BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm 9550 Browser Comparisons

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Sep 2009 12:01 pm EDT

Our pal sal is back for his the cool guy report, and this time around he's putting his pre-release BlackBerry Storm 9550 and Bold 9700s' web browsers to work with some head to head comparisons. It pains me to watch these vids as the browser is still just too dang slow (granted the full version of CrackBerry is a heavy site - visit on your berry faster loading and stay tuned... better mobile site coming in the near future). 

The video above puts the Bold 9700's browser against the Storm 9550's over WiFi, while the video below takes two 9700s and compares WiFi vs. 3G. Take a look! 

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm 9550 Browser Comparisons



I know it was the full site and not the mobile version but its horribly slow.

I also understand he mentioned at the end its not the most updated OS. If if its 50% faster with a updated OS, its still slow.

what a joke. i tested it against my storm 1 speed,mine was way faster. im stayin with the storm 1 with the sweet leaked os i have. guaranteed alotta ppl are gonna be pissed when they pay 500.00 bucks for this storm 2.

Did you also take into account if you already had some info from Crackberry cached? Or did you clear all of your data first?

Holy jesus that was slow. I have a 8900 and ran a test where I went to as i normally would and one where i cleared all my cached data and my browser blew both out the 9700's 3G and Wifi out the water! I do however understand that these are pre-released softwares but damn, if Sal says thats close to the final OS for the 9700 (and I'd assume we could expect the Storm 2's browser to be on par with the 9700 since they're both running OS 5.0), then I may just wait till they release that broswer thats on par with the Iphone next summer before i buy another BlackBerry. This video made me love my 8900 even more lol.

Sorry...but I just wasn't impressed by either phones wi-fi. I loaded my Storm 1 at the same time and had the site up before both of those phones (I based my speed on the blue bar at the bottom of the screen finishing the load and am using L's hybrid 6v10 OS). The flick scrolling was nicely shown but neither is enough for me to want to swap at this point. I guess I'm one of the few that likes what I get out of the S1. Functionality is everything for me, and I'm able to tweek mine to my needs so I'm happy. I really was expecting more, but as Sal said...maybe in a later comparison when he gets a newer OS

This merely goes to show just how bloated this site really is. Unnecessary JS, 180 IMAGES ON EVERY PAGE!!!! Come on, even a 3 year old can code better than this!!!

this site takes sooooooo long to load it's ridiculous!!! I mean c'mon...this is a site geared toward mobile would think at least that the mobile version of the site would have significantly less JS and not nearly as many ads...speeding up loading time.

i know ads are revenue...but save that part for the pc...and take it off the mobile site...jeeeesh!!!

my S1 takes forever on this site...cache cleared or not cleared. i never goto this part of the site on my phone...only on my Mac

I was in pain waiting for this browser to come up. Horrible as always. Skyfire please hurry up. i'm using BOLT for now. This is the reason I tried to avoid using the BB browser. OUCH!!!

And to all those doing their own comparisons, clear your cache first. My storm on EDGE loads faster than either of those too, until I clear the cache. BB Browser is nasteee.

Blackberry should be a shame of themself, for selling phones with such shitty browsers and wifi, as customers we feel very dissapointed and pissed off with blackberry, wake up RIM it's 2009.

Efectivamente este navegador es un desastre, esperemos que no salga asi en su versión final porque deja muy mal parado a BlackBerry. El tiempo de carga del mismo sitio de en su versíon completa en el browser de mi Bold en 3G con Telcel México fue de 25 segundos, es decir, mucho mas rapido que el tiempo de este video.

I just tried this myself with my Bold on AT&T in the Pittsburgh area. We usually have lousy connection speeds here, and with a cleared cache and history (no preloaded stuff!) and on 3G to boot, my Bold loaded 10 seconds faster than the 9700. I hope this is not indicative of the new Bold's performance, because I was looking forward to upgrading to it when it hits. Fingers crossed!!!

Both phones were over half loaded when I decided to check my phone against the videos Sal did. I grabbed it, Opened Opera, clicked my shortcut to the full CB website and it completed loading LONG before either of those two phones. I average about 7 seconds to load the full website over 3G. Definately faster!

My storm's browser loaded up cb on 1XEV on 2 bars faster than those, I really hope that the browser speed is "AT LEAST" three times as fast on wi-fi as those when the storm 2 drops.

First off, good video. Secondly, I loaded Crackberry via my Storm 1 using obviously just 3G and beat both of those phones loading via wifi. Weird Any thoughts

it seems as tho the wifi is slower than my storm with just using 3g. I know for a fact when i open crackberry on my storm it loads much faster than that.

