BlackBerry Bold 9780 now available from Bell

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Bell
By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2010 11:07 am EST

Bell has become the next Canadian carrier to release the BlackBerry Bold 9780. Earlier this week we saw both Rogers and Telus get ahead of the game, and next week T-Mobile will be following in the US. The Bell version sports the same specs as all the others including a 5MP camera, BlackBerry OS 6 and a full QWERTY keyboard. You can pick one up for $474 on a 1 year term, $449 2 year, $124 3 year or $499 no contract. The 9780 is available for purchase via in most areas and should be available in stores as well.

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 now available from Bell


Hopefully bell customers have a easier time picking one of these bad boys up. I went to 2 rogers locations in the GTA lastnight and both locations the employees told me that rogers doesn't carry that phone and that they have no idea that there was such a phone. They kept saying, "you mean 9700?". Rogers need better customer service in store and over the phone!!!

"You can pick one up for $474 on a 1 year term, $449 2 year, $124 3 year or $499 no contract"

Is it me, or does a one or two year contract seem kinda silly?

it's like "oh i had to take the bus to get here so i only have $474 dollars, what blackberry can i buy for that???

To you and me it may seem silly but for carriers it's not! They don't make money on selling phones, they make it on contracts....Plus, most know the phone won't last 3 years so you'll have to buy insurance too!

I think what he means is that there is almost no point to get a 1 or 2 year contract when you aren't saving much compared to the 499. We know the 3 year is a deal but they make you get that since 1 and 2 are stupid

I'd love to see the CRTC or Industry Canada step in and fix contract pricing. The step between 2 and 3 year contracts makes *no* sense. If they wanted to have 2 year pricing at $200, that would be okay, but not to have it almost the same as no contract. Extremely irritating. The lifecycle on these phones is more like 2 years...All of the carriers have the same general approach, and it's wrong. (except for the "Tab" type carriers, which have their own problems)

I'm confused as to why Bell is selling the 9700 for $600 with no contract, and the 9780 for $500 with no contract :-/ I would've thought that the newer device would be pricier and/or the old one discontinued.

On it shows they just got it :) if you go on their webpage under cellphones chose brand and it will show the first on the line with red bold letters NEW!

got me a shiny all black Bold 9780 and i am impressed how great it looks, feels and runs. Great piece of hardware, much better build quality than the Torch (which is pretty good as well, i have both). But, i won't keep the Torch, don't like the slider format... Had to try it, what can i say...

Bold 9780 is a keeper though (until maybe the Storm 3 or something along those lines...).