BlackBerry Bold 9780 - First live image!

By Bla1ze on 23 Jul 2010 11:12 pm EDT

Well, that didn't take long at all. We noted the UAProf for the BlackBerry 9780 had been found now, Salomondrin has posted up the first live image of the device. BlackBerry 6 in full effect, taking on the form of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 except with a darker bezel that BlackBerry Bold 9780 is looking might fine to me. For me, the Bold 9700 is the perfect device so transitioning to the 9780 is fine by me.

All the other specs we noted are accurate now, we can add with certainty that 512MB of RAM is on board for this release. The 5MP camera has yet to be documented as fact but, it seems to be a BlackBerry 6 standard judging from all the recent devices. What do you all think, will you buying into a BlackBerry Bold 9780 or passing? I'll be the brave one and say it, anyone upset with RIM on account of this device? I mean, it's a Bold 9700 with some slight changes that's all. Seeing this device just again raises the question whether or not the Bold 9700 will even get BlackBerry 6?

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 - First live image!


Anyone have any thoughts on this? Maybe if we can figure out how Apple got WebKit to run on their 256MB and 128MB phones, which seems to be the most common argument for the need for 512MB to run OS 6, then maybe we can help RIM to get it to run on their devices?

BTW, didn`t RIM buy TorchMobile last year, the company that developed WebKit?

I`ll ask again, why do you think RIM won`t release OS 6 for 256MB devices?


Because Apple has 128MB or 256MB of RAM + a large "drive". Whereas BB's only have one onboard memory chip that has to do everything - OS, Applications, Most App Data and function as RAM.

RIM is sticking with the whole "phone" architecture, whereas Apples and Android are making "computers".

This way of using Memory killed the STORM1, and now it is leaving most current and even a few new BB's out in the cold, when it comes to OS6 and the promised WebKit Browser.

I think people are missing out on something here... Originally, you probably DID only need 256k to run OS6. However, I imagine RIM realized that there would be no RAM left to operate the apps. If you run particularly light on the apps, you could probably get by on the 256k with OS6. Lets face it. Nothing will change for the "outdated" BB's. You won't wake up in the morning, and have a useless phone. We all get left behind by tecnological progress at one point or another. BFD. Stop crying if you just upgraded and there is a better one coming out now. I have another 10 months with my 8310, unless I buy outright, and that's fine. Yes! I'm jealous of those who will have the baddest, fastest BB yet, but I also know when my upgrade is here, the 9780 will look weak and ineffective in comparison to the newest BB. It happens. In the mean time, you still have the handheld that has made you happy until you heard about OS6

It's like everyone is jumping to some weird conclusion based on the fact new phones are being made. I have no reason to believe the 9700 won't get OS 6. RIM said there was a reason the 9700 was used to demo webkit. There have been reports in the blogs of the 9700 being used to test OS 6. And CX said the 9700 would get OS 6. That is enough for me. By the way I love the 9700 design and am very happy they are keeping it. I'm not as excited about large flat screen tv looking slabs that seem to be the current rave.

I like the BlackBerry as well. I've messed around with Droids and i-phones, but I still prefer the traditional BlackBerry layout. I think the Bold (9650, 9700)is a great looking device. I know what I need in a device, it's not dual HDMI outputs. What I need is e-mail that is clean not converted to WAP and a solid web browser. I'm really excited about the webkit and can't wait to see what all else is offered with OS6. All the folders are intimidating, but I'll learn to use them. Just as I did with the current os

Here's the thing I've been wondering about, in the UAProf confirming the 9780 there was no N for wireless. Maybe we'll have an 83xx scheme with several different devices but very similar devices. Say they will all have OS6, the 9700 will have reduced memory but wireless, the 9700 will have the memory and a newer camera, but no wireless. Would make sense from a marketing point of view, since I simply won't believe they've run out of 9700s to sell. If the 9780 is better in every aspect they'd simply be wasting the entire 9700 line. Any thoughts?

Once again if 512mb is minimum for OS6 to be fully functional (with room for apps), then why is every device aiming for the bottom???? They really need to release all new devices with 1GB+ especially with memory being sooo cheap these days.... I love my BB but they really need to aim a little higher...

