BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Live On The Rogers Website!

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Live On Rogers Site
By Bla1ze on 3 Nov 2009 12:59 am EST

Time has come for all you Canadian wannabe 9700 owners. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 has just gone live on the Rogers website at the price we stated a few days ago. $299.99 and 3 yrs of your life is all it will take to get you the hottest new BlackBerry. What are you all waiting for? Go, Go, Go!

Thanks Garz!

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Live On The Rogers Website!


Really want to get my frist bb as well. Really want a storm 2 but if I dont hear something soon may have to get this

Why is Rogers so ahead of AT&T on this one? I know RIM's a canadian company and all but AT&T easily can outsell them in a larger market. ugh..

hahah, that among many other things. Sweet, I went right to at&t's site to check to see if it's there. Damnit oh well a week will fly by. I'm getting this to replace my personal and turning the Bold into a dedicated work line.

IF I didnt JUST a few hours ago use my moms upgrade for a htc magic android phone. lol, no worries though, BlackBerry wouldn't suit her. Now as for *my* upgrade in a year and a halfs time, only time will tell.

ATT should be in the next 2 weeks, they arent much behind

Hope the full price here isnt $600, thats pretty steep.

It most likely will be close to that price out of contract. Same as the Bold when it was first dropped. I'm wondering if they are going to have a drop for the black Friday deal here on at&t.

I feel like many people are missing this: $599CAD is about US$556.3512 which still is higher than the rumored prices in the US but not that bad in Canada.

damn it, why is the at&t version still not released!!!I'm using my old old n76 for almost 2 weeks now after selling my iphone3gs waiting for this phone to come out. I can't stand life using EDGE!!!

No device is NOT compatible with T-Mobile on many levels. T-Mobile 3G runs on different bands and Rogers version is UMA-less.

If you click on the link on the Rogers website that lists all TalkSpot compatible phones, you will see that the 9700 is onw of the listed.

So they are enabling UMA on the 9700!!


This was as of 10:20 am. As of 10:25, the 9700 is no longer appearing.... WTF?

Update 2:

Did some more research, and depending on how you search, it will/will not appear on the list of TalkSpot supported phones. I've got a screen shot if it listed as a TalkSpot phone, will post in the 9700 Forum.

Just checked on Rogers's site and ot looks like someone botched the posting on their website. In the french section it is listed as a "BlackBerry Curve 9700". Then if you try to add it to your cart using the phone and plan 3yr term (either in french or english), you get to a listing of the available plan which is empty, clicking on the "View all" link does nothing.

Nice job...

Is it confirmed this is UMA-less?

I've gone ahead and ordered mine online - but I cannot see UMA listed anywhere.

I'll take the Bold 9000 over this phone any day. This phone looks boring and not BOLD at all. The original Bold made a statement. This looks pretty much like the rest of the bunch that have been released recently.

People have to stop being sheep and getting something just because it's the newest thing out there. If it's your first BB, sure, go ahead and buy it. But if you want to "upgrade" from a previous gen phone like the Bold 9000, don't bother.

Not valid at all. This phone does scream Bold, the only reason it doesn't to you is because you have seen the current Bold. The trackpad and the slimmer design alone are just a couple reasons I'm picking this up to replace my Bold.

Wow 3 yr contract with a price of $300??..geez you guys get royally screwed over the pond...theres no way id sign up for a 3 yr contract in all honesty although here in the UK they have started with 2 yr contracts now...which i think is ridiculous.

What makes me shocked is that they still want $300 when at 3 yrs you should be getting the phone for free but then i admit i dont know how your contracts work over there. Here in the UK the more we spend on line rental etc the cheaper the phone becomes...i imagine thats the same for you guys over the pond??

Good thing im buying this offline here in the UK for £400...that way im not tied into some long contract.

Spawn12, we Canadian's get ours handed to us. Our plans I thought were okay, until I learned in the US they have *unlimited* data plans. Unlimited? What is this nonsense, Lol.

