BlackBerry Bold 9780 - First live image!

By Bla1ze on 23 Jul 2010 11:12 pm EDT

Well, that didn't take long at all. We noted the UAProf for the BlackBerry 9780 had been found now, Salomondrin has posted up the first live image of the device. BlackBerry 6 in full effect, taking on the form of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 except with a darker bezel that BlackBerry Bold 9780 is looking might fine to me. For me, the Bold 9700 is the perfect device so transitioning to the 9780 is fine by me.

All the other specs we noted are accurate now, we can add with certainty that 512MB of RAM is on board for this release. The 5MP camera has yet to be documented as fact but, it seems to be a BlackBerry 6 standard judging from all the recent devices. What do you all think, will you buying into a BlackBerry Bold 9780 or passing? I'll be the brave one and say it, anyone upset with RIM on account of this device? I mean, it's a Bold 9700 with some slight changes that's all. Seeing this device just again raises the question whether or not the Bold 9700 will even get BlackBerry 6?

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 - First live image!



VZ reps told me Storm 3 by January. My VZ rep also mentioned that "other" device from Apple coming by January. You know, that "other" touch screen. Not so sure about that Apple news though. Who knows. Definitely can see Storm 3 coming.

Even in Canada, Bell and Telus have a new 3G network and carry GSM devices and simcards and they used to be primarily CDMA.

Though one thing I don't get, where the **** is the Bold 9000 refresh? It's what made the Bold series and in my eyes, a Bold 9000 with a 5 MP camera, trackpad, wifi-N, and since it's bigger maybe a 1750 MaH battery, an updated resolution and maybe just make it slimmer and you've got the one Blackberry to rule them all.

I Have had a few Blackberry's The Bold 9000 (black, and later purchased a white one) Tour 9630, Bold 9700, Bold 9650, Had the Storm 2 for a couple weeks, and Now im using the Torch 9800, But I still find myself wanting the White Bold 9000. I love the size of the phone, I love the look of the phone, and id totally go back to it, if they made the updates you mentioned.

Remember Blaze, it's easier for for you to switch phones, but most of us are locked in on two year contracts. People were upset with the Storm2 not getting 6? They'll be more upset if the 9700 doesn't.

ANOTHER refresh device? Sigh. They clearly are not learning or listening.

You'd rather have a crappier OS than a better device? So they should drop some features from OS 6 so that it will work on existing devices. No thanks, I'd rather have an awesome OS on a wicked new device that can handle it properly.

It seems people have been living life with their eyes closed, technology has always been constantly changing, whenever you buy a piece of technology, it out of date. Where would companies be if they just made one device and just supported it forever and never developed anything new? We'd still have a briefcase sized thing with a cord and big antenna. You probably wouldn't want one if that was the case, neither would I, and cell phone wouldn't be so popular today. This is nothing new, these companies make money by selling products, by making things better in the next generation, and selling that. Something newer, faster, better is always on the way. ALWAYS!

I bought a VCR, then they came out with DVD, I bought a DVD player, they came out with Blu-ray, and I don't think that will be the last one either. It's the nature of the beast. When you purchased that device, RIM never said they were going to give you OS 6 on it, you got what you paid for, device X with OS X on it. When they started working on OS 6 were they supposed to halt the sales of all devices that wouldn't support OS 6?

While I do understand your points, they are perfectly valid, and they do stand true...mostly. I would like to add one piece to the equation. I haven't read many (if any) comments on this post regarding peoples 9000's, 8900's, etc. not being able to run OS6. The true and only reason anyone's panties are bunched (including mine...don't ask, it's a comfort thing.) is that for some reason (it would appear cash grab in this case) RIM decided to give these devices less memory than they would have known they needed. Devices such as the 9700, 9550, and possibly even the 8500's to a lesser extent SHOULD and COULD have been given the appropriate amount of memory. (I will give up the argument for the 8500's in a heartbeat mind you.) The added point I'd like to make is that there are 2 (3 if you want to count the tour in on this) "flagship" devices that were released not long enough ago (even in technology years) that are now receiving simple "refreshes" in order to be viable for use by a blackberry enthusiast. With no word at all from RIM as to what the current owners of their "flagship" devices are to expect in the near future. We didn't buy these phones "as is" we bought them on a contract (for the most part) and expect these devices to stay relevant for at least half of our contract time. Including using the new and great apps that are sure to come for OS6. All that needed to be done to appease the masses was add that little bit more memory (which was easily, cheaply, and readily available at the time of release.) to these "fresh new" devices at the time of release, not have to release a new "fresh new" device that is in EVERY other aspect the same device. This is the point that some people seem to be able to look past easily, not me, and I'm a Blackberry lovin' Canadian. I'd really like to hear Kevin's opinion on this off the record.

..simply because there is a new os coming out.. it is an extremely simplistic argument to require items to be future proof based upon what may should or could come out in the future.
From a manufacturer perspective, phones are consummable throwaway items with a life expectancy of 2yrs max.. so adding cost and design overkill to a product that may not even be around when the new os is released does not make a lot of sense.

Seriously if they won't support 9000 I understand but not to support 9700 is really a bad idea. I know the device won't support the new OS so why RIM didn't think forward and make a device that can support their future OS. Current user will be happy and at the same time they will also gain new customer. It really shows the company really don't think forward and rely with their fanboy status. But once you only playing catchup and stop being revolutionary, fanboy will started to get tired of your game. Remember RIM, PALM used to have fanboy and I'm one of them. Look at them where are they now :(

How are they not listening?

People want more Memory, they are adding it, they want a better camera again adding it, they want a better browser, adding it! they are listening,

you can't expect a year old device to stay on the cutting edge this is more than an incremental OS upgrade, so they are not supporting the devices that came out before it, but those that loved the form factors are getting the option to buy a refresh to take advantage of the form factor they like and the NEW OS, it's only money, if you want to play the smartphone game, and be on the leading edge, you don't sign contracts, and you put aside 100-150 bucks a month for your next smartphone.

...even after adding all those so-called features and upgrades.

Ridiculous business decisions such as this put RIM just that much closer to their market share falling off the face of the earth. Riding their name and fanboy loyalty will only last so long before they need to actually put forth some effort into producing a device that is up to date.

I have read claims like this regarding RIM since I was in 3 corner pants, guess what, it hasnt happened yet. you people continue to spew this gloom and doom stuff for RIM as they continue to thrive, the overwhelming majority of smart phone users dont even know what an operating system is or have any interest in Applications other than the ones they need. a tiny percentage of smartphone users read these forums and understand things such as Memory, App's, Operating systems and the real diference between phones, there is a whole world of relitivly uninformed cell phone/smart phone users out there that buy a phone brand because their aunt Jenny has one and for no other reason, there are a lot of people that dont come to CrackBerry that are keeping RIM afloat and disprove these neverending claims that RIM will fail if they dont do this or that.

chances are that it'll go to T-Mobile since att is getting the 9800........Majority of the world uses GSM so it only makes sense for all major releases to come out to those 2 carriers 1st

it's not like everyone thinks every phone n bb history should get os6. most wouldn't even expect a phone that is a yr old to get it. when new tech comes out of course u shouldn't expect to get it on an older device and a yr is fairly old n the phone world.

the problem is the the 9700 came out a little over half a yr ago and there is no reason it shouldn't have had at least 512mb. that tech is not new and i thought i was supporting a company with more foresight than that. i expect more out of RIM. whether it was poor planning on RIMs part or just a way to make more money down the road (and my $ is on poor foresight)i expect more.

ppl keep saying it looks the same. well, i luv the design of the 9700. i don't want it changed. what i would've wanted is the amount of on board memory it should have had at the time of it's release. that is the problem. this isn't a bran new phone that just looks too much like the 9700. It is what the 9700 should have been. RIM is basically admitting that by calling it the 9800.

yeah, RIM said there was a reason they demoed the new os on the 9700 and maybe it'll get some variation of it. but it seems fairly obvious to me. that they found out after the fact that 256 is just not enough to run the new os. and that IS the problem. i really think they should have known. it's not new tech. this should not have been a surprise to RIM and i am disappointed n them

"Seeing this device just again raises the question whether or not the Bold 9700 will even get BlackBerry 6?"

That was my 1st impression of the new Bold 9780.. :S

I've been already annoyed with the Bold 9650 cause I own a BB tour...and then this... I wanted to get a Bold 9700, what should i do now?


First thing to do is always do your research. The fact that you're posting on here shows that you're at least above the average masses, so do your research.

Two, rule of thumb right now is any device that does NOT have 512 MBs of RAM is not going to be able to run BB OS 6. From the videos of it in action, it takes up more than half of that RAM just to run the basic OS, not including opening apps.

Three, be patient. Don't just pull the trigger on something right now. There's a change over happening for RIM right now and you don't want to be stuck with a device that doesn't get the upgrade.

I have a tour as well, I covet the other phones, but really the 9700 has nothing to offer me over my tour except the trackpad,

I really would hold off until the launch of OS6 and buy a device that has been proven to support it, that will give you your longest life on your next purchase.

I'm with you all the way, its just an updated 9700, I cant see BB6 working on a 9700 but then again I bet it's already been tried. I'm hanging out for the 9800. But then again will this see an update for 2011?

