BlackBerry Bold 9720 caught on video, shows off new OS additions

By Bla1ze on 23 Jul 2013 01:52 pm EDT

When the BlackBerry 9720 started to appear many BlackBerry 10 owners scoffed at the the idea of running a BlackBerry 7.1 device again but the fact is, there's still several markets where that device will do well. With that under consideration, we've already seen plenty of images of the 9720 in action but some new videos from BerryInsider have now popped up on YouTube showing off the device as well.

In the videos, you can see BlackBerry isn't simply pushing out yet another BlackBerry 7.1 device, as they did make several small refinements to the OS. The lock screen resembles that of a BlackBerry 10 device, you get the camera quick launcher from BlackBerrry 10, although it doesn't seem all that 'quick' and you get a new sharing menu as well.

Is that enough to make me want another BlackBerry 7.1 device? Not at all, I'm all ready to move onto the A-Series but for those who want another BlackBerry 7.1 smartphone, the BlackBerry 9720 is it.

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BlackBerry Bold 9720 caught on video, shows off new OS additions


You guys realize that some carriers don't have 4G/LTE, right? If you had such a carriers, it would be very painful having a data hog device like iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry 10. That's where these devices will be sold. Also in that same market, carriers don't want data hog devices that will cripple their networks. One other fact is that the QNX devs working on BB10 are not the same as those working on legacy BBOS, so in fact they're not wasting time. I hope you now understand the need for this device.

I agree with you completely, but...The BBOS guys could be assisting the QNX/BB10 guys with recreating some of the things that BlackBerry fans loved from the legacy OS.

There are still a lot of key features missing that people are practically begging for.

Programming is programming. Sure, the syntax is different, but the ideas are very similar across languages. The BBOS guys could absolutely help the QNX guys with some of the missing features.

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Precisely....those who are saying that BB10 is a first generation OS so we should give it some slack are not entirely correct. Core features and functionalities of BBOS could have been incorporated from the very start, regardless of programming language used.

While overall code logic is pretty much standard, different platforms have different implementations. One big thing that gets in the way of implementing a lot of "legacy" features right now is the inability to run so-called "headless" apps. Not having a framework in place for that guarantees that pretty much anything that needs to run in the background will require custom hooks in the OS. That's just one example.

OS7 had several years of development. It's what's known as a "mature" platform. We don't even know if every single capability is still needed or desired.

I'm assuming it's more for enterprise users who haven't updated their servers as of yet to support BB10.

And BlackBerry enables them not to move forward by releasing this phone. For business, it makes sense not to lose these customers but rather enable them to continues to use legacy products and collects service fee.

I have 60+ legacy BBs and will not "upgrade" them to OS 7.x. If a legacy BB fails, I will upgrade to another platform and not another BB device. This is a stupid move since they should concentrate on building their newer OS Apps and not legacy devices. I want BB to succeed but they keep making the most idiotic moves.

Playbook - great hardware lots of features that most other tablets today don't have or if you want them, costs a lot of money. Downfall of the Playbook - rubbish software and a company that doesn't give a toss about people who bought millions of these tablets. Yet, they have time to refine a OS 7 old school device...almost considered smashing my playbook with a hammer. My Bold 9900 is a piece of garbage compared to the 9700 I had. It's battery life is dismal and the phone locks up quite often..always out of memory and the You Tube player sucks. Next upgrade, I'm getting of the failing BB bandwagon..obviously a company being run by marketing idiots. I don't blame engineering - hardware is great but the software crap.

Still think it is pointless. There is nothing this phone can do that all the other OS7 BlackBerry out there can't.
If people still want a legacy device then there is still plenty of options. why waste time and resources on this when it offers nothing new, and those resources could be put in to BlackBerry10!
I bet this thing still doesn't even have a front facing camera ffs!

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Why waste time? Well the A10 is coming out this year so what's your point? If anything I hope they don't oversaturate new BlackBerry 10 devices on the market.

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Then let people buy those devices, not waste time on another outdated phone and OS.
And the fact that all other comments are saying the same as me makes my point perfectly valid. This is a total waste of resources!!!!

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OS7 is still relevant. ~4.2 million sold last quarter. Think about that. Giving them a new phone keeps them relevant and keeps those service revenues coming in just a bit longer.

