BlackBerry Bold 9650 Now Available from Sprint

Bold 9650 Sprint
By Adam Zeis on 16 May 2010 09:18 am EDT

A happy Sunday to all the Sprint users that have been waiting on the BlackBerry Bold 9650 to come along, as the device is now available for purchase via the carrier's site. We heard some rumors that it would be out before the scheduled May 23rd release date, and it looks like they held true. You can snag the Bold 9650 for $199 on contract with the included instant savings. Pick out a Simply Everything plan to go along with it and you're all set. No word on if any stores have the device up for grabs yet, so if you find anything out be sure to leave a comment letting us know.

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BlackBerry Bold 9650 Now Available from Sprint


I was really hoping they would offer the 9650 in white... now i'm torn between waiting for the 9700 white to drop from Sprint or just staying with my original choice to grab the 9650!

People waiting on this devce have just been through all kinds of dissapointment with the near-release, renaming, and memory upgrade saga. I hope its insanely fast.
So who is going to post the first hate comment?

We wait for it to drop from Verizon......not that I want one, but I know a lot of guys I work with that have been needing to upgrade badly from their 8830, hahahaha

When people in the forums swore verizon would get it first. I don't know why that matters but they made it seem like verizon had a contract with rim for all phones to come out first with them. Good job sprint.

Sprint is really gonna force Verizons' hand now to tell their users when this phone is gonna be released on their network...kudos to Sprint!

works just the opposite (kind of) for me. now my mom is going to get my Tour after I upgrade her 8330 to the 9650 after I gladly accept her upgrade...since she doesn't care to upgrade ;)

My curiosity is getting the best of me for the EVO, I will wait until June 4 to upgrade, and if I can't get used to touchscreen, this will be my new device.
Plus, I'll have a fair amount of time to read up on people's thoughts, bugs, etc.

I waited and waited....finally decided I could wait no longer. Got an am I glad the bold-tour was so delayed...
Not going back to BB...

I hoping that the reason its taking so long for VZW to put it out because it hasn't passed their tests yet. U know Sprint will put out anything just to try to grab as many customers as possible.

No negativity here. It's a happy day for those of us who haven't had a new Blackberry fix for two years.

riiight... that's what you all said about why VZW hadn't released an official 5.0 (for Tour) when Sprint had had their's for weeks. look how that turned out.

I'm getting the HTC 4G EVO, this one will have to wait until after July 1 when my primary gets it's annual upgrade. :)

I love my 9630 but I'm sick of buggy OS releases and how much the Facebook app sucks. I'm pretty sure I'm jumping ship and upgrading to the EVO when I get my discount in August.

check if you have 4G in your area 1st. lol the 4G evo will be running 3G most of the time until 4G is in more area

I don't know if you guys remember this but when the Tour originally came out Sprint did the exact same thing where you could buy online before the supposed release date(they did it to match Verizon's release date). Then the Sprint customers had to wait until Verizon's release date for their phone to be mailed because according to Sprint, "they were sold out." It was a clever marketing tool to advertise the phone being available before the said release date but the being duped part sucked for the customers. Let's just hope they're not doing the same thing this time.

Yep. I could not wait any longer, click click click- BAM - hopefully have it by Tuesday. :] Unless your right about the "sold out" then we'll just have to see.

Eh $200 for another blackberry. No thanks. I'm on the 8530 and there's not enough difference to justify the cost. Blackberry needs to cut the price of the hardware to compete.

Sure, but the thought was that BlackBerry had to aggressively price their phones, and my point is that they are.

The EVO 4G is $199 on contract and $450 full price....their exactly the same! LOL! But I'm sure it won't be hard to figure out which one gives more bang for the buck.

Its a no brainer if the price is the same! Like I said EVO!
Ya I was waiting for this phone since february. I'm so glad blackberry/sprint drug their feet on the release of this phone. I don't want to waste my upgrade:)

have there been any issues ordering these on line from sprint? i assume no one has been told that they are backordered yet??