You can't bet your whole bank account it will see a "refresh" in 2011. We all know by the way things work at RIM that we will need more ram than is currently available in any device out right now to run BB7.

i hate to say it, but with photos of a refresh storm 2 and bold 2 (9700).. I'd say that the storm 2 and bold 9700 getting OS6 is pretty much zip..

If you got a Bold 9650 from Verizon then technically (judging by rumors) you should be fine for 0S6. Most rumors seem to suggest 512mb ram, which the Bold 9650's for Verizon and Sprint have. THe only difference here is the 5MP camera, other than that, exactly the same product.

So, looks like Verizon/Sprint's devices are likely the only current devices on the market that will support OS6 and Tmobile and ATT will be getting a minor product refresh.

I wonder if BlackBerry will announce these as "new" devices or just quietly start discontinuing current models and replace them with the updated ones.

RIM can't come out with banners and flags touting "great new devices" when they are really just RAMed up versions of the same ol' 'Berries. I hope it does go as quite replacements in late summer and by Black Friday we see SOMETHING ACTUALLY NEW AND INNOVATIVE, lest I fear for RIM's future...

There was never any doubt that the 9650 is supposed to get OS 6. That was why production was delayed; to enhance the memory in order to make it adaptable to OS 6.

"That was why production was delayed; to enhance the memory in order to make it adaptable to OS 6."

Can you provide a link to your claim? Would like to look into this further. Thanks.

tour 9650 product was actually in verizon stores awaiting release in january and went back to the manufacturer for a redesign... the only change was memory and a name change.

Ive been waiting to see a video or even an image of BB6 running on a Non Touchscreen device so im happy to see this surface (even though im running the 9650) but wonderful sign never the less! Now just a video to confirm and ill be good :)

It looks no different than the 9700. I'm not upgrading to it. Not worth the money. I'll stay with the 9700 for another year until I can leave AT&T for Verizon.

Cool device but I will stick with my 9700. I use my device for mostly messaging. New webkit and multi media o.s isn't enough for me to upgrade. If rimm allows me to install apps on external memory then I would but I doubt this will happen.

I agree. No OS6, then I'm getting a captivate or the euro galaxy S. After 4 years I'm tired of the same OS (4 and 5 really aren't that different).

I switched to Blackberry thinking it'd be a solid device that would be around for a while, but it looks like everyone is jumping ship for Android, and if RIM keeps doing things like not listening to app developers about tools, and releasing minor upgrades to phones and making new OSs, that are already looking pretty incremental, only loadable on the new phones... I don't think much of anyone in the US is going to be around for much longer if given a choice.

I don't get the complaints about not being able to load on current devices. Either OS6 is a minor revision, or they do something so significant you need a new phone. You can't do a major revision and keep the phone.

I wish my device would run OS6, but I'd rather have to buy a new device and get something good, than get something mediocre.

I don't expect my 80s TV to get HD, why did you expect it on a BlackBerry? You could say 80s is 25 years old, but remember, mobile devices evolve A LOT faster than TVs. 2 years old in mobile phone years is 25 in TV years.

Sorry, but are you seriously trying to say that cellular technology moves at a rate of 25 years in under one year? Because actually the original 9700 wasn't released 2 years ago, in fact it wasn't even released a year ago yet. And since the contracts on these things are for years at a time, YES! we do expect our devices to stay current for at least half of that time. If you don't, you obviously don't pay attention to what's falling out of your wallet. But the majority of people this day and age, aren't willing to just throw their money away. Too bad I feel I already have thrown my money away on this 9700. The truth is, the ONLY reason we may have to upgrade to get OS6 is NOT because the new OS is that packed with new features, or that the UI has changed drastically....But simply due to the fact that RIM decided to choke back the memory for the original 9700, now they've done NOTHING more than drop in some more memory and this is acceptable to you in what way?

Thank you, I was laughing at his post and your reply was one of the best I have read on this forum. Some of these people are just as just as bad as iTards. Loyalty is good but when you defend everything a company does no matter how much it fucks over the comsumer it is not good.

I agree with you. If I ever find myself at the helm of a major corporation. I sure hope there are some of these blind followers to help herd the rest of the masses into the blindness. RIM has got to get it together, they're not apple, they don't have nearly as many fan boys to help them through the mistakes they are making. Afterall, being able to form our own opinions and not just follow trends is one of the major reasons all of us own blackberries and not iphones. But it's becoming clear to most blackberry users that we (the end users) aren't important to them in the long run. I can't wait for a new, hungry manufacturer (read; not google.) to get in on this game, that's when these large corporations will be scrambling to save face, but at that time there won't be anyone left they haven't already alienated. To RIM: Here's hoping you can correct the issues your horrible foresight has created.

I do NOT consider myself blindly loyal to RIM. I have certainly thought that Android looks pretty tempting, especially seeing as I am a developer and I like the Android dev tools a lot more.

If RIM was denying OS6 to the 9700 just to sell more phones I'd be outraged. The issue is that OS6 doesn't run well on the 9700, at least as far as we can tell from rumors.

The 9700 was underpowered when released, that's why I didn't buy one. Given our inability to go back in time, what do you want RIM to do about the current situation? I don't think they foresaw this being an issue. Delaying OS6 just so the 9700 is current longer is stupid.

I think what we all want is for RIM to beef up their hardware so it isn't obsolete in 6 months (or even at release). Apple can make their OS backwards compatible for device 4 Years ago... Android can make their new OS backwards compatible with devices from 3 years ago. Why? Because they didn't put the bare minimum hardware in those device to begin with.

Even if the OS runs fine on 512MB... will it run OS7 a year from now? Will it allow developer to start creating applications that are really useful? Think of how large some application are on your computer... just because there are no 200MB applications today, doesn't mean someone out doesn't want to create one.

Well, to be fair, a lot of the new iOS 4 features don't work on older hardware precisely because of hardware limitations. There's also a lot of Android phones that are still running older OSs with no update plans. I think on Android things go obsolete even faster.

On the whole though I do agree with you. I would like a BlackBerry with 768MB of RAM and a 1Ghz processor, even if it has to be huge to fit the battery.

My original point was just about all those complaining about the current situation. Saying that they'll switch to Android if the 9700 doesn't get OS6, but then also saying they'll switch to Android if OS6 isn't an amazing revolutionary upgrade. They can't have both.

That new Android phone wont be free, neither would a new BB, compare them on the specs and make a logical decision. The cost is going to be the same either way.

Mid 80s was taking it to an extreme. A 10 year old TV doesn't support HD either. Does cell phone technology move at 10x the speed of TV technology? I do actually feel that's probably accurate. It wont be true in 15 years, but right now we're still in the early days of smartphones.

Should the original 9700 have has 512MB of RAM? Probably. But that's not what this is about. You bought the 9700 knowing its specs, RIM didn't conceal that it only had 256MB of RAM. The fact that the 9700 was underpowered when it was released is why I didn't buy one. Money is hardly falling out of my wallet.

What do you expect RIM to do about this? Intentionally delay OS6 just so that your phone can be current longer? Remove features from OS6 so that it's compatible with old phones? It's not like they're denying the 9700 OS6 just so people will buy new phones, it looks like it actually needs more memory to provide an acceptable user experience.

Please, do tell me, what would make this situation better? Given that we can't go back in time and give the 9700 more memory.

You're welcome to complain that you made a bad purchase by buying a phone that was underpowered for its time. But that doesn't change the fact that I don't see an alternate option for RIM in this situation.

You provide an excellent argument. I agree with most of your points. Except the HD / OS6 simile, I think you're giving OS6 a little too much credit, it's not THAT huge of a jump from 5.0.
Anyway, RIM has put themselves in a delicate situation, but if the majority of us knew at the time of launch that these devices needed more memory, surely someone at RIM could spot that as well. I did question the little amount of memory on-board the 9700 before I purchased it, but doubted that RIM would do anything that would render it so obsolete (In my Blackberry enthusiast eyes) so quickly. At the time I purchased it (Only 4 months ago now) it was my understanding that it was THE top of the line device from RIM. I followed it closely since launch as I'm not an immediate adopter, I watched for flaws and bugs. There were none that concerned me, at this point there was barely a mention of OS6 at all, and none of the videos or pictures were around. So I went ahead, confident that my device would suffice me at least for 6 months to a year.
So my issue with this new device is now this...Are we either to get a new device as soon as it becomes available, despite the flaws, in order to get the value we pay out of them? Or do we wait a few months to ensure the device we want is bug and defect free, only to have it be antiquated shortly after purchase?
We spend hard earned money on these devices, and I for one do not feel it's going to return the value at all if it's not going to take me into RIM's next big thing. I understand that technology in the mobile area is moving at a breakneck speed. But companies that I used to not even think twice about are able to offer upgrades to their devices as they were given the proper specs in the first place.
If the case is that no matter what device I purchase from RIM, it will be outdated in under a year. Than I will think long and hard about returning to a "dumb" phone for my cellular needs and a laptop for my wireless needs until there's some sort of stability on the capabilities front.
You're right though, I made a poor purchase decision. But it was a somewhat educated poor decision, and that's what stings. They marketed it as a top of the line blackberry, and put it in their flagship lineup. Only to abandon it promptly when they FINALLY decide to start listening to users.
I don't know what would make the situation better, there probably isn't anything that would. The point is that RIM is at least 50% responsible for this issue, for not learning from their own mistakes (storm 1) and not thinking far enough ahead in this fast moving industry. And we as users are responsible for the other half, for supporting a company even though we all knew the specs were under par.
Thank you for offering a great rebuttal, I hope my response this time was a little more courteous.

