BlackBerry Bold 9780, Style and PlayBook all announced... what can we expect to see next from Research In Motion?!

What's next from BlackBerry?
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Nov 2010 03:16 pm EDT

Any bets on what kind of BlackBerry we'll see next from Research In Motion?!

On the last RIM earnings call, Co-CEO Jim Balsillie said we'd see some "acceleration" from RIM towards the end of the calendar year. After what was an extremely quiet start of 2010 on the new BlackBerry front, over the last few months RIM has pushed out and/or announced a bunch of new devices onto the market. Along with BlackBerry 6, we saw the Pearl 3G and Bold 9650 get announced at WES. The Curve 3Gs followed suit as did the BlackBerry Torch. And now in what felt like rapid succession, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet got announced as did the BlackBerry Style and BlackBerry Bold 9780. With all of the above now announced and/or out on the market, our CrackBerry minds can't help but wonder What's Next??

Normally the blogs tend to be six months or so ahead of what's hitting the market, but at this point in time things are actually pretty quiet and murky on the rumor mill front.  Either RIM has been getting better at keeping their secrets secret, or else it feels like we might be entering a bit of a lull as far as new device announcements go. There were rumors of the BlackBerry Storm2 9570 refresh coming, which was then followed by rumors of it getting cancelled (of course that device was never officially announced, so you can't really say it was officially cancelled either). A touchscreen version of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 (Onyx III, Dakota) has been talked about forever now, but with the 9780 just hitting the market this month you'd think any update to that form factor would have to be at least six months out so the 9780 itself has some time to sell on the market before getting upstaged. We also have yet to actually see any pre-release videos/photos of this one, so it's hard to say where it's at. Of course there was also that potential BlackBerry Storm 3 photo that surfaced at the end of September that raised our eyebrows, but the details on this one still seem murky too, especially where the operating system is concerned. Will the next Storm be running BlackBerry 6 (quicker to market) or could it be rocking QNX (longer to market)?

After seeing the BlackBerry PlayBook get announced with the new BlackBerry Tablet OS, the prevailing train of thought since then is that the QNX-based OS will ultimately become the future operating system of not only RIM's tablets, but their Smartphones as well. With the current generation of BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry 6, the question on everybody's mind right now is what will the next generation of BlackBerry devices run? Will we see one more new iteration of BlackBerry phone hardware (an upgrade in every brand line - Curve, Bold, Torch, etc.) hit the market that's running BlackBerry 6 and some slightly beefed up hardware specs? Or is RIM going to ride out this newly announced generation of hardware for longer than normal in order to revamp the next generation of BlackBerry Smartphones to be QNX-based and run even beefier hardware specs. With the PlayBook hitting with relatively cutting edge specs, you'd almost think/hope that will be RIM's attitude on their QNX-based phones when they ultimately hit too (at least with some of them - I'm sure they'll want to keep low cost device choices aplenty too), vs. what we've seen over the past couple of years of going with a more middle ground hardware specs approach.

Speaking to a lot of people post DevCon and the announcement of the BlackBerry PlayBook and Tablet OS, pretty much everyone figured it would take RIM a year (from DevCon) assuming things go smoothly to get the Tablet OS into BlackBerry phones. RIM are pros at radio codes, so hopefully writing the QNX 3G/4G stacks won't prove too much of a problem (heck, maybe they're already done), but aside from that there is obviously still a ton of work to do. 

So that brings us back to what's next? If you go on the notion we're still ~11 months away from seeing a BlackBerry phone rock the QNX operating system, you almost have to assume there'll be another fleet of BlackBerry 6 devices hitting the market in the not so distant future. And if that's the case, it could be at this moment we're experiencing the calm before another storm. 

Ahh, the fun and games of a CrackBerry addict. Exciting times. I can't wait to pick up a BlackBerry Bold 9780, and can't wait to see what RIM has up its sleeves next!

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BlackBerry Bold 9780, Style and PlayBook all announced... what can we expect to see next from Research In Motion?!


Maybe it's 1 device or 2, but the only line not recently refreshed or releasing the next iteration is the Storm. So I expect something there. Then you have a 4G BB as well. Those may be the same device that will show up at CTIA when VZW announces the LTE line Up. They have listed RIM on the list of Manufacturers to have 1 of 5 handsets by May 2011.

Makes sense that would be the Storm 3.

