BlackBerry Bold 9780 gets Vodafone UK pricing

By DJ Reyes on 1 Oct 2010 06:45 pm EDT

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With the BlackBerry Torch 9800 well and truly available in the UK, Vodafone looks set to releasing another BlackBerry in the very near future. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 tariff prices have just been outed so we should expect to see them in stores soon. We haven't even seen a release day of any kind for the 9780, so having the prices out and about is pretty crazy.

We know already that the Bold 9780 is a refreshed Bold 9700 with more memory and 5MP camera in the same shell so it's safe to say that the tariffs would be very similar to the 9700. Here's the tariff details currently known:

  • 900 minutes (anytime/network)
  • Unlimited texts
  • 500mb of data
  • BIS included
  • £35/pm (24 months) - device free on this plan
  • £40/pm (18 months) - device free on this plan

Will you holding out to get your hands on the Bold 9780? I am curious to know if any 9700 owners will upgrade or just wait for BB6 to be available.

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 gets Vodafone UK pricing


Orange UK have the release date of the 9780 as 'early October' (and the same time as the Torch), so I think device should be dropping in the UK any day now.

Got a friend who is sick of his iphone (yep I repeat sick of his iphone) and has been wanting to to get a blackberry for the last 6months, he was gna get the white 9700 bt told him bout os6 so he waited for the torch, then I told him about the 9780 and now he's waiting for this. If the erly october with orange is coming out soon then this will mke his day!
This possible mean that a os6 leak for 9700 may be out soon??? If its a orange leak its gna mke my day!!!!

Seeing as it took Orange until July to release OS 5 for anything other than the 9700 I wouldn't hold your breath on a speedy OS 6 rollout.

I'm waiting to convert from my iPhone 3GS to a Bold 9780! Can't wait for it to launch in the states and join the blackberry world!

I will admit that when I first heard about the 9780 I was little jealous and had considered upgrading from my 9700, but now with OS6 on the horizon and the playbook coming next year (which I am definately getting) as long it plays nice with my 9700, I have no real need to. I'll probably wait on handsets to starting shipping with the QNX OS before I upgrade, I just hope they can squeeze that OS into the 9700/9780 form factor one day!

But can't for the life of me remember which as tried when first got BB.
I suppose in the UK we could run up 500mb with BBC iPlayer and Youtube.

I am a proud 9700 owner, but don't upgrade till this time next year. When can we find out about a pay-as-you-go OrangeUK release of the 9780 so I can just pop in my current sim?

The 9780 is a flagship device and probably won't be available on PAYG. Vodafone are just starting to roll out PAYG BlackBerries, and aren't offering anything higher spec'd than the new Curve and Pearl. If you want anything higher... it's on contract.

They will be starting it very soon. If you check out the 'Coming Soon' section on their website, it just states that the 8520, 9105 and 9300 are 'Coming Soon to PAYG'.
No prices yet :(

I think I'll convert to 9780 when my upgrade become available, which should be within next few months. I'll admit I'll miss the 9700 it's great device (though do pine for 9000) but the 5mp camera clinches it for me. I'm not really fussed with OS6 to be honest, only thing that I like is quicker boot up time. especially if it's going to be replaced shortly, I'll stick with .862, having no issues with this at moment.

Ah!! See, this is the one I want! A spec upgrade on the 9700! I hope it comes soon as I will upgrade my current Bold 9000 to this one very quickly!

I wouldn't rush to upgrade to anything until we see what kind of migration path, if any, is going to happen for the new QNX OS. I'm going to patiently wait out and see what NEW hardware is coming, not just what has been refreshed. I've got 6 running on my Bold 9650 and can't honestly say that it would be worth signing a new contract for. Yeah, it's kinda nice, but nothing to write home about...

you'll be waiting a while, apparently we'll see OS7 before we see a full roll out of QNX playbook OS on most BB phones.

Perhaps if you're waiting out for the storm 3?

hopefully this will be out soon, i can't wait! will be the perfect upgrade for my Bold 9000! unless ofcourse they are making a refresh Bold 9000 lol.. i just need something with more than 128mb ram lol

I wish they would re-do the 9000. I like the larger size of my 9000's keyboard and screen. I have big hands and I have played around with the torch and 9700 and they feel too small for me. I need a big keyboard with theses fat thumbs, lol. The only upgrades I want for my 9000 would be the ram and the camera, a track pad would be nice too....wishful thinking though.

I couldn't agree more, I wish Blackberry would bring out an updated 9000. It's the best phone I've ever owned and even after two years still the Blackberry's poster phone in their marketing shots, for the good reason that it's the most attractive and easiest to use. I'm not interested in sliders, clamshell, touchscreen or other gizmos; just more memory, an updated OS, a better camera and a quicker processor.