BlackBerry Bold 9790 caught on camera

BlackBerry Bold 9790
By Adam Zeis on 12 Sep 2011 01:16 pm EDT

With all the buzz lately around the new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, it's easy to forget about some other rumored devices that seemed to go MIA. Included in that bunch is the BlackBerry Bold 9790. This little guy is an update to the Bold 9700 / 9780 and brings along a 1.2GHz processor, touchscreen, 5MP camera, NFC and 8GB of storage. It's also sporting the new JM-1 battery so we'll have to see how good the battery life is compared to the Bold 9700/9780 and that of the Bold 9900/9930. Personally I'd love to get my hands on one of these as I honestly miss the size of my Bold 9780. We don't much as else at this point, but rumor has it the device could launch by the end of the year. Rest assured we'll keep you posted if anything new comes up. Keep reading for another image.

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BlackBerry Bold 9790

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 caught on camera


Doesn't RIM get tired of releasing the same devices over and over again?

I'm still waiting for my remake of the 7100 series pls! with a side trackpad and OS7

The difference is the iphone and androids actually sell really well. Also there is lots of variety in android's not so much with iphone but to say all androids look the same you must be blind or stupid lol.

The Torch 9850/9860 is the 'same' phone as the iPhone and Android, along with the based on your comment they should be selling very very well no?

Just ignore these morons. They're the ones with their head in the sand. Last time I checked RIM has PLENTY of form factors to choose from. Slider (torch), full touch (torch 9860), top end qwerty (Bold), entry level qwerty (Curve), flip phone (style), small (pearl)... People just don't think is all...

I agree with datta72. Berry's have iconic form factors. They update the housings, screen and specs. Where else would the keypad go? What would you change about it? Have it upside-down and rearrange the letters? There is only so much you can do with a smartphone and if they changed it to much (like the rumored 9980 Knight) everyone complains about that too.

LOL! okay pretty funny. And I agree with them releaseing the same devices over and over again. But if there's a market for that (which RIM would claim theres a market for everything) I guess, why not?

Doesn't APPLE get tired of releasing the same devices over and over again?

I'm still waiting for my remake of the NEWTON series pls! with a retina display and IOS5

They Really know how to take on more water when the ship is sinking!

Let's just throw a ton of OLD shit on the wall and see if any will stick...oh and that's right before all this new stuff we hope will sell too.

If I were a shareholder I would be furious right now.

If the QNX launch phone looks like the 9700 or even the 9900 design they are finished for realz!

Yeah, they'd be finished if they delivered a device in a form factor that is well like by customers and even by the generally negative media.

It does seem likely that the first qnx will be an all-touch model, but if you think that there won't be a qnx bold at some point to appeal to all those people that love blackberry keyboards then you are sadly mistaken.

Am sitting here holding my head in my hands. It seems RIM will go the way of NOKIA. Rehashing existing designs and confusing everyone with a complex numbering system.
Right now RIM needs to be 'leaking' the details of the Colt to build up memontum but they are going to exact same recipe that lost them market share. Am I expecting too much from RIM?

I'm glad RIM has done away with making cheap looking phones. The Chrome finsh on this device makes it look so much cleaner than my 9780 looked. Hopefully the volume buttons follow the same path

People still buy those think pads?

The ones with that useless red nub?

U gotta be joking...u drive a model T ?

That's a good idea for people who have smaller fingers and don't need the size of the 9900. Personally I think the 9900 is the ideal phone with it's size! But I have bigger fingers so the larger keyboard is what I'm after in the 9900.

Even though I'm a 99x0 guy, I think many people will go to this phone, especially those who don't like the size of the new Bold. Also, I'm going to guess this phone won't have a touchscreen, which should cater to the physical keyboard, but no touchscreen crowd (unless, of course, a future software update let's you turn the 99x0 touchscreen off.).

Bought a 9900 but will give it away to get my hands on the 9790. The 9700 form factor is amazing and sorely missed. Here is hoping they manage to keep it as thin.

"This little guy is an update to the Bold 9700 / 9780 and brings along a 1.2GHz processor, touchscreen, 5MP camera, NFC and 8GB of storage"

Direct quote from the article. Read much?

