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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Video Overview

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2009 12:01 am EST

If you've been wanting to see how the BlackBerry Bold 9700 stacks up against its BlackBerry brothers and sisters (you can fight in the comments to which is which! lol) then you'll want to check out this one-take, no excuses video. I size up the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and from there we compare it to the BlackBerry Bold 9000, Curve 8900, Tour, Curve 8520, Pearl Flip, Storm2 and more...

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 really is an amazing little device. Components-wise, it represents the best of everything Research in Motion currently offers in a smartphone, and it packs it all into an extremly tight and lightweight package. The ultimate communication tool!



hahaha, you should of kept going down the line of blackberry devices, physically sizing them up against the 9700.


Kevin, you didnt tap the table at the end, like you do in all the other videos ...


I envy all the F'n phones you have. Could you give an estimate on how many newer BB's you actually have.


I'm on VZ and can't realisticly change to ATT (nor do I care to)
So my question is; would you say the Tour 2 is a resonable comparison to the 9700? I have an S1 and am thinking about possible upgrades :D
Thanks Kev!

Kevin Michaluk

Yeah, the Tour2 and Bold 9700 are pretty even.... 9700's processor is clocked a bit faster but not sure it's a noticeable change that much.

Coverage would be my decision maker...  AT&T or Verizon better where you are?


Kevin, any insight on why Rogers' 9700 doesn't have the red number text on the keys, like the 9000 did?


Definitaly VZW. I live in the N. Georgia mountians and AT&T is somewhat spotty. VZW has this area hands down. Thank you so much Kevin! Looks like I may swap my S1 out for the Tour 2!


try the storm 2 , im loving this thing. no more memory leaks . the screen is way better. like night and day.


You don't need all of those phones. So I politely ask may I have one? Anything besides the Pearl Flip Please, or the 8900 since I already have those 2 devices.

This seems reasonable, I look forward to doing business with you.


Kevin, you're hilarious.

Gotta love just how humbled you are.

"Ok, this is getting rediculous..."

SO many phones!!! Hahaha!


Kevin, great review!
A quick question: How close is the 9700 keyboard wrt to the 9000? I loved the nice "clicks" and depth of press in the latter, which sadly, I did not see in the tour. The keys in the tour seemed to be a bit too embedded IMO. Does the 9700 typing experience resemble the 9000 or tour?
Thanks - this may well be my first BB, and so I am excited!


should have pulled out the ancient BBs too!


Table tap kevin dont forget lol
Any Idea when OS 5 goes official for the other devices?


Being a little bit bigger than the others made it Bold, I think is was a big mistake to make it smaller, id anything make is slim


Should I stay with at&t and get the Bold2/9700 or wait and switch to Verizon for the Tour2?!!! There's more Verizon 3G coverage in my area!! But I don't want to wait!! That Bold 9700 is sleek as hell!!!


Had to show the essex!. Do you plan to do any tour/tour2 comparison videos?


*coughshowoffcough* ;)


Panerai on rubber strap, nice.

Good review too. I wonder how the smaller keyboard and it's keys touching the edge of the phone feel/work versus the old Bold?


Props to RIM, lets hope this works as well as expected.

Really wanting to try that track pad out.

WiFi makes me jealous, damn VZW and the Tour!


Some people like the larger size of the bold, so why not keep the size the same, seems kind of stupid to make it look just like the 8900 (minus trackball) same size. Give people a choice in size rim. I think I will try to find an unlocked storm 2!!!


Was BY FAR the most entertaining one to date. Funny and practical! Thanks!!!


You need to give up that Tour2.


Awesome video, definitely made my day a lot more entertaining. What's up with AT&T not announcing it? I'd love to upgrade to the 9700, but i'm a little frustrated with AT&T. Does anyone have an idea of when we'll be able to get this phone on AT&T?


What no side by side with the Pearl 8100! I guess the pearl is now the ugly red headed step child in the bb family. HAHAHA j/k. I happen to like all the side by sides, don't apologize. Thanks Kevin


I know that original Bold owners (some of them) will still state that the 9000 is better than the 9700. I doubt that but size does matter. When you talk about everthing else, size is really the only thing that does matter. The 9700 is a great device!


I'm not sure i agree with that. If anything I think most Bold users (myself included) will be very happy to see the 9700. The majority of the performance functionality is the same in both units. The screen resolution is a plus, and added memory is also a plus. Also, the battery life is what will push most Bold users in to getting the 9700. Personally i can't wait for AT&T to announce their release date. Smaller isn't always better, but i'm sure a lot of people will enjoy that.


A little more memory, and a trackpad instead of a trackball.
Big deal!

The screen is smaller.

And you gotta be kidding me by saying the 9700 SD slot is in a better location than the 9000.

Micro is just a way of getting everyone to buy new accessories. I have about 10 Mini USB cables around my house. Makes it very easy to connect different devices around the house. Now I will need a Micro USB cable. This is just to put $$$ in their pocket. No improvement at all!


The first and obvious advantage is the smaller size, which allows for sleeker, sexier devices. Secondly, the micro USB is more durable than the mini USB connector. A micro USB features a stainless-steel shell to allow for over 10,000 insertion cycles, as well as a latching mechanism that provides higher extraction forces without sacrificing the USB’s ease-of-use for synching and charging your portable devices. Another benefit to this new connector type is that the micro USB specification will support the USB OTG supplement, a technology that was invented to meet the need for portable devices to communicate directly with each other without the assistance of a computer. It allows you to easily transfer, print, or share your documents, songs, and photos while using low power features that will help preserve battery life.



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can i watch movei on this cool phone? which is the best format for it? is there any good movie site to offer movie in blackberry movie?

how about this one?