.. wow.

First the comparisons to new model cars cracks me up. It's such a terrible analogy. There is no expectation or track record of cars after release being supported by *updates* lol. It makes zero sense.

Now computers.. those are decent comparisons. Computers often support newer updates in software and are expected to. Most computers are purchased with some future proofing in mind. Especially for those of us whom build them ourselves. When I built my rig in 2007.. 2gb of ram was considered the sweet spot and dual core cpu's more than enough. I went 4gb and quad core. Why? to be ready for a long term investment. Now it's 2010 and my comp is just as strong as when I bought it. And this leads me to the precise failing within RIM's current direction and why I personally left for Android.

Smart phones IMO come with an expectation to be viable with updates/support for at minimum the next OS release. We cant upgrade hardware to keep this option open, so when we as consumers look at which devices to buy, we look at what it can do now AND will it be supported. To read so many comments of people saying the future support expectation is a non issue is downright laughable.

Support precedent: HTC Droid Eris my buddy owns.. came out with 1.5 on it. Has since been SUPPORTED to 2.1, that makes consumers (my buddy) happy. Another buddy has the original Iphone and last year when the 3GS came out and new OS came out.. he was able to upgrade to it. That makes him happy. My HTC EVO came with 2.1 on it.. later this year HTC will have 2.2 (froyo which is a rather large update) ready for it and that makes me happy. Makes me feel like my device was worth of my investment. Hell we can even show precedent within RIM offerings.. 9630 owners got the phone with 4.7 on it.. and now have been updated to 5.0!

It's not about OS6 really though, everyone wants RIM OS to advance so OS6 is a good thing. It's about the hardware that can support said OS!

RIM consistently gives us choices that are just marginally enough. I almost bought a Tour 9630 when it launched but heard just in time that a newer version was coming, and I waited to see if that device (9650) would be a device I could trust to invest in. The Tour was just enough for 5.0 and the 9650 is now just enough for the coming 6.0 advancement. RIM never puts out a device that screams my hardware is ready for your 2 year contract. While waiting for the 9650 the EVO was announced and I immediately saw what I was looking for. A device with the hardware to truly carry it for 2 years!

I think this is the heart of all the complaints that have been on this forum lately. Oh sure some will cry that the voices of complaint should just leave.. but they are fools whom cant handle any criticism. Many of the complaints are coming from LONGTIME BlackBerry users and supporters. I like RIM and I hope when my next contract comes up, that they have a device in the running for my dollar. I believe the people here posting complaints feel the same way.

Why only 512mb in the 9700 refresh? It's foolish! These 9700 owners would not be so angry if the "refresh" came out with a 768 or gasp.. a full 1gb! It feels more of the same because as usual it's just barely enough. For comparison.. my EVO has 1gb of ROM space (wherte the OS is loaded along with all the apps, currently 51 of them and still 214mb left) as well as 512mb of ram for running it all. More than enough and I have no fears that my device will make it till my next upgrade.

When my next upgrade come around.. I wont be tied to Android only. I will again look a the options available. I hope RIM is one of those options. I hope the cease this barely enough mindset they have now and release a killer device. It doesnt have to be an iphone killer or an EVO killer. It just simply needs to be their best effort. They are capable of more than they've shown and that is the number one reason people are bailing. The 9800 looks solid until you look at the ram. 512 again.. sigh. 768 or 1gb should be the target! Make it have MORE THAN ENOUGH room to have all the apps one might want or be ready for the next release of OS. Future ready!

``Make it have MORE THAN ENOUGH room to have all the apps one might want or be ready for the next release of OS. Future ready!

Unfortunately that`s not going to happen because it increases the cost of the unit and dips into their GM. It may be small per unit but when you spread it out over the total units sold, it`s pretty significant. This isn`t just in the mobile business, this happens across every business.

i swear im not picking on u...

yes its small per unit but there is a reason others r able to.BB has way too many versions of bassicly the same phone. y has the tour become the bold? becuz it's pointless. i noticed u say u use the 9000. honestly the bold should b exactly like the 9000 with current specs (or better) and the 9700 should b called the tour. u could keep the pearl, for those who want a small phone and why is the 9800 a bold (i assume it's gonna b a bold) it should obviously b the storm 3. maybe u'd have to have one with a slide out keyboard and one without but thats the only time i could c having 2 devices that r that similar

Because i'm happy with my BB in it's current state.