Still don"t get why you think your phone will be useless after OS6 is released. It still does everything it did when you bought it.

Taylortbb, I don't want to, but I must agree with you 100%. I AM one of those upset 9700 owners who would LOVE to see BB6 on my device in it's entirety however that is just not going to be the case. So instead of being upset, instead I will choose to congratulate RIM on moving forward and ultimately producing a better device with better software that will keep them competitive. Life's not so bad with the SECOND coolest BB...

I must say up until 5 mins ago when I saw this, I was a little upset that I bought the Captivate today and ditched the 9700 for a trial run. But now this is just the icing on the cake. I'm still holding out for the 9800, but RIM is really disappointing this BB fan!

and this looks like an upgrade to the form factor I love so I might be interested in 6 months or so. It looks great to me.

doubt it, when you just get your device the time and date/time zone is incorrect until the device is incorrect until its activated and its automatically updated

OS 6 and a Web-Kit..way better then my 8520 I have..would get the 9300 buttttt its not getting OS 6..its a Hard decision between the 9800 and this 9780 (but I'm not a AT&T fan) Its all about Verizon :) (but I have T-Mobile but not by chose :/ ) and the Clamshell is Nice but not for me..Can't wait!..

RIM's gonna disappoint lot of BB fans. If 9700 dosent get the OS6 update , the way with RIM looks like making its fans suckers for selling out devices which get outdated within 6 months to a year. Newer models are accepted but phones which as been out just a couple of months and not been able to get newer OS is outrageous...feels taken for a ride...a feel which I am sure many would agree..

if RIM does that it's not like they'd be the first. Android users are very use to be "outdated" immediately, as new Android devices are shipping like every 30 days. Ask an Incredible owner how they feel about the Droid X shipping one month later and the way it looks all Android devices are going to be replaced within 2-3 months. So, come holiday season, expect every Android device currently out be to obsolete from a technical standpoint.

@ maybe correct to state this about Android, but Android don't have such a strong loyalty fans community following it as much as BB and its a great deal to matter how would BB would want to support its fans who have been sticking loyal...

First off, this situation would be like me owning the Incredible and Google saying sorry we know you just bought your phone 2 months ago but go F yourself you cant have OS 2.2 on it. I can and will have 2.2 and probably 3.0 on my Incredible.
I think the main point with people being upset with RIM on this is; you can buy a 9700 today and when OS6 comes out in 2 - 3 months your phone is unable to be updated. Saying to the consumer, oh well buy a new phone at retail price or live with that old OS is not a smart move on Rims part. But then again, no matter how much Rim tries to spruce up the OS with "social" features it doesn't care about you the consumer. Rim only cares about large corporations who wouldn't blink an eye at buying a new model if thats what they need to do.

Now onto how I feel about the Droid X shipping one month later. The Droid X is made by Motorola... ewwwww! Secondly the large screen is not for everyone. Finally, and the biggest thing for me, is the Moto UI is not Sense UI. I find the MotoUI to be useless and plain. Sense UI is, IMO, functional and yet flashy in what I want to use the phone for.

be Patient with bold 9700, because you all doesn't know if 9700 will going to get OS 6.0 or not. you will know the answer soon as blackberry 6 will be out before end of sept.

You say it's "obvious" but I fail to see where you've gotten a concrete yes or no. There's an excellent possibility that it's getting refreshed so that there is more than 20-30 MB left for apps. If RIM didn't refresh, you'd bitch about that too....

I guess since I've only seen OS 6 on a touchsreen device (the 9800) I don't understand how it would work on a non-touchscreen like the 9700 or this model. Aren't the majority of it's features touchscreen friendly?

I think this is the Bold for at&t that will hold the os6, since the original 9700 bold has only 256mb. I bet all you 9700 owners are going to be upset when os6 doesn't make your device.

Today I returned my iPhone 4 because like many people I had the signal issue. I was going to get the 9700 on spot, but they told me it would be 72 hours for the upgrade to show up on my account again and I am so glad. I can't wait to get this device. I will just have to tough it out on my 3GS until then! :D

RIM?? WTF?? Really?? Are You Serious?? This might as well be a twin to the Bold 9700 and if the 9700 doesn't get OS 6.0... y'all will lose a lot of costumers, including me.

Is it possible the non touch-screen version of OS6 would take up less memory than the touch-screen version? We've only seen OS6 video on full sized touch screen devices... Kinda makes sense to me that a non-touch version might take up less memory... but I could definitely be wrong :)

What do you think?

I waited a long time to get a bold 9700 and now i find out that is not the top of the line for BB and we are getting a new OS soon and this phone my not get it. This alone has me ready to jump to android. Android = new device, updates, thousand of apps. Blackberry = no news as to what current devices will officially get os6, new devices with slight upgrade over current devices after people spent good money on them, customers that are mad as HELL about what is going on with the new devices.

I really don't see why they are putting it out here, maybe to have a Bold with 6.0 OS already released on it when it launches.

The 9780 huh? You sure this really it? Looks like the 9700 with a Blackberry 6 Theme on it from the Crackberry App Store! Lol

I'm still waiting to hear about the super-secret Blackberry 10,000 (BB-10K) That'll have the 1.2 GHz processor, a full Gig of RAM, ship with a 32GB Micro SDHC and customizable vibration settings for pocket pleasure. Maybe a 3D holographic screen too.

I love blackberry, even on my now "Old School" Storm 1; but I don't like their current course vs. what else we're seeing on the market, so I'm going to let my fictional BB-10K represent my hope for the future of RIM.

The 4G Blackberry 10,000 (Life) will have a screen resolution of 640x480, a dual 1Ghz cpu, 1GB of Ram and On Board Storage, it will have a 8MP Camera with 2x optical and 4x digital zoom (8x total), will only ship with a 8gb microSD (due to cost), and it will be only slightly bigger and heavier then the current bold line (due to the added accelerometer) but in the lay out it will have both a physical full qwerty keypad and touch screen. Hopefully to be out at the end of Q2 2011. It is also rumored to be first phone with OS6.5 (Sorry not 7). And also to have a front facing conference camera. I would also like it if some how they can make it have a Pico projector on it and be as rugged as the samsung rugby.

And you're full of it. Nothing about this post rings true. Do you serously have nothing better to do than anonymously post make-believe? Q211! Ha ha ha. YOU are the joke! Is this new device made by the Keebler Elves or Sasquatch?

I can't believe I made them so mad just making up such a sexy device. Lol. (This was posted by Connor83. I don't wanna be anonymous)

I can't blake those who are mad about "refreshes" of current devices and I will personally be disappointed if my S2 can't get OS6, which looks like a strong possibility, but at the same time this is the reality of all technology. There is always the next big thing right around the corner, with next bigger thing just around the corner from that one.

RIM would be stupid to announce that the S2 or the 9700 won't handle the new OS, because sales of those devices in the consumer market would fall off. Corporate business wouldn't suffer because most employees have to take what their company gives them.

Think about a PC. Are you really mad when you buy a PC with a 3.33 GHz processor and six months later they offer an identical PC with a 4GHz processor? No, because you expect it to happen.

But I will admit, at least when Android offers up the next phone, its a truly different device with more improvements. Apple and RIM on the other hand (before the i4) have merely sold the same device with slightly different packaging and minor improvements for several years. I may jump to Android because of this or I may stick with BB. Its just a phone, not my whole purpose of being.

BS...releasing the same exact device just for a new OS! so Im going to have to buy the same exact device for a new OS that RIM should of put on the 9700 originally......

I'm still waiting for the wow factor to come, if it ever does come! Probably won't with all these "refresh" devices boring the hell out of us. Show us something we havnt seen! Show us the storm 3 maybe even the storm 4. Show us something diffrent, like the magnum bring that puppy back

For those that see these rumored devices as a reason for OS 6 not working on current models, I think you have to give your head a shake. RIM has a pretty good thing going with OS 6 with lots of buzz and a increasing stock price to boot. You better believe they are going to release shiny new phones for their shiny new OS. And these phones have to be current and competitive from a hardware standpoint as they're gunning for new customers like Ios and Android are, not just current RIM users looking to upgrade. Imagine they only launched OS 6 on their current lineup? Everyone would be saying "Ok RIM, you've caught up with the software, now your hardware is lagging because competition has 512MB, 1GHz, 5MP...etc, etc" It would be the same story as today.

So please stay calm, RIM will launch these new, faster phones, but they'll also support those that have purchased in the last year or so, and that includes the beloved 9700. Be patient, RIM will tell you this shortly.

you're just in denial. This pretty much sums up the theory of RIM releasing re-vamed devices (Bold II and Storm II) with 512 RAM in order to run OS 6. I've been waiting for all this to unfold so I can decide on wether I stay with BB or jam out and pick up one of those new, shiny Galaxy S android devices.

RIM: if you want to keep us, we better receieve a discounted price for your "re-vamped" models from last year. Most of us have been loyal for years and have been waiting for this moment and you shouldn't leave us in the rear view mirror!

I'm sorry but I don't agree. Put yourself in RIM's shoes. If you were ready to launch this brand new, highly anticipated operating system, why wouldn't you refresh the hardware as well? I mean now is the time to do it no?