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Agree. I forgot if BES 10 support legacy devices. If it does, then what prevents current customers from upgrading to BES 10? Is it because of BES 10 features is lackluster compared to current BES? or is it because migration cost to BES10 is too high? or is it because existing important features of BB7 haven't made to BB10 yet? or perhaps it is a combination of all of these above, isn't it? Whatever it is BlackBerry at the end of the day must make money to stay in business and if there is a demand for BB7 devices and that's what they need to come after. This doesn't make sense to me because I don't have all the numbers and statistics in front of me to understand why.

And who exactly is still developing and supporting these devices?

Seriously, time to cut the cord and get a q5 or q10

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But not all comments are in agreement with yours. And plenty who think your comment invalid will only invest enough energy to roll their eyes, rather than spend time telling you when they could read insightful comments instead.

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Why not just lower the price of the Bolds and other BB7 devices and push out a 7.2 version? That makes a lot more sense than wasting money and resources on this. Imagine getting a Bold 9900 off contract for like $200, it would clear out inventory and would be a better device than this one.

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Exactly, people are not realizing that the 9900 still isn't cheap to build because of the quality of the casing and other non electronic components. They will also sell more accessories for this phone.

I'm not fully on board with this phone being made and released, but I'm not against it either. Many companies support their older OSes that are considered old and outdated and make money on them. BlackBerry should be no different.

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Because it seems BlackBerry is building out a rolling three tier product portfolio and this new legacy device has the right hardware to allow that tide to hold over. It has a front facing camera; instantly better.

I totally agree about the support. It would be unprofessional of BlackBerry to just ignore its BBOS customer base and drop all support. But to develop new features like the BB10-ish lockscreen? No, that's a real waste of resources.

I can understand the argument that spending more time on OS7 is a waste (although I don't think it is at this point), but continuing development for PBOS is FOR SURE a waste of time.

The PBOS is just over 2 years old and they aren't even going to do security updates on it. Any company that won't stand behind the products they sell for at least 3 years and at least provide basic security updates is doomed to fail. Microsoft still provides Windows XP security updates 10 years later.

Ya exactly what a waste of time and resources on the PlayBook if they re not gonna support it with at least some small improvement s. They look so bad for abandoning support on it. They should have just not released it and instead concentrated on releasing BB 10. Had they done that they wouldn't have lost so much market share. Stupid BlackBerry seriously smarten up!

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I don't get it : people are trashing on the new 7.1 because they are still developing this device and you are asking them to start developing the pb os.....
OK. Let's put it simply :

1- support the legacy devices with a new device and an updated os. People should understand that you haven't gave up on the legacy devices.

2- keep supporting pb if resources allows it.

Don't forget that they sold more 7.1 devices than pb so who should have priority ?

Think people !

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sliman, realdeal, ijk,

Ignoring your diehard fans is never a good idea, but the lackadaisical sales numbers for the PlayBook simply does not justify spending any more time and resources on it.

I have and love the PlayBook and use it everyday. But you have to cut your losses at some point, and I would MUCH rather have BB spend their precious few resources on the continual development on BBOS and BB10.

The PlayBook unfortunately didn't sell, which sucks. It's a great device, but the figures dictate that it didn't really gain any traction in the tablet market, and because of that BB needs to call a spade a spade and recognize that the PB was a failure and move on.

I think this phone is a nice addition to those markets that still thrive on BBOS and can't always afford a high-end phone. The new lock screen will be 'the thing' to have, haha.

I suppose older BBOS phones will also get this small update.

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I must add that this phone is probably cheaper to manufacture than older BBOS models because of several tweaked parts available today, so that means more profit margin for BlackBerry.

And just remember that BBOS is a mature product, which didn't really need any more software updates (except maybe for this small lock screen feature). Hardware BlackBerry team probably had more work on this.

Also, please remember that BB10 is not based on Java, so most BBOS programmers are not meant to work on BB10 anyway.

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They better not release it in the States. They will get flamed!

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Nice. I like the addition of the BlackBerry 10 style lock screen. Otherwise it looks the same as the OS7.1 we were used to. Definitely going to sell. Whether people agree or not, there's tons of people who dislike the BlackBerry 10, and love the old OS Legacy devices. This will sell well.