Everything i'm seeing from OS 6 looks great, but for my needs, it's really just gravy.

I do like the WebKit browser though. I'll take that.

@kcmoberry another well said post! This is exactly the point and or points ;) as I sit here and read more of the comments, Hambly you don't make sense with the cost issue responses. I'm sorry but that doesn't hold any water, because the proof in RIM's budget shows they can indeed afford to up a friggen memory chip, come on man wake up.

Despite some of the complaints on here, folks will still continue to buy blackberry. Most people couldn't tell you how much RAM is in there nor what speed processor. What they do know is it does what they want it to do (on the day they bought it or took ownership). As long as a phone fulfills that purpose, they owe you nothing when they advance to the next level. If you didn't like it, there was time to take it back or sell it to someone who would appreciate it. If I were to leave Blackberry, it wouldn't be because OS6 doesn't work on my current device. IT would be because it no longer suits my needs. IF I want OS6 badly, I will get the new device. My discount may not be as great, but I will get what I want.

Are you kidding me? You people are complaining that a phone that was released 9 months ago MIGHT not fully support a new OS with MAJOR upgrades? Seriously? Please tell me how this is any different than what other manufacturers do. On a side note, I am sure there will be an OS 6 upgrade to the 9700, either lite or full, but come on, it's 9 months old and by the time OS6 will be released, it will be almost a year old!

What I would like to know is why does RIM even bother to come out with a "refresh" Storm 2 and a Bold 9700??? Why not just take that time to invest in a completely new device and introduce new and more advance technology? This is the time to pave the way of NEW generation Smart phones. Come on RIM, this ain't Twitter, stop followin and be a leader. As far as I'm concerned, all these "NEW" BB devices need to have a MINIMUM of 1GB+. We all know the Storm 1 was a FAIL and really the Storm 2 is what the Storm 1 should've been. The "refresh" Storm 2 is what the original Storm 2 should've been and the Storm 3 should be the device coming out now instead of the "refresh" Storm 2, and it should have 1GB. Come on/// WOW US RIM...

So I guess OS6 on current would be toned down, kinda like the 3G on ios4, which ran slow and wasn't too good. I hope the Webkit Browser remains.

Or maybe 256Mb devices will run the full OS6 just like how the 9000 ran 5.0. Pretty fast all around but ran out of memory every other day.

In a nutshell, I've always found our qwerty devices to be the most convenient, most practical, most instant, and had found the lack of tabs in Browser (and its abysmal touch features over Safari) the only major snag. The 'always connected' idea has never been matched even with the ios 4 and its so-called multitasking and push im. Its integration is unsurpassed and quite elegant.

I hope OS6 makes it more fun and easier to use the powerful features hidden beneath menus and shortcut keys.

couldnt agree more with you, i had the EVO and the 9700, and i prefer texting on my 9700 for the ease of it, it takes me less then a min to whip out my 9700 type a email or a text and send it off, much more time and more difficult on my evo...

i love both devices and will probably keep both, but i will NOT upgrade to a new device with a 1 or 2 year contract because looking back at the 9700 and its ram..
its not worth it..
craigslist/ebay here i come.

9700 is not a refresh from 9000 at all and this was to replace because problem with trackball. PLEASE quit whining for wanting to know if 9700 will going to get OS 6. if 9700 is very stable device then there is no need to worry about if 9700 will get 6.0 or not.

storm 2 is not refresh from storm 1 because storm 1 was heavly criticized for putting out on the market too fast that are causing a lot of problem for storm owners with OS 4.7 and storm 2 was much more stable device. it is same for older devices with trackball, they are all replaced with new devices with trackbpad.

if bold 9700 is not going to get 6.0 then don't give up and new device like 9800 because what if you bought 9800 then one or 2 yrs later OS 7 will not work with 9800 then it is a waste of money that you bought with.

