BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available From AT&T!

By Bla1ze on 22 Nov 2009 10:47 am EST
BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available From AT&T!

Go get it folks! The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is now up on the AT&T website, right on schedule. Pricing details were previously known but for as a reminder the break down is as follows:

  • No contract – $449.99
  • 2 Year Contract -$299.99 reduced w/MIR to $199.99

AT&T now requires you to have a data plan with the device purchase so keep that in mind folks, as that is at least another $30. But really, if you are a BlackBerry user you likely already have a data plan on your account.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available From AT&T!


..mine since the 17th, no big deal.

Got it for $199 with no MIR, no big deal.

Got it over-nighted, no big deal.

I have to wait until my upgrade in Jan. and then I'll get it! Maybe by the time I get it, any bugs they have may be fixed. :)

The commenters over at Engadget seem to think the phone is going for $50 in-store, and will be $0 on Friday in-stores. Can anyone confirm this? I was planning on ordering mine online, but if it's only $50 at the store then I'll go grab one there.

Also, they're claiming you can call and order this for $200 - no MIR. Can anyone confirm this?

One of the Engadget commenters confirmed this: the phone is $50 on contract in AT&T stores. Another commenter also mentioned that he got an even better deal since he's been with AT&T for almost five years.

Confirmed. $150+tax out the door, $50 after $100 rebate. Also, I was told that I could use the rebate immediately in-store to purchase $100 worth of accesories. The catch was it needed to be at the time of purchase and I had to use the entire $100 which would have been easy if I needed a BT headset but otherwise I would have had to buy stuff I did not need.

A great deal either way.

at the ATT store in Woodbrige Center Mall in Woodbridge NJ. Was not sure whether I was going to get the 9700 but when I heard this price I couldn't say no. Had the chance to spend the $100 rebate right away but it had to be then and all $100, so opted for the rebate.

Must be a Jersey thing because I was also not sure until I heard this deal. I was torn as to whether it was worth it to upgrade from my Bold 9000 but with this deal it became an easy decision.

I have been waiting for this to come to AT&T since the first rumors of this phone! I'm really excited to get it, but would like to touch and feel it first. Do AT&T stores have it on demo yet?

Sorry but this phone worthless without UMA-unless there's no way around it, jumping ship to tmo is the right play. I couldn't be happier...and I used to be att

I ordered mine on the 17th. I wasn't due for an upgrade till November of 2010 but after doing a little bit of hassling, they decided to upgrade me now and on top of it all they gave me an additional $100 credit to my account because I threatened to leave to T-Mobile.

FYI to anyone waiting to get it, on Black Friday Wirefly is offering it for $0 for new contracts and $30 for an upgrade.

you might want to head over to lets talk where they have it for 10 bucks with a new plan and around 75 on upgrade.....

no big deal

It's $250 if you're upgrading anything other than the main line. I was going to order from them for the $75 upgrade, but my line isn't the main one so they jacked the price up to $250. No thanks - I'd rather pay the $300 to AT&T and get $100 back later.

I just picked mine up from the local AT&T store. They are currently running a promotion: $299.99 with an instant $50 discount and then the $100 mail-in rebate. So, I only had to pay $249.99 in the store. It's great.

well this is wrong... the price online says 449.99 w/o a contract but when i went it was 300.00. then with a 2 year contract its 150.00. its a great phone very fast. it is worth the money!

I work for at&t and we do have demo units in store. However, I have not heard anything about the phone going for only $50? We usually get updates first thing Monday morning but I can't imagine the 9700 only being $50 when the 9000 is still $199 after MIR...

i would like to win one of these BlackBerry Bold 9700s!! may i suggest you give one away free - to me, of course!!!

the 9700 feels like its made pretty cheaply. Feels like a toy. Great screen resolution though. Still baffled as to why they call this the bold? More like a tour/curve replacement. There is absolutely nothing about this device that is "Bold".

That said, it does appeal to women due to its size so understandable why RIM is pushing a device with a bigger potential audience. But by the way it feels I can understand this going for $50 while the 9000 remains a premium product.

If you have anything < than the 9000, upgrade to the 9700 today. Major improvements and trackpad is sweet.

If you have a 9000, wait for the real Bold sequel.

just saw it with my own eyes. manhattan store.
149.99 before 100 rebate. (299 no contract)

doesn't even make sense. the original bold is the same price, and the 8900 is 149 AFTER rebate!

i'd already ordered mine so i didn't wait in line to confirm these prices. only thing that didn't make sense was that there wasn't a line out the door snatching these up for nothing....

