BlackBerry Bold 9700 Showing Off Alongside White BlackBerry Bold 9000 In AT&T Systems

By Bla1ze on 29 Sep 2009 08:15 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9700 Showing Off Along Side White BlackBerry Bold 9000 In AT&T Systems

Just in case one piece of "Bold" information wasn't enough for ya's Boy Genius dropped some information about two Bolds that are now appearing in AT&T systems. First up, as if it was unexpected-- the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is now listed and all that's really left is the waiting game for this one. Devices are ready to rock and roll for most if not all carriers that will be launching.

Next on the list, the white BlackBerry Bold 9000 that has been showing up in quite a few places as of late. Seems RIM has developed a fascination with white devices as they will also be launching a 8520 in all white in the next little while. That's it for now folks, who is getting these devices? Does anyone really want a white Bold? 

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Showing Off Alongside White BlackBerry Bold 9000 In AT&T Systems


Though it really depends on the Storm 2. Since both the new Bold and the Storm are coming to AT&T, I'll have to play with them both a bit and do a little homework.

I never though shopping for a phone would be fun. :)

While I would like the Storm 2 to come to AT&T I believe AT&T already said it was not coming. I hope I am wrong since I am already using a 9530 on AT&T and might switch to Verizon for the Storm 2 but I thought I read that somewhere. In fact the only place I heard AT&T and the Storm 2 mentioned together was in those videos and I think he is confused he sees a gsm Storm and assumes AT&T when he should be thinking Vodaphone or whatever it is in Europe.

I hope the Storm 2 makes it to AT&T.. if not, then the choice is made for me since I'm not planning to leave AT&T. I know people can't stand them, but they work out great where I am, and getting a notable discount thanks to my job is a plus. :)

Is there an estimated time for the 9700 Bold and Storm 2 to come to ATT? I figured with them being in the system it shouldn't be too long..

Maybe a "Black Friday" release?

Oh yess im soooo feeling a bold in white,I think it would look crazyyyyy im defo getting one when it comes out!

...the Bold 9700 advancing from training to showing up in AT&T systems...nice!

ETA? I think early November is the consensus for AT&T, late October for Rogers.

Wouldn't it be funny if it came out on 11/4, the same date as the Bold 9000 did last year. :D

I constantly read this forum all the time- but this is the first Im hearing that the storm 2 is coming to at&t. this is a fact?

No...I would NOT want a white device...of any kind. It'd look like I was carrying around a feminine napkin.

I would say its something for the ladies!
Just got my gf the black 8520; wish i waited!
Vodafone have all been told storm 2 is coming out with them but have no release date; Im guessing end of Oct.
As foe the Bold; I want one!!!

I would go with the white Bold, I als wouldn't mind having the 9700. Not sure if it's true but is something coming to gsm that is touchscreen top, touchpad, and Bold style keyboard. The Magnum I have heard thrown around??? Anything??