BlackBerry Bold 9780 - Running BlackBerry 6 gets shown off again [video]

By Bla1ze on 30 Jul 2010 04:14 am EDT

Here we go! Another round with the BlackBerry Bold 9780 running BlackBerry 6 has shown up along with some up nice, bright clear pics of the device over at BBleaks. Sure, we know it's just an upgraded BlackBerry Bold 9700 and aside from the OS and 5MP camera there really isn't anything ground breaking here. But, it's just so nice to see some iteration of the the 97xx series running BlackBerry 6 since, we're STILL waiting for an official response from RIM regarding what devices are BlackBerry 6 capable but, I digress a little. Hit the jump for the images.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 - Running BlackBerry 6 gets shown off again
BlackBerry Bold 9780 - Running BlackBerry 6 gets shown off again

Source: BBLeaks / Salomondrin

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 - Running BlackBerry 6 gets shown off again [video]


I thought the point of the 9780 was a Bold with HSPA 7.2 or even HSPA+ besides os 6.
If os 6 takes 180Mb then we could say that it can be ported tothe 9700 (after putting the 9700 on app diet).
I got the 9700 but I would still get the 9780. HSPA+ (I hope the 9780 comes with) sweetens the deal.

Cannot wait to get this! The only thing I don't like about os 6 is how cramped it makes the wallpaper. Is there a way to hide the menu? Probably a dumb question but I'm sort of new to blackberries so go easy on me please :). Also, will os 6 allow themes like previous versions??

I don't like the look of OS6. Looks like there's too much going on and it very cluttered. Not sure I'll update from 5.0 if it's available for the 9700

I agree... I like the touchscreen version of the OS6, but this OS6 running on this 9780... I don't know, there are too many "active areas"...

And the wallpaper is almost completely hidden!!!

I wonder how many people here who are dubious about 6, once they use it, will swear they will never go back to OS5. Threaded text didn't seem like a big deal to upgrade from 4.x but most people won't give up OS5 for that alone.
And I would totally take the white 9700 over the gunmetal 9780! She looks sexeh in white!

oh COME ON RIM! whats the point of a new device if you are still using the old 9700 design?
*well i noticed the metal thingy being replaced by the black bezel

YOU can do better than that!

well at least don't make it to seem like a clone to the 9700

What up guys is it just me or the OS 6 on this phone is only using up 174MB on this it shrinking? And does this mean that us STORM 2, and 9700 etc. with 256MB app memory have hope of getting this? .....please comment thanks.....

Dev Team: we can port OS6 on 256MB devices, too. Isn’t this great.

Marketing Guy: WTF, company spend so much money on new OS development and you wish to give it free. No, ways bubba (dumb geniuses). We are getting new quick devices (refresh) for bold and storm. So we can pay your salary (for sleeping).

Dev Team: So, can we take rest till new devices (refresh) come to us.

Marketing Guy: No you dumps, port OS6 on current bold and Storm and we will put more phone memory on it and re-launch it. Why do I have to tell every thing?

OS6 on 9780, Not impressed at all.
I have 9700 which is fine and perfect. Updating to 9780 would be super foolishness,
I am looking for bold 9000 like form factor, with big keys and hopefully at least full VGA resolution, and minimum 1gigs of app memory, camera 8 MP (I don’t mind if it doesn’t have camera).

Hope RIM thinks about BOLD 9000 refresh ( I can buy that too ).

Why do you think they're releasing a 9780 and a Storm2 refresh?
Both have 512MB RAM so that they can run OS6, that's why.

OS6 for 9700 & Storm2?
Dream on......

I own a T-Mobile BB Curve 8520 and I really hope I get this OS 6 update, even if it's either leaked or a lite version is released. Anyway, it looks great.

But the only thing that I don't get is why would I need a 512mb memory to run this OS only, I don't see much difference, just new icons, smooth effects and a new light blue highlighter, that's all. I'm pretty much my Curve 8520 can handle it, it can handle OS5. I'm worried, I won't get it. I'll be really disappointed in RIM. :/

yea but dont forget one things. scroll down a little bit farther on the article and it says that if the OS6 is available for the 9700-9100. that the carriers wont release it until sometime in 2011

If you think it's just new icons and a blue highlight and you don't see much of a difference, why will you be disappointed if you don't get it?

I used that as an example to point out the fact; that it looks like the OS doesn't require that much horse power as people are saying it needs. I would love to get it, of course, I think it looks great but I'll be sad if I don't.

Yeah - I'm definitely loving the lack of chrome. Looks good in black.

It'd look better if they concentrated on removing the seams in the casing though.

