BlackBerry "Bold" 9650 Looking Even More Official - Photo of OEM Housing Shows Bold Branding

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Apr 2010 12:53 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Accessories

Remember that photo of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Full Qwerty keyboard that popped up online at the beginning of March? Well the same company has now posted the OEM casing for the yet-to-announced BlackBerry Bold 9650. We've already seen lots of evidence (Bold 9650 user guide, 9650 inventory listings) that the next generation BlackBerry Tour (codename "essex") has dropped the Tour branding in favor of being called a Bold but we have yet to see photos of that until now... assuming of course you trust these photos (more images below). 

From the OEM casing photos you get a clear sense that visually the new CDMA BlackBerry Bold retains the look of the Tour 9630 (exception trackpad vs. trackball) as we saw it in our original BlackBerry Tour2 first look vs. getting some cosmetic surgery to look more like the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Regardless of name or looks, I think at the end of the day we just want to see this new device get announced! Thanks to Matt B. for sending this in!

More OEM BlackBerry Bold 9650 Casing Photos

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Casing

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Casing

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Casing

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Casing

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BlackBerry "Bold" 9650 Looking Even More Official - Photo of OEM Housing Shows Bold Branding


on the surface, agreed...but here's my bigger question to you...  What if the Tour 9630 cannot support the new WebKit browser, but the Bold 9650 can? Would you make the upgrade then??

But Kevin, what if us 9630 users upgrade to 9650 and neither suppport the new webkit browser? It may not be a "new" enough device.

If the Webkit Browser will not work on a 1 year old device, that seems to be the same device, then this will be the last Blackberry I purchase. Why should anyone have to drop another $200+ (if you can renew your contract) to have a browser par to what the competition has? Sorry, I can't be brand loyal to a brand not loyal to me.

I couldn't possibly imagine that RIM would release the webkit browser, and not make it compatable with it's current series of devices. The hardware on the 9650 is the same as on the 9630 with the exception of the trackpad and WiFi, so if they make it for the 9650, I'm sure it'd work on the 9630. Even the 9700 isn't all that different than the 9630, little faster processor, trackpad, and WiFi, other than that, it's the same too...

Rim can't seem to fix the .500 OS browsers I've no reason to believe that webkit will be the home run everyone wants. They refuse to upgrade app memory and onboard memory to adequate levels and the CDMA processors are slow. My Tour is less than a year old and they changed the name of the 9650 because they think I'm so stupid that I can't figure out I paid $200 for an obsolete product. I think Rim is losing customer loyalty because of constantly putting out inferior products and failing to close the gap in the market for the multimedia/social/app users. I've been loyal to RIM, it's time they return the loyalty with a huge discount for current BB owners. It's pathetic that people are turning to hybriders to get a quality OS in such high numbers.

looks like it might be a decent upgrade from my 8330, hopefully it's out when I'm due for an upgrade this summer.

Why would you replace it? Have you been having issues with your 9630? All you'd be gaining is WiFi and the trackpad, and unless you can't live without WiFi, you're not going to find any big differences...

I can't believe they did not move the USB battery charger input. I can't deal with it on my Tour.

It get's in the way of using it when it's charging. If it were higher up on the device you could place your hands where they would go naturally when charging.

If anything at all was going to change as far as hardware (aside form the trackpad) I figured they would have relocated the USB. So annoying where it is!

Whomever is responsible for this and its delay should be proud they have done a great job of trying to get everyone excited for something with minimal upgrades. Touch pad, big deal - how many have gone out and got a mouse for their laptop? WIFI - if you have a everything plan like Sprint and others - again who cares? Nice marketing technique to change the name from Tour II to Bold - why though?? I am perfectly happy with my Tour and will not get this "wolf in sheeps clothing".

Typical RIM - crawl upgrade.
Can anyone doubt that the upgrades that RIM does have more to do with them maintaining low design and production costs from model to model than actual enduser satisfaction? These phones available today are only marginally different (wifi added, touchpad, slight OS enhancements, slightly better camera, alightly faster processor, etc) than the models available 2 years ago.

