BlackBerry Bold 9780 - Caught on video, yet again!

By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2010 03:40 pm EDT

Earlier today we got a look at the BlackBerry Bold 9700 running BlackBerry 6. Now, another video pops up of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 which remains under that rumored device category since it's never been officially acknowledged yet. That said, we've seen the specs, the pics, the UAProf and well, pretty much everything we need to know about this device other then a launch date.  Given the amount of times this device has shown up now, it really seems only a matter of time before we'll see an announcement from Research In Motion that it exists. No launch date is known of course but, you can expect it to arrive on T-Mobile, AT&T and several other GSM carriers when it does arrive..officially, that is. Check out the video and hit the break for a up close pic.

Source: BerryReview

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 - Caught on video, yet again!


Nothing to see here, once you've seen've seen them all. Looks like every other bold and we've seen enough of BB6 that those who have never even used it should be experts by now. So unless u have a leak for us, file this under "who cares"

I feel the same way about apple and its operating system changes and physical looks between 1 and 4..

I'll file this under "opinion"

maybe it is me but seemed to lagg big time. notice on more than one occassion he tryed to swipe side ways and it didnt move. seemed reeal sticky but i'k take it for my bold

at this point I'm not very excited at new pics or vids of this phone. A

Am I going to upgrade? Yes, its pretty evident that its going to be out in october so in the meantime I'm going to bide my team and continue to enjoy my 9700

maybe it's me but i feel like EVERYBODY is getting sick of RIM and their "new" berrys, they are always the same specs wise but now they dont even change the design, it's everything the same, who cares about 2 megapixels more on the camera?
it's so dissapointing how RIM is going downhill with no brakes... it's a matter of time they finally crash and burn, they need something groundbreaking or at least at the level of the competition (iOS, android or even webOS)
people want great apps to expand the functions of their smartphones, they dont want silly themes or cheap as hell apps, lame games and so on

Hi. Welcome to If you were looking to find the latest rants and ravings about blackberries, you've come to the right place.
However, we seem to be short on apple/android fan boys. If you would like to find some, please, feel free to redirect your browser to Mac Rumors or perhaps Android Central. There you will be able to rant and rave to the masses who will empathize and root for your cause.
Happy hunting.

Its an insult that you feel the need to post such a stupid and retarded DO NOT speak for everyone...speak for yourself fella.

I for one am not fed up of BB's, they are awesome for what they do...i have the new iphone4 and thats now up for sale as im bored of the 100k useless apps on it...nice phone and well built...hopefully RIM will make the new storm3 a gorgeous looking device.

Its hilarious that these so called idiots on crackberry seem to think that RIM is going to be crash and burn...ermm so why is that RIM is still top when it comes to smartphone sales??? stop the scare mongering FFS

It's an insult to me that you think you can post rebuttals in our face based on bull$hit you made up. RIM is still on top of the smart phone market you say??? WRONG! They're at #4 and spiraling down more and more rapidly. Hmmm According to REAL statistics, RIM is eating dust behind LG, Nokia, Samsung and they're in route to be overtaken by Android devices. RIM is still on top of smart phone sales you say? WAY WRONG They are neck and neck in standings with Android OS; however, that won't be for long since there are reportedly 200,000 Android phones a DAY being activated. By the end of this year, they'll be fighting Apple's iPhags to maintain a shameful #6. A couple years back they were only second to Nokia. Take those factoids, plot them on a graph and show me wich way RIM is proceeding! So here you are chastising "these so called idiots on crackberry" and making a total ass out of yourself. Good Job. BTW, if you are waiting for: "hopefully RIM will make the new storm3 a gorgeous looking device" after seeing how owners of Storm 1 and 2 was burned, you may need a special reading test at the adult learning annex. And this from a guy who claims someone else has to "feel the need to post such a stupid and retarded comment". Here's some real data:
Take this to the annex and see if someone will read it for you.

*face palm*

changing designs? have you seen the storm, the torch, the flip phone? I guess not!

