BlackBerry Bold 9650 Launching With 512MB Device Memory and OS 5.0 (6.0 Ready); What Current Devices Will Get 6/WebKit Browser?

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Apr 2010 10:47 am EDT

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Help Me! Screen

When early pre-production units of the BlackBerry "essex" aka "Tour2" started floating around and making appearances on the interwebs, they were still showing the same 256MB of device memory that other current-generation BlackBerry device models like the Tour 9630, Storm2, Bold 9700, Curve 85xx, etc. possess. In those early days of 9650 sightings, it was also thought the device would launch in early-ish 2010. From there, things presumably got delayed a bit for a couple of reasons, one being the brand switch from Tour to Bold and the other reason being a welcomed bump up in device memory from the standard 256MB to 512MB (photo above).

Though the BlackBerry Bold 9650 has yet to be officially announced or released, we've already seen many OS leaks pop up for the device, all of which have been 5.0 builds, clearly indicating the device will initially hit the market with OS 5.0. But with OS 6.0 just around the corner, RIM needed to make sure the BlackBerry Bold 9650 is 6.0 compatible and ready to rock the new WebKit browser in full force when released, so they upped the memory to 512MB which is likely to be the new minimum standard for device memory on new models moving ahead. 

This raises a couple of big questions in our heads that are of great interest (and concern) for current BlackBerry owners like... What (if any) in-market devices will be getting the update to run OS 6.0? Even if (some) current devices get 6.0/WebKit, with 256MB of device memory will they be able to run it well or will it become a sluggish experience? For those who listen to our CrackBerry Podcasts regularly, you'll know we've touched on some of the rumors around this a few times now. Going back to Mobile World Congress where RIM gave a preview of the WebKit browser, they showed it running on a BlackBerry Bold 9700. Following that preview, we asked RIM officials on the record in a CrackBerry Podcast what devices would be getting WebKit. While we didn't get a direct answer, we were told there was a reason they showed it running on a Bold 9700, leading us to believe at least the 9700 and hopefully many other current generation devices would benefit from the WebKit browser.

Since MWC we've heard a ton of chatter around this topic - and we're honestly not sure where things are at. We've heard things like the plan was to rollout WebKit to all current generation in-market devices, but with testing RIM has found you need 512MB of memory to keep things snappy. At the same time, going back months and months we heard of older devices like the Bold 9000 (which only has 128MB of memory) running early versions of 6.0 (I'm guessing RIM would try it on every device they can to get an early sense of how well old hardware can run new software before making decisions on which devices will be in the pipe for the update). We've also heard some stranger things - like that the 9700 is the only in-market device that will get the WebKit browser, but the key factor isn't the actual amount of memory (the 9700 has only 256MB of device memory) but rather the type and way in which the memory interacts with the processor in the 9700 is actually different (faster) than in other current BlackBerry devices, which makes a big difference when running something like the WebKit browser. If you think about it, OS 6.0 was in development before RIM ever acquired Torch Mobile (the WebKit browser guys) so it would make sense that RIM would have initially planned for 6.0 to be a fairly broad upgrade to all devices running 256MB of device memory. But it could be that in order to have the WebKit browser running smooth, devices need this newer memory that the 9700 apparently has and future devices will get (and since everybody wants more memory for apps, RIM is taking the opportunity now to double up to 512 going ahead). We could potentially even see a situation emerge where some in-market devices will get OS 6.0, but not all in-market devices will get WebKit. Not exactly a simple situation to explain or understand, so maybe RIM will just make a clean break, but who knows. Again, we honestly don't know where things are at here and what's true or potentially BS - we're just relaying some of the things we've been hearing.

At the end of the day, I don't think it's fair to expect a company like RIM to always have to keep supporting all old hardware with new software updates - if you want to make progress at somepoint you need to cut things off. Look at Apple - even the popular and relatively new iPhone 3G won't get a lot of the iPhone 4.0 updates (like multi-tasking) when it gets released. But at the same time, when RIM is coming off their biggest quarter in history in terms of the number of devices shipped, you'd hope the vast majority of those devices sold in that quarter would be capable of running what we think should be coming out just around the corner or as RIM told us, before the end of the year (they committed to that date for the release of the WebKit browser). But as of now, we really don't have a clear sense if that will be the case or not. If not, I'm not sure how you prevent those who have recently just bought a new device (and signed a contract for it) from getting a pretty sour taste in their mouth when they find out they can't get the latest and greatest software and browser for their device.

