BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available for purchase on the Verizon website

BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available for purchase on Verizon website
By Bla1ze on 3 Jun 2010 12:40 am EDT

It's not much of a shocker any more but it sure is a great sight to see. You can now head on over to the Verizon wireless website and place your order for the BlackBerry Bold 9650. As noted above, it'll set ya back $149.99 with rebates and of course, you will have to sign up for a new two year contract but that sure beats those pesky Canadian 3 year ones any day. Stop reading this and get to ordering. Oh yeah, for those of you who cannot have cameras. Verizon has you covered as well with a camera-less version available to you for the same price.

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BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available for purchase on the Verizon website


Update to some info: If you order online, the rebate is instant as usual, so no need to lay out the cash and wait for a debit card. (In my case I also had the $100 new-every-2 credit, so this was a steal at $49.95! I'll get more than that when I sell my 8330 curve with accessories on eBay!)
Can't wait! My old 64MB app space was so overloaded that it has been crashing lately.

Curious to see if verizon includes the BB leather case as I believe Sprint does?... their web site calls it a "swivel holster".

BTW, I've never seen the Verizon website so slooooow. Could it be just due to this release??

I thought that was just to the end of your current contract for the tour owners , not sure if the bold owners will get the offer but probably would Id guess

It is really slow. I just ordered a Droid Incredible (ironic that I order it the same day the phone I had been Jones'ing about for 8 months is FINALLY released).

The IT department at my work has really cracked down on personal web useage. They installed BlueCoat and have it set to block a majority of websites out there (I usually have to fill out at least one exception request per week for WORK RELATED websites that are blocked). They use to open up the firewall from 12-2 for personal use at lunchtime, but they ended that last month.

Android OS is really gaining steam for cutting edge mobile applications. Granted, there were many cool BB apps out there that were not supported on my 8330 and I was unable to use them, I think the wave of new Android apps is hard to ignore.

I still think BalckBerry is the best phone available for messenging and email.

This is probably the best reason I've read yet for "jumping ship." I am happy to see that at least one person has a well thought out reason for switching teams.

Verizon, you're killing me right now.
Please just let us have the phooooone.

I bet it'll be "sold out" by the time the site
is back up.


Can't wait to lay my storm 1 to rest.

If the sales confirmation had this in it, does that mean this thing isn't shipping immediately? I need this thing now before my 8330 dies out on me...

This phone finally comes out and of course I can't get it at this price cause I'm still stuck in contract on the Tour.

+1 I'd even go without my phone for a few days if Verizon did an advanced trade-in Tour for new Bold. I mean the Tour hasn't even been out for a year and it's already obsolete. What the hell?

I'm so glad Verizon finally has this phone but I'm stuck until October when my contract is up. It's going to be a looong 4 months!

In my country (India),
We always have choice to get SIM based phones both GSM and CDMA
No contract, buy handhelds from other shop, go to operator and
Ask SIM (pre-paid or billing).

I have BB9700, brought it from Carphone Warehouse (unlocked),
Using it on local Vodafone IN.
I am one year Unlimited BB plan (currently EDGE, 3G after 3 months)
I can cancel and choose any other operator.

Why there a different story in US and Canada?

In the US we don't pay full retail for phones. We agree for a 2 year contract in exchange for a hefty discount. (449$ to 149$) Our laws allow companies to make deals to hold exclusive rights to particular phones and lock phones to their service.

You're up a creek without a paddle my Indian friend. Then you do pay full price. That's why us Americans complain so much about our Storm 1's and Tours, cause we screwed ourselves and couldn't wait till the legit phone that we really wanted came out. But at least we didn't pay full price to begin with.

Nokia rules in my place, all colors and flavors.

BB is counted ones (not because of retail price, but BIS)

I pay Rs. 7700, approx $172 per year (including tax) for 1 year

Is it cheaper than us/canada.

Droid Incredible. Blackberry is slow and has no apps worth a hill of shiite. If your on VZW and want a great fast phone that has instant email and apps you can use, oh and a web browser you can use and is functional, try a Driod Incredible not a stupid Blackberry.

shut up and stay off this site if you're gonna talk that way....

I ordered mine just now over the phone because of some NE2 issues, but I got it and it'll be here tomorrow :)

Don't think you will have to worry about that... The 9650 may be the newest BB on the market, but it isn't really all that advance of a phone. In fact looking at the specifications, you would think that the 9650 had been on the market for at least a year. I do think the PTT feature is going to make it a good seller for many business users - but with the additional cost and so few PTT phones on the market, the average consumer is not going to see it as an advantage. And the 600Mhz processor and 3MP camera are not going to impress to many consumers these days either.

And it doesn't appear from Verizon's website that they are all that excited about the 9650 either, they just added it to their lineup, no banners or special notices on the homepage.

I just ordered one and can't wait to get my hands on it!! VZW also is offering free next business day overnight shipping if order is placed by 4:30pm. Saves $8.99!! Select overnight shipping for $8.99 and enter promo code FREEOVERNT.

Must be a lot of buyers this morning. Took almost 10 minutes to complete as pages loaded very slowly.