I pay around 70 dollars for basic features and 500mb data. Sure they dropped the "system access fee" but they make up for it in other forms, by jacking up plans $5.00 and adding a "regulatory govt. fee".

Maybe I should move to the Uk, Lol.

We do get screwed over in Canada. That's because there is no competition for the big three (Rogers, Telus and Bell). There's Virgin Mobile, Fido and Koodo but they are all owned by Bell, Rogers and Telus respectively. There was a newcomer by the name of Wind Mobile that looked to give the big three serious competition. Wind Mobile would have been a fourth major player in the Canadian wireless market. They won the auction for wireless spectrum space and were approved by Industry Canada but the CRTC so far has denied them. The CRTC denied them because they were 65% foreign owned but it's ok for Bell, Telus and Rogers to have call centers over in India? The CRTC is useless and needs to be dissolved.

Canada is so far behind other countries in terms of wireless penetration and pricing. Canada is the only country to have 3 year wireless contracts.

I think $299 for a 3 year contract is ridiculous and $499 for a 2 year contract?!?!?!? Completely ridiculous! But what's more ridiculous is that the Bold 9000, while it's retail price is higher, the contract price is lower at $249 for 3 years. What gives Rogers?

Rogers, Bell and Telus have had an oligopoly for too long and there needs to be some serious competition from other providers.

I just ordered an 8900 online which should be here Friday! I couldn't wait, and 3G/trackpad really didn't excite me all that much (even when I used 3G for my iPhone). Upgrading from 8310 to 8900 is a big leap ahead. But for those who want to buy them, why would Rogers price the 'old bold' at $649, and the Curve 8900 and Bold 9700 at the same price of $599? I'm sure they'd say the new bold is 'worth much more than $599', but honestly - drop your friggin prices Rogers! I paid less for a brand new HP laptop than that! Let's hope for a little more pricing wars to heat up between the providers.

Just ordered mine from the Rogers website. Now to sit by the mailbox waiting for that exciting parcel to arrive!

I can confirmed that it is released and available. Just placed my order over the phone and Rogers rep. They were shocked to see it release as it was supposed to be released 04/11/09. Should get it shipped to my door in 2 days!

Hopefully they arrive in stores today so I can pick it up!!!! Called at like 9:03am and was put on the waiting list, only one person ahead of me!!

Just ordered mine from!!! Says delivery in 3-7 business days so hopefully they're right! Can't wait to get my hands on the 3G, Trackpad version of my 8900! haha

Final sale price after taxes was $677.99 CAD in case anyone is wondering.

wow, u dudes are RICH to be spending $678 to upgrade your 8900's to the latest toy. for arguements' sake, does rogers even allow upgrades in the 12-month window? i'm asking cuz i upgraded to the 8900 last dec when it debuted in or will i hafta take a second mortgage before robbers even considers me for this bad boy...EH?

Yes, you can do an upgrade after 1year! I just placed my order over the phone with a rep... got the phone for $349 with a $50 mail-in rebate ($299 after rebate). He said they haven't implemented the 2yr for hardware upgrade but it might be soon. so do your upgrade now before its too late =) I'll be seeing my new toy in 3-5 business days!!!

I don't know if rogers does like at&t but if you have a base rate of $80/month or more for your voice you get a new upgrade once a year. Example I have a family plan 1400 min with a primary line of $80, I upgrade once a year. My two add a lines upgrade every 20 months. Our plan is set up that we don't have to wait too long for a new phone because sooner than later a line is ready. Can't wait for at&t to get this beast.

I just got off the phone and they won't do it because the upgrade policy changed. It changed August 21, 2009. I'm not sure who told you it hasn't changed.