People are upset that they might not get 6.0 on there "older device" because it is gonna fix a lot of bugs that just should not be's like those offical releases that everyone scrambles to so that they dont get a registration message when they do a battery pull....

When Android/Apple drop a OS it's not to fix MAJOR flaws of the phone OTA handle that, most people if not all are ok with there droid they just want Froyo to improve something thats already great. 6.0 is gonna FIX things that are broken, and if there device doesnt get it...well then thats F'ing SUCKS

So please stop telling loyal BB customers to stop crying or anything else for that matter, they have voices and they paid so let them speak, everyone doesnt share your view or want to jump from device to device...they like there BOLD 9700 but would like it to run smooth and like it should when it was released.


OS 6 isn't coming out to fix bugs. OS 5 is probably one of the most stable operating systems on the market today.

It's coming out to bring additional features and a new refreshed interface, including a WebKit browser that recent reviews have performing better than anything from Apple or Android. Which makes sense since RIM bought the company last year.

And speaking of Android, you should have a read of this article.

Here's an interesting quote...

''Which brings us to the state of Android OS segmentation today: Android OS versions 1.5 and 1.6 make up slightly less than 50% on Android devices, according to a GigaOm report, while versions 2.01 and 2.1 have steadily risen (most notably with the release of the Motorola Droid series of handsets).''

That small group of early adopters, that make up 'slightly less than 50%' cannot upgrade to 2.1 or 2.2. Which I think is the version you're calling a 'game changer'.

And Apple, well, until they come out with a hardware fix for their problem, I don't know how someone can seriously consider them unless they're looking for a pocket computer/media player. The fix will come, but until then, I don't think so.

Sorry...I can't seem to sympathize with the Bold 9700 whining. I have a Bold 9000, and yes, the Bold 9700 was released. Did I upgrade after 6 However, I will upgrade to the new 9800.

Seems some feel the are "entitled" to an upgrade for the new BB's not like that. If you want the lasted technology then buy the latest device. We seem to forget the difference between what we "need" and what we "want".

RIM is not in business to pay for our "wants"...rather provide a product and we can decide. You've got to pay to play!!

looks like 9700 will not going to get 6.0 due to low ram of 256 MB so check out the info of curve 9300 which specs is much similar to 9700 WITH 624 mhz and 256 MB RAM.

This week, BBLeaks published the official specs of the Curve 9300. We covered it in News From The Wire, but as a refresher:

3G and HSDPA
WiFi with UMA
Processor 624 MHz
256 MB RAM
256 MB Flash
QVGA screen (320 x 240)
2 megapixel camera without flash
MHA 1150 Battery
Multimedia keys
OS 5.0

Yes, that says OS 5.0, and for good reason. From what I’m hearing OS 6 will only work with devices carrying 512MB or more of RAM. That would seemingly rule out the 9300. There is a chance, though, that we see a hybrid version of OS 6 released for these 256MB devices
, and a decent chance that the WebKit browser
eventually comes to OS 5 devices. Our source says it’s a 70-30 chance at this point. That doesn’t sound too bad at all. It would also be nice for users of older devices to eventually get the WebKit browser.

its obvious that the 9700 WILL NOT be getting 0S 6.

i wonder what provider this is branded?

doesnt say it on the bottom, but the welcome text message is there, does Salomondrin say what provider the welcome text is from?

this is why i got the EVO and im selling my 9700, our contracts are usually TWO YEARS, so the phone should atleast last half of that.

sorry rim, i love your devices but im NOT upgrading, or will i buy a new device from you with a contract ever again.

ill get one on craigslist if i really need to.

9780, 9620, 9700,9500 blah blah blah all these devices look the same doing the same shit blackberry is getting lamer with each device

Would come out with a Original Bold size with the upgraded spec with the 9780 I be a happy camper, they need to change it up a little.

Sometimes I think that this site could quite easily ban user comments and simply generate them automatically instead, just have a bunch say they are leaving for iphone, some saying they are going to android and then some replies saying don't let door hit you on your way out, add in some complaints about rim and/or a new device and then you just have the people in a panic about whether their device will get os6 or not.