I kinda like it There's a lot more to it I think, There's the WebKit that's why the older devises won't get os6 there are already themes out there that represent os6 I have 1, pretty cool to. I think what we were looking at was the actual theme not just os6 because the little Pop up menu's are very similar to that theme that I found.

Alot of people are asking if their 9700 will run OS 6. (I think that question is pretty much answered)

My question is: Will a 9780 be able to run 5.0? I'm sure there will be all sorts of hybrids released with Webkit and portions of OS6. Do you think that some people would want to keep the look of 5.0 and just upgrade certain features?

Would there be a significant performance increase in a 9780, having the 512mb of memory it has, running a previous OS?

I love my 9780... only issue i have and i think its just the build of os i have ( that i sometimes get error 602 ribbon process died. then i have a list of 20 something things to choose from to trouble shoot. so its hit and miss on boot. when it does load oh my god is it fast! i could reboot this 6 times in the time my tour took to load! once its in it runs solid! love the layout and everything was easy to setup and swap from my tour to this one. also used the new desktop managed 6.0 to do it. everything worked but desktop managed name it unknown device.
also with the 6.0 os you have bb app work and bbm and so far i really do like the little tweaks they have done to it. minor but nice over all improvements!

yea but dont forget one things. scroll down a little bit farther on the article and it says that if the OS6 is available for the 9700-9100. that the carriers wont release it until sometime in 2011

OS 6 is definitely a substantial improvement, and it's more than just a theme update. Just in terms of L&F the transitions look nicer, prompts have been simplified and the system UI seems more polished and coherent. I'm glad that RIM is moving in this direction but it feels like there's a lot of work to be done to really polish it up. For example, no buttons should ever have text with ellipses! ("set Sounds and A...") I'm also surprised that RIM hasn't included the visual quick-menu screen on the QWERTY-only phones to maintain a consistent user experience across BB models. And I'm sure as more people use the phone we'll see more discrepancies - not a bad thing, as long as they're quickly and competently addressed.

And of course, there are the wild cards:

* Has the BB SDK improved? RIM desperately needs developers to write visually-appealing apps for the BBs. Better APIs, documentation, tools (including a GUI builder!) - actually just about a better _everything_ is needed. Smartphones are less phones now than computers, and people expect to have a wide selection of apps.

* Has RIM's software development process improved so that weird bugs and crashes are drastically reduced? It's embarrassing that a phone needs to be rebooted, and it's even more embarrassing that it happens so often that somebody wrote an app simulating this! More software testing and fewer product variations would go a long way to alleviating this.

* Has the backend infrastructure improved? Although it's a tough problem RIM should strive for no BBM/NOC outages. These simply frustrate users and businesses and make them question the reliability and value of a BB purchase. They should also remove annoyances like email truncation. And I'd also suggest a BB-hosted service similar to "Google Hosted" that's targeted at small businesses.

Lots of ideas...

Anyways, I really hope that RIM pulls itself out of the rut it's in right now. Given the success of the iPhone and the hype surrounding the Android phones its tough to say whether they'll manage. I'm rooting for the Waterloo team though ;)

It seems to be running a much higher version than the Facebook Beta. The Beta is The on in the video is

Personally I wouldn't mind an upgraded 9000 look. I love the size, keyboard and physical appearance of it. I think RIM should use that model with maybe a track pad and os 6. Just a thought.

ps... If any of you have BB's for sale. Send me a message with model, what's included, location and asking price. Thanks!

does anyone think at&t will show the blackberry the same love it gave to the iphone 4 with a free earlier upgrade . i think they wont.

I wish rim would you up that room around the screen but berry I love the phones your coming out with you can't gett any bettr I love 9700 my 9100 was a tuff phone as well os 6 look great berry is waken up an

Shetty: The OS-6 is awesome..
Got the Torch,.. which is a good looker.. So experimented with the (old) bold 9700.. and now have intend to stick to the Bold 9700 running OS-6!!!
Guess the Torch goes to the GF now ;)

newys,.. if its a simple installation..

1. Download the BB desktop s/w.. (Version 6).
2. Download the zipped file ( from ""..
Leaked Operating System..
, and select said respective file for bold 9700. [PS: you will have to sign-in to the site for downloading the s/w].
3. Connect ur bold 9700 to the computer and back it up via BB desktop s/w.. (Version 6). After backup completes, disconnect the phone.
4. Run the file contained in the downloaded zipped folder ( Complete the installation.
5. Now open the BB desktop s/w (6).. Connect ur phone. You will be notified that there is an update for your phone.
6. Accept the backup.. your phone will now have the latest BB os..

The entire content of your phone (phonebook, notes, applications.. bookmarks, ID's .. & jus about everything else) is retained.

Issues: Other Themes are installed successfully, but do not reflect in the theme option.

Everything else now works better than before :)

~hav no worries,..