When I order from Sprint, it usually get here the day after. Like the 9630, it arrived at my house on Tues. Same with the 8530, it arrived Tuesday. I think that we released on a Sun too. So, I am assuming that this phone should be here on Tues. Sprint has priority shipping for premier customers.

Ordered it a few minutes ago to replace my Tour. I'm hoping the radio in the 9650 is a little more powerful and that I didn't get early adopter's screwing.

I've been waiting for this phone to come out and now I'm going to Sprint. A family plan with 5 BlackBerry data plans on Verizon is way too expensive. Sprint requires a data plan for the main line only. Why pay $150 for data on Verizon when you can pay just $30 on Sprint. I'll take the sacrifice in service. Oh and the voice plans are way better priced.

Called a few local stores, and was told they won't have it in store for a few weeks, so I ordered one. After waiting for this phone for so long (I was upgrade eligible when the Tour came out, but decided to wait for the 9650) I guess 2 more days won't hurt.

I went ahead and pre ordered the EVO this week. I am going to miss the physical keyboard and BBM. I'll keep my 9630 just in case things don't work out with the EVO.

I think RIM needs to go harder than 512mb to justify ppl spending another 450 to purchase there equipment, that's just not enough, no new OS or anything, they just keep releasing the same thing over and over again with a different design

If you call sprint, and mention this device to them, most reps say the device isnt even available for sale! one rep said its not out yet, and to check back next week. the last one i called initially said it wasnt available, but then realized it was.

these reps are clearly not trained, nor are they informed.

i live in chicago, and I think I might wait and get the HTC Evo since it would run on the 4G there... who knows...

I just get so frustrated with my browser at times, but everything else on my phone runs great!

They were very knowledgeable and assured me there was plenty in stock so i should expect to see it within 1-2 business days.

sorry just cant qualify with new features to replace my tour i will be sticking with the tour till the next model comes out or maybe just swap over to an evo 4 just dont know if its worth it rim should be handing these out to current tour owners for the amount of money we paid for them 9 months ago and NO wifi and crappy track balls the 83xx series had the best trackballs so here rim hope you dont go bankrupt with android kicking your butt in sales for 2010

a soft touch/rubber battery cover! haha. i'll wait for a review and if its worth the upgrade from my Tour, lets just say I hope insurance can give me a 9650 instead of another 9630 back *evil laugh*

I can't believe the day has come for me to abandon my beloved Blackberry, but there it is. I currently have the 9630. I am sorry, but upgrading from the 9630 to the 9650 would be like ditching my girlfriend for her wealthier twin sister. Just can't do it. I'll try out the new EVO when it comes out. If I like it, I'll keep it. If not, there's always my Tour to fall back on. I will always have a soft spot for Blackberry; it was my first smart phone. And I'll always keep up with the news, in the hopes that RIM will come out with a new phone that will compete favorably. But the Tour left a bitter taste in my mouth, and the minor, largely insignificant updates that RIM keeps putting out cannot wash out the taste. Even with OS 5.0, my phone's profile is still jacked up, and earned me a judge's ire when it rang in court. Nope. Will not be getting the 9650.

Made my Telesales order at 11:00am EST - got a confirmation number & 2-to-5 days for shipping.

I put the order on my bill so I could get the extra 20% off I get from my employer's bonus plan (really wish I knew someone who could get me a SERO hookup!).

I upgraded both my wife's & my 8350i's - I can live without DC for the better network speeds (we've got awesome EVDO coverage here in central NJ).

After this long awaited release from Sprint ( I am currently an unhappy former Alltel now Verizon customer) they fail the first test. I went to their website and found the new BOLD but there are no Technical Specs available. A sales person contact me by chat while on the site and they could not answer my questions either. I called the phone number they gave me and no one there could answer me either. I know that Sprint has sold downgraded spec BB's before and I want to be sure they are not selling a downgraded 9650 before I buy it. They think all customers are stupid and keep giving me feature lists when I ask for Specs. I'm not laying out that kind of money before I know they are selling the full deal.