And for current users locked in a plan, enjoy your OS 6 upgrade. And when you're ready for something new, come on over and try the 9800. It's got the highest ASP of RIM's lineup and it's where the $$$ is.

"enjoy your OS 6 upgrade"? You do realize like, maybe ONE phone on the market right now MIGHT get that upgrade, right? So... what's to enjoy? Watching new BB purchasers enjoy their phones while those of us who bought some before get shafted? I think not.

I believe any current RIM phone with 256MB of internal RAM will be able to upgrade to OS 6. Or at least some variant of OS 6 that will include the new browser.

I agree with the refresh to the devices. But the timing is extremely poor. When the storm 2 and 9700 were released, the competition was already ahead. We all cried out for at least 512mb of memory, it would have taken basically nothing to do so, and now with the visions into the near future of the "refreshed" devices. This comes as a slap to the face of most of us, I'll explain...By RIM adding in the extra "needed" memory now, they're proving what we all knew all along; there was NO viable reason for these phones to have such little memory in the first place. No lack of space, no changes needed to form factor, not much additional costs (that couldn't have been made back in extra profits.) And now, RIM is jamming OS6 down our throats and making us all drool, the picture that is unfolding for us is that we will need to "upgrade" to the same device we already have, with only more memory in order to use their new "knight in shining armor OS". There are NO other new features or highlights in these "refreshed" devices. So even if you personally think our current devices may get OS6 in the long run. A few things are quickly becoming evident; Even if they do, they won't do it as well, or will be doing so on a watered down version of 6, or at the very least, we will be left with a measly amount of memory to use our devices properly. This is why we are all upset, and I hope now you can understand the other side of things.

"There are NO other new features or highlights in these "refreshed" devices."`

The software itself is the new feature(s). Not the hardware. It doesn`t need to change as the phone is very good, and that`s not just my opinion.

Blackberry doesn`t want the consumer thinking 256MB or 512MB when they come into the store. Once the 9780 is launched and the 9700 goes EOL, they want customers to focus on the design of the phone itself and the software running it.

Almost correct. Except, the hardware DID need to change, they added more memory, that's not software. Besides, you're still missing the point that we've already very recently paid for a high end device, and we expect it not be sent to EOL so damn soon. (yes, under one year is soon even in technology years.) AND this all could have been avoided by doing things right the first time. I'm not saying they should be perfect (I know I'm not), but they should learn from their past mistakes (storm 1) and not rush devices out the door to please the share holders. I do understand they are making necessary moves, but they were already necessary before they released these devices. That is the point.

Well I don't see added memory as a feature change. 95% of BB users have no idea how much memory their BB has, and nor do they care. They just want the phone to work.

The camera, if the leaked specs are correct, has been improved to 5MP, and along with the new features in OS 6, users should see a significant improvement over OS 5 for photography. So you're right, there is a hardware feature upgrade from 9700 to 9780.

I completely agree the Storm 1 initial software release was a disaster but the phone and touch experience have improved dramatically with OS 5.

Don't get me wrong, any other time (besides building or installing themes.) I rarely ever care about how much memory I have. In this case, it seems it's going to be the ONLY reason I can't get my hands on OS6. I understand your point, my point is to not have added the appropriate amount of memory in the first place is a gross oversight on RIM's behalf. and that is what frustrates me.
Honestly, I'm perfectly happy with the camera on my 9700 as is. and if it simply had the correct amount of memory (still a measly amount in todays or last years standards.) I wouldn't even have to consider swapping from my 9700. I'm pretty sure that's why those of us who are mad, are mad at all. It's frustrating because it was avoidable completely, and we all knew it, but stupidly purchased the device anyway.
The problem I'm left with now is that I want to support RIM, their headquarters is only hours from where I live, and they provide a lot of jobs here. But for the same reason I would never purchase an iphone (iphone 4 issues and the way they have been handled it.) I'm now starting to feel the same about RIM. I'm not here simply to rant, I feel I have some valid points to my argument. I guess I'm just looking for a reason to keep supporting RIM.

''I rarely ever care about how much memory I have. In this case, it seems it's going to be the ONLY reason I can't get my hands on OS6. I understand your point, my point is to not have added the appropriate amount of memory in the first place is a gross oversight on RIM's behalf. and that is what frustrates me.''

I think you're formulating a pretty strong opinion about performance when you and I have no idea how it's going to run. I suggest we wait and find out once released and then let's decide how RIM has acted in all this. The industry is watching, my bet is they don't mess up.

Please.....even if rim put a whopping 512 meg into their new lineup devices THEY STILL WILL BE BEHIND OTHER DEVICES IN THAT SPEC. Check this out...LOW END ANDROID DEVICES ARE SHIPPED WITH 512 ALREADY. LOW END ANDROID DEVICES. So is RIM implying that that is what they want to compete with with their "flagship" devices? Pathetic.

Haha I knew this was going to happen i saw the writing on the wall when RIM first started talking about webkit and how much memory it required that's why i bought the iPhone 4 and sold my 9700 three weeks ago. As soon as the 9780 and OS 6 is released nobody will want an out dated 9700 with OS 5.
Yes RIM is going to upset a lot of BB fans for their lack of foresight but I don't think they even had a choice. They're basically in survival mode and need to get a new OS that looks and acts like it was made in this decade out the door asap and that includes having decent web browser that actually works otherwise they risk losing even more significant market share to apple and android.

Haha I knew this was going to happen i saw the writing on the wall when RIM first started talking about webkit and how much memory it required that's why i bought the iPhone 4 and sold my 9700 three weeks ago. As soon as the 9780 and OS 6 is released nobody will want an out dated 9700 with OS 5.
Yes RIM is going to upset a lot of BB fans for their lack of foresight but I don't think they even had a choice. They're basically in survival mode and need to get a new OS that looks and acts like it was made in this decade out the door asap and that includes having decent web browser that actually works otherwise they risk losing even more significant market share to apple and android.

I just got my 9700 in June and there's already an update to it! The only thing I can hope for is that this device is on T-Mobile and they discontinue the 9700. I have insurance so if anything happens to my phone, hopefully they'll end up sending me this as a replacement instead of a new 9700 (same sort of deal as the Tour-Bold warranty switch on Verizon). Either way, I love my 9700 and 5.0 works great on it. I don't think BB6 would work as nicely on a non-touch screen phone so I'll probably end up sticking with 5.0 even if the 9700 is able to upgrade to BB6. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Well that's pretty much it for my 9700 getting OS6.
I'm not sure I want to buy another BlackBerry if it's barely supported a year. My friend has Android 2.1 running on his HTC Dream (G1) and that is way older than my 9700.
Guess I'll have to reevaluate when I can upgrade in January.

I'm sorry but man oh man, I'm not impressed in the least here. I understand that more RAM in necessary...but again someone stated a great point about computer technology..which in pretty much hand in hand with Cell phone technology now wouldn't you all agree?? :P All the why's in the world here circumvent around RIM and no REAL answers...*sigh* I can't help but have a slap in the face or a least a mild whack after seeing, yet, another downer...RIM has to be crazy to think even 90% of people that have bought a 9700 (within it's release and on it's release that is still young...yes young in technology years), will go spend another $700 on the same friggen phone with only a little jump in RAM to support it's OS 6!?!? I really hope this is not the intention....I mean REALLY??

Here is a cool related point, I can install Linux graphic UI on a friggen 1GB USB thumb drive but RIM keeps short changing on the Phones RAM for what?? As well as be able to install APPS on the memory card...that is really not rocket science. Even though I'm not a big game player or app user on my phone...I do rely on Web, email, sms, calls, calendar, and well....ok some apps. And it's going to cost me another $700 to have this work better with OS yea..uhh $1400.00 plus tax in less than a year easy for this? Cracked? Am I wrong? My laptop runs Windows 7 dual booted with Linux Ubuntu just great and it's 3yrs old!
And not too get too more techy buuut Ram chips and chipset makers are damn cheap to import and manufacture even for the micro boards in smartphones. grab RIM?
I'm all for new technology...I am digging the slider allot...but really holding with bated breath..will the slider be a storm 1 fiasco? It should release with minimal 1Ghz RAM at least among other hardware demands. RIM needs to be in better contact with it's users....come on now.
I know it's wait and see but if this article is in fact legit and my 9700 is already do the math.

Rant Over

Just for the fact RIM tells us nothing and has some asshat post new devices irritates me! RIM just announce coming soon phones and tell us what's up with OS6 working on existing phone.

You think it's RIM posting these pics??? You think they want this leaks out there?

Just like Apple deliberately planted the phone in the bar.

Leaks slow current demand as people hold off buying. RIM doesn't want this shit out there.

What they want you to see is what's posted on their blog, talking about the benefits of OS 6.

Uhh his point was on the lousy communication from RIM.

And of course manufactures put leaks out now and then to get a feel for the reception of the people potentially buying. This is why there are concept designs and released. How can anyone know what is the cats meow and then hope for the best in releasing something?? Does the leaked slider look like it's slowing demand? Uhh no.

Back to the point, RIM's communication and PR could be much much better.

RIM did this exact same thing with the 9630, adding WIFI and a trackpad and calling it the 9650. Looks like they're gonna be doing it again with the 9700. Its a shame because both were decent devices that will be obsolete due to minor changes that probably deserved to be on the device from the get-go.

