BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Officially Released By Bell Mobility

BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Officially Released By Bell Mobility
By Bla1ze on 24 Dec 2009 01:02 pm EST

I guess Bell Mobility was in the giving spirit this morning. Previously. we have seen many OS leaks for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and now, we have an official build of arrive with it never having seen a leak. Grab it folks, let us know in the comments if you find any fixes or bugs and let us all hope it maintains that awesome battery life.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS Officially Released By Bell Mobility


Oh man! I just installed the 415 OS on my wifes Bold today! LOL! Well, looks like its gettin some more lov'in today! Thanks for the update!

Just downloaded the last AT&T official a couple of weeks ago but definitely will be doing this one when I get home.

Merry Christmas!

Hopefully this release fixes the SMS problems, but somehow I doubt it, it's too close to 421 and doesn't even include the new messenger.

You have to delete the "vendor.xml" file if you want to install an OS from a different carrier than yours. For example, if you are on AT&T and you are using OS but want to use this one from Bell, you must delete the file or your device will not recognize this version.

After installation of the OS to your PC, go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader, delete the file before connecting your device and you're good to go...

thanks for the info, however, I've installed at least 5 different OS's from different carriers since I got the phone on the release date and never deleted the vendor files and my phone has functioned properly.

I went ahead and deleted the vendor file this time and well, it works as well as the other times. I'll continue to do so, just in case anyway.



You must also disconnect from the Internet or it'll check and see that AT&T hasn't released this OS (or whatever carrier you're on).

if any bell users already tried it out, does it fix the BBM delays? (not related to the outage)

Are you still experiencing delays today? Did you upgrade to the newest BBM? I have found that BBM has been faster than ever the last two days with the upgraded BBM.

I upgraded to the newest BBM right when it came out (during the outage), and it seemed to work pretty quickly for most of the day yesterday, and then it started having the delays again..

I'm not sure if the OS update fixed the delay though, I haven't used BBM yet since upgrading

edit: looks like the delay is still there

All I want is threaded just doesn't make sense not to have it. Most people I know don't have a blackberry so I don't use BBIM as much as I txt. It sucks butt. Why can't they offer an upgrade to our native sms that does this???

This is one of the best firmware for 9700. All works on mine and a big big plus, it contains inputs for East Asia language, i.e. Chinese (multiple), Japanese, Korean and Thai. I have 9700 running running previously with .344. I am with TMO and UMA does work without any issue ;-)


i'm waiting because i don't want to have any problems. i want to update OTA and not have to delete any vendor files. hmmph. lol

even though it says east asia there this is a english usa option or will this only be in east asia language?

English is always the default language, you have to select the other languages if you want them.

I am a Bell client and I am excited to finally have an official release...I tried to dl the leaked os (.421) without any luck....I will report back and advise how .423 performs. Hopefully it resolves some of the audio issues many Bell/Telus clients are having (robotic, gargled calls).

Has anyone who downloaded and installed this version checked to see if the option to show recent contacts when composing email is back in the messages options?

YES i just got that same problem, i downgraded to the original OS that shipped with my 9700 and it fixed the issue, but the issue with the name not appearing is still there but i use the work around

tried to install on my tmo 9700. currently running .415 says my software is newer than needed and offers to just install older version

go to program files\common files\rim\apploader\
delete the vendor.xml
Restart your BDM and update will start

It's much smaller than T-Mo's official. I am curious if it actually gives us something. I have outgrown upgrading for upgrading's sake - don't get me wrong, I understand the excitement of getting a new OS and all that, but it isn't the same anymore for me. Remember when the 4.5 showed up and we got video and HTML email and all the improvements? Heady days to say the least.

So, what does .423 offer?

Is it only on my bb or this bb icon thing has gone?
Before there was an icon to show BIS is active.
Although you got 3G reception sometimes you
couldn't connect to BIS before I don't know why.
But I realised with this update I do not need
that icon should be active to get my messages.

Fixed the sms bug, now name is associated with the number.
Fixed the blutooth wireless and audio transfert problem.
Change option for grouping sms mms and email.
Also added french canadian for voice composition.
I love this update Thx !!!

it creates one conversation for all SMS messages beside all incoming SMS are taking the first SMS sending ID. any clue ?

Now... this update has a Voice dialing bug... it frezzes when you press button... Has you noted this?

I cannot seem to install the "BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS" using BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac or the Desktop Manager for PC. I installed the "
BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS" on the PC and it doesn't seem to recognize that I have installed it.

Any suggestions for Mac or PC ?

Thanks in Advance,

I believe visual voice mail is going to be offered for $8.00 a month. Don't forget to add in the blended sales tax to bring it to more than $9.00.
More than I'm willing to pay.

It was just a download which then checks to see if it's already on your plan. I'm a bit shocked Bell didn't juice me and make me find out the hard way!

I was wondering if anybody found out if it was worth upgrading? Is any big change or should i just wait for t-mo to come out with a new firmware.

That issue is probably only with ur device...Both my left and right convenience key works without any issues.

i deleted the vendor.xml file and it still is telling me "no software update is required for your device"

I dislike the image viewer in the media... My pictures are not crisp as my 9700 usually displays them to be :( if it bothers me too much, I'll just end up downgrading or something... That's my only complaint though.

I am having the same problem. When I press 1, it would make the pictures more cripsy like it was with the old OS. I've tried renaming it, so it can save that crisp state but it won't work. Help, please!

I'm on tmob every other call I have I get a dropped call... I think its mainly due to the 3G on tmob... Cause when I switch to 2G I don't have dropped calls but then I have super slow internet... Does this update fix the 3G problem and the drop call problem for tmob? Thanks guys!

When i change the wallpapers, it changes the homescreen but not the app screen. Then, whichever wallpaper I have for the homescreen becomes the wallpaper for the app screen when i change themes. anybody else have this problem?

Hi - just started the update and everything was running fine - got to a point in the RESTORE DEVICE DATA where it does not seem to move anymore in the sections DATABASE: BBGroups. So far the process has taken 28mins, what should I do, discount and restart the process?

Couldn't get the DM to launch the update. After downloading the new OS I opened the DM and connected my BB. The DM looked for latest software updates but it did not show the new OS as an option. Now what?

I downloaded the firmware and installed. It still does not let me type in Japanese (Romaji input)! I know we have issue with Japanese input with Bold 9700.
Was anyone successful? If so, please let me know how you got it.