I think they need to do an updated Version of the Curve 8900 that hasn't been touch for a while, i've heard of the Curve 8980 being tested on China Mobile but that was still 2G/Edge...

and also as for the storm 3 with the 3.7inch screen they should drop the whole Storm brand with the bad press and start with something fresh

What RIM really needs is an update to the Bold 9000! Perhaps a more refined Bold 9000 with a faster processor, more RAM, optical trackpad, obviously OS6 ready, and a tiny bit thinner. Now that's a device id line up for.

Except I'd keep trackpad the same size as on current devices.

I've been dying to get a Bold 9080 that has like 512 mb or 1 gb RAM, at least an 800 mhz to 1 ghz processor or above, 7.2-12.1 megapixel camera on the back with 720p/1080i AVCHD recording, a 3-5 megapixel camera on the front, at least 640 x 480 resolution screen and the screen size should be as big as your Titan concept.

Keep in mind hardware is moving pretty fast on smartphones. I think there is a dual-core 1.4 ghz snapdragon processor on the way for smartphones soon.

The Bold 9700 is an upgrade to the Curve 8900 but was a downgrade for Bold 9000 users who liked the larger screen, better speakers, and larger keyboard.

As much as we all want that, we have to accept the fact that it will not happen. If RIM wanted to do that, they would have done it last year. It's been over two years since Bold 9000 was first released. You think something would be leaked by now about that...?

+1 but I would go with the new OS the one on the PlayBook(QNX?) and not 6.0. I would take whatever they gave me if they were to remake this phone though. I absolutely love the 9000 form factor, little thinner, maybe even a little bigger screen with touch on top.

4G/ HSPA+, BOLD form factor with touch screen and high res screen, more browser development, and more toggle goodies in the OS (wifi, GPS, radio toggle built in to act according to your settings...), dual speakers (9000 style), dual core processor with same speed as now (really it is an awesome processor now..) and that front camera just for fun... Please build, I'll buy 2! LOL! Thats my wish list.

I hope the next phones to come out will be LTE (and WinMax) compatible for the new networks being developed. An LTE Torch and a LTE 9780 (with touch display??) types with faster processors, more application memory and maybe even dual cameras (optional). Hey, we all can dream. lol

With VZW rolling out LTE in most major cities and airports, Sprint pushing thier WiMax tech, and TMo claiming that HSPA+ is an equivalent to 4G, RIM definitely needs to set their eyes and money on taking advantage of this market. Let's, for once, beat the fruit company to this!

Other than adding a front-facing camera, I think they're in pretty good shape hardware-wise. I'm not saying they should sit still for the next six months by any means, but I think their focus should be on updates / enhancements to the O/S and to growing app world.

and make some announcements. November is the big release month and lots of people will change in December. I am one of those. Unless they have something really good, I will be leaving the RIMM family of fine products and moving to Android.

9790 - Basically a slimer 9780 with touch screen, more ram, louder speakers, ONX OS, 4G/LTE, front and rear facing HD cameras, WiFi Direct and smart WiFi + Bluetooth (on only when needed), ability to purchase "instore items" with debit or credit card link to your BB and longer battery life.

Where is the love for a 0S 6 device for Verizon. All of the other carriers have one. Come on Dakota/Magnum.

Any bets on what kind of BlackBerry we'll see next from Research In Motion?!

Ummmm...another little one?
Im with ya CSI on the Magnum...c-mon 9000 refresh!

how about they OFFICIALLY release OS6 for all other blackberries *cough* bold 9700 *cough* already out before releasing another new phone with OS6 that is priced ridiculously high for us users who are tied down to contracts for another year or more... $400+ for the 9780? No way am I touching that! Its not enough for me to buy the same phone only with more memory and the OS6... and im bound to contract for another year and a half.... Come On RIM!!!!!

4G/LTE, Wifi-N, Dual Core processors, Front face camera, GB HD, Super AMOLED screens or better, QNX Based OS, nano batteries...

In an ideal world- RIM would actually introduce something NEW and actually deliver something INNOVATIVE.

IT will have to be a new pure touch phone. The Storm2 Was nice but somewhat cribled by an OS designed for keyboard phones and, as it turned out, underspec'ed. 6 on a S2 would have been nice but since it did not happen they desperately need to launch a touch phone with some punch and will in my book most likely be 4G QNX with dual cameras and wi-fi routing and some kind of wireless sync to the Playbook. Ability to run flash would be needed as well.