Very true, while I agree with updating a couple flagship devices as hardware drastically changes, that's great. But do keep doing that to the whole line up with only small stupid changes? Come on...:P Agree with you fully.

Dude, I know enough people with BBs that don't even know OS 5 is out let alone OS 6. Remember there is a large base of users that enjoy BB simply because it 'works' for them.

You tell them their phone is obsolete and they need to spend $200-$300 and they'll laugh at you, simply because their current phone 'works'.

This is what bugs me the most. A 5MP camera and 512 MB of RAM are not new discoveries. These things could have EASILY been put on the devices 8 months ago.

And for the guy who's justifying this "refresh" because the new OS is coming about RIM just MAKES some new devices for it instead of just adding some minor things to their previous phones? You how Apple and Droid makers are doing it.

The only reason RIM has 5mb camera in their new lineup, is because the camera technology got better, not because RIM was going to change their chassis to fit it in. If that was the case, we'd all be walking around with Droid X sized phones with 12MB camera and HDMI ports. I'm sorry but I don't need that in a phone.

Maybe it's time to start looking at something other than RIM.

512MB is plenty. I'm running OS 5 on a BB Bold 9000 which has 128MB and the thing goes as fast as I do. I don't need it any faster. In reality I don't even need a new phone, but i'm a sucker for this new shit and my contract is up for a renewal so why not.

My wife has the 9700 with 256MB running OS 5 and it's the same. I actually can't tell the difference between our phones.

512MB is plenty. You add more and you'll just bring the costs up which'll come right back to the consumer. Unless of course you sacrifice design to support larger memory modules. And again we're seeing that with Android.

512MB RAM is plenty? Are you high? So was the supposed 9700 with 256. not even 6months later and oohhh it ain't enough.
And your point about sacrificing design for larger memory holds no merit, memory chips are extremely small and are optimized for heat distribution. 512MiB RAM is no issue in a 9700, hell the 1GiB chip RAM and ROM are not much bigger.

SO plenty for what exactly? To run the current setup with not much future life? The point of these comments are how people are feeling about the 9780...with mainly getting the RAM updated to sport OS 6. It's ludacris man.

You win funniest response of the day. Do you have any idea how minuscule the cost of these chips are in the grand scheme of things? Cost most certainly should not have been an issue, and if it was, then RIM must be a heck of a lot closer to bankrupt than we all could ever imagine. (not that I'm saying they're close to it at all, just making the point.)Furthermore, if cost was an issue, one would think it's costing them A LOT more to "refresh" these devices now instead of when they were originally released. I am as big a fan of RIM as any of you, and I will not for one second even attempt to defend their lack of insight and preparedness. I would love to keep supporting this Canadian company, but will have to wait to see how this unfolds before I convince anyone else to go blackberry and never go back.

``Do you have any idea how minuscule the cost of these chips are in the grand scheme of things?``

Yes I do, and $5 is not minuscule when you multiply it by 34 million, assuming every unit sold last year were to get 512MB.

`RIM must be a heck of a lot closer to bankrupt than we all could ever imagine. (not that I'm saying they're close to it at all, just making the point.)``

You`re right, RIM is a cash cow. Look at their stock re-purchase plan over the last year.

``Furthermore, if cost was an issue, one would think it's costing them A LOT more to "refresh" these devices now instead of when they were originally released``

They are releasing refreshed phones to attract new BB users. If they just released OS 6 on the current lineup, people would complain that the hardware was out of date. Costs decrease over time with technology, you know this. The cost of 512MB today is close to or even lower to the cost of what 256MB was last year. Same with the camera tech.

Am I to assume you're saying the difference between a 256 mb chip and a 512 mb chip is $5.00 / each? at that much volume? I may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but that seems like quite a high number.
They are releasing refreshed phones because they need to, the ones they only recently released aren't man enough for RIM's bright and shiny new OS. The form factors are proving fine, the ONLY reason for these new devices is that they screwed up on the last ones by not giving them the proper specs. In reality, by this logic, the current devices would not be needed to attract new BB users, as their predecessors were clearly good enough in form, just not in specs. Form factors like that of the 9800 are the new devices we should be seeing, not simple refreshes of already existing devices with ONLY more memory in order to take advantage of OS6.

I'm sorry but I can't keep going back and forth. We keep saying the same thing and there is just too much uncertainty for either one of us to be correct.

In the end, I don't think new consumers are going to jump to BB and buy a 9780 because of it's recent hardware refresh. They're going to buy it because of OS 6 and the phones design. And current users will be able to upgrade and enjoy OS 6.

If OS 6 is not available as an upgrade, then I can see a small percentage of users upset (ie people who come to The rest will be content with how their phones have been working since they got them.

Agreed. It was good debating with you. I hope you are correct about current devices, but cannot remain positive on that front. Have a good day.

... that 640k was all anyone every needed for a computer, so I'd never say that 512mb was all a cell phone would ever need, because the OS is always going to get bigger, and do more things, and apps of course are going to get bigger as well. And sooner or later we're going to see more app suites, so the more memory the better.

And in regards to making a new phone design, like Android and Iphone, I think the Slider fits that bill. And maybe, just maybe, there are other form factors that haven't shown up leaked yet.

The tech is new. A touchscreen phone with BlackBerry's QWERTY keyboard. Only RIM can come out with this product because nobody does keyboards like they do.

This will be the best selling blackberry ever and help get their ASP price up to a level they enjoyed when the BB 9000 launched a few years ago.

I really hate this....
RIM can't do this to their loyal boys
Thankyou RIM for letting us down for one more time

Urghhh... It's only because I need a blackberry for my present situation or I'd have gotten rid of it a long time ago. This is not a matter of the speed of the technology market or w/e the counter-argument is, this is simply an OS6 screw over. Probably won't be getting a BB after this contract runs out, I'd rather have something that enjoys a bit more support than just under a year...

I just wish all you whiners who are 'tired of RIM' would just leave already.

You don't buy a car with a CD player and expect GM Ford or Toyota to upgrade it to an MP3 CD player 8 months after you drive it off the lot, so why should you expect anything different from your phone?

Everyone is bitching that their old device isn't going to get the new OS. They same people bitch that RIM isn't making enough advancements in their OS. So which do you want? Do you want an update that's been crippled to work on your old hardware, or do you want more features and better functionality?

If your current phone isn't good enough the way you bought it, then you bought the wrong phone. Don't whine and complain that the phone "should have come with this" or "should have included that" when they released the last version. Plain and simple, it didn't, and you bought it anyway. Maybe next time you should research your purchase first and select the phone that fits your needs, not the phone you hope might one day possibly maybe get upgraded to fit your needs...

These 'refreshed' models aren't meant for the current user, they're meant for new users. If you were buying your first Berry, would you want to buy an old phone that barely supports it's OS, or one that runs it well? RIM is doing what they need to do to make OS6 successful. Don't blame them if you aren't smart enough to understand it...

But I still have my same car! You can build on your cannot with a smart phone that is basically a mini PC.

So, I think people have a right to be upset as I am as well. When you purchase a tall order price tag on something expecting to build on it and that looks like it's getting the laugh on you....well then what? How do you feel? I don't have $700 to blow every 7months on my BB that I thought would be expandable to a point of course. Just like any other PC based device.

Where did you get this expectation that you can build on it? Did RIM leave you a note in the box promising to let you run the next OS?

Name ONE phone that lets you add any kind of hardware to it other than a SIM and an SD card. There aren't any. Not Apple, not android, not WinMo.

This sense of 'entitlement' is what's wrong with this country. You don't get everything handed to you. You don't NEED os6, you want it. You need to ask yourself if you want it bad enough to buy another phone. RIM isn't going to disable your current phone just because there are new ones out there. It will be the same phone you bought and paid for, nothing more, nothing less.

People need to face the fact that everything that is top of the line is no longer at the top at some point. Get over it and stop expecting to get something for nothing. I waited to buy my 9650 because the 9630 was not the phone I wanted. I don't regret waiting. You obviously regret NOT waiting.

And seriously, who pays full retail for a phone?

You are a hypocrite. First of, this is not "off the lot", this is a device released half a year prior to a revamp. Most contracts are 2-3 years. As a result of the 256 status, this device will in all likelihood miss out on an very substantial software expansion and you want people to stop complaining? Get real.
You claim the people that whine for reform are the same people complaining their device won't run OS6. How exactly do you want to get shot down over this? Is it by looking at the fact that not everyone has a 9700, or that RIM is either using morally questionable marketing tactics or just being stupidly shortsighted? Just so you might be okay with this for whatever reason doesn't mean everyone has to. You could care less.
So you ask people to look into the future now? When I first purchased my BB I didn't even know OS6 existed. And don't bitch about how "you got what you paid for", that's too cheap. We all want the new functionality OS6 offers, even on contract. Congrats that you're getting OS6, they're getting left out. Hope that makes you feel really good about yourself.
And your final statement only confirms what an utter douche you really are. What do you expect these people to do, sell their phones and buy new ones or stick with an outdated OS which is kinda becoming archaic? Oh right, that's "what they paid for". Dear lord.
I couldn't spot much IQ in your reply either. You again claim that contracted/people that paid full price have no right to complain. RIM didn't tell them anything, they sold them a device, then re-released the same device, only this time with the guts to run a very large update. So, just to get it straight: you don't only expect people not to complain, but accept it as the hard capitalist truth we live in and be happy about it? What corporate fantasy do you live in?
I think I shot down the bit where you boast "that's what you paid for" somewhere before, so ima skip that. I can perfectly imagine that people would buy the 9700 with the thought that it can run big updates for the duration of the contract, there's nothing wrong with that. That's what they do on other fronts too. Don't be dense and claim they're having a misplaced sense of entitlement.
Supercongrats for you and your 9650! I'm pretty sure you didn't buy the 9630 for a very elaborate explanation. Alas it's completely irrelevant to this situation and you just lucked out on the whole OS6 situation, or you'd be two boats across bitching how RIM fucked you over with the 9650, next to the storm folks who they fucked over with their own "perfectly normal" revamp.

