BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9780 get an official update to OS from Taiwan Mobile!

BlackBerry 6
By Michelle Haag on 9 May 2011 09:19 pm EDT

Taiwan Mobile has released OS for BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9780 owners bringing them up to par with the BlackBerry Torch 9800, which recieved the same update last week from Vodafone DE. This isn't a huge jump for either as the 9780 was previously sitting at .534 and the 9700 at .526 but an update is an update. We're interested in knowing how it performs for you, so if you choose to install it let us know in the comments or in the forums at the links below what changes you see. Thanks rroyy!

Download for the BlackBerry Bold 9700
Discuss for the 9700

Download for the BlackBerry Bold 9780
Discuss for the 9780

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Wow another updated i download it right now...


9700/ has been running kinda weird I was considering downgrading but I'd rather try this one.


Yay!!!!!! Trying to dl it right now.


Is it me or the link is bloody slow?

Michelle, could you get us a mirror?

EDIT: Asian Mirror, by lycafe -


I really wish the Mac OS X version of the desktop software was custom firmware friendly. Tried a similar update and thought I bricked my 9700 using the PC version in VMWare and Windows XP Pro.

Closed down the virtual machine and the Mac Desktop brought me back to official T-mo 6.0.448. Oh well, I'm a noob, but I tried...


It seems that the location now works only via GPS. Previously, it has determined the approximate location using the cell towers. Then I got a "big blue circle" in GoogleMaps. Now it just say "GPS not available" until some satellites are found. Can anyone confirm this?

No BB Drone

wow will DL imidiatly , stupid last leak didnt have language packs, only english , hopefully this one does


i hate to say this but no matter how many times i update my BB
BB 6 is so behind other OS.


Updated my T-Mobile (UK) device with no problems, and I have 85Mb free wit all of my apps already installed. Cheers!


85mb free on a Bold 9700? I hope so.


i loaded earlier 2day... (9700)
adr of 3.1...mem sat at 120.9mb free...loss of -0.7 since this afternoon.
still has alarm bug
but other than that,seems similar to .534


What for an alarm bug, please?


the cut off alarm time from the drop down menu


Sorry, I dont understand what you mean. Please, can you describe it in more detail?


72Mb free memory after 4h of medium use (9700).
Still has icons sorting bug in the favourites folder :-(

@danny: can you explain the alarm bug, please? it does not work?


Gotta pass on this, Too much hassle and problems with these type updates, finally installed T-Mobile official OS6 and life is much easier, have 107.1MB free space.


how come you can get 107mb free?


Updated from .532 and I haven't noticed any change, except more free memory. Oh and this is the only 6.0 version on the 9700 that loads the full web page of ubergizmo and it's just as stable as the others.