A "PlayBook Storm" for one, I'd expect a 3G and LTE variant.

A 9700ish device with touchscreen, and a Torch with the screen from the above Storm.

It's not exactly rocket science...

The next big thing from Blackberry (following their recent business model) will be to introduce another phone identical in almost every way to its predecessor with added memory (approx 256mg added) a few more megapixels to the camera, OS6 and the fanboys will flock to it yelling its praises while the more tempered and realistic amongst us will feel disappointed yet again for having any expectations at all.

It probably won't have LTE capability either even though LTE is being rolled out starting next month to 30 major cities with more to come in 2011.

A Bold 9000 sized physical qwerty with touchscreen, better resolution, 1GHz processor, 1Gb memory, 5MP camera, wireless n and more.

The phone I want to see from RIM starts off similar to my 9700. Same width and keyboard, but add about an inch and a half of screen to the length of the phone and add touch screen. It would be a little longer than anything RIM has out now, but that’s alright. It would still feel good in the hand and still fit in your pocket. When turned sideways you would have a nice landscape view of the screen; Full Adobe Flash; QNX software would be interesting, but OS6 would be just fine if we could get it sooner; Of course a lightning fast processor (maybe the 1ghz dual core although the 1.5ghz tri-core would just blow everything else out of the water); Open GL, 1gb of Ram; Then do not make it a ATT exclusive. If it could handle T-Moblie’s HSPA+ network that would be awesome; HD resolution; HD output; front and rear cameras; Then finally, maybe add something that hasn’t been seen yet on a smart phone like a finger-print reader or something else. What do you think?

Kinda like how the reports came out that Rim had to drop the first Playbook prototype because of technical issues and push out the 2nd version months earlier than expected. Do that for their phones. Drop the lines that they had planned to come out in 6 months and instead push out the updates to those they had planned for a year later. You see the hype that was generated from the Playbook when they did that, now do it for their top of the line phones. Now is not the time to hold back.

ps. I do think that RIM has somethign big planned with their phones next year. hopefuuly I'm right.

RIM needs to drop the PlayBook by Christmas!! Surprise us with the new tablet and with a release BEFORE the scheduled date!

either way I have a year and a half in my contract with T-mobile to wait and see what new blackberry gets released... we shall see we shall see

What RIM really needs to do is pay attention to its consumers. Last month I designed a BlackBerry concept calling it the TK1 with specs that were not far fetch, but answered what I felt was missing from the current BlackBerry's. I know you looked at it RIM because RIM servers showed up under the top 10 servers that viewed my site! Anyhow, enough of these refresh devices with minor bumps, nicks, and nacks that have cost factors that are not justifiable to consumers. Take a gander at my design and answer our calls to have a device that isn't behind the competition! (

They are paying attention to their consumers, they're not paying attention to addicts.

The people that they (probably) survey, study, research, etc., are your average people. Those are the people in your office, neighbors, classmates, relatives, etc., who still use Curve 8320 with 4.2 OS on it, people who have no idea that App World exists, who have no idea that you can change themes, that have no idea who RIM is if asked, who have no idea what the difference is between original bold and bold 9700, people who don't know that torch 9800 even exist.

So, RIM probably gets their information after researching that group of people and decide to make a new phone. If they asked those of us who visit every day, we would now using a blackberry that could be compared to the specs of Evo, Droid 2, Nexus One, etc.

It certainly seems like a large segment of "average people" are buying into the new breed up super smart phones with lots of apps (no need to state who the two main competitors to RIM are). RIM is losing marketshare which is another way it's costumer base is talking to them.

If you don't believe RIM is losing customers and marketshare then you have your head buried in the sand. Their prized trump card of we still have our business customers will fall eventually too if they persist in lagging so far behind in what the "average user" wants.

I agree totally!! My Storm 2 has been made obsolete as it cannot upgrade to OS6. I have played with the Torch extensively and am unimpressed.
If RIM does not come up something similar to the TK1 or better, my next device will be Android or even Windows Phone 7. I need something fresh and fast that can keep up with me and my lifestyle. I am a Tech Integrator and being on the cutting edge IS my Business. I can't wait another year for RIM to finally implement QNX into it's future devices.
Apple has already officially passed RIM in total device sales. If RIM don't get their heads out of their you-know-where, they are going to be like Nokia, desperately trying to claw their way back into the US Market from behind.