On that last point, updates to existing devices does not mean the updated device won't get os6, what it means is that a carrier wants a more os6-optimal device in the stores for the holidays i.e. if at&t have this rumoured exclusivity period on the 9800 then you can be sure that t-mobile are going to want something newer than the 9700 to go up against them and they are going to almost certainly going to be carrying this new bold.

Looking back at os5, the priority then was also on new devices with the older ones eventually getting it and this time round we will almost certainly see some existing devices getting os6 at some point after the new devices have been released with it.

We always seem to wait for newer devices in order to upgrade what we have. My home PC is one, my car is another, and my home is yet another. RIM develops new products with new O/S in order to keep pace with the competition, in fighting for your consumer $$$! In some cases you cannot put new technology into your older PC, your older model car, nor your older home! Why in the world would you think it is any different with a RIM BB? Granted, the basic design of the BB doesn't change a whole lot, but that's why we buy them, because of what they are, a BB! I have recently upgraded to the Bold 9000 and love O/S 5.0! Have seen the reports on the new 9800 with O/S 6.0 and love that as well, but am willing to upgrade my phone again in about a year for that. That is just how it works for me, and I can't really complain about not being able to upgrade my 9000 to O/S 6.0, because I resign myself to having to upgrade to a new device to handle it properly! That's just how it works!

If the 9700 does not accept the new OS then Rim just bassicly lied to the public at their last big meeting in Vegas. They were asked directly if the 9700 would in fact be able to get and use the new OS. Their reply was yes, no problem. As I said if the 9700 won't be able to use the new OS then it was just a big lie to the public to keep the sales of their products ongoing. I will never buy another blackberry device if my 9700 doesn't accept and use the new OS.

i'm going to youtube that information right now and see if they did a public announcement. Lying to customers wouldn't be cool. Not one bit.

Same shit again with 512 ram on existing 9700. At least they could have used bold 9000 form factor.

Every single current blackberry user, with the exception of Bold 9650 owners, will have to buy a new handset to use OS6.
OS6 will be the the most slowly adopted new OS in smartphone history.

I wish my 9700 was made of metal and super slim, just like the E71.
Rim needs to up their build quality and down their device thickness.
When the hoopla surrounding bbm has died down, they won't stand a chance. Come on I could buy an iPhone from Apple Store Regent House, take it all the way to Singapore, break it, look for the local Apple Store, and have it replaced!

They need to realize that old school thinking won't work in the coming future. We need fun and excitement with no issues and of course stability and security.

In all honesty, if the only thing holding back OS 6 from being run on a 9700, could RIM not offer a RAM upgrade. Send your phone in, pay $X.xx and have your 9700 upgraded to the 512mb required? We can do it for desktop computers, we can do it for laptops, so why can't we have something like this done for our beloved BlackBerry devices???

RIM is so scared of change, that its kind of sad! They are so not in tune with the everyday person... I have heard that they were trying to attract a broader customer range? It's not going to happen with the phones/OS they are putting out.

And if the rumors are true that OS-6 will not be compatible with almost all of the present devices!?!?!? WOW way to think about your loyal customer base.. What a kick to the teeth. I have a BB for some time now and would drop it no problem! But for what? hmmmm ... my upgrade is due this sept.. I will just sit back and see what big red has to offer....

90% chance I will go in different direction.

it's not like everyone thinks every phone n bb history should get os6. most wouldn't even expect a phone that is a yr old to get it. when new tech comes out of course u shouldn't expect to get it on an older device and a yr is fairly old n the phone world.

the problem is the the 9700 came out a little over half a yr ago and there is no reason it shouldn't have had at least 512mb. that tech is not new and i thought i was supporting a company with more foresight than that. i expect more out of RIM. whether it was poor planning on RIMs part or just a way to make more money down the road (and my $ is on poor foresight)i expect more.

ppl keep saying it looks the same. well, i luv the design of the 9700. i don't want it changed. what i would've wanted is the amount of on board memory it should have had at the time of it's release. that is the problem. this isn't a bran new phone that just looks too much like the 9700. It is what the 9700 should have been. RIM is basically admitting that by calling it the 9800.