Just for kicks, I tried downloading over 3G on my iPhone 3Gs in eastern Massachusetts and it took just under 30 seconds. That is without having been to this site before on my phone. How in the world does it take around 2 minutes on wifi?

put the iphone up against them god that is sooooo slow(had to say it)

the internet on my blackberry tour is so slow i never use it but of course VZW makes you pay for it

My Tour running .191 had the page loaded at the 2:46 mark on the video with the default browser. Operamini loaded it at the 37 second mark.
I love the default browser for mobile sites but it just takes too long to get a full page through RIMs servers or something. When it runs that slow it doesnt matter if you are on wifi, 3G, or edge.

My Verizon Pearl loads the full Crackberry site using Bolt in less than 15 seconds. Is this a browser issue or a phone issue? Either way it's a pathetic showing for these two phones.

thats stupid fast

Iphone users---eat your heart out..dont be jealous you dont have the Storm

This can't be right?! Going by what this video is showing, both of those browsers are slower than my 8320 and that's just not possible! What would be the point in upgrading then?

It took me 5 seconds to load using opera mini. RIM your browser blows! Give us a way to change the default browser and stop wasting time on your browser!!!

Wow...It must be his wifi. It took 30 seconds for me to load the crackberry site on my 8900 using wifi

gawdddd!!! y so slow!! i loaded on my bold a min into his loading and mine loaded much much faster! i was running wifi too at a local starbucks

I tested my Tour the same time and I was almost done by a full minute before these were fully loaded, and that was with only full bars. I dont think ill be getting a new phone anytime soon my Tour is just to awesome of a phone to get rid of it. Thanks but no thanks on the BS WiFi.

...the WiFi cannot possibly be that slow, I don't believe my eyes or the device. My Curve 8900 blazes the internet with WiFi but it is on OS leak but yet and still, I want a 9700...

From the looks of the video, I am going to assume this guy was in his basement. That might be the only explaination for the slow speed plus the fact they're running on an old OS. Because my phone on 3G definately runs faster than both phones combined even if there is 2 bars of service.

Wow, I thought my Storm 1 was! I cleared my cache and it took 2 minutes and 2 seconds to load Crackberry with 3-4 bars (-92'ish db) of signal. He was at 2:42 and the Storm hadn't finished yet. Not that 2 minutes and 2 seconds wasn't still painfully slow, but it was 40 seconds faster than this. PLUS, I didn't have to wait for it to finish before I could at least make use of the page...the text and such showed up right away for me.

Go traditional style BB! we knew you could do it! show that Touchscreener who's da blackberry boss!
[Now, if only you had a good Manga reader like the storm does :(]

It seems that he has wifi enabled but clearly doesn't have a connection. The wifi logo was dim compared to the rest of the screen and arrow signaling data transfer. While I don't have either of these two phones, I'm looking at my Bold now and see the WiFi logo much brighter and clearer than on this video. I don't think RIM would make such a minor change to that aspect of the phone. No connection means slow speeds. I'm sure these phones will rock once the proper wifi connection is made.

Ya know what sucks about this, those two your going to be the next generation of Blackberries. My 8900 is faster than that on EDGE. Please god let that be cause of the OS. It will be a let down for me.

Aaaaaugh! I just saw the second video. This is frustrating me now. It's clear that he doesn't have a wifi connection. The Wifi logo would be bright white once he does. The fact that it looks dim or grey indicates that he has wifi on his phone enabled, but not connected to his wifi hotspot. I can bet you money that if he checked his connections, he would see wifi with a dash rather than a green checkmark, the green checkmark would indicate a proper connection. Is anyone else seeing this? I'm feeling like a crazy person screaming at my laptop! Salo, please check your wifi connection and repost.

embarrassing. and of course the guy that gets to do the demo is playing some kind of lincoln park/rap crossover. thanks.

Rims advantage was push email. now more phones are getting push email. RIM just not innovating anything new. They Will Soon be Plam Treo status

Like Sal said that was an old OS on the storm 2 is not yet release the updated one, i still like the storm 2, i mean the bold is nice, but ima verizon guy so yea storm 2, oh and jay-z he's ok lol. Nice video Sal keep it coming dude =)

i have a bold 9000 and iphone 3gs. decided to load the full crackberry site on the iphone using wifi for a comparison. full page loaded in under 10 seconds. that includes every image on the page as well as scripts. so a full page load with working drop down menus and animated images in under 10 seconds.

my question is this, with the bold running a 600Mhz+ processor, how can it possibly take this long to load a friggin web page. mind you, this is the bold 2 and storm 2. wth? this is simply ridiculous. makes you wonder what they were thinking with the browser and wifi setup. if this is what either has to offer, i will pass. even if they were giving it away free.