BlackBerry Bold 9780 arriving on Bell November 2nd

BlackBerry Bold 9780
By Bla1ze on 19 Oct 2010 11:12 am EDT

Here is something sure to please many folks out there. We finally have some confirmation of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 arriving on another carrier other than Virgin Mobile. As the above information shows, Bell Mobility is all set to launch the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on November 2nd. The pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is set at $499.99 but that's not subsidized in anyway and no details were given on what exactly, the subsidized pricing would be.

Source: BGR

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 arriving on Bell November 2nd


Double the memory to 512mb, 5mp Camera and OS6 out the box. As far as I am aware, there ain't a lot else.

T-Mobile is already showing accessories for this device in thier internal systems, and is rumored to be getting it mid-November. Maybe not going to AT&T, but pretty good chance its going to T-Mobile.

This will be the replacement for the 9700, so every carrier that currently carries it will get the 9780 eventually.

See the KEY SELLING POINT...the first Bold to have OS 6. This means we have to wait at least another 3 weeks for anything to appear on the 9700. Why do they announce this stuff is going to be available and make us wait so long for it. No way i'm buying another BB device if they don't start focusing on the end users.


you just refuted your own arguement of why RIM shouldnt release OS 6 for the 9700/9650 right now... what are you actually trying to say exactly? lol

Listen ignites,

All im saying is we all know all new handsets are going to have OS6, but why would they make an announcement 3 months ago only to have us wait this long if they already know it works for the 9700 device. Tell me why it shouldn't be released already for the 9700 then smart-ass, go on, i'm listening?

Why isn't the US getting this phone first? I don't see why Canada is getting it? Doesn't the US always get new phones first then other countries???

Hopefully later in the week or next it will get announced for T-Mobile or AT&T

typical comment by an undereducated US citizen. Why is it that Canadian's know everything about American's but American's know NOTHING about Canadians lol. Hey MattMJ...who was Canada's first Prime Minister? I'd bet everything that I own that you don't know the answer to this question without looking it up.

And just for reference....we Canadian's knew who your first prez was right after we came outta the womb. (George Washington)

By your tone, you are the one who sounds uneducated. I recently came to know about this site so excuse me for not knowing some background info on RIM.

As far as US history goes that should tell you something right there since your educated on who our first president was. That speaks for itself that America is the best country. :) Peace

matt, as someone who deals with american's on a regular basis, i can tell you...your general population is none too bright...not all, but general. And its not just with phones or history....its with common knowledge. American's cross the border in July and ask why its not snowing lol, or where all the mountains are...or in tourist towns like niagara falls, they ask "when does the water shut off at night"....I assure you, you live in a great country...but the greatest...far from it.

You assume right off the bat that RIM is american because u feel as if the only good things in this world, must have been invented by someone in the states. Its not your fault that the americans are like this. Its the media for portraying it, and all of u american's by into it.

There is a world outside of the red, white and blue...get to know it.

Most often Blackberry's are released in Canada first, most recently the exception being the Torch. Why is Canada getting it?... maybe because RIM is a Canadian company.. Also Japan and other countries normally get the jump on new mobile tech before all else...

The bold phone is probably the best ph ever if I could get one with a touch screen for swiping and quick pick touching it would be perfect

Loved my 9700. Still getting used to the torch

so i just called bell today nov 2nd, and they dont have the phone in yet....the guy said it was supposed to launch today but they havent received the phones