?

im a huge because im fat AND really like buttons fan of gawdy jewels and gold chains

and i love these buttons, this phone is perfect

Not fan of the curved screen and keyboard so I will giving this one a miss. much prefer the 'straight forward' design of the 9900.

Looking forward to this one. I like the size, the fact that it'll have the 5mp camera with auto-focus and the menu buttons dont bother me at all. Fingers crossed for an AT&T release ... soonish.

Why would anyone want that POJ when you could have a 9900/9930,,???

Why would RIM even waste time with that when 2.0 isn't out and the PB is swirling around the RIM of the toilet,,???

Does anyone at RIM have "Priorities" or "Foresight",,???

"Hi mister salesman, I'm cheap and I have six kids to feed but I don't want to feel out of place when I'm trying to keep up with all my 3 Series friends at work, do you have a Bold that is cheap and made of snap together plastic with buttons from an original Nintendo?"


Its quite difficult to understand why they have to do such thing that could create distractions of the Bold brand (9900 is already doing right isn't it?) and take the resources away from the developemnt of other more meaningful thing...

After seeing this I'm considering buying the 9900. Not sure why RIM uses those buttons to make a cheap look like this.

One Bold was enough. Why does RIM insist on these meaningless releases? Stick to one QWERTY and one touch phone at a time. That may free up your resources to get your OS up to par. Better yet, get us those Playbook updates you promised us months ago. A Porsche phone, the hideous Justin Bieber clam phone? Is RIM serious? How many of those did they really sell. You can't make a phone for each and every person RIM. It is time to re-evaluate the strategy.

Only Apple gets away with having one phone design. Android, on the other hand, have different designs. One of RIM's strengths has been the fact that they have given the users choice in what device they want but still allowing them to have the BlackBerry experience.

I am actually one of the many who have liked the Bold 9900 but prefer the 9700/9780 form factor.

the buttons look great, shame with such a similar form factor fo the 97XX they could have kept the charging contacts and allowed the current docks to work with it.

meh...those buttons. Every time I see them I end up typing like 4 paragraphs as to why they are useless, and absolutely atrocious to look at, then I realize it doesn't matter, RIM doesn't care, and why should I, when I have a Bold 9930?!

I don't mind the idea of the buttons. I think they would be more responsive.

That being said I think they could have done a slightly better design. I dont know what that would be but there must have been something. Oh well..