Enough of the BS incremental upgrades like the 9780!! We need something FRESH and FAST and COOL and we need it NOW!!

Nuff said.

if your always on the cutting edge of technology (make sure you dont fall) how about go get the latest android phone and then in a year or two when blackberry "catch up" with the technology you can come back. sounds good?

I've got BB6 on my 9700 now, it runs perfectly, and I'm very happy with it. For that reason I see no point in the bold 9780, unless you have the dire need for 300 MB worth of apps. If I were RIM, the handset I would be working on would be a slightly more modern looking version of the Bold 9000, with a trackpad, 1 ghz processor, touchscreen (its the only non-touchscreen BB with a big enough screen for this), and a QNX operating system or BB6. That would be the only phone that I would buy the day it comes out.

The next phone should be game changer based on QNX, but take time and do it right.

Before that I'd leverage the playbook. Something like buy a playbook at $100 over list and get a bold 9780 or Torch thrown in.Something to darw the non-bb users to the playbook.

I'd suggest the next phone be big, size of a 9000, with highres screen (the size of the whole bol device)and QNX with the ultimate point being you can, without too much trouble, run the whole internet on it. The ability to do that (fast) really cuts down on any app advantage apple and android have. Yes you need apps on top of net but you need far less apps if you have a device that can really give you the whole net experience.

How about this? A 9000 form factor with 100% touch screen, in no physical keyboard!

- 1 Ghz processor
- OS6.x
- 1 GB RAM
- 16GB-32GB Built-in Memory,..or an "SD Card Slot"!
- 8-12mp Camera
- HD Video
- Dual Spkrs - Spkr at both ends of device
- HDMI Output
- 4G
- 802.11N
- Eye-popping screen rez
- Up to 5 Hotspot Clients
- Current 9700 Btry Usage or better
- Passive Charger from any EMF infested area
....Add your own!

..Have Bold 9700 (...Rock'n OS6) Will Travel~

I went to the Torch 9800 from the Bold 9700 and, while I like the addition of the touch screen, I hate the slider form factor. The slider mechanism is sloppy, the keys are thin and recessed, and it requires more steps to get at my data (x 100 per day).

So I agree with many here that a touch screen with an exposed keyboard would be the ideal form factor.

The Torch 2 with either a horizontal slider or vertical but thinner, faster and better resolution and way more memory.

Sadly, this is what it has come to, in my opinion of course. The similarities are right there, blatantly in front of us. While Nokia sells mostly dumbphones and RIM sells smartphones, they are both major players on the global scale but look what happened with Nokia recently with the release of the N8. They touted it as their flagship-killer device and it flopped so hard. Now cut to RIM, they touted the Torch as the game changer and while the Torch is definitely a step up from what they've offered in the past, it still doesn't even come close to what's being offered today by Apple's iOS or Google's Android OS.

RIM still has a chance though, RIM has the QNX OS which from the very little we've seen is already making people excited to use that over the old BB OS. RIM needs to understand (sooner than later) that the QNX OS is their future and they need to get that on handsets IMMEDIATELY.

So what can we expect next from RIM? Well, I have no idea in hell to tell you the truth, they don't seem to listen to anyone and their only objective seems to be: throw a dice in the air and mish-mash past device parts and give it a new numerical name. I think that needs to end now RIM. The next handset better be with QNX OS or the vicious cycle will continue and they will lose more market share in other countries.

RIM, you have your golden goose (QNX) and it's laid a golden egg, but what you do with it now will be VITAL to your future success, imo...

that makes 4 so far this year! gotta admit its got a nice big screen and this friend has no complaints he went from a storm 2 to droid X, I told him he should of waited at least he didn't use his upgrade it was a repacement for a bad storm 2 device. I told him to check crackberry and look at the video's for the playbook and that rim will have a 4g phone soon. he said he likes the driod and may not come back to bb I hope rim comes out with a knock out to sway him back or I'll miss him.

After using OS 6 for a while, I think it is the most under rated OS and I feel it is the best one out there. I think RIM is looking at QNX only from hardware scaling and future ready perspective other than OS 6 is pretty nice and solid for a mobile OS, I found it is best for the following reasons.

