BlackBerry Bold 9700 in White Video; Poll: Do you prefer your BlackBerry to be Black or White?

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Apr 2010 07:19 pm EDT

Prior to WES 2010 we already knew we'd soon be seeing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in white, but just to make it officially official Mike Lazaridis announced it during his keynote and showed it off on screen. Check out the video above to see the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in it's pearly white with grey and chrome accent color scheme. She's a beauty.

Over the course of our WES 2010 week in Orlando, the smartphone color debate came up quite a few times. I personally love white smartphones. I loved my old colorware BlackBerry Curve 8320, will be buying the 9700 in white the second Rogers gets it in stock and will be buying a white BlackBerry Pearl 3G from whatever carrier releases it first. Even when it comes to devices like the iPhone, I like the look of the white one over the solid Black one. 

Of course, smartphones these days are starting to show up in more and more colors -- RIM is making the Pearl 3G available to carriers in a rainbow of colors -- but to see where things stand I'm curious to see how CrackBerry readers will vote in a white BlackBerry vs. black BlackBerry contest. So here's the poll question... if the BlackBerry you already own or are going to buy next were available in both white or black when you went to buy it, which color would you buy? Be sure to cast your vote above and sound off in the comments!

Reader comments

BlackBerry Bold 9700 in White Video; Poll: Do you prefer your BlackBerry to be Black or White?


Would definitely want to use invisible shield for sure. White devices like phones just don't seem "right" to me. I guess I'm more of a "dark" colored device guy :P

Invisible shield will make it's look dirtier.
Since sometime invisible shield if you on hot area and used it for certain of times will let the glue out. And it's will attract more dust.
But still invisible shield the best shield I ever tried.

I agree, that I think white would show a lot of dirt from use.

I would like to see all models comes in color choices such as PURPLE, Pink, etc. So many cool colors out on other brands of phones.

Hmmm.... interesting point.  I wonder if my love for the white BlackBerry will diminish as soon as I start seeing them everywhere. Maybe it's the exclusivity that I value more than the color itself??  Time to rock an orange or bright green berry perhaps?

I think orange blackberry will had they own costumer.
With orange one, you can spot your blackberry easily.
Thinking a field worker that used blackberry for they communication.
Or it will become better if blackberry make device hard to break like sonim, if RIM make it, I bet sonim user will convert using blackberry.

i can understand differnent colors for consumer devices like the curve or the pearl. but i thought the bold was susposed to be the high end bussiness model. when i was told to go out and get another blackberry it was for work so i went in and said i need a blackberry for work. they showed me two phones the 8800 and the 9700. i didnt care what apps it has or about media keys or what color options it had. i needed a work phone so i got the bold. why does blackberry need to make their buissness phone consumer friendly. that being said if they offered it in a dark red i'd upgrade.

Yuk. You'd have to be far too in touch with your feminin side to like a white Bold. The clue is in the name!

FOr everyone thinking white isn't for business don't forget that men aren't the only business power players any more. Women are now up in the club and they like white over black almost any day so RIM needs to appeal to both sexes, and all ages

I think the bolds in black are much more professional looking then the white ones. White is defiantly kid or non-professional individuals phone color and I need a professional phone.

I've always preferred the traditional/professional look of the Black BlackBerry (The name kind of suggests it lol) but the white looks REALLY nice too. I feel like I would get it dirty though lol If I hadn't already bought it in black, I may have taken a second to consider both choices.

Choices are always good, as long as RIM didn't waste any precious valuable research time to release this rather than working on OS6, webkit browser, etc.

i think that RIM makes too big of a deal out of releasing the exact same phone in a different color

this could be true but think back to the moto razor, thats basically all they did was release the same phone in different colors and that seemed to work for them ..

As much as I want my berry in a crazy color, I don't think I could take myself serious with a crazy colored phone. I miss the silver and burgundy colors of the 8330 WE. That silver was classy!

What an absolutely fascinating and compelling poll to undertake. I think you should hire 5000 people to go door to door to get these opinions 'live'. Is this all you people can come up with any longer on a site known for it's interesting, informative, and lively interactions between 'crackheads'? What a sorry state of affairs.

White is Nice.. Not going to Lie, But the 9700 in black is just so sexy, sleek, clean, sophisticated, and professional looking. The white is not bad itself, it looks more fun, but then again, I would do customize colorware for it instead of getting a white one.

What an absolutely fascinating and compelling poll to undertake. I think you should hire 5000 people to go door to door to get these opinions 'live'. Is this all you people can come up with any longer on a site known for it's interesting, informative, and lively interactions between 'crackheads'? What a sorry state of affairs.

Color is the leas significant aspect of a phone -- make the darn thing pink with blue stripes for all I care. What RIM needs is some actual device innovation, and some improvements to its basic service (e.g. the lack of functionality in basic BIS imap) and software (the crappy browser). Oh, and it would also be nice if I didn't have to pull the battery every day or two...that's so Windows 95.

Black or white? In Subang Jaya, Malaysia; there is a retailer from china that has made full set front, back & battery covers available in many different colors and patterns for $47, including installation. The quality of the products is good. So, here; its not merely whether black or white as a fancy, but a huge choice for your fancy.

my old Pearl was white, and i LOVED it. I still have only seen two other ones... i love being different, and people would see it and say "wow, is that a WHITE BLACKbbery?" and all my friends called it the crackberry... because it was white like crack... and addictive

Why do people continue to keep saying the 9700 is the "high end business" model? Comparing it to the "cheap kiddy" Curve 8500, don't they have the same functionality? The differences would be in the camera and screen resolution and other physical characteristics? I'm pretty sure businessmen and woman don't really need to use the camera that much or having a super high resolution screen a neccesity. In conclusion. All these Blackberries have the same functions. They are all high end business phones to me. -_- the difference seem to be in your degree of PERSONAL use.

But i think the 9700 looks better in black, i really wish it didnt have those dam chrome line inbetween the keys.. like the 8900, but w.e.

I have had my white Bold 9000 for about 2.5 months already. It doesn't get as dirty as you think. Unless your some kind of construction worker or something this phone doesnt get as dirty as you thing. With a white phone you tend to treat it differently in terms of putting it certain places and letting people use it. Since I have had this phone it hasn't dropped and looks brand new still (Knock on wood). When people see it they are like "Wtf A white blackberry, where'd you get it?" haha its like a precious gem once you take care of it, it will do its job for you

Red would be nice, like when Rogers or was it AT&T featured the red 8320 curve! awesome ! but white is not my colour !

I currently have a Black Blackberry, with a White Incipio Feather Case on it and I think I prefer the Black and White case contrast. All the white on the keys looks very Feminine in my opinion, but a little white around the back it fly! LOL