There are many similarities between certain models but the similarities end there when you see what network its running on, CDMA, GSM etc. they cover their bases well. How about apple?

game, set, match. thank you for coming.

No one ever does. 9700 owners chose their fate when they bought their device. They're not going to upgrade you to a new phone or give you a special deal after a new model succeeds the previously released verson. There are always two choices. Grab the phones as soon as they come out or wait until the next model drops. There are ups and downs either way.

Agreed 100%, I don't see why people can just think ahead you know? I mean, when I bought the 9700 after new years I consciously chose this device knowing full well the exact same phone with slightly tweaked features would be released six months later. I also don't understand why people get mad. I mean, if I buy a phone and it'll get replaced the next month by the exact same phone with well, exactly the stuff it needed to have in the first place, I totally wouldn't be mad. That's just how it goes right? I mean, I don't get angry when I buy a microwave and a newer one comes out shortly after that does have the Thai grill mode I wanted it to have.


That thing is innovative :-| Looks just like the previous models of Bold/Tour... Am I missing something? Like why I should care about this thing? I guess the up side is that it's not the craptastic clamshell. Yawn. My interest in this company is starting to move from disinterest to disparity. A couple more months of this and it will officialy become bitter hatred... I almost can't believe that I have been such a huge fan of RIM. I don't even bat an eye when I see people trading in their BB's to get iToys anymore.

Its almost stupid pay for other phone wich is EXACTLY the same looks of bold 9700 just for os 6 and camera etc.... Pay another 400-500 usd ? No thnx

I'm really not interested by this device. It looks more like a upgraded 9700 than a "new device". I'll prob end up buying the torch just for the fact its a good blend of touch screen cool and keyboard functionality.

Of course the same thing could be said about the iphone the past couple years. They tweak a couple of little things here and there and call it hot new deal. Not every new phone released is going to be ground breaking.

Im excited to see this run smooth on the 9700...thinkin i may save my 500 buckeroos i was gonna spend on the Torch and just upgrade my software!

It should've been a Bold 9000 refresh, not this smaller girlie sized still feels to small at times :|

Need a release date on this thing! My 8900 is rdy 2 retire well not really I jus want a trackpad and os6. Hmmm feel srry 4 u haters still on BB DICK!! Get sum sleep....Rim is lol.

The not touchscreen version of OS6 will have the text under the icons or not? In this video there are texts, in the previous 9700 video there aren't... mmhh... personally I prefer without texts, it's more clean... look at this video: the wallpaper is almost completely hidden in the home page!

I noticed that as well. With the text under the icons, it seems to take up too much screen realestate. The OS6 on the 9700 looked more streamlined and better suited for a non-touch device.

it lags alot n i think my old 9700 runs 6 faster n smoother ::)) in another leaked video
( happy :) ? ) Gallia

I really couldnt care less if i got the bold 9700 when my upgrade comes. This is a replica of the 9700 and is larger.

For those who don't have an updated blackberry smartphone, this looks like a great option. I have always believed that those looking for a legitimate upgrade after only a year will be disappointed. This device isn't meant for current 9700 owners. It's for the 9000 Bold owners who didn't get a chance to upgrade last year. If you look at it from that perspective, it is an awesome upgrade.

Exactly! I'll replace my 9000 with either the 9780 or a Torch. (But what I really want is a new model with the 9000 form factor.)

I'm a pretty big fan of these refreshes actually. People are always complaining about a new phone coming out but not being able to get it due to contract restraints, now when your contract is up you always can get a new phone, i.e. 88xx->9700 or 9000->9780.

I currently have the 8900 and while I would love to have the 9780, they're isn't enough pluses to get but there also aren't enough minuses to be up set about. I'm sure that my next phone, as long as my 8900 holds out will be a pretty significant bump in all aspects, processor, memory, camera, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4, higher res screen etc.

If my 8900 does die on me I can get a really good phone in the 9780 and continue to get the refresh of the latest Bold.