Our Hope: Next week is WES 2010. The BIGGEST BlackBerry show of the year. We'll be live on location for the week, covering the news and getting some interviews. Hopefully RIM will clearly address this straight up - I really hope they just tell us what devices are getting 6.0 and the WebKit browser. If not, you know we'll be asking the questions to hopefully get to the bottom of this asap. If you have any other questions you want us to ask (don't worry, we do have a big list started), feel free to toss them into the comments here. We'll do our best to get them answered! 

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BlackBerry Bold 9650 Launching With 512MB Device Memory and OS 5.0 (6.0 Ready); What Current Devices Will Get 6/WebKit Browser?


Ya bro,
RIM's OS dev team is full of old lazy programmers and architects
Most of BB have more than 300mhz cpu and ram of 128

Nokians have made webkit possible in 300 mhz E71 with only 80 Mb or
Less available ram during execution time.

Shame on you RIM.

I agree. I'm extremely annoyed. I just bought my Blackberry Storm 2 at the end of October. If I don't get the full upgrade to WebKit and OS 6.0 I will be ditching Blackberry. Apple made an acceptable break with the iPhone 3G because that will be 2 YEARS old by the time it is left behind and a large number of purchasers will be eligible to upgrade, or at least close to it by then. It is unacceptable that these upgrades happen for Blackberry and my Storm 2 gets left behind when it is only 9 MONTHS old (assuming a late July release).

Exactly. This post is insulting to 9630 owners and it honestly makes me feel embarrased to be a BlackBerry owner.

suck it up b!tch... early adoption always has its risks (9630 was 'new' and those who bought were early adopters... was the first 9XX0 series CDMA device that wasn't a Storm... GSM side had the Bold 9000 to weed things out... i don't see them complaining...)

You can try to argue minutiae all you want, but at the end of the day the Tour is a BlackBerry, with the same form factor done numerous times before, those who bought it aren't early adopters. For it to be EOLed and forgotten in 9 months is ludicrous.

I can't believe the amount of people who see no problem with what's going on. I truly feel bad for you that you can blindly accept this and instinctively think everything RIM does right. You should be a smarter consumer.

as a 9630 owner since day one i am in no way bothered by this at all. Why do so many people feel that RIM owes you the world cause you signed a contract six months before new shiz coming out. You knew that was possible when you signed the contract. If you don't like the way it works then stop signing contracts. I paid full retail out of my pocket for my 9630 and guess what im still not pissed at what RIM is doing. Now that i didn't sign a contract it is perfect timing cause i have an upgrade due in June. Stop blaming everything on RIM people and take some of the blame on yourself...

I did the same thing and my upgrade is in dec not as fun as yours. It seems tour owners on here are the most B***** people. They complain about everything first os 5.0 than it was not what they expected. Than it was the tour 2 how it is taking to long now they are complaining about this. Everytime something does not go there way they are ditching their bb for an android or iphone I say go if that gets u off cb bitching about your phone.

I am very happy with my Tour- it blows most of my colleagues phones out of the water and my boss even bought one when I showed off the features and abilities. I am also in NO way offended by new stuff coming out for new devices only. True, my phone is less than a year old, hardly "old" at all. But let me say that I am definitely buying a 9650 when it comes out for my carrier regardless of whether or not OS 6.0/webkit is available for the Tour or not. That's the fun of it all! To have the newest greatest device is the best feeling and I happen to believe that right now RIM has a lock on the whole market.

About the time the 9630 was released crackberry posted this --

-- Seeing this (and similar posts and pictures) convinced me to hold off on my upgrade from my 8330 until there was a CDMA equivalent of the 9700 (touchpad, wifi, revA.) Only a crazy person would assume RIM would wait 2 years for your 9630 to mature to bring these technologies to market.

You'll never have the latest and greatest, I think it's more important to know what features you want/need.

My experience with the BlackBerry Tour 9630 has been nothing less than amazing and I'm looking forward to purchasing the new Essex/Bold 9650 and I will once it hits the market; having more memory, WiFi and a track pad, I can't wait! But what I don't understand about RIM and this frustrates the hell out of me, is how they distribute their OS upgrades. Meaning they might post an upgrade for the Curve 8350 but only for the Verizon phone. If I owned an 8350 under a different carrier it may take two or three more months for my "official" upgrade to be announced! Or since I do own a Tour 9630, RIM will give two to three OS upgrades to other phone before the Tour gets just ONE! In the past month the Bold 9700 and Curve 8350 has had about three OS upgrade. The Storm 2 and Purl has had maybe two OS upgrades. Right now the latest Curve OS is higher than my Tour's OS, and the Tour is considered to be a "WORLD PHONE", so shouldn't its OS always be one step a head of any lesser grade phone?

