BlackBerry Bold 9700 In White Now Available From Rogers

By Bla1ze on 14 May 2010 12:25 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9700 In White Now Available From Rogers

* Update from Kevin: Spent two hours running around my local Rogers dealers (Rogers Plus, Wireless Wave, Best Buy, Future Shop, etc.) trying to track down one of these wite babies for myself, but NO LUCK YET. It seems where I live they haven't arrived yet. Hopefully soon. Drop a comment if you find them or not. *

Kevin has been lusting over this device since it first started showing up. Now, everyone on Rogers can head on down to your local Best Buy or Future Shop and grab one. Typical pricing is at play here. $549.99 with no contract and $149.99 with a brand new 3 year. Nothing new to see hardware wise but we'll get you all some sexy glamour shots with a post later on. Take note though, not all stores may have stock but they are arriving.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 In White Now Available From Rogers


...the technology is there for a "white" trackpad. If you look closely at it, it's not even black. It's a dark transparent purple...

First thing I thought of. I wouldn't buy it just because of that. The trackpad looks dumb when everything else is white.

I haven't seen the result of earlier BBs in white, but I look at this and just imagine the schmutz that's going to show up on a white BB over time.

Meanwhile, if you've got nothing substantive to show users in the way of new product nor, heaven forbid, a recent OS that's available for updating current phones (thank you Rogers), I guess slapping a new colour on an 'older' product might distract users -

Ooh, look....white....hmmmm....

...prob'ly never have anything nice to say about anything. Always finding the negative. Debbie the downer...

I think the white looks nice. I would buy it if I didn't already have the black 9700. I think RIM giving the option to choose colors is a good idea. Not everyone is into the boring black. And the 9700 is hardly an old device.

He's right and not a 'debbie downer'. It's sad when RIM pulls this color crap after 6 months to prolong the life of a device. Why not bring it out at the same time. Sales eh? Sure, but those people will buy it no matter when it comes out. I think RIM does this when one of their quarters has nothing to show for in terms of new devices. But this time with a new Tour and Pearl coming they could have just timed this one whenever. Seems RIM is the only one who does this now.

I think the right thing for RIM to do would have been offering its loyal customers the option to purchase the same phone in different colors on the initial release date. If the company cared about giving the customers what they want, they'd make that option available from the get go, not release on color then 6 months later release another color.I like my black 9700 and have no complains but do feel for people who bought the black one not knowing there'd be a white one coming out. Doesn't make sens to have the same phone just in two 2 cents (275 more of my 2 cents posts and I can get the white 9700) Cheers!! Happy Monday!

Goodness you all are so harsh. I understand where he's coming from with the grime magnet, but also would like to say that I'd definitely NOT care about that because I'd LOVE a white Blackberry.

Just don't get it if you are not one to keep things in good condition.

Pretty smexy stuff I got black one but might be
cool to have a white one hmmmmm :)

I dig that Pimp white 9700!

Now if you get the White Bold 9700, then you can't just stop there playa. You gotta co-ordinate, get white snake skin shoes, white Levi's jeans, white blazer, white gold chain & bracelet ... now you straight pimpin'!

And there is NO technology for white trackpad ... show me 1 device using one on the market?! this might not have anything to do with the color of the phone but just wanna get this out there....the other day just before i picked up a bold 9000 (upgrade from my curve 8310) i had called rogers and asked them how much it would cost me to get the bold 9700, they told me $ this is what i dont get, at a rogers store they sell it for $649, online $549, over the phone $449. So if you plan on getting this phone call rogers first before you go out and drop $649 on it....and to somewhat relate this to the blog...the white looks great and i dont mind the black trackpad.

Wouldn't use it. I'm a mechanic and it would lose it's sexiness in less than a week if not immediately. Sticking to my 9000 Black

When is T-Mobile USA going to get it? I want one for my wife so she doesn't confuse hers with my black 9700.

I actually checked it out (dummy unit) at the mall today. looked really good. I also saw that Bell had a dummy phone of the pearl 9100 (but no idea when the real devices will hit the shelves). Rogers has a dummy unit of the 9100 as well... looks good! i really liked the white 9700 tho.. it's really nice.

I have had the Bold 9000 in white since it debuted in November/December with Rogers. I can happily say that it won't get dirty as easy as everyone thinks it might. Mine still looks like new and have had no problems with it aside from the keys paint chipped on letters such as O, P, D, A, etc with holes in the letters.

Rogers replaced it immediately and said it was an isolated case. Hopefully they solved it this time around, my replacement device has had no problems.

You don't need to be some baller with chains to have a white telephone. It's just a color after all.

Sadly, I can't justify an upgrade at this point

I actually like it. I think the black trackpad looks really nice. It would have been too much white on white otherwise. I think I would still stick with my black 9700.

I was at work and saw this post. Then I told my wife about it and she managed to get one from futureshop, 10 minutes after they arrived. Can't wait to see it in person tonight :)

I know some of the Crackberry folks are in Vancouver right, so this might helpful
The Futureshop in Lansdowne Centre in Richmond has 3 or so left. Got one for the Wife today and it's beautiful.