BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2009 11:54 am EDT

Looking for your first accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700? Here's Your Chance to Win One! Just leave a comment to this post letting us know which accessory you plan to buy first for your BlackBerry Bold 9700...

Accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

When we posed the question recently asking What is the first accessory you'll buy for your BlackBerry Storm2?, it was clear that some form of protection - be it a leather case, rubber skin or invisible shield, was the most popular accessory category. When it comes to accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, it is yet another new form factor from Research in Motion and thus need to be aware that some of your old stuff, but not all of it, will work.

Best Selling BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories

Though the Bold 9700 shares the same Bold name as its older 9000 model number sibling, the form factor is much different than its predecessor: its size is more Curve-like than Bold like, and similar to other newer BlackBerry Smartphones the Bold 9700 features a MicroUSB connection instead of the MiniUSB port found on the original Bold. The only consistent accessory component between the original Bold and the Bold 9700 is the battery - both use the same slim M-S1 battery. To see all compatible accessories for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 and stay on top of the latest cases, skins and accessories, simply visit our BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessory page (link at the bottom of this article).

Contest: Now that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 has officially been announced, we'll do something a little bit different and celebrate the occassion by giving away some BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories! We already have OEM BlackBerry Bold 9700 skins in stock at, so we'll give away three skins to three lucky winners. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post letting us know what's the first accessory you plan to buy for your BlackBerry Bold 9700. A car charger? A Bluetooth headset? Maybe a BlackBerry Bold 9700 charging dock? Let us know! Contest ends this Sunday, Oct.25th, at Midnight PST. *

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories



A unique holster. Nothing protects a blackberry better and extends the battery life even more...than a holster.

My First Accessory would be is to give my loving dad the phone. He's worth every penny and he needs a new phone.

I love my charging docks for my current if those don't work on the new Bold they will be my first purchase.

I plan to buy a skin/cover for my new Bold right off the bat. I will not even use it with it being on one first. My Curve 8900 looks very warn due to me not putting a cover on it first and just using case.

I can't wait till this phone comes out. I work for t-mobile and it's coming on or around the 18th of November and I will be one of the first in line to get it.

As usual, I will put armor all over my BlackBerry. I will put on an Invisible Shield, then put a BlackBerry silicone skin on, which of course is partially covering my screen that is protected by a Boxwave Crystal Clear protector.

Which one I buy first will be determined by which is released first. I'm guessing the BB silicone skin but I've already received confirmation that an Invisible Skin will be made for the 9700 so we'll see. Yay, bitches. Yay.

First accessory has to be a screen protector, and then I'll get a black skin, and finally a charging pod.

I can't wait to get my 9700. My first accessory purchase
will be a car charger and a charging dock. I still don't know which bluetooth is the best headset.

I would have to say that the first and most important accessory that I will get will be the ZAGG Invisible Shield. Protection is always important! lol Of coarse that will only be the first of numerous accessories! :-P

...the blackberry leather pocket pouch because I always carry three blackberries on me at all times, my tour, my pearl, and my bold, and my bold always gets the left pocket in my pants

Charging Dock of course.. - had it for my curve, have it for my current bold.... can't wait!

If it were a touch screen, a screen protector would be first up for me. But since it's not, I'll go with a skin.

for my new bbb9700, first and foremost, i would get an invishield...

need to protect this beauty from all scratches possible. ;)

It would have to be a case to keep my blackberry clean and the otterbox really is a good case to protect the phone.

The first accessory I would get is to try and find a privacy screen for the 9700 because that's the first accessory I bought for my 9000 when I got it. Need to keep those nosy people in check! And I love the privacy screen, I don't know what to do without it.

Another great CB contest. I'd love to get a cradle for my new Bold. A cradle that charges a 2nd battery would be awesome too. :)

Well, since this lacks the easily scratch-able Bezel of my old bold, I'd have to say a good holster is a must! since my one for the current Bold seem to leave it's shiny chrome-ness out in the open...

Definately my very first accessory is going to be the all mighty otterbox!! preferably black on black ;)

Probably would get a charging dock and otterbox and especially a screen protector. All from shopcrackberry of course.or hopefully I win!

The first accessory I plan to buy for my Bold 9700 is a PowerMat. That is the coolest thing ever and it would be really helpful too.