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Yes, but instead of letting people who dislike BB10 just stay with OS7, Blackberry should be making BB10 more like OS7. 10.2 should make the OS easier to use, and more farmiliar, to get everyone to transition, instead of just letting people stay with their old devices.

I think the problem is the bb10 phone os doesnt scale down well enough to be ported to the uber cheap phone for overseas yet . This is a duct tape solution until parts come down in price a Blackberry can run super low cost BB10 variations.

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I really don't get this move at all..why waste developer support on an os we are trying to up sell people on!? So dumb. This one really threw me off.

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We don't know what kind of deal needed to be done for carriers in countries where the legacy OS7 and BIS combo are important to them. I could certainly see something like "we'll take the new stuff but also want something upgradeable for our legacy install base."

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Very ugly and awkward looking. Why are they going back to the 9700 series anyway? Waste of hours and just a overall dumb move... Keep Moving or Keep Failing? the resources used for this device could have been put towards strategic advertising for BB10.

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Can anybody explain the naming convention of legacy BBs?
If my memory serves me correct, we had the 9700, 9780, 9790, and now the 9720.
Do/did these numbers ever mean anything?

It's achieved through an elimination draw. They put all the names of the Bold series in a hat: 9700, 9710, 9720, 9730, 9740, 9750, 9760, 9770, 9780, 9790. Then they pull out the names until they find one which hasn't been used yet.

The hat actually belongs to Jim Balsillie :P

Can we stick on topic here please. That article was not only biased, it was plain wrong. We are not so desperate that if someone says something positive (albeit incorrect) about BlackBerry, and the state of play we have to start spamming it everywhere. Well, I'm not.

I wanted to point out that this device shares the Q5 chasis. That makes sense, for cost saving. Not so good for the keyboard - it is not as good as the Q10 one, and is not befitting the "bold" moniker!

That said, way am I excited to see that trackpad ;-)

I understand why BlackBerry has had to bring this device out, I just hope there are not too many compromises.

Good for BlackBerry!

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I was puzzled about BlackBerry stating another legacy device launch, but now that I understand their direction, and current position, it totally makes sense.

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This is good to see! I'm not leaving my Z10 for a legacy device but it would be nice to have one of these to compliment my PlayBook. 3 BlackBerry devices is better than 2!(how I'll manage my BBid between the devices is a story for another day)

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You know what you people are forgetting in ditching the old operating system, those who can not afford the 10 platform, take for instance here in the states, you will likely never see a bb10 product on a pre paid service which a lot of customers have switched to because of contract obligations. Dispite what everyone thinks there is a market for this phone and others like it

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lol seeing this video made me want the camera/lock screen function on my didnt realize i already have it

This phone is meant for Africa, Middle East and South East Asia - only! BlackBerry does not have any low-end BB10 devices in those regions, which they need, and to them this is the answer.

Well... There are countries in MEA and SEA with GPD per capita higher than in USA. But even in less wealthy communities "low-end" device is not always welcome.

You guys should make this available online only so you don't waste space on shelves and make the stores hate you for selling a very low amount of units
Just stick to the flagship Q10, A10 n Z10

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this leaves me wondering. Anyway it looks like a nice phone, that theory about the smiley keyboard as a result of the trackpad is largely negated here, buy Im sure its a fine device.

I'm sure BlackBerry knows what they're doing with this. There has to be a serious reason for them to make another OS7 device.

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because they have showed how knowledgeable and market conscious they are in the past... maybe we give them too much credit??

Yea,really. Do people here believe BlackBerry doesn't know anything about market research? Are they a totally dumb company? So many armchair CEOs and Marketing VPs on this forum.

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Keep moving...backwards???? come on..enough of the legacy OS and devices. Get your head out of the sand BlackBerry!

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I was Googling for a BlackBerry suitcase the other day but couldn't find anything, same for a brief case or bag. BlackBerry really need to start doing some cool branded things like that, I want a BlackBerry suitcase when I'm going from dubai to other places! Think of the exposure and marketing that would be boosted too! Take my money and make some cool branded items BlackBerry, i beg you.

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It's actually not bad! For those who miss the track pad. Voilà! I think the Q10 is perfect and wouldn't downgrade to this.. and I doubt BlackBerry wasted a lot of resource tweaking this OS. It's pretty clear they're focus for the future is on BB10, but there is still a market for these phones and it's great that BlackBerry is still supporting it!