yeah, RIM said there was a reason the demoed the new os on the 9700 and maybe it'll get some variation of it. but it seems fairly obvious to me. that they found out after the fact that 256 is just not enough to run the new os. and that IS the problem. i really think they should have known. it's not new tech. this should not have been a surprise to RIM and i am disappointed n them

I'm up for it. I need a newer Bold, my 9000 is great, I really don't want an iPhone, but my kids are pushing it since my Bold is a bit dated, and AT&T still hasn't pushed out 5.0 yet and I don't want to brick my phone with an unauthorized version. So yes I'll go with a Bold with OS 6, sign me up!! Oh and I LOVE my Bold, just needs an update!

It needs a touch of chrome or has a low grade curve feel.

If you are gonna sucker people into buying shit, at least spray some Febreze around it.

I still don't get it... it still looks like the 9700 only with (hopefully) 5mp camera and OS6... if the 9700 can get an upgrade, then it'll be irrelevant to upgrade to this right?

RIM, give us a reason to go crazy and buy a new blackberry! Please make it FUN and pretty at the same time.. not that the 9700 isn't.. Im just saying, a physical make over can do so much!

like maybe a repackaged 9000 Bold would be awesome!

sounds like everyone with a bold 9700 is in the same boats as us 9630 owners 1 yr ago Rim is doing this to the GSM guys (UHHHH-Shame!!! on Rim) How dare they do this to gsm owners us cdma guys had to render thru this bull-**** so should gsm owners Or if you could just sit back and live with what you got and get what comes out after this

Don't know why they wouldn't include wireless N capability, but am I weird for wanting a light surrounding the trackpad, you know like the light surrounds the 8900. Which by the way, hopefully will be much more durable than the trackpad on the 9700 or 8520.

I was doin some reading at "" and found this article.

"We’re still hoping to see BlackBerry OS 6.0 demoed in all its glory at WES 2010 even if it won’t be available almost immediately to BlackBerry smartphone users. Similarly, iPhone OS 4.0 has already been shown to the world together with its seven tentpole pillars but the OS itself is not going to be available until the iPhone 4G arrives.

RIM’s CEO, Mike Lazaridis talked about BlackBerry 6 today in an analyst call and said it will be available “in the next calendar quarter” which can only be Q3 2010. From what we can gather BlackBerry 6 has been shown on video at said analyst call which means that we might see it too in the following days.

The new OS was confirmed to be arriving to both touchscreen
and non-touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones and while RIM will try to make the new mobile platform available to most BlackBerry handsets out there it’s been hinted that not all of them will get OS 6.0. Lazaridis said that RIM will “do [their] best” but he won’t be able to actually guarantee that every Berry out there will be able to run BlackBerry 6, will he?

Lazaridis also spoke about the new WebKit-based browser which we’re expecting BlackBerry 6 to offer and it looks like the new mobile browser will be somehow integrated with the new OS. That sounds pretty interesting and we definitely want more information on it. On a different note it also means that a new WebKit browser might not be coming to BlackBerry OS 5.0 devices, not that you’d need one since most phones will get BlackBerry 6 later on.

Read: BlackBerry OS 6.0 Release Date Pegged for Q3 2010 [New BlackBerry OS 6.0 Coming in the Third Quarter of 2010 According to RIM’s CEO, Mike Lazaridis] » TFTS – Technology, Gadgets & Curiosities"

Hopefully we still got hope.

No way! The 9700 has nowhere near the memory required for OS 6 to function properly. Even Verizon gave up trying to put OS 6 on the Storm 2. Simply not enough memory. The phone needs a minimum of 512 RAM to run OS 6 properly. LOOK, they still haven't gotten the 9000 to run well and properly with such low memory and OS 5. If you are waiting for OS 6 for the 9700, don't hold your breath. :(

Aww it looks nice. I just wish RIM would give it 1GB min device storage or allow apps to save to memory card. So many more apps I want to use but my 9700 may not cater. Bold is my fave berry

Anyone can confirm how many Mb OS6 is actually worth?
I don't mind settling with 30Mb+ startup on OS6.
I've gotten bored of running my 9700 without a justified battery pull for a week.
Rim, make it available to us 256Mb guys. We can downgrade anytime we like. Apple did it with the 3G no matter how crap it came out to be, although they didn't allow downgrading which was a big mistake.