Not sure if anybody else has noticed but apparently AT&T has a promotion for at least today on the new bold where it's $150 in store and then a $100 mail in rebate making it 50 dollars after all is said then done, I just picked mine up!! I live in the new York city area not sure if this is a nationwide deal or not

got mine today. great phone. 123 megs free after all my apps installed. smaller form factor is gonna take some time to get used to as is the trackpad

okay so i ordered one today! I was a secondary line and my upgrade wasn't due until janurary 1 2010, but i called at&t and they told me they had an early upgrade plan where yo pay $75 and you get the upgrade price.....However, I did not do this because my primary line could upgrade, so I just purchased the phone through my primary number and then called at&t and told them I was using the phone with my secondary line..

I just got mine (ATT in NYC), and they are having a sale:$129, and you can either have the mail in rebate or they'll give you the rebate at the store in products. So I just got the phone for 129 and an extra battery, car charger, and blue tooth headset.
I asked why they didn't advertise the sale, and they said it's a Black Friday sale, but they thought they'd get a lot of flack if people bought it in the week before the sale then saw a sale price. So from release day through next weekend there is this sale, which they will probably start advertising as a Black Friday sale later in the week.

By doing this they can reduce the work on Black Friday and they will meet their sales goal.
This also will make the buyers tell their friends and families: Viral marketing.
I wish the AT&T stores in northern California were as aggresive.

Dont say stupid things. This will be that price at times but it is in no way a piece of junk. You probably use an iphone...

got mine today and also with today being the release date, they had a friends and family, which was $50 off. so i paid 250 today and after the MIR will be 150.

My girl just picked one up today from AT&T, she was going to get the 8900 but I lured her towards the best of the best and she got it. She was like "its soooo pretty" haha!

Ima get mine from T-Mobile on black Friday! :D

They also stated $299, and after MIR $ 199.. So sick of these retarded mail in rebates.. I been watching football all day to lazy to go to the store and buy it. I will have it on Monday though.

Got mine at 6am this morning at for 79.99 w/ free shipping. Can't wait to use it and my new 9000. Going to be sweet to have two Bolds

How and why is ATT offering so many different prices..

south florida 299.00 less 100 mir..

Not nice or fair if ATT is offering lower prices in different there a map for getting taking advantage of

Love the phone. takes a while to customize it to your contacts with different ALERTS/TONES

Yes, it's already out! I have already placed my order and am eagerly awaiting its arrival!. AT&T is charging me $125 bucks for this bad boy. Hope it's worth the New York price tag!

Pretty Excited about this device but still not sure if its the "upgrade" from my Bold that I'm really looking for. Going to see what its like in the hands but leaning towards waiting the more I think about it. Going to shoot for the 100 and lower price tag I've been hearing some people nab.

T-Mobile offers this phone for $199.99 with a 2 year contract and $450.00 with no contract. How is it that AT&T can pul a $299.99 with a 2 year contract and $199.99 after that 2-3 month rebate?! thats lame, I'm glad I have T-Mobile.

I was bummed out when Ia asked my girl how much she got it for she said "$300" I said "what?!" I was like "T-Mobile offers the same phone for $199.00.

Pretty dumb. AT&T=I want yo money nikka! lol

I knew that this device would be a winner. I would like to know however how many 9000 users will upgrade nd think the device not to be worth it?

Anyone knows how to do it? I've been wandering around AT&T website and all I got was to register and be an AT&T customer in order to email the customer service. Anyone can help?

I picked mine up yesterday. I was eligible for an upgrade. I paid 100.00 out of pocket, but will receive a 100.00 rebate. Plus my upgrade fee was waived. So I essentially got the phone for free. Sweet! I love the device so far. It seems to run faster than my previous bold (9000) and the camera is awesome. I just have to get used to the smaller keys again.

I have had this since Friday on AT&T, although it just went on sell yesterday. I am still in limbo on whether I like this better than my 9000. The size of the 9000 was perfect for me.


No early upgrade for me... AT&T store says I have to wait until March - and I have been a customer since 1987!

Just bought mine at the AT&T Store in Clifton, NJ. Got it for the 150.00 with $100.00 mail in rebate! I wasn't going to get it (Have a 9000 right now) but I couldn't pass up that price.