I agree that this is a waste of time only to the extent that I'd this is truly an economical phone couldn't they have added some additional functions? The os wasn't bad at all. If they hadn't come out with bb10 then I would have still been on bb7 and this phone would have been a disappointment. No I'm not saying go all out but at least some improvements on memory battery and smoothness. If keep it alive why not make it the best legacy available? Heck knowing how addicted a lot of us are we may had just purchased the phone as a solid backup or second line worthy of having to use the bes.

Anyway my two cents. There's a lot I miss about the old os. One thing they never pulled off is a smooth ui experience and it would be nice if this one would have had it.

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What a waste of company resources.

If there's a market that still wants a blackberry 7.1 device then send them already made devices. There's millions out there. How many refurbished 9900's are in Stock and being turned in everyday on trade ins

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the 9900 was a high end device, expensive to make, with high end materials. Legacy fans deserve a refreshed device, my cash is waiting for it.

But you realise if the phone has low end specs, with the same old OS you won't be getting a refresh. It will be the same experience.

Maybe it's cheaper to make new ones then round up old ones and ship then out I dunno.

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Thank you!!!!
I don't know why the hell belfastdispatcher thinks they're getting a "new" phone. It's the same crap that got BlackBerry in the position they are in today! Yet they want to waste money on that same crap.
Again if people want a legacy device then please buy one of the many models still in the market!!

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Yes, it's the same experience I want but at a lower price and with full warranty and next day replacement from my carrier. To get this with my 9900 I would have to buy insurance for it.
For the record I love the experience.

Another sticky clock faced, 6 mins to boot, leaky memory operating system phone. BBRY has got to be mad.

So you have BB990 and 9790 out for two years and now a 9720?? WTF How does this stack up against a Q5 or Q10 since Blackberry phones are fairly pricey.

this makes me question the direction management is taking. lets waste money holding on to something that really damaged the company, as we try to move forward.

+1 Louis would love to see more apparel and other products for spreading the word. This should be the rewards for there contests and loyal customers

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Get ready to beat on me now:

Why not release a BB10 device with Home, Menu, Back, and Call buttons... I miss them a LOT on my phone. Swiping is great don't get me wrong, But I think the buttons would have made the transition to BB10 a lot easier for a lot of folks *myself included*

Gentlemen wake up, our carriers here in the Caribbean are offering cheap Android phones and of course the data plans allow you to run any app and allow tethering without higher charges. I assume other carriers worldwide are looking to do the same. BB phones are still extremely expensive, even the lower end ones.

Stop complaining. This phone is for employees on BES who need a new phone. Governments still use OS7, and they won't upgrade to bb10 overnight. Relax.

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Is it possible that these phones are lower cost and a good fit for emerging markets? As sales trends can shift, it may be good to keep this product line going.

Whoever is in charge of hardware at blackberry should be fired. They could have done so much better. This device is a curve NOT a bold.

Based on on sales BB10 is a step backwards. They can't even compete with 2 year old devices in sales. This new one is going to blow right by them in sales and cost less than 1% of their cost to develop . They need a device to increase sales, so plan B -os7.2.

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If this is the phone they finally get the Marketing right with, I'm going to lose it. I can understand why they are doing this, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Backwards is always going to be Backwards no matter how you spin it. Obviously, I don't have a leg to stand on saying this stuff, but it seems to me they are missing both? Still, I hope it brings in cash so they can spend it on the best Marketing Crew for BB10.

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Up next! The All New "Keep Moving Balckberry Facsimile Device!" Just think - you'll be able to send a copy of a document to another user...AND IT WILL PRINT ON THEIR END!

This will be indispensable new technology.

Oh! Rumour has it they have a new battery for the Z10 too! It comes in a briefcase with a fancy curly cord to plug into your phone! Battery Life will be like 4 hours! Coming Soon!

Man! Blackberry keeps pumping out the HUGE news! Wowing the world one day at time!!!

**Limited time offer - you can also get the new Blackberry notepad. It has like 400 pages, lines on EVERY page! And you can use a PEN to write messages!

Yup - Keep Moving Playbook owners...Keep Moving! Blackberry is so far ahead they are in the PAST!

Why? Obviously because BlackBerry can make some money off it.