I know its a faster and more powerful version then of the bold 9700 just saying don't like how the back of the phone looks not the whole phone overall

Thats definitely a device a want to have! Nice size. I hope, it will get a camera with autofocus and a stronger battery than the 9900.

I still love the design and size of my 9700, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of these. I'd like to see a higher res screen than the 9700/9780 as well as it being touchscreen. I also wish they'd kept the bigger battery.

One more thing - my next device HAS to have Wi-Fi hotspot - it's a killer app for me, much more so than NFC. Bring all this to the table and I'll have some serious decision making to do...

Hopefully the bold 97XX form factor will make a comeback with new internals.. like the new processor, more ram and 8GB onboard. Also, it hightime Blackberry adopts Wifi sharing and Bluetooth 3.0 as a standard. If it does, surely I will go for an upgrade eyes closed. Till then am hanging on to my 9780..

Screen looks kinda small to be a touch. Will be interesting to see how the positioning of this product is as it sits somewhere between the Curve series and 9900

Is this going to be another BlackBerry that AT&T releases MONTHS after all of the other major carriers release it?

Kevin.. any word back from AT&T on the 9900 or did they respond back to you with a generic response like their service reps do?

ps. For those that are wondering, yes, this phone is a touch screen.

Here's a wierd thought .. what if this phone comes with a phsical button which can turn the touchscreen on and off.. It will be a really cool option to have

I had high hopes on the 9790 coming from a 9700 heavy user but RIM had to ruin it with the 1230mah. Fuck all those BB7 devices and they're lame ass jm-1 batteries. I was saving my money for the 9790 but now I'll pass on them all and wait for the QNX blackberry Colt.
"Eyes rolling"

I'm disappointed by this as well. I was hoping that RIM would jam a huge battery into the 9790 and make it their 'workhorse' device that could get through a whole day of very heavy use. If it adds a few more millimetres to the thickness, then so be it.

Regarding the Colt, I don't think that phone will have a better battery life than the 9900. The Colt will be roughly twice as powerful as the 9900 with a full touchscreen. For comparisons sake, the Droid Bionic gets about 14 hours on a charge of moderate use only.

Don't expect typical Blackberry battery life on the Colt.

I'm using a 9780 now and slowly getting used to the smaller kb, coming from a 9000. I particularly like the solid feel of the 9900 which makes the 9780 feel 'soft'. If the 9790 has the solid feel of the 9900 then I'll definitely consider it.

Lol end of this year and months later QNX devices come out. No point waiting for this device unless they can release it sooner

Well, well, well... So here's another JM1-powered phone.

Seems RIM decided to cut some costs (& corners?) by shoving the same wafer-thin "battery" in practically all their new offerings!!! The 9780 with a 1500mAh battery moves up to a 9790 with a 1230mAh battery. Dbl the processing power, adding touch screen... I can hear the complaints about battery life already.

This will probably have auto focus back on the camera. Was gonna go for the 9900, but from the non auto focus complaints that the 9900 has, I'll be going for this one instead. Had the 9700 and currently have the torch, so the keyboard won't be a problem for me.

i think a good selection is great but the new curve seems so nice it can cater to this crowd IMO but i do love the look of this phone via PLAYBOOK/BOLD9930 perfect match

As a Bold lover I can not upgrade to the 9900...that thing is huge. What is the deal with cell phones getting bigger? I thought the point of evolving technology was to make things smaller.

If this releases is GSM I may have to switch back to this Bold from the Torch; the 9700 just was too old, but this revamp looks a bit refreshing (and small in size!).

And IS THAT a USB/charging port on the bottom? One chief complaint I have about most of the newer BBs is they are not desktop charger cradle capable. That is a MUST for me. I have to be able to place it on my desktop cradle and easily access it when I receive a notification.

I think what a lot of people are forgetting here is that the 97xx line has been a very good seller for RIM. A refresh of the device is a good move, as for many BB users this is the ideal form-factor for them. RIM just needs to market it correctly. There's plenty to like here: better processor, BB7, liquid graphics, touchscreen, auto-focus camera.

It's not for everyone, naturally, but that's why we have the 9900 and the Torch and Curve lines. It's all good.

I actually think this might sell well. Its got all the power of the bold 9900 but in a smaller size, which some actually prefer. A few people have told me they didn't want the bold 9900 cause of its size, so this would be ideal.