BlackBerry Bold 9650 running BlackBerry 6 caught on video

By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2010 08:23 pm EDT

As we all patiently impatiently wait for BlackBerry 6 to roll out to device other then the BlackBerry Torch, Salomondrin and BBLeaks have decided to give us a video run through of a very early revision of BlackBerry 6 on the BlackBerry Bold 9650. Granted some things are a little choppy in the video but, given the early build nature of the OS it leaves room for improvement. Have a look and let us know what you all think. Personally, I think BlackBerry 6 will run fine on the BlackBerry Bold 9650 but it may have some issues when placed on the BlackBerry Bold 9700. We've yet to see any of those videos appear. Alas, just my thoughts. Feel free to share your own in the comments.

Source: BBLeaks

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BlackBerry Bold 9650 running BlackBerry 6 caught on video


Working on it man.. Its a heck of a process cause its not just a file we can upload.. We gotta rip the radio file and that sucks.. Besides I'm thinkin a .140+ 9650 OS will come out in next few weeks.. (Btw that's just my thinkin.. No facts to back that up lol)

no more shoe adds pleasse.........last time i checked this is for BB's..........wait a minute.........mayne im on the wrong site........OOPS!!! my bad

This is sad. That's it? It looks like OS5 still. I think RIM can't do much since the screen is smaller than the Torch. So the experience will be different.

And it's not Touch. I think touch adds to the OS6 experience. My Bold 9650 is running quite well right now. I am in no rush to install OS6.

...I personally don't think many people on a 9650 or 9700 care about OS6 that much--they really just want the Webkit browser. And honestly, if you have to completely start over with the new operating system (which means a lot of your 5.0 apps may not work well or at all for awhile), and risk having everything you're accustomed to doing run slower and laggier...then it better be a really big upgrade on the browser. And as much as I love my 9700 for emails, calls, texting, and Twitter, I just don't feel like the combination of the small screen, underpowered processor, and trackpad are going to make for a "great" browsing experience no matter how good the software is. I have about 18 more months on my contract with my 9700. It does an exception job on everything except some web browsing. I'm starting to think I'm better off just taking advantage of what it does well with OS5 and hoping that a better 3rd party browser comes along. Even in the past 6 months, Bolt, Opera Mini, and uZard have all shown some promise.

Wait a minute, have I missed something? Why is it that the Bold 9650 OS6 doesn't have the labels underneath the icons? I've only seen the 9700 and 9800 have it.

I am guessing this is due to screen real estate. But if RIM removed the labels for this version, it gives hope to others that they can be removed.....

Check the top where the time shows. I have OS 6 theme and when i scroll through my apps, the labels shows right about the time.

Wait a minute, have I missed something? Why is it that the Bold 9650 OS6 doesn't have the labels underneath the icons? I've only seen the 9700 and 9800 have it.

Only 177mb...that will fit on the tours 256MB just fine. I want to just see this OS on the Tour just for kicks. I bet it would run.

come on carriers roll out OS6 for 9700 already. every morning i wake up and check twitter on my BB hoping to see CB talking bout a leak for 9700. impatiently waiting!!!

From a marleting stand point it would make sense to release OS6 months after the release of torch. Otherwise the S2 with OS6 will slw down sales for the OS6 based torch.

Its a better way to get the S2 owners to embrace the torch.

With similar hardwares why would they work so hard to release OS6 for 9650 when the oS6 is supposedly touch optimized...?

Had my 9650 for only two months. Love the phone. I think this would make it even better. Any idea when it might actually be available?

I am eager as anyone to see it but I have to say that having received my Bold less than a week ago I am very disappointed in it. Way too many problems and finally today Verizon agreed to replace it. RIM is way behind in so many ways that for the first time in years I am considering giving up my BB and going for possibly an Android phone. The thing just doesn't run smoothly and after 3 years with an 8330 I guess I'm spoiled. 30 minutes to restart after a battery pull.......... poor bluetooth volume...... the list goes on and on. And after the hours spent getting my apps downloaded and trying to copy data which even BB's newest Desktop Manager still does not back up I will have to start all over again this week when the replacement gets here. OS6 may be the answer to a lot that we all want but if the quality of the product is this bad then no OS is going to help it.

Hey man, there's a bad apple in every bunch, as the saying goes.... I had the tour 9630 for almost a year, just upgraded to the bold 9650 about a month ago. i gotta say, my bold is awesome. i haven't had a single problem a quick battery pull wouldn't fix and that only takes about 4 1/2 min. My battery life lasts forever and i am a heavy data user - i use my bold for twitter, facebook, 5 email accounts, phone calls, and occasional internet browsing everyday. not to mention all the other native and third party apps thrown in the mix. My point is: i know how frustrating it is to have a device that doesn't work correctly, but it sounds like you just got a bad apple. RIM produces millions of units, there's bound to be one or two bad ones, and the same goes for android or apple or anything else. wait for the replacement and give it an honest second go-around. good luck!

I hate this new OS6....the only good thing is web browser. I wonder how this OS6 will work on non-touch screen phone.

