BlackBerry Bold 9790 coming soon to Orange

By DJ Reyes on 17 Dec 2011 10:33 am EST

BlackBerry Bold 9790 coming soon to Orange 

Here's nice bit of weekend news for any Orange customers or anyone who's looking to a new BlackBerry Smartphone. Orange UK have posted the BlackBerry Bold 9790 on their coming soon page. The latest Bold device, seen as the little brother of the Bold 9900 and more of an upgrade to the Bold 9700/9780 line, sports a 2.45in touchscreen, slimmer build than the Bold 97xx series, as well as a 5MP autofocus camera, which could entice more users than the Bold 9900.

There is no date set for the release of the Bold 9790. It would make for a great Christmas gift if it was made available just in time for Christmas. Look out for the BlackBerry Bold 9790 review coming soon (Kevin tells me it's going live on Monday Tuesday!). Thanks James.

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 coming soon to Orange


Orange sell a lot Blackberries. Their top phones consist of various iPhone versions, one android (SGS2) and three BlackBerries (9900 and two curves). Be interesting to see how this one does.

May be RIM should STOP making so many different models. Two reasons, if I know nothing about BB and the sales rep happen to be under informed about device line up, I would but a phone that is under powered for my needs and hate RIM forever.

Apple Inc is smart in that regards... I saw 80 year old professors at my school use the exact same iPhone, 20 year old students use. It fits all of their needs. But with RIM, for most young people the low end is bad bad and bad.