BBOS wasn't a horrible OS. It was actually pretty good. However, the legacy OS is like a steam engine that was overtaken by the internal combustion engine but there are those for whom a steam engine works well. They have the parts and the wherewithal to make it work. QNX, on the other hand, is more like turbine technology. It's the next evolution from monolithic kernels. By the same token, steam ran the world for decades as the icu engine and its infrastructure matured. QNX will take some maturing as well before it takes over.

To all the legacy BB users worldwide: it's cool if you decide to pick up this handset if you really are not ready for the jump to BB 10 yet (and tell your friends about it as well). Whatever it takes to sell more devices and keep the company going. I think BB will be too grateful.

The phone looks like a Q5 with the exception of the classic buttons. A few hints of BB10 is baked in the BBOS.

This hybrid phone will make user transition to BB10 more easier. I wonder if BlackBerry intends to make BBOS 8.0 and 9.0 as Hybrids?

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The current OS 7 devices are great. Why make another??? Update the software on existing devices. To think that they could be putting this effort into BB10 is kind of dissapointing

If they are trying to make it look more like BB10, then they should also use BB10 icons.

However, if they make it look too much like BB10, then there will be confusion between the two operating systems.

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This is what I'm thinking. Even if it came out exactly the same as old devices, what if people go to the store looking for the "new BlackBerry 10" and come out with this thing because they don't know any better? I'm sure it would be the last BB they would ever buy.

I know there are a lot of people that are hating on this device, but the truth is the build quality and look is much superior than that of the Q5. It also has both a touch screen and track pad. I bet this device outsells the Q5 and Q10. I like the direction of the updated software. It's not anything revolutionary, but satisfying to those who want the legacy experience of using a Blackberry while heading in the direction of touchscreen and BB10.

I think BB should have worked a little harder with supporting and innovating their OS 7 platform, before basically sabotaging its prospects during the launch of BB Os7 by announcing it's obsolescence due to their plans to abort the development of the OS in favor of BB 10. I think there are a lot of people who like Os 7, but who would like to see it improved with an updated UI and bug fixes. I think improvements with the UI and maybe a new phone design team could have kept Blackberry, Blackberry and authentic. Moving forward, but authentic and true to the Blackberry Brand.

I gotta say, I really like the looks of that phone. I mean, I'd never go back to BBOS, but if they released that phone as a BB10....hmmmm.

I also think it shows that a track pad could look really nice on a q. :)

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I think this is a great device to sell direct from BlackBerry's distribution network in a global variant. I would get one in such a scenario even while living Stateside on CDMA. This device looks to me like the low end in a rolling three tier system and the refreshed hardware and software makes it all the more interesting for me.

Once there is a need, you satisfy your customers. Meanwhile perfecting the new product. BlackBerry ship will come in.

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This is nice! the final bold for people who just want a updated fast old school bb. Believe me there is a market for this thing.

That's not a Bold! It would have been in the 99xx class if it was

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it is a bold. I'ved owned Bold 97** before. There was 3 9790, 9780, 9700.

ahhh duh duh duh doyyyyy quoting *brita from community*

BB10 is bloatware and cannot be scaled down (s Thorsten claims by himself)...So they need to still push the old OS out...What a fail this BB10!

Its not bad @ all. If I didn't have "the piece De resistancé" I'd get it.

Posted via Q10 from somewhere deep in the abyss that is the BlackDragon! -OOLONG

Gawd that is one uuuugly handset...if they had to release a BBOS phone why not just refresh the 9900 style, now that was a handsome phone...

You know, I used to enjoy coming to the Forums, and used to read pretty much all of the comments, sadly this is no longer the case. I encourage all of you making the negative comments, to boot up your wiki app, and make note of a). The whole world's population b) the populations of the likes of Indonesia, Nigeria, The Philippines to name a few, then get off your collective shallow, nieve ignorant asses and acknowledge that there are more phone users, than what ever cozy spoilt part of the world you call home. By the way I'm an ex Brit living in Edmonton.

BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry, please let me run this company or let me be your product manager or marketing manager. I will turn this company around. What are you guys thinking?!! You are going up against Apple and Samsung! Not Palm! Step it up, an ugly BB7 with a camera will not get people off of iPhone. Think out of the box, what attracts people??