Eh there's no specs. Look at the tour and add some memory, trackpad, wifi. Everything else basically the same. MOTS

to sell product with lower RAM and different processor than the typical in the market place. If I upgrade I want to be sure I am getting the full 512 version with the new processor. The idiots at Sprint can't tell me anything. Local store near me doesn't even have it and knows nothing about it. VZW has no information or release date. 30 day return is a mess. Switch to Sprint and test for them only to find it doesn't meet spec and then switch back? Doing that I lose my Alltel plan at VZW which is cheaper and better than a VZW plan and then VZW won't take me back unless I purchase a new phone from them. Not worth the risk.

if you think sprint is 'downgrading' this phone, you're seriously misinformed. that makes no logical sense from neither RIM nor sprint's POV. put down the tinfoil hats, it's okay to go outside.

simply asked for the specs to be sure they are NOT. They have before. If I'm not mistaken the 9630 Sprint version is NOT the same as the VZW version or maybe it was the 8530? One of them was downgraded when compared to the VZW version. And what's wrong with releasing the damn information anyway?

...In an entire forum of BlackBerry enthusiasts, you're the ONLY person 'smart' enough to know this. Thanks for enlightening us. Glad you provided such concrete examples of exactly which model... wait, you don't know which model. Well anyway, exactly which spec... wait, you don't know that either.

i placed my order online after the Sprint Account Specialist, reset my contract end date. i got it at $199 after MIR. ive always wanted this ever since the Tour was released in July which i got as well. i love BLACKBERRY lol

@w2sjw: You've also got the kind of governor slashing spending like we need out here on the left coast!

That said, I'm w/Big Red, so there's time to watch, learn and listen to the early adopters (fingers crossed). Sort of seesawing on this one (but between 9650 and "near future BB" vs. the Android offerings). Care less about iPhone'esque looks than I do operating reliably and efficiently. Securely also a big plus.

Something I'm curious about, however, is the software cost. I typically run a little over $200 per smartphone type to cover the functionality I demand from them. (Trust me. It's easy to do going "Premium" w/most s/w.) This factors into my TCO, and I'm not one to hold out to save on termination fees if service wanes.

Do you guys looking to jump ship (or do so on a regular basis) actually buy new s/w? Or do you typically just use the "default loaded" and/or free s/w? This isn't meant to be a dig, btw. Just curious. Good luck to all who get the 9650 (or whatever else, for that matter)!

I think I will order mine from Radio Shack in a couple weeks. I cannot justify paying $299 and then wait for the rebate, I am sure Radio Shack will have a better deal without the wait for rebate. I look forward to hearing what people say when they get theirs this week, but I will keep my money for now. But enjoy if you have 3 Benjamins plus to throw away

*Yawn!* Kudos to Sprint to release this first! Yawn for Bb to release this a couple 13, 14 months too late. The expanded memory is not enough for an upgrade. EVO coming next month!

I sure hope the BB haters now, who are going to get the EVO, love touch screen phones. I know I hate touchscreen phones now after having a storm and instinct. Bring on a Curve 8530 or Bold 9650 anyday of the week.

Not a hater. Just being logical and value conscious. You tour owners who upgrade want to give me your 9630:). Think about the apps as well. I think the android platform is where the good apps will be developed for.(Along with iphone)

read what that link says in plain English. Those specs are not certain and they are not represented as Sprint's specs. They are preliminary at best and incomplete. Thought I wrote what I did in English but I must have been mistaken.
"Offered By:

* Sprint Tentative

Carrier availability is subject to testing and approval. This phone has not been released yet. All specifications and features are preliminary and subject to change. "

Is this my best option for a world phone on Sprint or is something better on its way out in the next three months????(I have to stay with Sprint due to other circumstances)

Help please.....

like this phone will last a while given what it supposed to have hardware wise. The new processor and memory are said to be fine for OS 6 and beyond. I always figure if I can get 2 good years from a phone it has done its job. I have had current 8330 for over 2 years and except for it being slow and having limited ram I am happy with it. Getting touch pad and better camera along with WiFi are bonuses. Being able to have more apps and faster browser are the important points for me. I'm not interested in anything touch screen. To me those phones are toys and BB is a real piece of work equipment.