...didn't you buy it because you liked the features that it had at THAT time? As a customer all you should expect is that all the bugs and issues are resolved through maintenance updates. No one buys a phone they don't like in order to get an anticipated update whose release date and backwards compatibility had not been verified, if anyone does that then they are setting themselves up for perpetual disappointment.

Were you guys not happy with the 9700 when you bought it? Are you all of a sudden not happy because there is something newer coming out? The specs were more than adequate for BB OS5 which is all the phone needs to accomplish. The main point is you guys bought the phone because you liked it for what it was at that time, don't bash RIM because it doesn't measure up to FUTURE technological requirements.

With that being said, I don't agree with RIMs strategy and think that phone hardware should be somewhat over engineered as a forward looking strategy which would allow for older devices to be upward compatible for at least one OS update. New phones should have new features that make the new OS a better experience for them without crippling the performance of the older phones.

Has RIM come out and OFFICIALLY say that we MUST have a minimum of 512MB??? If they have, I would like to see it... Remember, this OS6 will be available for touchscreen and non touchscreen devices. That means theres goin to be a difference between these OS. The Storm 2 MIGHT need a minimum of 512MB and thats why the "refresh" is comin out. The non touchscreen devices MIGHT need 256MB minimum since it doesn't need the new sliding touches, etc... I believe theres still hope. Im a sit back and wait patiently and hope for the best.

Hey, my name is RIM and I sell you sh*t, and when the Sh*t gets really bad and people start complaining we toss them a new piece of Sh*t and add a few numbers to it and say its exactly what you've been asking for.

Seriously RIM, you take a bold 9700 (nothing special) and add a bit to it and that's your "Innovative" & "cutting edge" collective geneous? I am a broker by profession, if I would try to sell my clients something that is old, behind the others and then put a price tag on it for something so simple as "OS 6" then I wouldn't be in business very long.

Customers, who support you, and quite a number of us are requesting you bring back the bold size and add ALL the goodies, not just 2 or 3, BUT ALL OF IT.

Big Fail = RIM's new phone

I am sorry, but OS 6 just doesn't look right on the non-touchscreen BBs (i.e. nearly all of them). The UI takes up waaaaaaay too much screen real estate.

Although I will always love blackberry, RIM is moving too slow when it comes to the specs on new devices and keeping up with the latest technology. Every since the Nexus One came out I jumped on the android bandwagon. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Q is coming out as a blackberry killer with a qwerty keyboard, 3-inch Super AMOLED screen (720x480)
* 1 GHz Hummingbird processor
* 8MP camera with LED flash
* 1.3 mp front-facing camera
* QWERTY keyboard
* Android 2.2
* 16GB internal memory (Micro SD expandable to 32GB.
Enough Said!
Fire everyone at RIM who's in charge of new devices and hire new engineers who can give android a run they're money.

I hope that RIM reads crackberry, and sees what its users want and makes some changes in their upgrade system accordingly. All in all, its about the consumer, and not making the consumer get a new product every 2 months just to stay on par.

...yet another refresh device. You are about to refresh your way right out of the consumer market RIM.

I guess RIM forgot to upgrade the processor again. It would be nice to have a BB with better specs (1GHz processor and higher screen resolution). I think people should at least have the option to have a custom BB device built with these specs if RIM wont put them on the BB's they retail to the average consumer. Although I believe these specs should be on all their phones at least it'll give people another option when purchasing a BB device.

I took a small break from the CB forums because I got kinda tired of all the whining, PMSing, and blind fanboyism. Also, got tired of the "Coming Soon" stories and nothing official while sitting on my upgrade. So, I left, ordered another phone to try out for 30 days and see whatelse was out there. I see from reading these posts that there seems to be alot more people pissed off and disappointed with the direction RIM is going.

9700 CAN NOT HAVE webkit 6
256mb not enough memory 512mb NEEDED !
Why is that so hard to understand.