That aside, I think you're either trolling or have financial interests in people buying new phones. Your whole argumentation was based on the fact of "suck it up, buy more". And THAT, is what's wrong in this country. People like you.

Nobody ever guaranteed you upgradability. Just because you "expect it" doesn't make you "right", it makes you an idiot.

I waited when I bought my phone because I wanted the WiFi and the trackpad. Nobody even knew until very late in the game that the RAM was getting bumped to 512 and it had no bearing on my decision. I could care less about OS6 on my current phone because it runs just fine for what I do. If they bring the slider to Sprint, then I'll get my OS6. Until then, it's just not that important.

If you feel cheated, it's your own fault for wanting to get something for nothing. Just because there's something better out there doesn't mean they're required to give it to you for free.

@Gallia mMy man, very well said! I was about to respond to this idiots no sense remarks but you hit it on the head. Cheers mate.

Im sure this will be another GSM device. I hope that the rumors of Verizon making the switch to GSM are true. CDMA carriers rarely get the best BB devices.

you suck. :P So far, all of your OS are practically the same, even that "un-used" OS 5.2 -__- if you made the Tour, Storm 2, Bold 9700, a 'dumbed' down version of OS 6, we would be happy right? OR just send everyone that is un-happy a new phone that is OS 6 compatible! :D I wish it would be that easy.

I have never posted and really for the better part of this year was completely fed up with all the bitching and hate towards RIM. But after these specs...are you kidding me RIM. GOOGLE AND APPLE are destroying you! These specs are a joke. This is all Rim has to offer after months of planning, promise's and hype. When I went to CES 2010 this year and I expressed my buyers remorse to the the Marketing Rep about my Storm 2, they were all ears. I told them how I wondered if I made the right choice because how awesome the Androids operating was gaining in such a short time. I told them that there browser was like watching paint dry and finally that I was frustrated with the Storm 2 because of the screen issues( I had to put a business card in the back to make it work properly) Last but not least I expressed my utter frustration with the lack of apps and especially with prices on the apps. So to quote the rep "Dont worry, you made the right choice. We will be making huge changes to the browser and software by 2nd quarter of this year. You made the right choice!"! I thought I will give RIM there time and will not pile on and cry every time I was frustrated with there lack of software and improvements. So I sat back and enjoyed the cool features I had. Many of you have compared BB's to Cars where as you don't buy a car and ask for a bigger engine later. Point taken! But these are not cars, they are phones and we sign two year contracts to get them and the life cycle of a phone is a lot shorter than a car. My point is I bought a Storm 2 because it was the coolest new phone and with the understanding that dramatic changes with software were coming soon and that the Storm 2 was the best RIM had so surely the improvements were coming, still RIM has given no one any reason to believe anything is coming other than the same thing. Is RIM the new PALM? How many times did PALM upgrade there Treos 30 Mb at a time. Will blackberry just give up and put Android on there hardware? I cant help but feel like I am trapped in the Twilight Zone. I have seen the BBos6 videos and they look like they are on right path but I cant wait for RIM like I did with PALM. I still have bad memories of all my Blackberry friends laughing at me with my fat Treo..I cant take that humiliation. I'm sorry RIM and Crackberry Nation. I believe I also will be moving to Google in the fall. The 9780 showed the future and it looks bleak! I'm sorry RIM... you took way too long!

You knew you'd be locked in for 2 years when you bought it. You thought the phone was cool and you were happy with it. So when you're contract is up, you'll leave RIM just like you left the company that made your last cell phone. It's not a big deal. Stop trying to make it one.

Just in case you're wondering, I'm pretty sure the majority of us agree with the person up a little more who already took the time to call you out on your douchebaggery. Just because we paid for a device and are locked in a contract, we are expected to be ok with owning a stale device?!? Get real. How many shares do you own?

I don't own any shares of RIM. I'm just an owner who is ok with what I bought. It was the best device AT THE TIME. Times change...

Why should I stay? Tell me ONE reason why... RIM keeps cranking out craptastic devices. By the time they finally drop this new "webkit" browswer, it will be obsolete. The latest rumoered devices are already behind the curve. Think about it! If RIM dropped OS6 NOW it would barely compete. I'm dropping this BB hardware for something somewhat recent.

RIM basically re releases the 9700, and only ups the memory to 512? Why?!? Just do a real memory upgrades, who the h*** wants something with just 512mb? And in another 2 years, the 9790 will come out with 1gb of memory. Great.

I think this is the engineering unit of the new onyx...
And maybe there's a lot of people have this unit.
on my country, someone sell a 9650 at nov '09 and it's real, and yesterday I found another people that have a 9800 slider in my country...

This looks like a very fine device to me. I love my 9700 and if it were not for the 9800 slider, I would soon be in line for one opf these babys.

I agree with Bla1ze that the 512Mb Device Memeory in the 9780 does make it look like the original 9700 will not be able to run OS 6 as we originally thought.

The original design goal for OS 6 was probably to have it run on later 256Mb devices with >512Mhz processors but OSs, like most things, expand so as to fill the space available for them.

It would now seem to be almost certain that OS 6 will only run on 512Mb phones.

I won't be upgrading just because I hate that black bezel. Its like taking the shiny stuff off people who wear shiny stuff to look rich.

The thing is this, sure technology moves at a blistering pace. But, it doesn't move at a speed in which the people behind the wheel can't see where they're going, they have full control and can steer it whatever way they want. In this case, do you really think RIM just found out their devices would need 512mb of memory just to function with their new OS6? No! Guaranteed they've been working on this for longer than the 9700 (for example) has been out. By releasing the SAME phone with the now needed 512mb of memory simply proves that there was absolutely NO reason not to have it there in the first place. They didn't have to make it bigger or make any changes to the housing to accommodate the larger memory so WTF RIM?!? Way to screw your loyal customers. Even the older iphones are still getting os4. I've been busy converting my buddies to a fellow Canadian company, but now feel bad for doing so. I will certainly be reviewing my options, as I'm never the type to wait out a contract. This is just enough to get me to make a move. I am outraged at this!

I'll pass on this one as i have the 9700 so not really interested in a refresh although seeing as im not tied into a contract...i might buy one off line and if it comes out in white then ill do that instead.

Still waiting on the new 9800 slider as i might upgrade to that phone over my 9700.

With so many devices in the pipe, what happens when RIM runs out of numbers in the 9000 range? "BlackBerry 10220 sounds a little umm...

I would get this phone if it has the Bold 9000 keyboard. I loved that keyboard when I tried it out in a store, but ended up going for the 9500 instead. But I think I have my rose-tinted glasses on, because I doubt any phone will get that keyboard again. I have tried out the 9700's keyboard as my gf has that phone, but it is just too small and fiddly. Come on RIM, or I'm gonna have to go to the 9000!

So, a 9650 with a better camera is all? Am I missing the point of this model? Not being sarcastic, just curiose. Is my 9650 thats a month old, obsolete now. That didnt take long if it is.

why so stingy with the RAM....and every other spec RIM...where are the 8 megapixel shooters with flash dual core 1.5 GHz processors super AMOLED screens......if you keep doing the same iterative development cycle you'll turn into MS circa 2000.........

this is the same b.s. they pulled with the tour and the bold on verizon..same phone minor tweaks. so glad i got out of this vicious circle and got my droid x

This is starting to look like Nokia phones,but with one little difference...there are too many models coming up in a short period of time,but with nokia they are mostly different,as in price,as in looks,size...etc...and RIM is starting to look like some kid with an` old toy...
Wants some attention, is going on!?
Thinking out loud...

Has anyonone come up with a way to optimize the sd card to use as RAM (like using a USB to speed up the RAM on a PC)? Think of it! How much more could you do if you had a couple gig of front to play with on your BB???? Pinky, today we shall plot to take over the world!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

so do u think the 9650 will get BB6? they could come out with another refresh by then and screw everyone else as well. seen it before.

its funny but i didnt even flynch. the one thing i feel like my 9700 is missing is a larger screen for media. sadly enough, with the 9780, we have nearly the SAME model being released.. im hurt, deeply hurt.

I will be the first to say, I tend to be patient with RIM and their phones and or software upgrades...with that said, I am disappointed as I was really hoping I would be able to run OS6 on my 9700...I mean, what happend? Wasn't one of the first BBOS6 videos on a 9700? Or was that device this phone and they just called it the 9700? If so, that is a shame as it got a ton of people excited, me being one of them. Funny as I talk up my phone over Andriod as I had 2 older Andriods and came back to BB as I was really intrigued by the 9700...well, looks like I might go back to Andriod and the horrendous battery life! Least their updates will work on older phones...not everyone has 500-700 smacks to get a phone if in a contract...I have 4 kids and many responsibilities, so hard to spend that much on a "phone." Only reason I get stuck into contracts as I can't afford buying outright. I mean I am still happy with my 9700, but would have been nice to have more memory, UI update and, I may never see it as this does leave a bad taste in my mouth. Time tells all though...I have been faithful, granted I strayed for 30 days, came back and now disappointed! More so than when I left in the first place. :(

You have no idea if your current phone will support OS 6.