I agree with everybody on here that Rogers F***ED their existing customers with their upgrade policies. I was eligible on August 22 and they changed it August 21. One day before I was eligible and they wouldn't budge. I've already made 2 formal complaints about this and their reply was "we sent you a notice". Big F'IN deal. You gave me no choice except to cancel my plan. F*** ROGERS!!!! Evertime I turn around they have changed their policies to further screw their existing customers. Yes, I realize they give me a new phone whenever I upgrade but they also get me for another 3 years. It's a give and take. They wanted to charge me $800 for an iPhone!!! Does that stupid thing really cost that much??? That's a F***IN joke.

I found a rep that bent the rules. I got a nice new 9700 being delivered for a cool $299 plus $35 admin. AMAZING!!!

A little while back, Rogers proceeded to F*CK it's customers over even more by changing the upgrade eligibility time from 12-months to 24-months for all smartphones.

Ordered mine's at 8 in the morning...
Rep told me that they have delayed the launch date to 04/November... but she placed my order and said it will be shipped asap it will be launched and i'll recieve my tracking number via Email..... once its shipped...

Waiting for my Tracking Number Now....

***** EDITED *****

Recieved email @3:00PM that its been shipped with the Tracking number...but unable to track bcoz UPS SUCKS

doesnt really matter what os it comes with 90% of you all are are gona upgrade anyway including me lol

why do all the reps tell ppl different things? the one i spoke too said hardware upgrade after 1yr is still allowed and the 2yr has yet to be implemented! He gave me the device upgrade for $299 after rebate... i've had the bold9000 since it was release and that was just 14 months ago...

I am intrigued as to why someone would "upgrade" a Bold 9000 to a Tour...I mean Bold 9700. What major changes between the two would prompt you to fork over $300 to "upgrade". They both do exactly the same thing, OS is the same. Higher megapixel camera? The MP doesn't matter so much as the quality of the lens. Smaller form factor? Less appealing to me. The 9000 was dramatically different from the other BBs when it came out, the 9700 looks the same as the others. Same CPU. The 9700 has double the ROM but only 256MB internal storage whereas the 9000 has 1GB internal storage. The specs on the two phones are virtually identical save the points I have given. So is the 9700 truly an "upgrade" to the current Bold? No.

I completely agree with you. I had a Bold 9000 before the screen started to malfunction which moved me back to my 8310. At first I was waiting to upgrade to the 9700 but now that I have seen the price difference between the Bold 9000 (Currently $99 on a 3 year plan) and the 9700 I just went ahead and ordered the 9000 again.

However, we do all have different priorities and to some the lastest and greatest is what floats their boat.

First of all...nope OS is not Same....might look same but there are really some nice changes.....

Small Form Factor...Less Appealing to me too..but thats what the demand is ....

Double the ROM huge benefit..try installing OS 5.0 on bold and like 4 Apps...u'll have like 10 mb free... which is $HIT...

as for 256 mb memory..8GB sd card cost 20 dollars...if someone can spend 300-600 on a phone can't he spend extra 20 bucks....

y didn't u counted the best features.. because u know u can't afford one... and kind of jealous that people are getting it..

Best Resolution EVER....
More Codecs supported for media...
Better Bluetooth
Way Better Battery Life..... these are the few ones to name
and for people who has not used BOLD before ...y don't u search google and try to find...bold speakerphone volume low, or bold speakerphone problem.... which clearly say...BOLD speakerphone dies soon... i had to replace 3 BOLD's in 8 months....
and also try putting BOLD Batter COver problem...u'll know what i'm talking abt....
just these two problems are the worst and MADE ME SWITCH TO BOLD....


and now answer to ur question....
is it worth Upgrading....
i guess most people agree with me then U

First of all, OS 5.0 on Bold 9000 isn't the same as OS 5.0 on Bold 9700? Ummm, yes it is!

Second of all, please learn how to write intelligently before posting a comment. For example, it's spelled YOU not U. You can't take the time to type two extra letters? Or use proper punctuation?

One more thing. The Bold 9700 does not deserve to be called a Bold. Does it look Bold? No. The current line of BlackBerrys are homogeneous. Anyway, the 9700 is not the true successor to the Bold, that phone is still in development, codenamed BlackBerry Magnum which is now the BlackBerry Dakota. It is supposed to replace the Bold as the flagship BlackBerry.