1) Universal notification interface linking all kinds of notifications in one place.
2) Universal search is amazing, it searches and displays everything from emails, contacts, files, media, web etc.
3) Organization, no other OS provides such an organization of apps, files , media under different folders.
4) One cool feature with webkit browser is adding bookmarks as icons to the home screen and to the favorites folder on a single click, these bookmarks can be easily accessible by universal search, I have added ebay, yahoo finance and some other shortcuts to the home screen which makes my life more easier.
5) wireless music sync in OS 6 is a unique feature available only on the BB's.
6) OS 6 User Interface is nice and decent.
7) convenience key is superb, no other OS in the market can make my Google Voice app come up with a single press of a button. I can have a whole lot of things configured to be brought up upon pressing the convenience key.
8) No other OS can beat the key board shortcuts available on the BB OS.
9) Tell me one phone in the market which can run 3 days on a single charge upon a heavy use.

My wish is also for a BB Magnum (aka 9000), QNX is going to be a key weapon in RIMM's arsenal and all thumbs up for playbook, storm 3. Folk's who are bitching about RIM need to understand they are more intelligent than you and I otherwise they wouldn't have made such a successful brand name and they better know how to take it forward. I have full faith in RIMM and will stand by them, call that loyalty or whatever as I am yet to find a phone which compares to the quality of BB phone's and their functionality. I am a apple (OS X) user for ages but BB is something which is dearer to me.

There is a buzz about Playbook now! RIM must seek to recreate that buzz in the next mobile device announcement.

Hardware spec's and form factors will not be sufficient to overcome the image that "Blackberry is a text machine!"

The new device must have no or little reminiscence of the exiting devices (e.g., no track pad on a touch screen device) and the industrial design needs to be edgy to create the buzz and first impression of "OMG! is this a Blackberry?" I think Playbook had that impact.

Mobile commerce/payment/ad integrated with Augmented Reality and NFC ( be big soon. Get the RFID chips inside the phone, and make AR software standard to all devices. Align big names retailers and online vendors to do joint exclusive promotions.

BBM is the world's second largest social network. BB worldwide infrastructure (with guaranteed sequenced push delivery over secured links) lands itself well with the next generation credit card/payment systems. Biometric recognition on mobile devices will further differentiate BB from others.

Think outside of the box, with QNX ability to scale and distributed processing go for hardware platforms and designs that are one step beyond the rest of the field. Unlike Androids, you have an eco system of 25M+ BBM users, engage them, REWARD them with other retailers who want to mine this social map treasure trove.


I am looking for a device with the same phantastic keyboard like on the Bold 9000! There is only the Bold 9650 like this. I dont like the new smaller keyboard on the Bold 9700 and 9780....

I really miss my bold 9000. Loved the size compared to the 9700. Unfortunately my bold met its end in a motorcycle wreck! Emt was putting the pieces of the phone together so I could make a phone call to a relative. Damn speed dial! Lol since changing to vzw and android I've been pining for vzw to get a torch type device or at least something along the lines of a hybrid. Oh well I will wait and see.

I can say there will be a new device very soon code name monical ( spelling) it will be all touch and thinner than a iphone and will be all touch ( no surepress) AND IT WILL BE COMING TO VERIZON FIRST . they have passed on the torch and will be moving to this new device . It will have of course 06 and twice the memory . Take it for what it is worth but I do no this to be fact .Rim is well aware of its short comings and is ready to blow some minds in the coming months .

what do you think vzw is going to get next??? would i love the torch. hit me up let me know what ya think.

I agree with everbody with the REAL Bold upgrade trackpad more memory better resolution 5 mp faster processor!! That's what I want!!!

Sort it out RIM the people want the 9000 form with upgrades, it's quite simple really. This will ensure BB's future.

Needs to refresh the 9000. So many fans (including myself are patiently waiting for it) If you're like me, u refuse to upgrade until Rim finally gives us what we want.
- At least 5mp Cam in back plus front facing one *liquid lens*
- Dbl the RAM of Torch
- 800mhz or 1ghz Processor
- With or Without Touchscreen
- 9000 size plus formfactor
- High-rez screen
- Large Battery
- Slightly thinner (NOT NARROWER! THINNER!)
That is all.

Take the inside hardware and OS of the 9780 and put it in the case of the 9000 with a trackpad instead of the tracball. And I will be happy with RIM forever.

Same as Bell, the blackberry Bold 9780 expected for tomorrow on the store is delayed till the end of next week... Will we finally see it available for sell?

I think they will end up releasing the 9900 which will act as a bridge into the next generation of bb's. They will call it the X-series. X representing 10.