I also have(still have) had the 8330 with Sprint for over 2yrs and have been very pleased with it, it's been a great device. The only reason that I am thinking of upgrading to the 9650 is to use my Sprint service while living abroad and doing business outside North America, while also using a sim card of my choice from a separate overseas carrier. I LOVE Blackberry and for the business I do it's perfect, I just don't want to have chosen a device for my new 2yr contract and not get my money's worth or specs worth once I am no longer in need of the sim/international capabilities.

Thanks for the help....

Woohoo this Baby arrives Tuesday by 10:30am. I Love Sprint!

Tracking # issued. Cost: Free with an extra $100 mail in rebate to boot! Let me say it again...I Love Sprint! I'm giving up Nextel BB and replacing with an EVO. I'll have the best of both worlds!

I haven't visited the site in a while, but word of the OS 6 made me do some more reading about upgrading my device... All in all, hours of looking at different options etc, I have to say I can not stay on the BB bandwagon much longer... The hardware is not comparable to the competition, and the programmers working for RIM always come back to "basic" design. No flare, ever. I have had BB since the side click wheel, but I think I am ready for a change.

I know I am gonna get stomped for this on this site, and I know the familiarity of the BB OS is what drives the handsets to the end users, but I just need something different. The games changed, RIM is at the tail end of software innovation and integration vs the competition. GL RIM, I would love a reason to come back...

A much loved device, speaks volumes for those who love the form factor that made it popular in the first place. But it would help to have more of a punch/bite/bark ...etc

6.0, larger screen, faster, more colors...give the people something "new" in a new phone. not something they should have had the first time. (Former 9630 owner)

Lastly I think HTC has changed the way tying on screens feel and work...the droid Incredible is lovely when typing. I am sure the EVO will be a joy at 4.3

As a former Sprint Premiere Customer I got the e mail the EVO was coming and this phone woulld not have stopped me. Welcome to 2010.

Just got off the phone w/Sprint and ordered my BB Bold 9650! It should be here in a couple days! I been awaitin this day a long time!

blackberry is constantly coming out with new phones that operate the same..... this one is the same as the 9700 for T-mo and at&t

Well I hate to say it, but after four years with blackberry, I'm going over to the Evo 4G. I currently have a Tour 9630 and can't see upgrading to a phone that is virtually the same. I did a side by side comparison on the site and whoomp! there it is! aside from the tracpad and more memory, it's the same thing. I'll pay the 10 bux more a month and go to an android phone that DEBE (does everything but eat) rather than spend another two years with RIM. RIM could find itself in a pickle the way android is pulling away. Just the thought of not having to pull the battery out is a beatiful thing! One can always get used to and become adept at using a touchscreen the same way I became used to typing on a mini keyboard.

I don't know if you guys remember this but when the Tour originally came out Sprint did the exact same thing where you could buy online before the supposed release date(they did it to match Verizon's release date). Then the Sprint customers had to wait until Verizon's release date for their phone to be mailed because according to Sprint, "they were sold out." It was a clever marketing tool to advertise the phone being available before the said release date but the being duped part sucked for the customers. Let's just hope they're not doing the same thing this time.

I'm a tour owner and this what the tour should have been, but I'm moving over to the EVO 4G :) good bye blackberry.

Unless you're coming from the 8330 or 8100 on Sprint, this is nothing spectacular. WiFi connection is not necessary and a trackpad will not make or break the device in terms of functionality. All 9630s are less than 1 year old which means any trackball issues are taken care of free of charge. (In many cases, a brand new tour 9630.)

July 1 is the 1 year anniversary date so we're fine. Its up to Sprint if they wanna keep messing around with trackball issues and swapping out devices or replace the 9630s with the 9650s.

If you've got a 9630 and want the next best thing, this is not it. Wait for the slider or whatever else that comes to Sprint.