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

I rather doubt this latest BBOS device is meant to compete with apple or BB10 for that matter. It's for a niche market that apparently needs servicing.

The niche market? And who is that? Do you realize BBOS6&7 killed BlackBerry? They went from over 50% marketshare to less than 4% worldwide! And less than 3% in the USA. If they are not competing with Apple or Google, then who are they competing against? Dead Nokia Symbian?

The niche market is the market that still wants BBOS. BB10 is to compete against Apple and the rest. BBOS is still probably the best communications OS available what with BIS and BES. Some markets only have 3g service. Some corporate operators still value the security of the legacy system and are not ready or willing (as of yet) to abandon their BES set ups.

I find it a little bit amusing that some think BlackBerry is returning to the legacy OS and somehow forsaking BB10. BTW, the 9900 series - its camera notwithstanding - is still quite a nice phone. Lots of whining around these parts about how not even BB10 can match its communication abilities.

Video is in Russian. If anyone has questions on what he says , I can answer :) provide time and ill let you know

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Um, that looks a lot like a Q5 with a track pad and a few OS10 tricks slapped on top of OS7 like spray paint on a rusty car . Track pad? The scroll wheel was more useful.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

All of you guys having a shit fit over a legacy device being unveiled..wTF is up up with all your angst eh?

GM makes the cruz and it makes the vette - 1 is for hi end players and the other for those looking for fuel mileage.

Keep yer shorts dry and bolted on k? BB10 is absolutely the future and those that cannot see that are IMO lookng thru wet shorts! But, as a global corporation, you simply cannot abandon your faithful in emerging countries nor your corporate partners either. Ergo another OS7 biggy. Keeps the faithful happy right? (and some badly needed revenue flowing)

BBOS will retire, but not before BB10 is fully capable of taking over: in tech and in price point as well.

My 0.02

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

...and those that truly believe an OS7 device is offered to entice iOS or 'droids to BBerry, is simply an immature self centered spoiled brat totally incapable of understanding the necessities of business.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

This is a good move by BlackBerry given how popular BBOS still is around the world. BIS users and those who are tied to the older BB infrastructure for cost and deployment reasons will welcome this move.

If they can update and upgrade a device running BlackBerry OS7, then why the hell can't they release an upgrade for the PlayBook OS? I'm not asking for BB10, it's clear that the PlayBook Specs could not support it, but a 2. something could still be released and maybe the BlackBerry Bridge.

Investing in a legacy device to me is going ass backwards!!! For the love of God, focus on the BB10 platform and the Z10, Q10 and Q5!

By the way, this BlackBerry Bold looks like the Q5!

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It is fairly common knowledge that BBOS was to be supported for some time to come. You like BIS? If you do then BlackBerry has a device for you. You want to keep your old BES? You're in luck.

7.1 isn't the devil. It's not QNX but as far as communications are concerned, it is still amongst the most able on the market.

Again, sometimes it takes one step back to move two steps forward! Unfortunately, the 9720 may be difficult to have in the States, especially VZW!

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Is this what BB calls as Keep you moving? This is the most horrible piece of device I have ever seen in my life. This is a BIG waste of time and money. The only support they should have given is by launching slightly more powerful versions of the existing bold and curve. That is better processor, camera, resolution and battery. That would have done the trick. Instead of this stupid piece of junk that they plan to launch. What a waste!!!

I don't understand all the "backwards" comments here.. This is great business sense from bb ....os7 is mature, has a big following and there is still demand for it. Os7 will cease to be supplied by bb when there is no longer demand for the product, which will happen naturally over time... The PB has "effectively gone" due to lack of demand, the same will (or wont) happen to os7 when the market dictates it... No dev app support? No problem...If u want apps buy a bb10 device... Os7 is a good product that will do very well in the low end of the market and if they are going to use the same chassis (q5 and 9720) then even better.. Give consumers a choice... This is a very unique position for bb to be in..a mature operating system that's reached it limit and a brand new system with so much potential

I'm hanging on to my 9900 until [at the very least] Blackberry/RIM makes BB10 fully Bridge-able with my Playbook. Since that's _very_ unlikely to happen [C'mon BBerry...prove me wrong, please!] I'd be interested in an OS upgrade for my might delay my diminishing interest in Blackberry products for a while, at least.