Touch screens will move onto all devices (possibly excluding the curve line) but all will still have trackpads to use if you dont want to use the touchscreen even the storm.

They will carry the following brand lines over:
Curve: budget full qwerty
bold: premium full qwerty
Pearl: smaller mid-range suretype phone
Style/flip: might rename it. full qwerty
Torch: portrait slider full qwerty
Storm: with Possible landscape slide out keyboard. Surepress will be there but can be turned off.

They will deliver 2 devices at the same time to introduce the xseries. X-200 pearl, X-300 curve.

followed by a style and a X-700 bold a few months later which will be premium phones

Then the torch+storm will be released together as ultra premium line q4 2011 with a new OS version.

All following releases will be more stuctured like this and people can expect new releases every year.

2011 will have the x-1st gen, 2012 will have the x-2nd gen, etc.

there will be min. specs of:
1ghz dual core processors
1gb ram
8gb of storage built-in
8mp cameras
dual cameras
bbm will integrate videochat into it

specs when released will be quite conservative when compared to other mobile OSs but there will be a big focus on software development will bridge the gap between bbOS and other platforms

thats what i think at least.

I own a BB for 4 years now, and I just have a Torch for one month now. Then what would I like next? Well, my next BB should be a “Torch HD” :

- Multimedia Experience:

RIM is communicating on the improvements in the multimedia part of its OS but in my opinion, the Torch and BB OS still need a lot of enhancements to really fulfill my needs:
First, it should come with at least a 720p video recorder and this functionality should be supported by few fun apps as it is on Iphone and Android. A second cam for video-conference on the front will also be appreciated…

My next BB should be able to play 1080p mkv natively. It’s not that I care that much about the screen resolution as for, now in my opinion, it’s enough for an on-the-go video experience but it’s more for the simplicity of use. I would like to simply copy/paste on my Micro-SD Card the 1080p mkv movies I could have on my PC as I can do for my music. And of course, play it directly with the native BB video Player.

RIM should also add web-radios streaming support: I’m currently listening my two favorite radios through TuneWiki but the interface really sucks. I would have liked to play it though the native BB music app just by adding the stream URL.

- OS Interface:

RIM should really improve the design of the icons in the menu, especially the directories one. Compared to the new iOS4 design, I really feel like comparing a Win95 and a Win7 interfaces… But the touch screen is smooth enough for me…

I really like going left to right to switch between Favorites, All, Downloads, etc.. But the best will be if I could do choose which directory I would like in this menu: I don’t need downloads or frequent apps but I would have like to have games and applications directory here…

- Internet Experience:

Despite the really good improvements with the new webkit browser, we still don’t have the same internet experience than on a computer. So Adobe Flash and Shockwave are still more than needed…

- Form Factor:
I like my Torch but I would really appreciate a subsequent loss of weigh and a cut of few more millimeters for my Torch. The screen size is ok, it’s smaller than an iphone 4 but I don’t care about that.

- Apps support:

I also would like more French newspapers and magazine apps: we still miss a BB app for the most popular newspapers in France (Le Monde, Le Figaro, Libération, Canard Enchainé…). I would be so please with just a shortcut to the mobile site on the App World…

It seems that French carriers really don’t care about their BB customers: SFR-Vodafone is the only one to provide useful BB apps with a TV app, a GPS nav app, a visual vocal mail box, a wifi app... Orange and Bouygues Telecom only provide their GPS nav app, but of course you should subscribe to this option… And the Orange GPS nav app is not yet officially available on the Torch 9800, I should have installed the Storm version (which works quite good and really do its job ).

It’s the same for French “non-useful apps” developers: we still miss many French apps such as “where can I find a mcdonald”, “Tom the cat”, etc… The French iPhone and Android apps markets are quite more developed than the BB one. I don’t know what RIM can do regarding this issue but they will definitely keep losing market shares if any solution is quickly found…

But for my last words, I would like to be more positive and express my support to RIM. I was thinking about living BB to iPhone 4 or an Android phone before buying the Torch. At first, I was a little bit disappointed when I finally decided to buy the Torch, as the touch screen is not yet as “cool” as the iPhone… But after a month, I’m so happy with it, with my keyboard, with my BBM, with the quick web nav, with the new funny apps that came from the iPhone world on my BB… So RIM please just keeps working, you’re so really close to beat the apple’s experience…