I couldn't get the online site to work worth beans, so I called the 800 number and got a sales rep who will have it Fed Ex'd tomorrow. He said it has been in high demand already. It's all those lurkers on Crackberry!

and both reps mentioned Crackberry. One had never heard of Mobihand. But both reps had Crackberry on the tips of their tongues.

I blamed the lurkers. LOL While we read and posted, they read and placed orders!

Don't do it!!!! I just switched to a blackberry 9700 on t-mobile!! First, verizon just lies about their 3G. T-mo's is flat out way faster and more reliable. no joke. AND my blackberry is not crippled... meaning i have a choice as to what search engines to use... verizon just outright sucks!!!! get a real blackberry bold and live your blackberry life in freedom and not dictatorship!!!

Has absolutely ZERO coverage where I live. I live in the Bay Area. You'd think they'd have it covered. Sorry, have had too many friends whom I could never get through to because they had T-Mo.

I am truly sorry to hear that. My prayers are with you as you continue on under the communist regime of verizon and their iron fist dictatorship.

What the hell? Are you okay? No cell phone service provider should ever matter that much to anyone. To feel that impassioned about a wireless provider seems a little unhealthy (have you checked for ulcers lately?), not to mention monumentally unhinged.

I don't like corporate Verizon.
I do like Verizon's signal strength and coverage.
T-Mobile doesn't seem to have either here in northern Maryland.

Case closed. ;-)

I do understand that verizon has good coverage in the mid-west and part of the eastern seaboard....BUT...on the left side of the country from Texas on..verizon is just mediocre and there are quite a few dead zones..... I am very lucky to live in a place where t-mobile has amazing coverage!!! and to close... please refer to my reply to the other gentlemen or lady.... my condolences to you too.

I'd you are coming from a 9630 don't buy a duplicate and with the Droid shadow on the way and Droid 2 there is no way I would throw away my upgtade.1gz/8mp/16gb/720P ....yea only reason I am speaking on it is cause I official am a Verizon team member and if you don't really need something to run a business enjoy the innovation of Android.

If there was a slider or a new form factor with 6.0 ok but a 9630 to this ..its just not fair.

Hope this helps someone.

Help! Getting the new Verizon bold, however, I just installed a new N wi-fi network in my house. Someone told me that the Cisco wi-fi router is backwards compatible (i.e. it sends out B, G and N signals) meaning the bold will just operate on the G signal. However, someone using a droid phone that couldn't read "N" got not signal at my house. Any advice.

You will likely need to configure your router so that it will send out B & G signals. My D-Link defaulted to sending out A, B & G but I have configured it to only send out G.

Also check to see if you have MAC address filtering turned on.

After 6 years as a loyal blackberry user, the time has come to bid RIM, Blackberry and Crackberry a fond adieu. (Although I'm sure I'll be on this site everyday anyway, it seriously is like crack)

I'll be taking the leap over to Android tomorrow at 10am, (scheduled appointment) as I get the HTC Evo. I look forward to being swayed back to BB at some point, but something tells me that It'll be a long wait.

To Kevin, and everyone at Crackberry, keep up the great work. I'll give the inflatable Android another bust in the nuts for ya.

I have been waiting for the 9650 for a while now as I baby my 8330 to keep it working. One of my prime reasons for wanting the 9650 is that somewhere I read or heard that it will have the ability to use phone and data at the same time like the iPhone. Now I can't find anything about this feature either on VZW or Sprint. Some tell me that CDMA will not support this and other say it is the carriers that refuse to allow it. Anyone here know anything that they can support about this subject?

you can use voice and data only if that data is off the WIFI signal. you cannot use voice and data using the cellular frequencies.

The only thing I will miss is these forums. and these people. I will not miss however, locked phones, battery pulls, and mean people...LOL Farewell, good bye adios ciao...

Did mine with CS and they did the instant rebate and knocked of $50 for a Private Sale deal I got in a text. Was still out 6 mos on my NE2, but since I could stack the rebate and discount I still only paid $100. Goodbye 8330, hello 9650!

before noonish they were offering a crappy samsung flip phone for free, but when i got home from work they had a bogo deal on the curve, tour and the new 9650. Seems like VZW was trying to punish everyone who jumped on it in the first 12 hours.... weird

Oh, that's not very nice at all. Bummer. I ordered probably around noon of the 3rd and all I saw was that crappy Samsung offer, too. Oh well. Thanks for the information nonetheless.

I was ready to order this. but after finding out today that the new 9700 will have a 5mp camera im just pissed! this could potentially cause me to leave rim! wtf! why even come out with a 9650 that doesnt have a 5mp camera but realase a new 9700 a few months later with one? i'm suffering from sheer hate right now!

I ordered my Bold 9650 by 8:00 am DST on Thursday, June 3rd and was told it would be Fed Ex'd overnight and that I would have it in my hands by 3:00 PM TODAY (Friday).

So I stayed home and waited from before 8 am until after 3:00. No Fed Ex truck.

Around 3:30 pm I get an email that Verizon has just shipped my Bold 9650 and it is being shipped overnight and it will arrive Monday, June 7th anytime before 4:30 pm.

Rats! What a wasted day, and now I have to wait at least three more days for that overnight delivery.

Anybody else get their's delivered today?