I've got just two words for this, "Ugly Duckling"

The only thing I liked is the back of this BULKY phone. BB its time you understand that people even in the EMs want phones with larger screen. Gosh what a serious waste of time and shareholders money.

The ugliest phone I have ever seen. The curve was far far better atleast in looks.

As someone who just downgraded from a Q10 back to a 9900 owning both since release day. I'm glad they're still developing for OS7! Hopefully they can do a refined 9900 with just even a better camera (take the one from Q10!) and I'd be really happy with it.

It's really grim not to be able to "Device Switch" from a BB10 to BB7.1 unit but that's for a different conversation.

Some many close minded people here. BlackBerry has to release another phone like this as there is demand in emerging markets, hopefully it will generate some positive revenue and will keep people interested in said markets.

I hope this sells well and with that keeps BlackBerry moving forward so BB10 can mature and compete with Android and iOS

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I just realized how trashy this Z10's speaker is after watching this video. Or at least I tried to hear it but couldn't.

On the other hand there is a lot of fans that will buy this. A Lot of people consider BB10 too complicated so for those users this is a win win situation

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What a huge blunder from blackberry to launch this product! If you absolutely have to release another OS7 device, make sure it is the best one out of all OS7 devices out there, but this one is mediocre at best, keyboard says it is even closer to the Curve line. What is Blackberry thinking? Cannibalism on Q5? Whoever is responsible in rolling this 9720 launching idea should be sacked!

There's apparently money to be made with this BBOS phone. BlackBerry cannot afford not to make money. BIS is still a very desirable feature in 3g markets.

Can anyone even confirm the name to be a "Bold"? I've read initial reports that say it's a "Curve" device. Based on the keyboard and form factor, I'd call it a Curve over a Bold any day.

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Without exception, all the business people I know that migrated to the Q10 hate it. This will be ideal for business users and BES for BBOS7. With all the negativity about OS10, I am seriously thinking about another OS7 phone. I really want BIS for BBM while traveling and if the wifi browser is better that would be a bonus, but not critical.

I think that this is a very bad idea. I understand that some people need a BBOS7 phone, but I don't think that they should be adding Blackberry10-like features. If someone sees a BB10 phone, but then sees this with BB10-like features, I think that many people will not want to switch. Blackberry needs to transition everyone over to BB10.

Can I just say how ugly this phone looks? Specially the back of the phone, camera's location seems awkward, it doesn't fit well with rounded corner. And the phone looks like a brick! Q10 is way much better!

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Why didn't they update the 9900 with OS 7.1. Call it 9940 and be done. The phone would look like a bold instead of the curve. It would be smaller and have charging contacts and a mature set of accessories.

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PlayBook is outdate, no future, bla bla bla ...
Keep wasting more time on an old OS instead of moving forward.
7.0.2 is out ... new devices.
Whoooo ... Scaring!

Please update the Bold 9900 with OS 7.1 !

~Larger battery
~Autofocus camera
~4G lte
~No duplicate Contacts bug
~It's the best of both worlds for a *communications* device, if you don't care much about Apps.

~Need I say more?

This is a step backwards in my opinion. As much as im rooting for BB, its become evident they have lost their grip.

someone told me this wasn't a bold and i lost the comment. Well it is a bold. Not all bolds are 99**.

I've owned 97** bolds before u noobie

I can't believe BB is releasing a 7.1 device :( drop the old OS and focus on the new OS, and oh ya BB stop releasing a ton of devices stick with 3.

BlackBerry can't be seen as hedging its bets or meandering from a commitment to OS 10. Put it all into the new devices and system, Thorsten. And, as for their still being a market for OS 7 devices -- there's still a market for Windows XP, Fluorocarbons, and incandescent lightbulbs. So what?

I am still puzzled as to why we are calling this a Bold. Nevermind the 97 in the number, nothing about the design says Bold. Reminds me of an 8520 if anything.

I like my Legacy device but this "upgrade" is kind of funny. Getting to the crappy camera from an unnecessary lock screen has not been something I've been holding my breath to get. Why not fix something that needs to be fixed? Was the lack of a swiping lock screen a problem with Legacy devices? I certainly hope they come up with a bit more than that. I do like the rounded corners and the look of it but not enough to reach for my wallet.