BlackBerry Bold 9780 now available online from Telus

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Telus
By Adam Zeis on 8 Nov 2010 10:30 am EST

Telus looks to be the first carrier to get the Bold 9780 out for public comsumption. The device is now listed in their online store (in some areas) and is available for purchase. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 will run you $99 on a 3 year term, $399 on a 2 year term, $449 for 1 year or $499 no term. The device sports many upgrades over the Bold 9700 including BlackBerry OS 6, a 624 MHz processor, an updated 5MP camera, 512mb flash memory and much more. You can pick up one via Telus online, but we have yet to confirm if the device is available for purchase in stores.

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 now available online from Telus


Hate to bust your balls, but verizon isn't getting the 9780, it's a GSM phone. They have the Bold 9650 with a lower CPU but same about a RAM and OS6 ready.

WOW, those are crazy contract prices. No one (most consumers) would ever pay $399 for a 2 year contract in the US...

Those are pretty standard prices in Canada. We have the most expensive phones, and the most expensive phone plans, in the world. What we need is a big American company to come in and undercut their prices by a third. Our current carriers wouldn't take long to catch up.

With that said, I've been using a Storm 9530 for almost two years, so I'm calling in for this phone tonight, even if they don't give me an upgrade offer and I pay the full $500 for it.

Hehe that's right my friend we have the most expensive Plans for a cell phone in entire world :). Why is that because they dont have competition :)

I would like to see a carrier from USA here in Canada

While I do agree that we pay more, the quality is much better. I'm on Rogers and I NEVER experience a dropped call and the call quality is like talking on a landline. Data speed is consistent and reliable. I travel to the US quite a bit for work and the quality is definitely sub-par. So yes, the US is cheaper but in my opinion, not worth a cent.

Also, you really think that if a US company comes to Canada, they will actually charge what they are charging in the US? Have a look at Walmart US vs Walmart Canada, Best Buy US vs Best Buy Canada, Ford US vs Ford Canada. Exact same laptop I'm looking to buy is $300 cheaper at Best Buy USA.

Here's something interesting on the TELUS site... shows the 9800 as out of stock. I wonder if this means the 9800 is selling well.

WTF is up with some of these carriers having 3 year contracts? This phone will be hella outdated and not even remotely current in 2 years let alone 3!

Did anyone notice in the specs on Telus' site it says 3.2" for screen size. Do they even know what phone they are selling?

I am glad Telus priced this correctly, This phone shouldn't be anymore then $99 on a 3 year. So the only difference is a memory boost and a slightly better camera in the same shell? The processor looks the same, resolution the same.

You guys in Canada think you got it bad? How does $1700 sound for a 9800 Torch sound? 2 to 1 exchange rate against the U.S. Dollar. That's what one carrier in Barbados charges for a one year contract.
I want to get the 9780 too but not at those ridiculous prices :-(

I'm too lazy to go look right now but this post is saying the 9780 sports many upgrades from the 9700, one being a "624 MHz processor". What processor does the 9700 have?

UPDATE: Okay. When on your BlackBerry at work, on the toilet, not much else to do but to go look up BlackBerry specs. Two sites I looked at listed the 9700 as having a 624 MHz processor. So no upgrade there, right?

ordered mine this morning off the telus site! i called 5 different stores, and even physically went into one after they received shipment and it is NOT available there. I was told it will be released in stores on wednesday...

Where did you order it from? It called 10 locations...and spoke to them on the phone. Everyone told me they same thing. They don't have it in stock. How the hell you launch a phone and no where has it available on the launch day?? All of them said they'll have it later this week.

ordered mine directly off their site today.. will be a great upgrade to my PITA tour that keeps freezing and not sending/receiving messages.

Yeah but it's not gonna ship until it appears in inventory. Today it wasn't in inventory when I called this morning and afternoon. Yes I am talking about customer service and LR. Didn't have it available to ship out so the pointed me in the direction of the stores since the stores get priority on stock when phones are launched. Called a ton of stores..both corporate and franchised. No one had it in stock and told me most likely Wednesday or late tomorrow if they get a shipment in. Kinda disappointing and misleading to have a phone available on your site and not in your inventory system..embarrassing really. Most of the store reps I spoke to today didn't even knew it was launched on the site as being currently available. Oh well.. Let's see how tuesday plays out. If anybody finds a telus store in T.O. selling them Tomorrow please lemme know.

That's basically what I was wondering. I'll go ahead and order online then I guess instead of running around the city trying places for it.

9780 is available at Rogers. I just got mine. The main Rogers Retailer shops have them. The Franchise ones will get them tomorrow or day after. Enjoy.