I think I'll go for the charging dock - actually, probably two of them (one for home, the other for work)

I would get a screen protector and a silicone case first. Can't have my phone unprotected out in this world.

A side leather case and a leather strap of matching color for the professional look, definitely!

Stuff I plan to buy after I buy the 9700:
First will be Dash Mount (for GPSing) *2
After that is settled, I will be getting:
Charging dock *2
Car Charger *2
Extra Battery, or extended battery
Case similar to Seidio innocase 360 once it's released
Perhaps an OtterBox

In the mean time, I could use a OEM skin in Black :D

Thanks CB.

The first thing I would buy is a BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch. I'm a big fan of low profile cases and the pocket pouches are the best. I've had one for every BlackBerry I've ever owned.

The first accessory I would buy is a spare battery because with such a capable device I would be rocking that phone all day long!

I will seek out a charging cradle, because I love me some bedside mode. But, I'd certainly take a skin for free. ;-)

Plastic back cover is better than leather one, makes the phone slimmer; however it is loose. Also, the unit with the leather cover won't fit in a new OEM 8900 Leather Holster, which I am currently using.

Hence, the accessory I would LOVE to have is a OEM BlackBerry 9700 Leather Holster. Thank you!

my wife and I are ready for this phone to come out! we are both going to get one, we are so excited!!! I def want to get a skin for my new baby, maybe some bluetooth stuff. My skin on my 8900 has protected my phone from bad scratches and even worse, total failure! Hope I win! good luck all

First thing will be a charging dock. Save that ware and tear on that usb for os upgrades. Will use bluetooth for everything else.

I wanna get either a case (soft shell or hard shell) or a leather magnetic pouch for it to slide into.

it will defenetly be a screen protector thats for sure then ill look into the dock and case :D :D :D

I would definitely get either a silicone skin or one of those invisible shields. gotta keep the bb looking good!

I have already told my boss i want the phone when it comes wud be nice to have an accessory before i get it, protection from the start.

I would buy an OEM skin first to protect my new baby... Unless I win, then I would get a screen protector instead.

The first accessory for my Blackberry 9700 is going to! Ha I literally use my blackberry so much you could consider me an accessory to it. :-)
But of course I'm going to buy a screen protector to protect my new 9700 against the numerous times I'll drop it in excitement in glee at the new OS!

The first accessory for my Blackberry 9700 is going to! Ha I literally use my blackberry so much you could consider me an accessory to it. :-)
But of course I'm going to buy a screen protector to protect my new 9700 against the numerous times I'll drop it in glee at the new OS!

I'm waiting for my employer to announce our 'employee' phone plan with Telus, should happen in a week or two. When that happens, I'm going to get myself one of these beauties and a Charging cradle would be great!!!

I assume it will come with a leather case, ala bold 9000 and Tour? If so, I'll need a screen protector first and foremost.

Its always difficult to decide on the first accessory but I personally would go and buy a charging pod for my bold 9700. I love using it for my Bold 9000, every morning i wake up to its beautiful design :)

That is a hard question. Cause when you buy a phone it is never one thing. It is like buying a car you never go and get just one think. But the first need is protection. So I would say a screen protector cause If I scratch my screen on my new 9700 I would cry for days afterwards. Then I would get a good case. I know you said one but you can never buy one thing at a time we are crackberry members.

1. screen protector
2. silicon case
3. leather case with belt clip
4. biggest micro SD memory card I can afford
5. a blackberry 9700 phone I can use those accessories on

Since the Bold 9700 is my very first Blackberry, I will buy something to help protect it, so probably a case or a skin

I think I will get the skin first but at the same time as the screen protector...if I don't get that right away ill never get it! Two birds one stone

I would like to get an OtterBox case for my new 9700 but they haven't developed one yet. I called them today to see if a release was coming in the near future but the sales department had no clue. "Just keep checking our web site." I guess I will have to buy a more conservative case until Otter box gets on the ball. If you have heard something on this topic please let me know.

Hi Friend, just want to know if the accessories are the same for the Bold 9000 and the new Bold2 Onyx 9700 Smartphones ?

I would get a case, case-mate hybrid to be exact, unless someone can suggest something better other than otter box.

My first blackberry bold 9700 accessory will definitely be a funky skin case as the blackberry package came with everything else that I needed. :)