BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2009 11:54 am EDT

Looking for your first accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700? Here's Your Chance to Win One! Just leave a comment to this post letting us know which accessory you plan to buy first for your BlackBerry Bold 9700...

Accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

When we posed the question recently asking What is the first accessory you'll buy for your BlackBerry Storm2?, it was clear that some form of protection - be it a leather case, rubber skin or invisible shield, was the most popular accessory category. When it comes to accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, it is yet another new form factor from Research in Motion and thus need to be aware that some of your old stuff, but not all of it, will work.

Best Selling BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories

Though the Bold 9700 shares the same Bold name as its older 9000 model number sibling, the form factor is much different than its predecessor: its size is more Curve-like than Bold like, and similar to other newer BlackBerry Smartphones the Bold 9700 features a MicroUSB connection instead of the MiniUSB port found on the original Bold. The only consistent accessory component between the original Bold and the Bold 9700 is the battery - both use the same slim M-S1 battery. To see all compatible accessories for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 and stay on top of the latest cases, skins and accessories, simply visit our BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessory page (link at the bottom of this article).

Contest: Now that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 has officially been announced, we'll do something a little bit different and celebrate the occassion by giving away some BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories! We already have OEM BlackBerry Bold 9700 skins in stock at, so we'll give away three skins to three lucky winners. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post letting us know what's the first accessory you plan to buy for your BlackBerry Bold 9700. A car charger? A Bluetooth headset? Maybe a BlackBerry Bold 9700 charging dock? Let us know! Contest ends this Sunday, Oct.25th, at Midnight PST. *

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories



You say the size is more Curve like. If it fits my leather case the first will be a car charger, if not a new case.

I would get leather case with the magnets in them to save battery and to protect it ,or I would get a cute gel skin case :)! I can't wait!!!

I would have to get a screen protector/invisi shield and either a holster or rubber case, as long as my H500 and car charger are still fully compatible

I am def going to be purchasing myself another docking station like I have for my bold 9000 now! Love it as my alarm clock and only way to tell time in my room! :)

I'm eligible for an upgrade with AT&T and will wait for the Bold 9700. I would like to get a screen protector, a nice protective case (just in case I dropped it). I've dropped my Curve 8310 a couple of time. Maybe later on, and SD more than 2GB I have now. So many to choose...but first a screen protector.

Great can't wait for this phone, Now if i can just win one of these contests it would be great lol
thanks crackberry

Something clear and shiny that says "look, but don't touch me sidewalk!"
or maybe the big and juiciest SD card it can handle.

The first accessory I'll need is a Bluetooth headset so I won't get a ticket while driving and talking!

I won't need a case...keeping my baby in my hands at all times ;).

I recently got 3 out of 4 for my 2-yr old curve :)

will be a long while before dressing up 9700.

I think it would definitely have to be a screen and body protector. This thing is just too beautiful to be dropped and damaged.

After messing up my Bold with welding spatter , I will be buying screen protector followed by charging dock... Can Not Wait

ill buy a sweet theme, maybe berrypro. i would also love to have a dock, specifially the powermat. does anyone know if theyre making a new backplate for the onyx?

First thing I'm going to get is a skin/case. Looking at the all the scratches around my 8320, I wish I had gotten one for my first Berry! My Upgrade next month can't come soon enough!! :)

I would purchase either an invishield or car charger first. My current charging equipment is all micro-USB.

Never had a BB without a Skin

Love to get a Skin (pref Black or Red) to complement the new device


My 8310 holster can probably hold out for a short period of time, but my black skin and screen protector will be in need of a 9700 upgrade asap!

No doubt when I will get my hands on this bad boy I plan on getting a rubber skin (they are affordable and get the job done nicely without taking away the beauty of the device) and for sure a screen protector. After the obvious accessories, I've been thinking of getting the charging dock and/or the bluetooth car speakers.

1st: Leather case w/Belt Clip (sideways case preferred)
2nd: Silicone Cover
3rd: Screen Protector

I can't wait for this phone to be released!!

First thing has to be a Screen Protector for me, next thing definitely a Car Charger.

And then... one of those nice looking pocket pouch.

I'd have to say large battery with a charging dock. I use the crap out of my curve, and I have a feeling the 9700 will be used even more, what with the more memory for useful apps an all. Can't wait.

This has to be the first accessory for any new BB. Actually two of them so you can have one at home and one at work.

Just like my current Curve, I would do the Holster and screen protector. But in retrospect, I might hold off on the skin since the I like the textured batty door, quite attractive.

I love Emma, my original BlackBerry Bold 9000, but Emma will have to be my secondary or third love, as my daughter is my first love. My new second love will be the BlackBerry Bold 9700. I want to give her a good head start in her infancy, so I would love a good solid case around her, as I'm sure the cell will come with a leather case, as the original Bold did. I would love a great skin to put around my new child. Thanks. :)

Whenever I get a new bb, there are two things i MUST get, Desktop Stand/Charger and Seidio case, no questions asked!

About 9 μsecs after I took possession of the 9700 I'd be looking for a bed-side & desk-top charging pod.

(I take one of them with me when I travel and use it in hotel rooms as my alarm clock instead of trusting hotel alarm clocks.)


The first accessory I would buy would be a charging dock. I like to keep my phone looking sexy while it sits on my desk.