Hey guys, I'm located in Houston, TX and I actually went into the store yesterday (one of the larger Sprint stores here which receives big shipments) and they informed me that the phone would not arrive in the store until Tuesday.

I too had an instinct, about a year ago...I was between that and the curve 8330, and I chose the instinct. What a mistake that was. Touchscreen imo sucks. The instinct SUCKED. Then I bought a curve, and I loved it. Its my first smart phone, and the bold will be my second. As for those saying that BB isnt really coming out with anything new...thats ok with me, they stick with what works, and so do I. Not bashing anyone for wanting something different, if you do, then get what you like. As for me, I am sticking with BB, it really is an addiction!

Its amazing how the just renamed the Tour, added a trackpad, and charge all the people that had issue with the trackpad another hundred dollars for the same thing!!!! If your buying this your insane

I've been very happy with the BB Tour 9630 as a mobile device. But the main feature is lacks is WiFi, which I need due to my work location. I get no cel reception but do have access to WiFi. So with the release of the Bold 9650 I ordered one yesterday (after calling the local corporate store and being told they didn't know when they would be getting them). I saw one posting that said what Sprint had done in the past, about delaying it until the actual release date after taking orders before. But I was surprised that, after placing my order at 1:30pm PST yesterday that it had shipped last night for delivery today. The latest UPS update shows it out for delivery. Very quick service I must say. I've played with the track pad on the 8350 and find that once it is set up it works quite well. So I'm hoping that there aren't too many changes in the OS for it. Now I can't wait for OS 6.....

Got my 9650 today after ordering it yesterday at 1:00pm. Delivered today at 2:00pm. Not too bad, 25 hours for delivery time. I've been playing with it and must admit I like the track pad better than the one on the 8530, and better than a trackball. The WiFi set up was very smooth, and works flawlessly with my Linksys wireless router. Using the desk manager I was able to transfer all my apps and data over from my 9630 with no problems. Now it's fine tuning it, including installing the Sirius/XM satellite app so I can listen at work over the wifi.

Few differences. One, the USB port for charging/sync is offset by about 1/8 of an inch. Not that big of a deal, but the Seidio case that I have for it covers part of the opening. Also the battery cover now has the non-slip material, not smooth. It comes with a 2gb microSD card installed, only no adaptor if you want to ever use it elsewhere.

I am over joyed to see they finally released this phone, sad to see the outrageous price $459, and i am due for an upgrade in june 1 2010 and they came down to 399. They owe me 100 so i told them i am willing to give them 200 towards the phone and i shall walk away happy, but trying to get them to work with me.

Got my new Bold Tuesday morning. It took me a little while to get used to no more trackball but I'm starting to like the trackpad. There area some issues with a sweaty finger though. IE, using during workouts, etc. The WiFi is the next major update. I already have connected with my home network and there is an drastic difference when using the Browser. As already mentioned in Crackberry, the charging port is a few centimeters off from the Tour. I will have to update my cases eventually as this is a problem worthy of a change unless your case is rubber. To date, I cannot download The Weather Channel or Weather Bug Apps. Don't see Sprint Software Store either but perhaps that has been replaced by Sprint Zone. Sprint Music Store is being updated and I could not download and as of the writing Sprint TV is down in many locations. Battery life seems a bit worse than the Tour probably do to WiFi running. The general operation is quicker than the Tour and having much more internal memory will make this device a keeper. Good phone. Only real complaint is this device is about a good year late. Let me know if you guys can get those weather apps to work.

I don't understand the point of this phone really. I suppose it's good for those newly adopting Blackberry or those who simply can't deal with their trackball or are in desperate need of Wi-Fi. I have a 9630 and love it, but this phone is not in my upgrade path. There is nothing significant about it to me. Now if Sprint would get the new Blackberry Slider or a new Blackberry Storm then that would be nice. I like my Blackberry 9630, but it's time to move away from the 2.5 inch screen. It's getting old. My two cents.

I got the 9650 from a Sprint store on Friday, May 21st and I love it! It is only my second BB and I cant say how much better the performace is with the trackpad over the ball. What an easy phone to use!!