BlackBerry Bold 9780 given the once over on video

By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2010 12:09 pm EDT

We've seen bits and pieces of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on video and in photos, but haven't really delved deep into the device hardware and software. Well the folks at TechnoBuffalo got their hands on a pre-release device and gave it a pretty solid look. There isn't a whole lot separating the Bold 9780 from the Bold 9700 aside from some updated specs and a different colored bezel (for now at least). We do know that the new device should be shipping out with BlackBerry 6 ready to go and you can bet it will quickly become a fan favorite when it finally hits the streets. And for those of you wondering, yes the contacts on the bottom of the device are for the charging in the charging pod (conductive, not inductive) -- just like nearly every other BlackBerry :-) Check out the video above for some great 9780 action.

Source: TechnoBuffalo 

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 given the once over on video


I like how Techno Buffalo named the video The BlackBerry Bold 9780 Tour. I know it means tour as in walkthrough, but I had a good laugh due to the 9650 issue.

But my wife will likely get it first as her upgrade date is before mine (next year). Still, I am perfectly happy with my 9700 for now. Glad they haven't messed with the formula too much.

it's a vimeo video, not youtube... so no mobile link.  if there is a way to link them mobile let us know and we'll do it up. dont think there is though.


"How does it handle the death grip"?!?!!!! This isn't a F-ing Apple product!!! We know you're an Apple fanboy but you don't have to use RIM as a scapegoat.

but jobs i think was quoted to have said that the death grip applies to all other phones while naming RIM as one of several specific phone brand names... so proven false i guess... as expected =]

480x300 screen? no wifi n and `pusedo wireless charging?`
more like 480x360, wifi g/b/n and the exact same dock points as the 9700 :)

RIM U SUCK ! Still 624 processor come on !

How much F futher r u going to far behind

other phones.

what a bunch of garbage. I can't believe RIM believes their own users will be upgrading like Apple iPhone banshees. They can put out any device that looks similar and performs similar and they think users will just run and upgrade. I see less and less blackberry's nowadays.

Remember, RIM buys in bulk. While every other manufactorer apparently buys their processors one at a time. Lol!

Not too jazzed about his review of the browser. He complains that the trackpad isnt very efficient when scrolling....

OF COURSE NOT YOU IDIOT! You're using the tip of your finger. Trackpads were designed for full coverage, specifically a thumb

i don't like his review either... death grip? wtf?!?1?!? seriously??????

those two metal things at the bottom? those have been around since the 9000...

It looked as he was thrilled to be having the phone. But that if he had never used any blackberry before this or anything.

wondering if anyone can answer this, but i have now seen two video's of os6 (9650 os6 leak and this one) and others aswell, but i noticed that in the 9650 video the apps did not have the name under the icon and instead had the name flashing on the scrolling bar, whereas this video shows the apps to have the name under the icon.
would anyone know whether this is a option you can toggle with or the os6 build is specific for each phone.
i really like it when the name is below the app.
eagerly waiting for a 9700 leak.

remember when BGR shown video of 9700 running OS6,
there was no icon name at bottom, but on title bar at top.

this is might be some make it work build.

Crack I agree I prefer the look of the name under the icon. I was disappointed when I updated my 9650 and found out that I couldn't change this in the settings. I am hoping this was because it was a beta and maybe the official release will give us the option on how our icons appear.

i am really not impressed with 9780,
same as 9700 with 5MP camera and 512 on board memory....
surely not buying this.
my 9700 is way better to keep my work perfect.

Im wondering why Sat, June 26th is showing as the date...the date is set by the network (AT&T in this case) and cant be changed..

Whats the deal with THAT?

Well maybe it's cuz they made the video on the day. Believe it or not. People do make videos then post them later.

Ummmm...yeah...thank you, Captain point, since I need to spell it out for you, is if this is a 3 month old video, I wonder what version of OS6 is he running?? And why put out an old video with an older OS build? This video tells me NOTHING as far as what to expect in the actual release, as well as being a pretty lame "tour" of the 9780.

Always liked the GSM bold over the CDMA bold. The CDMA bold series (9650) is bulky with a slightly smaller keyboard compared to the 9700's sleek style with a wider keyboard. Never quite understood why they didn't just build the 9700 style for both CDMA and GSM carriers like they did with the new curve devices.

He didn't like how it renders. Wonder if he was viewing the mobile version? He didn't know just about every BB since i can remember having the metal charging pins. How can we expect him to make sure he is viewing the full web page. Every other BB 6 video has liked the browswer and how it renders full pages. What a idiot and a joke of a review. Get someone who knows something about the phone.

is it just me or does this keyboard look bigger on this phone than the 9700? My most favorite keyboard on a BB was my 8830 World Phone...I am hoping they go back to that bigger style of keys and this to me appears that way?...or is just me?

I hate text under icons! The screen isn't that much big!
I hope OS6 leak for 9700 without text under icons!

i'm so used to the ease of contacts and data transfer that i had a complete system shock when i switched to the samsung epic. i got rid of the epic and returned to RIM for many reasons... but these sorry @$$ new units are just patheic. what is going on at RIM? why do they continually release these crappy units? do they have a death wish? i love my bb but i could use one from 6 years ago and pretty much get the same features and function. please innovate before it's too late.

Why does eveyone do the "death grip" test now? A death grip wasnt needed to make the iphone lose required one finger in the right spot, thats it. Yeah some phones may lose a little signal if you squeeze the shit out of it but that wasn't the problem.....the problem was you didn't need a "death grip" to make the iphone drop calls.....just one freakin finger.

Whoopie. a 3 month old video. The OS6 build he is running is pretty outdated, im sure, which would explain some of the issues he talks about. Hey TechBuffalo guy, hows about a RECENT video with a newer build?