I dont know what is more painful...watching RIM come out with only minor upgrades to their phones or watching the fanboys clamor and act like the new phone is THE thing to have.

I am kind of hoping Sprint gets that Slider that is coming out, so that this Tour/Bold won't be the next big release from them. I feel the same way as gulfcoastguy. I have had my Tour since release with no issues at all, and I don't want to waste my upgrade on these minor minor changes.

As a Pearl, Curve & Tour Owner..... I'm through.

I'm tired of phones that have problems and a year later your forced to buy another phone. I've replaced 5 Tours and my Son is on his 7th. ALL with trackball problems!!! So to screw us Tour owners they drop the name and come out with a Bold. After the year is up your SOL.

With many new phones coming out in the future I have new choices. While you guys are on Storm 4 Bold 6 and Tour 0 maybe RIM will wakeup and see their falling further & further behind.

And maybe the carriers will see how unhappy the subscribers are and they need to kick companies like RIM out the door!

Smartphones are always gonna have a problem, they will never be perfect. Look at the I-phone its on its second version of the phone and works are in for a third version. We love smartphones because they are just like little hand held computers but even computers have problems, hardware failure, program failures, etc. RIM has always addressed problems with the next generation of a phone. Take example the trackball, everyone started to have problems with the trackball and RIM started releasing phones with trackpads. Sure the Storm 1 was crap but the Storm2 is much much better even though it does have it flaws. Just my opinion :)

iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS. Right? I'm pretty sure they're working on the 4th. But you are right, there will always be problems. Forums always make things seem worse than they are though. It's human nature. I loved my Storm. I only had to have it replaced when 5.0 came out, because I had a dark screen issue(would turn the backlight off completely). Second Storm was perfect. Too bad Sprint was too good to pass up(we're using 8330's I got on craigslist - $75 for both). Now I want either this phone or the Slider. My wife will definitely be getting this one.

I agree with Joe. Many people use the argument that "it's to be expected that something new will come out; that's the way it is; blah, blah". No. That's BS. I expect a quality product--the Tour was not. It is at the point where some retailers are no longer stocking Tour accessories due to the fact that people are not buying the accessories because they are pissed with their crap phones. Apple seems to be doing something right by focusing on making one model better and better.

What are the differences? It just looks like a Tour 9630 case to me. Also, I thought it was suppose to look like "something we've never seen before". Just kind of meh... and I don't care if my Tour 9630 doesn't run Webkit when it comes out. I think I will skip this 'upgrade' and wait for another iteration before I purchase another Blackberry.

The only way I will go from this phone from my 9630 is if webkit comes out, and the 9650 has it, but the 9630 doesn't. I don't care enough about the trackpad and wifi to upgrade for those reasons. Now that slider phone I may be interested in.

That say RIM is forcing you to get a new phone, that's not the case. No on is "forcing" anyone to get a new phone. It isn't like sprint & verizon are going to brick the tour series so you HAVE to go buy a new phone. Just stay with what you have.

I don't understand why everyone is so harsh on RIM... I think my 8330m curve can do anything my buddies iphone can and more. He can't multitask, I can. I don't think email intergration right to my phone has never been easier. I think rims doing a fine job. Just my .02

im a die hard blackberry user from pearl to curve to getting the tour and now back to my curve. i love blackberry but i was waiting to see what this new bold would be like, and honestly im not impressed, trackpad and wifi are great but everything else is the same. sorry blackberry its time for me to try out android. if and when the new browser is available and 6.0 kicks in maybe i will reconsider when my contract is up in a years time.

I'm a die hard BB user too. BB is the king of messaging, but the others are catching up to the point that there's no longer a big distinction. BB on the other hand, has done little to catch up with the others on the things it doesn't do well.

That the Tour 2/Bold 9650 would come out a full year after the Tour 1, with nothing more than a track pad and Wi-Fi - items that were widely available a year ago - is inexcusable.