These refreshes by no means insinuate that current phones won't be able to upgrade. They haven't changed the design/bezel because quite frankly, they don't need changing. If you've held a 9700 before, you know what I mean.

Now put down your box of tissue, and go outside and enjoy the day. Before you know it, RIM will let everyone in on their plans.

LOL...I would love to have some of what you are taking and step into your reality, even if it is for just 1 minute!

forgetting the needs of current customers, working on OS that's already late, and not available for all, people will just switch phones.. Then rim will sack the fat lazy greek, but it will be 2012, and by then the mayan prophecy- will come to existence...

It would be cool if RIM offered an incentive to current 9700 owners to upgrade. Let's say they offered $100 off toward a trade-in of your 9700 for the 9780. I think that would be fair and would make a lot of 9700 owners happy. Just a thought.

I bought my 9700 oh not too long ago, maybe 4 months and if this is on the horizon I so could have waited. Chances of 9700 getting OS 6 is like 20% (to my calculations). RIM should have some sort of step up program where you can trade your 9700 in to get this instead.

Even rumored devices are way behind, spec-wise. I love RIM as a company, and I love their phones; but I'm disappointed with where they are right now.

i am so sick of this s@#t!!!!!!! NO!! obviously the 9700 isnt getting os 6. instead there going to make the exact same fone with enough ram to handle the new os. how can any1 b happy about this. these fones cost way too much to screw loyal customers around like this. i hate i phone but at least they stay current long enough to justify buying one.....

i am outraged by this and i agree with you 100% of the way. 9700 owners deserve better than to be toyed with... especially with the same toy

Looks like next new device will be another storm. Just with 512Mb memory, but with same processor, screen. I suggest to call it Storm 2.1

I'm I the only one seeing the greatness coming outta blackberry!!! The webkit browser that is pumping outta these devices Blow Android and the Iphone away!!!!!! How does the fact of only have 512mb of RAM have to do anything with anything, If you want an Android device, get one but you know as soon as I get my hands on a Storm 3 that is so called out-dated, I'm still going to be laughing at you because the Browser will still be Faster than any of your so called high end Android or Iphone Devices, who's getting screwed now!!! Blackberry is new to Multimedia and everything, but will Eventually get it right, give it time!

I don't know about "blowing them away". Maybe it could be better than iPhone (lack of flash). But it'll be near on par with Android, at best (And that is not even considering when Froyo is released with its increased speeds). I think the point people are making is that they have given Rim time...ample time, and still nothing but rumors, speculations, and no release dates. Obviously the consumer market is "what have you done for me lately", and lately, Rim hasn't done anything.

I understand RIM will continue to make/upgrade devices but just beware of upgrading devices baced on a new OS. Many people have bought the 9700 (and are happy) but it has not been out very long and now the 9780 is on the way out because of a new OS. Why was the 9700 not made like this to accomodate BB 6? Some will be upset about this but I'll roll with the punches, just be careful about all the reliable ones out there as they could get mad/tired enough to change to something different. I really want to get the 9800 (hope T-Mobile will get it) but we'll see how things continue on.

Well, for me, it really comes down to a couple of improvements I was hoping to see on the 9700. The 9700 has been the most solid device I have used, to date.

That said, I was hoping for some minor changes via software, and I hadn't thought those hopes would be too far off base as really, the device is quite young, considering general release of FALL 2009.

Less than a year old, and now a slightly newer device to replace it, with no sight of back support for it, once the new 9780 officially hits.

That in itself, disappoints me. It tells me they had a new device cooking on the back burner, before they released a fully functional 9700.

Again. Disappointed. Things may change, but I cant really see what I will decide. All I know, is I dont like the idea of being caught in a pattern like this, and encouraging it by purchasing the hardware upgrades.

The 9700 is still a solid rock of a device, but news like this makes me question it's creator...

"Less than a year old, and now a slightly newer device to replace it, with no sight of back support for it, once the new 9780 officially hits."

How do you know there is no back support for the 9700? Because RIM has said nothing at this point?

If you asked RIM if a 9780 even existed, they would respond "no comment", or the more PR friendly "RIM doesn't comment on unreleased products."

They are handling the OS 6 launch perfectly. Release small, informative updates through their blog that let consumers feel like they are getting an 'inside' look before the official rollout, all the while getting the media to write about it. It's text book.

get ur head out of rims ass!!!! there is not 1 person on here who agrees with u. becuz ur an idiot. wake up! get off ur knees and let rim zip up their pants. so they can get to work. its going to take alot of effort on their part to only be 2 yrs behind this time next yr. how much r they paying u???

STFU? Really? Over a phone forum post?

Yeah it looks like i'm one of a few that is optimistic RIM won't screw us by not supporting current hardware?

How much are they paying you for bashing them?

And no need to respond d00d1e, i really don't care what you have to say. Looking for a little more engaging conversation than I think you're capable of.

With all of your other comments, but I have to agree with you here. Those type of comments don't belong here. Kudos "hambly" for not stupping down to their level, and for keeping your comments solely about the topic at hand.

thats exactly the point. they already have several times. ive spent way too much money to just have this happen again. ive walked around preaching the BB gospel for far too long. every time its just another slap n the face.

yeah, maybe i got a lil too heated and i agree and apologize. i completely over reacted. i guess i just had to let it out. that was completely uncalled for.

however, its ppl like u, with all ur excuses, that allow rim to get away with this. stop make excuses for them and hold them to the standard they r capable of.....

again i'm mad at rim and i am sorry for taking it out on u. u did not sell me a phone that was outdated b4 it was released (shoulda had 512)

I really don't think i'm making excuses for RIM. All i've said is that I believe OS 6 will run on current phones that have 256MB. And that people won't have to upgrade to enjoy the benefits.

I am curious as to why you bought a BB device you felt was outdated before it was released?

Don't worry about it.

It seems those people that are upset that phones purchased within the past year aren't getting OS6 need to calm down! Would you rather RIM release another OS5 update called OS6? I'd rather RIM redesign their OS and make it more modernized than to keep it more of the same just to support all of their older devices.

You have to keep in mind, RIM is huge with businesses and I am sure they don't care if they are running OS5 or OS6 (where I work, they still use 8330's running 4.5). I'd consider OS6 to be the first attempt at a mainstream/consumer OS. It's flashy, has an awesome browser and really steps up its multimedia features (all of which consumers want in a modern phone). The fact is, OS5 attempts those but doesn't "hit the hammer on the nail". In order to do that, the OS needed to be overhauled along with upgraded hardware.

Now before the comments about the device refreshes occur, let me say this: I personally have an 8330. OS5 is available for it and I tried it twice on two separate occasions (first was the Boost mobile version when it first came out a year back, and the second was a hybrid version about 3-4 months back). While it was nice to run the newest OS, the fact is, the device was dog slow (tolerable though because of the new features) and ate most of the memory. I really wanted to buy and OS5 phone, but I figured I'd wait for OS6 as I assumed there would have been more changes going from OS 4.5/5.0 to 6.0.

Lastly, to those pissed that their newly purchased devices won't be getting 6.0, that's the price to pay for evolving technology. I bought a fully loaded '02 Dodge Dakota quad cab in 2004 for $30,000. I was walking through a dealership in the summer of 2008 and they had brand new '08 Dodge Ram quad cabs that were fully loaded advertised for $28,000! Granted, I could have easily waited a few more years to get that deal, but I bought what I bought and I am still happy as ever to have it. Or look at when Windows Vista first came out, a lot of newer PC's even had problems running it because of how steep the system requirements were, but it had to be done to "modernize" the OS. Yes, Vista was considered a flop (which it isn't so much after the SP), but 7 came out with less demanding system requirements but even after trying 7, I stuck with XP on my aging PC. So if RIM did decide to support older devices with a dumbed down OS6 with less bells and whistles, that could have been the final nail in the coffin for RIM and its consumers. Right now, a few people are leaving, but if OS6 was a minor update, I'm sure a lot more people would have been leaving.

Just remember, for every person on here leaving RIM for another device, I'm sure we will get a new wave of Crackberry addicts joining here when OS6 comes out :)

There are definitely some strong feelings being communicated. My two cents for what its worth...

1) I love (in a strictly professional way of course) my 9700. I had a 9000 for a year and a half and I find the 9700 much more responsive and less 'glitchy' then the 9000. With the 9000, I was using it and my iPod touch to do all my 'stuff' that I wanted to do. Figure it was 30-40% 9000 and 60-70% iPod. Now, it's about 50-60% 9700 and 40-50% iPod.

Point - 9700 as it is now is a good device.

2) iPhone gets a new version every year. The first rfresh of the iPhone caused a lot of people to get pissed off because they wanted the latest-greatest and were stuck in a 2-3 year contract. Android seems to be getting one every 2-3 months. Android users (I believe) have complained a lot that their devices are obsolete faster than probably many others since there was (I believe) some issues with manufacturers not rolling out the newer version of Android to all devices.