The 1gig internal storage in the 9000 means nothing. slip in a 16 or 32gig micro sd... the important memory is the 256MB of flash memory that the 9700 has. This is the memory that runs your OS and all applications... on the 9000 there is only 128! after the OS is installed... the 9000 only has around 30mbs left to run apps. after a day of use, depending on how many different apps you run on phone, it will be left with 10mb or less. below 10mb, you will notice that your phone is now lagging and the hour glass is popping up. you then have to reboot your phone! (soft or battery pull) rebooting every day or two and dealing with the lag gets rather annoying.

Every blackberry that came after the 9000 came with 256MB flash mem... these devices have hmm about 133mb left after the OS is installed.. so you have a lot more room to install more apps and run more apps at the same time! try pulling 10 apps on the 9000 and run half of those apps at the same time... see how fast your phone lags and require memory cleaning or a reboot.

think of it like your laptop or desktop... 2gigs of ram vs 4 gigs of ram on a vista machine makes a HUGE difference when you are multi tasking. same thing on the berry... IMO, this is the most important upgrade between the 9000 and the 9700. then there is the trackpad, better camera... the smaller form factor tho.. i would have to agree that the smaller screen is a downgrade. But with the smaller screen, the 9700 battery life lasts 25% longer.

yes.. I truly believe that the 9700 is an upgrade.

is everyone getting it from futureshop or something? I can't wait too want to just walk into a retail store. but which one? lol

...for some reason in their system it was showing $499 :s
Spoke to a great rep from the business support and he had it all adjusted. $299 and should arrive by Friday :D

I have gotten a new BB every year from Rogers and I always get it for the HUP price. Just remember, no mater what the CSR tells you, they are wrong.

Don't you love threatening to cancel?
2nd Save HUP in 6 months hahaha
Sold the 8900 today for 350...ordered the Bold 2 for 299

life without a BB sucks laaaarge doesn't it people?

Just got mine ordered! Rogers sales rep told me that it would be $625 as my hardware upgrade isn't available until December. I said 'you're telling me its cheaper to switch to bell and get the phone for $299?' He said 'no, let me get a customer relations rep for you.' After a 10 minute chat, my order was placed ($299 + admin) and I am still eligible for my December '09 upgrade! Glad I didn't have to switch to bell! Can't wait to throw this 8100 into lake huron before the ice atarts to form! Wish I had it for my US trip tomorrow. Wouldn't mind showing it off to some yank friends.

This device will be available for both Bell and Telus. Bell in particular is launching their new HSPA+ system Nov 4th. It'd also be good to know that they have a promotional pricing of $229.95 on a 3 year with data until November 19th. Looks like Bell is the cheapest of the bunch. :)

I got a hold of the shipment today and I must say, the 9700 is a clean device and the optical trackpad is definitely something worth trying.

i still have two years left with fido

should i port into rogers?

i was thinking of selling my bold now, port into rogers for new 3Yr term so basically an extra year, get the bold for 99 sell that off and along with the money i get for my personal bold i can just purchase bold 2 and full price and still make money? or should i forget all the hassle and just port and get it at 299?

Just got mine 9700, awesome device!
Does anyone know where i can find the device software?
I want to add/remove certain features.
Blackberry site just offers 4.x version


Bell has listed the 9700 on their own website for $229.95 for a 3-Year term as well. This is 20%+ less than Rogers on the same term.

Personally, if you are a current Bold 9000 owner, and you have looked after your device well, so it is in cosmetically good shape, you can sell it for around $300 on eBay, then add in the $300 you would have spent on Rogers for the 3-Year term, and buy the phone without a contract, then unlock it, and woopa you can choose either Telus or Bell, whoever gives you the better deal.

I did get a chuckle when I noted that the Rogers detail page for the 9700 lists it as the Curve™ 9700. Screencap on my blog here