BlackBerry Bold 9700 on Bell Mobility's HSPA Launch List

Bell 9700
By Adam Zeis on 16 Oct 2009 09:59 am EDT

BGR got hold of Bell's action-packed HSPA handset launch list, and it sports some BlackBerry Bold 9700 goodness. There are no solid details, but a shipping date of October 30th and launch date of November are listed. It looks like the 9700 will go run you $399.95 on contract, or $599.95 retail. Not wanting to be outdone, the Bold 9000 makes an appearance on the list as well. It seems to me like the Storm2 and 9700 are fighting for the spotlight, and with all the hype about the Storm2, I think most would say the 9700 is the most anticipated.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 on Bell Mobility's HSPA Launch List


This is great!! Been pondering whether to give up my Storm for the new Bold and now ill have that option to do so :D

I work for bell.

The bold 9700 comes out at 299.95 with data plan. So many cellphone comes out also, bold 9000, bold 9700, iphone3g, iphone3gs, omnia2, samsung galaxy, samsung impact, lg xenon, nokia n97 everything available in nov. 4. For internet card, novatel u998, u950 and mifi 2372 is on hspa

Hi Guys.. I just got off the phone with Roger Blackberry tech support and was told that they will be having the unit in about 2-3 weeks. So it looks like Rogers and Bell will be competing for you new BOLD desires.

my question is will my Storm1 work on the new HSPA+ network? Cause ive heard roumers that the Storm1 is 4G compatable...

The 9700 is no doubt going to be release on Rogers...I am an extreme skeptic when it comes to Bell and thier new network...whats happens when you're not in thier HSPA coverage it will not default to the non existent edge it will be droppped unless they were to add a CDMA radio to each device...Rogers has its faults but as far as coverage I would stick with them!

Have been with Bell Mobility for many years. Although, have experienced the occasional problem with phone service, can honestly say that I strongly recommend Bell as a carrier.

Am waiting for release of BB 9700 BOLD (Onyx).

- CB