BlackBerry Bold 9700 On 'In Plain Sight' - Can You Spot the Errors?

By Adam Zeis on 23 Apr 2010 10:50 am EDT

I'm always on the lookout to try and find a BlackBerry when I watch TV. Last night I was excited to find a Bold 9700 at the end of In Plain Sight. Sure we could just post a screencap, say how cool it was since most shows use an old Curve 83xx or maybe a Bold 9000 at best, but this time we're throwing in a little fun. If you watch the video above, you can see there is a semi-fake call screen and then a shot of the homescreen. If you have a keen eye you'll notice quite a few inconsistencies between the two. We can assume the "call screen" is really just a Photoshop that was tweaked a bit, but its still not accurate. Watch the video and see what you can spot. Hit the jump to see if you found everything I did (and if I missed anything be sure to leave a comment and let us know).

On incoming call screen:

  • No phone number shows under "Faber"
  • Answer/Ignore on screen are inaccurate
  • No carrier network is displayed

On homescreen:

  • Battery is in the red (on call screen it was 100%)
  • Device is in SOS (on call screen service bar was full)
  • Call screen shows one missed call and one email, homescreen only shows voicemail icon and NOT a missed call (but it should)
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BlackBerry Bold 9700 On 'In Plain Sight' - Can You Spot the Errors?


He just had a screenshot opened of an edited storm call screen in the native media app. He presses the end button to show the actual homescreen. The homescreen is not photoshopped and there's no errors there (maybe a negligent BB owner.. Low battery with att service I'm guessing),
I used to screw with people and zonasnap their homescreen and set it as their background.. They Would never know if they had to charge their battery or how much service they really have.
The yellow blinking light if from the low battery.

Incoming call screen shows full battery life; 1 email; 1 missed call; full signal; GPS signal; Storm buttons on the bottom; there is a yellow blinking light and not the normal red for missed calls; and missing digits

Home screen red battery indicator; Low Battery is written; 1 voice mail message (what happened to the email and missed call?); no date; SOS signal strength; no GPS indicator and WiFi is now on

Did anyone else notice that it looked like he touched the screen itself? I guess he could have been hitting the end button lower on his thumb, but watch again and see if it doesn't look like he's pressing on the screen.

Idk what's wrong with that 1 but I have a bold9700 and it is pretty good at everything....battery life is excellent...I work in remodeling houses and listen to music almost all 8 hours and by the end of the day battery is half way down.. Everything works fine all the problems you fine on that ^ 1 mine doesn't have...every once in a while I get a droped call but that's it. 8:38PM?

Looks like it. Clearly looking out the window...EAST or WEST coast it's too bright to be 8:38pm.

This is just TOO funny! Ok, wow it really shows that we are blackberry-geeks who look at a screenshot and find what wrong in the picture. WUHUUU and THEN he puts the device on the desk with the SCREEN FACING DOWN

When he's putting the 9700 back on the table, the screen looks like he's in an app, not the homescreen.

Woooooow, I want to know the name of the editor. He sucks!!!

LOLLLLL that's so true and the keyboard lighting looks blue..... it doesnt even look like a blackberry anymore once he drops down the phone lol

Law & Order is the BEST show to for BB sightings, they all use BlackBerry, and it even makes it a point to show the BB logo on the front of the screens... makes me think they have some kind of deal setup with them...

The last one I saw, the victim had an iPhone... I'm just saying.

The iPhone victim was actually a popular iPhone blogger...forgot her name at the moment. Pretty cool. Now all we need is for Kevin to be a victim with his BB!

At 0:15 you can see that the icon in the middle (which does not exist for a 9700) says 'Ringer Off' even though the phone is clearly ringing!

The biggest problem.. he wasn't using OS6 ;) nor did it have the CB Podcast app on the homescreen. DUH!! (kidding).

Watch “Cougar Town” on ABC7 WEDNESDAYS 9:30|8:30c
Courtney Cox uses a BB 9000. Every episode I’ve seen (only a few), they seem to purposely show the BB 9000 right in front of the screen…lol

There are a lot of BB's on psych. Mostly pearls. In the episode with John Cena he had a BB in an otterbox defender I believe.

They all use Sprint phones (early episodes there were Storms in the mix, now the main characters all have Palms and it has become painfully obvious that there is a deal with Sprint, because it has been made a point to show "Sprint" front and center when a phone rings). Anyway, I'm not sure what phone the main character's wife was using, although I think it was some kind of a Samsung, I dunno as I'm on Verizon, but it sure wasn't a BB, and her screen was that of a BB Storm when she was receiving an incoming call. This was last week's episode (April 15) and I had to pause and come back and check it out, just to make sure I wasn't on crack.

That second incoming call screen shot shows a full battery icon albeit with "Low Battery"; then as soon as he hits ignore, the battery icon is suddenly fully discharged.

I hope I never get a call from this guy Faber.

Are you guys SERIOUS? Is the poster that obsessed that he actually took the time to note the differences of the phone? It's a FREAKING phone........STOP THE INSANITY!!! Get a life and find something more productive to write about. I'm also a bigger jerk for writing about this....but I had to put my 2 cents in.

Wow is it really that important?! Who cares what phones they use. Oh wait, Flashpoint uses bb storm and I noticed that in the first episode but I don't care. Maybe the editor was jus messin around with yall and did that on purpose cuz he knew some bb geeks would point it out right away lol.

This clip has taught me that not answering your phone kills your battery. Better not screen calls anymore!!

I don't own a 9700 but shouldn't there still be the BB dots,
or Edge or 3G. WOW! what a crap signal. pays not to hang up the phone. surprised the call came in with zero bars!

i hate how shows improperly misuse phones. seriously? no battery, no sim card? then you show us that. LOL ; then the call interface was of a storm.

The incoming call screen also shows "Ringers Off" in between the answer/ignore icons.
The home screen shows the device is in vibrate, not ringers off (silent).
Both screens are wrong since the device clearly rings during the scene.
Hollywood, right.

Mary used a 9000 last season...didn't notice if she upgraded this season. Still have all the episodes on TiVo - haven't caught up yet.

its obvious that he was on at&t's carrier. he got the call on full signal, then the call dropped when he wanted to pick up because on the homescreen he has no signal. simple as that, he shoulda gone with t-mobile...

This is such a stupid post. Most times on TV shows they'll not be accurate at all with cell phone use. I mean on Heroes they were using Instincts and you don't see me bitching about an end call sound that is non existent in the real phone. Its not important at all. Its entertainment.

Who really cares? How sad of a life does someone have to have to sit & watch 1 part in a tv show over & over again to notice things that are so stupid. Anyone wanna know what I was doing instead of looking for lame flaws like this? I was having sex with my girlfriend like a normal person. I was NOT obsessing over a phone hahaha.

I live in Albuquerque where the show is shot. Maybe I should approach the producers and be a BB continuity editor for the show!

but since i noticed something, i'll join in. phones clearly ringing, when he hangs up, profile is set to vibrate :)

**just noticed someone else was quicker than me, ah well**

Obviously none of you have a life for caring over these stupid inconsistencies! its just a stupid show!

he doesnt have weak signal when he leaves the call screen.. it says Off and you can barely make out the red X next to the signal tower icon.