BlackBerry Bold 9700 in White Coming to Rogers?

Bold 9700 White
By Adam Zeis on 31 Mar 2010 09:56 am EDT

As was the case with the Bold 9000, it looks like our good friend the Bold 9700 will be made available in white as well. MobileSyrup has landed some Rogers intel that shows a white Bold 9700 may be on the way. The system is now showing the device listed as RIM 9700B/WR which hopefully means RIM 9700 Black/White Rogers. Still just some early specualting, but a Bold 9700 in white would look pretty spiffy. We'll try to do some more digging and see what we can find out. Would you buy a white Bold 9700? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: MobileSyrup

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 in White Coming to Rogers?


I have the Bold 9700, but my brother has the White 9000 and in a way I think his white 9000 looks better than my black 9700.

The white (well more like pearl) color really works well with the silver bands in the keyboard and the silver bezel.

White makes for a good "summer" berry...and summer is just around the corner. Will definitely buy a white 9700 for the summer and go back to black for winter.

i hope that's true because then i will so trade my in.
or at least i'll be able to get OEM white parts for it.

-crosses finger

Which is too bad. Yesterday I placed my online order with AT&T for a refurbished 9700 in black. Visually, I was drawn to the refurbished white 9000 but, seeing as they both were free, I had to go with the better performer.

My phone arrives tomorrow; I'm upgrading from a VZW Curve 8330 after a year, and my first BB. Yes, I'm excited! Sue me. :)

What I would like to see is a a white 9700 bearing the form factor/dimensions of the 9000 with the trackpad and internals of the 9700.

I was holding out for the BB Slider, but really needed a new phone (the 8330 was really lagging and require several Batt Pulls daily). Plus, I got the girlfriend an iPhone and my 8330 started to feel rally slow.

mmhh... I didn't like the white Bold 9000... I prefer the dark one! But imho the best BB design is still the 8300 Curve!! :D

White sounds slick. Getting 9700 through amazon's wireless store for att.

Fingers crossed for Taladega slider release date within 2 weeks, that would be the only thing changing my mind about 9700.

I would definitely pick this up. Always liked the white 9000 but it ccame out too late right when the 9700 came out. Hope this one comes out soon.