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BlackBerry Bold 9790 coming to Indonesia on November 25th

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Indonesia
By Adam Zeis on 8 Nov 2011 11:02 am EST

We've heard scattered rumors about the BlackBerry Bold 9790 for the last few weeks, the latest of which leads us to believe the device may be released first in Indonesia later this month on November 25th. The image above is featured on the BlackBerry Indonesia site and shows off the side profile of what could only be the BlackBerry Bold 9790. It's certainly a QWERTY device as you can see the tips of the keys, and the profile doesn't really match any other device we've seen thus far. In case you don't feel like thinking, the ad says Coming 1st to Indonesia. No other details have been posted on the release, but we're hoping that it doesn't take long for the Bold 9790 to pop up elsewhere around the globe soon after this release. Thanks Andi!

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That is a really sharp advertisement


Agreed. That's the only view I like the 9790 in as well! It looks sexier than my 9900 from that angle.


I'm in Jakarta, Indonesia and can't wait to get my hands on it.

the brother

I think this is a brilliant idea by RIM marketing. Indonesia first (largest increase in penetration), the rest of the world later. Exciting for another country other than the US or Canada to have exclusivity! CONGRATS


I live in Canada and totally agree with you. Its nice to see this from RIM. The world is so much bigger than north America.


Still can't see any charging contacts for the charging dock!


Can you see them on the 9900 from that angle ????

Adam Zeis

Pretty sure from what we've seen the microUSB port on the 9790 is actually on the bottom of the device. So that may mean a different charging pod (hopefully) but no charging contacts.


why do they keep coming up with more of the same???? HTC, Motorola keep coming up with dual-core phones on a weekly basis.....

Its hard not to accuse RIM of being a low-end smartphone maker if the keep making low-end devices like this one.... How does its stack up agaisnt an iPhone 4S or a new Droid? And let's not even talk about the software...

Reminds me of WinPhones Mobile when the iPhone came to market.


The RIM specs aren't terrible though. Although I have been enticed with some of the latest Android gadgets, BBM still has a death grip on my life as most people I know still use BlackBerry...


yeah, the competition has dual cores - some of which run faster than the playbook. So you have to think, if the playbook has a large battery and lasts a day with a dualcore processor, will a phone manage the same with a smaller battery? Sure, screen size comes into play, but think about it... you can't really use the full power of dual core without being plugged in.


correct, and I give apple credit for marketing a powerful phone thats almost always plugged-in as 'cool' and normal. obvious trade off for powerfull hardware/software with a small battery


from my perspective on my little netbook here, it looks like the "ugly" buttons -- the talk/end/menu/back buttons -- aren't as raised as they seem based on other images...maybe they finally figured that using the sleek beauty like the 9700 was a good idea. lol


hope this comes to the states on at&t


Looks a lot like my 9860 from the side, only the chrome side piece doesn't continue around the bottom, nice profile pic.


I love my 9700, and could go for the compact form factor of the 9790, but my thumbs are screaming for the 9900's larger keyboard.


This POS phone is one of the reasons why BBX superphones are delayed...


Woohoo Indonesia!!!!


It will be launched on Nov 15th, then officially enter the market by 25th!
Can't wait to see the real thing.


I would have to disagree with this phone and I honestly just want the white bold 9900 to come out so I can pick up one for myself


Who said that BBX phones are delayed?


Looks great and simply sexy, wow! I think this will be my next device!!


Indonesia is a big market for the rim, with lifestyle and high prestige. Any product with the best-selling brands will certainly BlackBerry