Point - Shelf life of a phone is never more than a year, there will always be something better and as much as it would be ideal that your device 'grow' with you over time, what RIM is doing is not that much different than what Apple, Google, MS or any others have done and continue to do.

3) Personally, I don't like the iPhone (too dumbed down for my taste as I like to actually have 'control' over the phone and not the other way around). Android doesn't do it for me at all... can't stand the standard interface, don't like the HTC skins. Maybe in a year or two I'll start to see something I like in it but not yet. Win Phone 7 seems pretty cool but the more I hear now, the more it seems it will take the second revision before it sees its potential.

Point - Blackberry is still the only device 'does it' for me. It's true that it is like 'crack' (not that I do 'crack'...). I always have it in my hand and checking things out. The bloody thing is addictive and I can't see myself changing because I don't have 0S6. It will still be addictive! Probably better that I don't get OS6 as I may as well just divorce the missus... (or she'll divorce me if I spend any more time on the bloody thing!)

Lastly... I got the 9700 to keep me going until the 9800 comes out. Since it is so good... I can live with the 9700 until the new year. By then, any bugs in the 9800 will have worked it self out and I can it with OS6. I was already planning on buying it unlocked so I know I will spend $600 on it. Since I got my 9700 for $100, that's okay with me as I give it to the missus or family.

Again, my two cents... maybe a little disappointed I may not get OS6 but no where near to give up on my 9700 or RIM as it is still the best choice (for me at least).

These consumers that will get upset if their 9700 do not get OS 6 do not really care about the actual hardware...its the software that matters to them. They, as well as I, are aware that hardware will always eventually get outdated (short shelf live). That does not mean we should be shut out from updated software if their is a means for us to get it. For example the only reason we will not get BB 6 on our 9700 is due to lack of RAM. That is completely unacceptable seeing that it is readily available and as seen with this "refreshed 9700", fits in the dimensions of the current device and could have be onboard since DAY 1! That is why we are up in arms! It has nothing to do with the hardware per say!!! I bet if RIM comes out with BB 6 for the original bold owners then we would not give two sh..s about this "refresh". At least I know I would!!!

At least in my opinion, the 9700 is a good phone and if I had to live with the current functionality with no more updates for another 6 months to a year, regardless of what else is going on, then sure. Why? Because it is a good phone now.

Sure a new features and functionality is great but there is an misconception that as soon as something new comes out the 'old' one is no good anymore. I've lived through this with digital SLR's as a new model comes out every year or so. You don't get the new features added to your existing SLR and the fact that a new SLR has new features doesn't stop your existing one from taking good pictures.

Maybe it is more... it's okay to be happy with what you've got. Don't get me wrong, I like the newest and greatest as much as the next person, but it doesn't change the fact that the phone works great now (minus a few things that I get from my iPod) with the software that it has.

Anyways... to each their own.

I come on this site everyday hoping i see whats going on with this OS 6.0... so far i keep getting disappointed, RIM must be trying to build up hype like Jordan kicks... f is up man??

I have read all of it here, I could not help but notice that everyone were complaining about blackberry 6 that may not work with bold 9700 but I remember clearly that storm 9530 was tested with OS 5.0 from verizon and it was failed the first time, then suddenly it works just fine as they found the right 5.0 verison on storm 9530. I believe the right version of 6.0 will be found for 9700.

so now sit back and wait it out for few carriers of 9700 to work on it. as of now, go and enjoy your bold 9700 for now.

I love how everyone complains about Apple "putting out a new device every year, making the year-old one obsolete, blah blah blah." Meanwhile, my 9700, which was top-of-the-line when I bought it two months ago won't have support for OS6. Even Apple made iOS4 compatible with older handsets.

"Meanwhile, my 9700, which was top-of-the-line when I bought it two months ago won't have support for OS6"

How do you know this? Has RIM contacted you to let you know because nothing at this point has been announced.

BTW your phone is still top of the line. Enjoy it.

Why would any 9700 user upgrade to the 9780 if the older phone supports OS6? What is the target market for this new Bold? I wouldn't think new RIM customers; if the 9700 didn't attract them, why would the 9780? Small design changes and a memory boost? It seems like the 9780 is intended for 9700 users and maybe a few remaining 9000 users who want to keep the older design but have full OS6 capabilities.

``Why would any 9700 user upgrade to the 9780 if the older phone supports OS6?``

I wouldn`t expect a current 9700 to upgrade to the 9780 because I believe performance difference will be minimal running OS 6. Almost like OS 5 on 128MB versus 256MB.

However, saying that, there are people out there that look at their phone as a status symbol, and to have the latest phone is very important to them, which is fine. RIM`s not dumb, and are very aware of this crowd, hence the subtle color change from 9700 to 9780.

``What is the target market for this new Bold? I wouldn't think new RIM customers; if the 9700 didn't attract them, why would the 9780?``

The 9700 didn`t attract them because of the software. RIM is banking that OS 6 will change that. Target market for 9780 is the same as the 9700. Again, I expect the 9700 to EOL once the 9780 is launched.

``the 9780 is intended for 9700 users and maybe a few remaining 9000 users who want to keep the older design but have full OS6 capabilities.``

I`m currently a 9000 user and I hope RIM understands that the 9780 is still a little too small for my liking. Maybe it`s the 9800, I don`t know, I`ve never held it. Or maybe it`s an entirely new product. Jim seemed pretty confident a few weeks ago that he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

i saw ur comment to my rant and u r right. my life pretty much revolves around tech. and mainly these silly phones. ive read a lot of post from a lot of idiots and i would hate to b lumped n with them. sorry bout that

RIM sticking it to you suckers...LMAO

DROIDDDD does... EVO / INC / X matter what carrier, get one cause Blackberry sucks balllllssss.

You better buy a backpack for that Droid X. Cause you're going to walk funny with that tablet in your pocket.

why are they coming with all these look almost the same....
seriously rim gotta find a new designer...shit

thats about the only good point u've made (other than calling me out for my rant) the 9700 form factor is PERFECT!

As far as I'm concerned, RIM knew what they were doing. The Storm 2 and Bold 9700 haven't even been out a year and RIM for sure as hell was in the making on BBOS6 before the release of those 2 devices. I'm sure RIM knew how much RAM was/would require to operate BBOS6... See, they have done it with the NEW Pearl. I can't figure out why RIM would release that device with 256RAM knowing the release of the BBOS6 is around the corner. Something doesn't make sense here. Could every current BB that has 256RAM get their OWN version of BBOS6 and each device is required a different amount of RAM??? Who knows but it will be stupid if we can't even get a watered down version of BBOS6 to run on are Storm 2, Bold 9700, etc... Come on RIM, get ya head out ur ass, be a leader and don't do like Twitter and be a follower.

"See, they have done it with the NEW Pearl. I can't figure out why RIM would release that device with 256RAM knowing the release of the BBOS6 is around the corner"

Because just maybe, OS 6 runs on 256MB of RAM.

Exactly...and yes I love my life, hows yours???

Droid X works fine...fits great, When RIM makes one, comment about how you love 16gb 1ghz 8mp Cam 720 HD video


Fits great? i'm not so sure about that. Suit Track pants...yeah maybe.

I'm not going to deny that it is powerful. And if you want even bigger, there's the Dell Streak with it's 5" display. I've held one and man you look funny holding that thing up to your ear. I personally don't think 4.3" is much different.

But that's me. I like small, functional and reliable. That's BlackBerry.

I use my phone for communicating, I use my Canons for them there pictures and picture shows. And my Canon and BB batteries last five times longer than your Dud X's battery. :O Oh yes I did!

512 is definitely the min. the reason for the delay on os 6 was RIM trying to get the os to work on 256 phones. When they couldn't get out running right the new delay was getting enough devices on each carrier for launch of os6. Which is why they are refreshes not New devices.everyone will see the real new devices early next year.

"not New devices"

What is the 9800 Slider? Looks new to me.

The 9700/9780 design is here to stay. I bet we see it in the lineup for the next 3-4 years. No reason to change. It is considered the best small form handset on the market. Pretty much every review has mentioned this. And I don't think you can go any smaller without sacrificing functionality.

Storm design? Pretty awesome too.

I've said it before, RIM isn't going to roll out an OS without having some new devices to go along with it. They're looking to attract new users. Smartphone make up only 19% of total mobile phone market, up from 15% last year. There is a HUGE opportunity here. RIM's just making sure they are ready they have the software and hardware and to me they do.

If you love bb you have to know what the cons are. I've finally cemented them and no one can convince me other wise. First off there just starting to roll out new devices every summer and those devices are only supporting the new OS of that year. I love BB but I feel the device that has came out the fall before the new OS should get that OS but its a business so they want money more devices creates more money in their minds. Rim will continue to lose customers but that doesn't really matter to them.

RIM isn't changing the design because everyday they lose more people to other smartphones, and since os6 isn't working on current hardware, 9650 excluded, they need to get phones on the market to launch their new os

As I understand OS6, it will require a phone with 512 megs of RAM to run, that leaves a lot of phones out. Thats why the 9780.

Why do people think RIM can't get OS 6 to run on a 256MB device like the 9700 and Storm 2 and when Apple is offering IOS 4 on the 3GS, which is 256MB.

Even the 3G with 128MB supports a toned down version of IO 4, with multitasking being the obvious missing feature.

What makes you think RIM can't do this?