I plan to wait until less than 30 days before the Tour 2 launches, and get the HTC Incredible. If I can't use the Incredible, I'll return it for the Tour/Bold 9650.

I see what you guys are saying, and believe a whole bunch of it, but you can't really say "BB on the other hand, has done little to catch up with the others on the things it doesn't do well."

Case in point: New webkit browser on the way, addresses the most glaring problem BB has. New software dev kits, addresses second most glaring problem. New OS 6.0 supposedly replacing 5.0 because everyone can tell 5.0 isn't a huge improvement over the old OS, addresses problems 3 through 100. lol.

But the point is, BB is doing what it needs to catch up, this time though, they aren't/haven't let the new OS's or webkit browser leak to the public for us to play with it. If they are going to slow for you, and I believe that is your main problem, then by all means go try something else out. And if/when you ever come back, we'll all be waiting for y'all like Journey with "Open Arms." :D

Take it easy guys.

IF the BB Tour2/Bold 9650 has the webkit browser, or OS 6.0. But, do you honestly think it will? I'm afraid that BB Bold 9650 will ship with OS a track pad and wi-fi.

Again, I'm a fan of Blackberry, and I'd love to see the 9650 ship with OS 6.0 and a decent browser. Even without this, I'll hedge my bet with the HTC Incredible by waiting until there's a clear BB replacement path.

Keep the lights on for me... :)

i know, problem is it isn't happening fast enough. i mean seriously take the tour/bold for an example, a year goes by and all that's added in addition to the phone is wifi and a trackpad. all the innards are the same. not saying that's it im not buying blackberry anymore, all im saying is my contract is up and there's nothing new from blackberry. trust me next year im going to be shopping around for a phone again, ( love Sprint premiere perks ), and blackberry is on my list and will always be, but we will see what is offered then.

I had the samsung moment for a little while & maybe its just android 1.5 or something else with the software but there were a few things that bothered me. 1, I use the music player a lot. I have a 16gb sd card & over 150 songs were listed as "unknown" so I had to scan through all those songs to find 1 I wanted to listen to. 2, the email wasn't that great on it. You have to set it up to retrieve emails for a specific time frame which kills the battery. Where as we all know with blackberry you get push email.
Android is cool cause you get to customize your phone to how you want it. The problem is having to download all those apps that take up space on the phone & sd card. So those were big turn offs for me.

...or does this seem like a really easy thing to do in photoshop?

it's a shame that crackberry is the "premier" blackberry blog because the quality of the writing and a lot of the "news stories" (not to mention the dreadful podcasts) often leaves PLENTY to be desired.

the addition of wifi, the trackball has been replaced with a trackpad. but other than that i don't really see anything else and i don't believe the specs would be any better than the bold 9700 series. so its basically the same phone as the older tour.

This may sound lame but I don't see many changes from the 9630. I really like the styling on the 9700 and the leather insert on the battery door is really nice. I hope it has it!

When the storm2 came out many verizon customers were eligible for an early upgrade if they had the original storm. Verizon deliberately is calling this upgraded tour ("tour2") a bold to avoid handing out free phones.

They dropped this 5.0 update out for those that were too lazy or thought they were incapable of manually upgrading the OS. The verizon OS is buggy and as soon as my friend with a tour sells his I will be returning to mts mobilitys

With the .419 I had relatively no problems. Battery life was not the best but it was at least enough to get me through the day. Until I downgrade I am forced to holster my phone when its not in use since vzw got rid of standby mode. Some may disagree thay standby mode conserves battery life, but it does for me. The only times I really need wifi are tuesdays and thursdays when I am in a building with no reception. Even with wifi I would be unable to make or receive calls since verizon doesn't support voip.

I will close by saying I think its wrong for tour 9630 owners to think they are entitled to a free bold 9650. But when verizon is so late and behind times with their equipment, some moments I don't blame those people.