I've bold9700 and I like the way it is. Its pretty fast....the only bad thing i think of 9700 is browser....and no way I'm gonna upgrade to OS6 even its possible. I think OS6 suits more for touch screen. Wish we could somehow import OS6's browser to our current OS5.

I agree,
OS 5 is stable and good performer, except browser it’s fine.
I don’t want to waste so much memory space for user experience. RIM should provide OS5 with webkit browser (which is not possible, as said by RIM).

I second this. All I want is the new browser(for now), I don't need all of the bugs from a first year os.

I wish we could have seen more of the new browser in OS6...multiple tabs looks cool. This is the biggest upgrade I'm looking forward to...

I know RIM has came out and announced the blackberries that will run os6 but I personally don't think os6 will run on the 9700 or the 9100. The only video leaks have been on the 9800, 9760, the clamshell, and the 9650, all 512mb. Plus if it does work on the 9700, what would be the point of the upcoming bold refresh?

Keep your head in the game, OS6 works fine on the 9700. What you said isn't true either, all the pre-torch OS6 demos were done on a 9700, like the webkit browser. We've seen versions that take up about 250 mb and ones that take up about 170, but what most people seem to miss is that it's not so much the memory that's an issue, it's the processor. That's why the Tour and the last generation curves are going to miss it. The memory problem is mainly a concern for the storm 2.

You could be right in the theory that no respectable carrier is going to release it... For one I can't imagine T-Mo running out OS6 on the 9700 before they're done marketing OS6 on the 9780, and the others might have a problem with the app memory. Again, it works fine, so it's going to be 9000 style leak hogging. And that's the whole point of the 9780. Product differentiation. They offer a solution to the pending issues with the memory, however they're going to want it at full price. So personally, as a 9700 owner, the obvious target group, I see the 9780 as a mere childish tease to get me to want the slightly bigger toy. It hasn't near got the shiny to pull me over though, need something a lot better than the same device with more app space and a sliightly better camera. Don't really care about either.

According to the video, the man had said that the OS takes up to 170's MB which what I think will be available to Curve with 256MB devices since it doesn't takes much memory like the Torch does (which torch has touchscreen also). It's just my opinion.. the rest will be given to RIM and if they ever released it to 256MB Devices

Well... If it's talking about the processor I think it would be bad for the curves but maybe just maybe RIM won't let us (the curves) users being out of date since there would be the 85XX replacer that what we know as 9300 that has been told that will be OS6 ready but has "almost" the same specs as the 8500.. (It has jut been my thoughts for quite a while though.. I could have been wrong).

one of the best BlackBerry contributors of all time! lol...marshmallows...i never thought that about his voice...but he is good peeps. normal looking too...very "un-creepy" (no homo)

Buggy and laggy???

So please tell me which OS does REALLY work?
Every update fixes some things, but makes other things

There is NO OS version which really works like it should.

I don't like it.
It has too many graphic stuff and it doesn't look so well-arranged as OS 5 does.
It might be suitable for touch devices, but not for non-touch.
I like OS 5 and I think I will stay with it.
Now I am using 9700 Bold and 8900 Curve, both with OS 5 and both are absolutely awesome. Fast, easy to use and very hands-on.

As it is installed in 9650 which is CDMA device. I'm wondering if it is also available for tour 9630. I've currently installed OS 5 but I've found some problems with my bluetooth device. I don't want to downgrade my device into OS 4.7.

i heard it wont run on the 9630 because of the trackball, not really sure if that true but lets hope u guys get it, if not maybe a lite version.i guess we'll see

apparently OS6 isnt coming to many non touch screen devices but if its possible to run the new system on the bold then surely it can run on the curve and other devices with a bit of tinkering of course...

I bet these people have tricks up their sleeves. Good business is always good when the customer knows little as possible as i like to say.

This video shows that OS 6 was not meant to run on Older Blackberies. I don't care if it is pre-release version bc look at what happened with the torch... The video showed that it was lagging and now the release version lags as much!

it works perfectly as is, isn't sluggish and does what I want. I use it more as a messaging device and rarely use it for web surfing.

why is it the leaked version for BB6 on the bold 9650 is only runnung on vzw, where's the sprint version. i just want a leaked BB6 for my sprint bold. be better if the sprint bold could do Mobile hotspot.

"Input system error.the system is being restarted." why this message is shown many times...and why did not he said anything about it...and why even after showing this the berry did not restart ? i am sooo confused. :(

I have to agree with what many people have said here. I have a 9700 and I do not think a whole new OS install is going to be worth it...the main reason I want OS6 is for the browser. I wonder what T Mobile will be getting by end of year. My BF works there and says that there is an unnamed device from RIM listed that is coming up. I'm hoping its not the "black pad" or whatever...

th clam i think not! will sprint ever get the torch? i tip my hat and two thumbs up for tht phone and to blackberry!! its wht all us bb user's needed and wnted i was getting tired of hearing all that bs from th droids and the iphone suck on this!! i think the torch is bad ass but yeah does anyone know if sprint will ever get it or sum type of version of it other thn tht clam?? sum one please reply

While most of you complain about os 6 I know how awesome is going to be and can not wait until verizon releases it to us to enjoy the new form of using bb with universal search and media. Truly awesome! RIM knows what they are doing. After all, they are the makers.