First thing needed is a case with screen protectors. I have to keep my precious scratch-less for at least a year or two, until a new phone comes out. ;)

My first purchase will almost certainly be a handful of adapters so I can use all my old Blackberry chargers on my new device (next to my bed, next to my desk at home, next to my desk at work, in my car, in the conf. room, in my travel bag, etc.)

Definitely getting a screen protector ASAP! My 8900 got a little nick on the screen within 2 weeks :(

I lov my 8310 to death but damn it feels old-school! Thankfully my upgrade falls rite on the Bold 9700 launch!!!!! I'd have to have a black skin wrapped around brand new Bold or a black barely there case. I can't wait to get my hands on this Bold phone!

I'm not necessarily looking for an accessory to be my first purchase for my BB9700, but rather an App--specifically the one from that old James Bond movie that lets me drive my car from the touchpad. But, seeing as how no one has developed that yet, I suppose I'll settle for the rubberized skin you are offering here.

Well since I'm on the run to win the HS-500 bluetooth headset, my first accessory that I will buy for my 9700 is a sleeve to put it in. Something smooth that I can put in my pocket. No holsters for me though. I don't like hanging my phone on my belt. Makes me look like too much of a show-off.

A skin will definitely be one of my first accessory purchases for the 9700. A charging dock will probably follow shortly after too!

The first accessory I would buy is a clear full body skin to keep it in flawless condition without adding any bulk!!!

The first accessory for me is the charging dock for the awesome bedside mode. A fitted Blackberry case is a must as well, and then either the BSE or Invishield.

C'mon 9700! Let's do this!!!

First things first!!!! I would buy a skin to keep my baby protected from the harmful things in the CB world!!!!

first thing first a case for protection!, dont need to have that baby scratched! then a screen protector, then a charging dock with a car charger, following with a bunch of themes and apps! ;)

the power station!?

The Bold 9000 was the last BlackBerry to be compatible with the amazing BlackBerry Powerstation. I had it + the extra battery charger + the proper cradle for the Bold. So, i really like extra batteries and docks.

Already have four Micro USB wall and two Micro USB car chargers, plenty of BSE material and will be waiting on a Seidio extended battery door before jumping on an extended battery. What does that leave me to buy? A Bluetooth hands-free speaker, is what. Thanks for listening, CB!

I'd love to have a nice i-skin case modded to have a Powermat charging plate coming from the back!.. WIN :)

it will be my 3rd BB, so will be in this order.. iskin case, car charger, maybe some more memory than the 2gb i have.. thanks for ask.

My first choice would likewise be a screen protector, but my second would be a desktop cradle/charger. Having a place for my new 9700 so that it is easy to find on my messy desk is very important.

I probably have 10 usb chargers, 5 data cables and a couple of car adapters I won't be able to use with the new bold 9700... I guess car adapter will be number one.

a screen protector first and using it naked for a while...

and then buying a Seidio case when that comes out.

The charging cradle will be accessory #1 for me. I love being able to throw my Bold in its cradle and having a little clock next to me. Best purchase I've made for my BB.

Absolutely a hard case of some kind... can't be too careful and must ensure the survivability of the blackberry in any situation!

The first one i would get would be the invisible shield so i could make sure it would be scratch free from day one.

Definitely a rubber case.. The only annoying thing is that for some reason At&t never seems to sell the Blackberry branded plain cases.. I don't get it.. That and a charging pod thingy.

Not really but it sounded good! LOL! The first accesorry I'm gonna get will be a car charger! I hate hate hate leaving the house and forgetting my harger!!! I currently have the car and home travel charger from T-Mobile which is great....Plus winning the skins would be fantastic and go great with the new earpiece that I'm hoping to win! Come on CB pretty pretty please!!!!!

I would first buy the back only cover as I want to show off my new phone< Actually the first accessory would be the phone itself wouldn't it? So git on it and get the 9700 out already!

My first 9700 accessory will definitely be a screen protector! I plan on keeping this one for a long time so I want to keep the screen in perfect condition!

I can't live without my OEM BlackBerry Desk top Charging pod/cradle.
Its so cool to have the clock at night and the alarm in the morning.


#1 thing is... screen protector

while i'm here..
#2 ... new leather case with belt clip (if the phone doesn't come with one like the javelin)
#3 ... desktop charger

I will be first in line for Bold 2 with ATT and have already called my rep friend at the store. After doing this last year with the Bold, and after a few dropsies, I will be purchasing a silicone protective sleeve/case for my Bold 2. Which is what I should have done with the Bold.

i am definitely getting a car charger for traveling purposes. :) i've been waiting on the 9700 for 2 weeks now since i lost my 8900,its been hard waiting this long without a blackberry lol !!


Although it has been said before, time and time again. The number 1 item is going to be some kind of protection. We have all heard and some have seen the damage that can happen to your unprotected "love one". So it is with a heavy heart that I must say that my first accessory will have to be a Seidio Innocase Snap for BlackBerry Curve 9700, when it comes available. I currently have a Seidio Snap case for my Curve 8320 and must say that it is a buy worth repeating.

first accessory will definitely be a leather case, don't want to be scratching this beauty when i get it!

First is a skin or case. I want this new baby protected! Next would be a charging dock. Really want this phone ASAP! My 8310 needs a break!

I will get a Ghost Armor protector on the screen. I don't really bang my phones. If it doesn't come with a pouch, then I'll get a pouch next.

A charging dock s #1 on my list because I want to look at my phone while it's on my desk..#2 is a case...only because CB is giving away the skins...otherwise it would be case first,charging dock second.