If the 9650 had voip then yes I would be expecting a free phone. Why is verizon so delayed with releasing phones with industry standard features? Now don't sit there and tell me wifi aint industry standard on a smartphone because it is!!!

Must own Evo phone.....hahahaha I am happy with my Tour. Battery pull daily and all is well. Will look at this Evo phone though.

I happen to have a bad speaker on my Tour....that makes the second one. After getting three poorly assembled refurbish. I was given a new one. Actaully been great except the (ear) speaker becoming fuzzy. I use my BT. That and I just don't want to deal with that nightmare of exchanging it. Thanks RIM and VZW you alienated me!

Omg this looks like something to die for, omg rim thanks for a new device! Omg! Maybe less then a year after the 9650 you can release a 9670. Thanks rim! You're the best!

not so different anymore from its predecessors... sad to say, but you guys are right, RIM only make minor tweeks here and there and change the name but in reality, Bold or no Bold, it's still the same berry from 2-3 years ago only with a megapixel-better camera and a slightly faster OS and a trackpad. How about faster web browser? or a 5MP camera maybe? or come up with a unit that keeps up with time, aka a phone as FUN as an iPhone and services that dont keep us RIM subscribers waiting, salivating, hoping, and wishing for!

I thought all new BB's were supposed to have the new rubberized convenience buttons like on the Storm 2, Curve 8530 and the Bold 9700 and not the silver ones like on the current Tour. I remember reading somewhere that the new Tour/Bold 9650 was supposed to as well.C

Never really been a part of a company as it fell apart. Without a doubt RIM is way behind and do little to stop it.

There are essentially re-releasing The Tour...with features it should have had. And now those "features" aren't even features since it took so long. I almost feel sorry for them. When you are down to re-releasing almost identical product with a name change, and doing NOTHING for the OS or processor, its a wrap.

They are getting schooled via Android, and its a bummer because not too long ago I woulda never thought I'd considering leaving. But I will not subject myself to a lesser product simply to stay committed to another. Not anymore...that's just wasting money.

i swear to god if the 9650 is just like the 9630 im not even going to waste my time upgrading and probably switch to android.... I'm on my 8th tour and i cant wait to get rid of it.. i atleast thought this was going to represent in my opinion the nicest/ hottest berry.. the 9700... if its not nicer and has as much as the 9700 if not more than that... im switching to android screw this

I'm going to be looking at the EVO and iphone 4 when they come out. I'm not going to lock into another 2 years with the tour2/bold. I love BB but they need a face lift.

Sense the 9650 is about 6 month behind schedule one would think that RIM could have made some cosmetics changes to this new phone.It will be a good upgrade for me,8130 Pearl to the new 9650 Bold on the Verizon network.

Wow, the overwhelming negativity here is just amazing. If you don't want it, don't buy it, who cares? Don't think trackpad and WiFi are useful upgrades, use them and see. Trackpad blows the trackball away for usability, WiFi is extremely useful if you are in a low signal area and need to browse or send emails or whatever. The interesting thing about all the whining on here is that no one actually knows (who's talking at least) if RIM didn't change anything in the phone (maybe the Bold processor) to live up to the Bold name. If all of you are so enraptured by other phones, get them and quit whining please.

THANK YOU!!! All verizon users do is just whine. Just quit or switch. But stop with the incessant whining. Jesus.

a photoshop bc of how blurry it is. I know its not but just seems like there would be a better pic on the website even. Cant even tell the mp on the camera. Would be nice to see it say 5mp and not 3.2 like the last 5 or so released bberries...

why would this new phone have silver side buttons still? all the new blackberries have black buttons. hello?

How is this device being called a "Bold"? It is obviously just a Tour with trackpad and wifi. Does RIM think that consumers are so stupid that they wont notice that they are essentially being sold a slightly upgraded phone that has been renamed?

...shitty or not, this phone is the best thing since sliced bread compared to my 8350i.. I'm just counting down the days till I can finaly switch to the Sprint side things!