No, it isn't. Even the iPhone supported phones that are 2 years old when doing upgrades.

It shows RIM doesn't know where they're going, and they're changing plans based on whims. The pulling of the Tour 2/Bold right before launch shows this further.

Go ahead and call me wrong - but please tell me, what has RIM done innovative recently?

How pissed are you going to be when OS 6 is officially released for the Tour 9630 on the Sprint network. You may have a Tour 9630 but your network is through AT&T, so you can't enjoy the new upgrade maybe not until 2 MONTHS LATER! That is crazy. And to make matters even worse, other less distinguished phones (Curve 8XXX- Perl 9XXX) will receive the OS 6 upgrade or something damn near close to it! When an OS upgrade is released for a particular phone it should be
covered for that phone across the board. And the upgrade should always start at the more prominent phones first then trickle its way down. What sense does it make if I own the Bold 9700 and I'm waiting on an upgrade that the Perl 9100 already has?

I'm in the same boat. I still have the storm 1. Come 8/1, I'm switching to the HTC Incredible or (fingers crossed) a Verizon iPhone. I'm done with RIM.

I don't see why it wouldn't. The 9700 is the flagship device and was one of the most anticipated devices to be released.

Personally, the 9700 isn't what people need to worry about. I would be more concerned if I was a curve owner. I foresee the tour & storm running os 6.

On another note, I'm curious to see if bold 9000 will run os 6.

Ican see it now.....

whah, whah, whah, I want OS6 for my Tour. Why can't I have it?

- Here ya' go, here's OS6 for your Tour -

whah, whah, whah, why does OS6 suck so bad on my Tour. Shame on you RIM for such buggy crap.

All I know is that I am pretty darn happy with my Tour running stock OS4.7. We'll see......

I purchased the 9700 just last year in November for the full price. I am a BB lover however I really would like to hold on to this phone for at least a year. I find it to be the best mobile device I have used. It would really suck if 9700 users do not get an update for 6.0 and the new webkit brower!! Im not going to be so anxious...ill wait to see whats happens!

"we" need storm3 and bold3 with 1ghz cpu 1gb device memory (and let apps stay on sd card) webkit browser and os6 or RIM is going to be "OUT" of market very soon

Would love to see a Storm 3 and other large-screen displays that will take advantage of the touch capabilities of OS 6.0.

Sad that the 8520 - which just came out in - what? November 2009? Will most likely be left out of any update to OS 6.0 but to be honest, the thought of OS 6 on such a small screen, and the features it is capable of, makes me want a touch-screen capable phone with more display.

Afer seeing all the Dell phones coming out in the Fall of 2010 (see Engadget), it is going to be an exceptionally tough market.

I dunno about you but I am locked into a nice big fat two year deal, which means that I won't be getting anything until the DAMN Storm 4 comes out.

If this OS isn't compatible with the 9550 then RISM is going down the shithole at an even faster rate than they were and I will want no part of that.

What are you planning on doing with that extra punch dude ?

I really don't see why RIM would double up to 1gig of ram. Almost nothing currently on the market has that much, and I really don't see more than 1% of users being so demanding on their devices as to pass the 512 threshold.

512 is ample room for expansion for the next iteration of devices. Hell I don't see an hour glass on my 9000 unless I start doing unrealistic things (leaving multiple games and PDFs open then trying to browse the net while playing music).

I bet ya that battery life would be a greater limiting factor than RAM size if you really felt the need to punish a 512 device.

Nobody says that having eleventyhundred apps installed means running eleventyhundred apps simultaneously.

Flash memory is cheap now, why not make it available in the devices?

How about the Tour 9630?? Will that be able to get 6.0 as well considering they are no longer gonna make them.. This is so damn depressing.

I just really want to know if the Storm 2 is going to be getting the new upgrade once and for all. If that gets answered, then ill be a happy camper...well, if that gets answered yes anyways, lol.

more and more I'm thinking I'm not gonna WASTE my upgrade until after 6.0 comes out so I can wait on the 1G device memory. I've tired of playing Rim's game of "obsolete in 6 months hardware"

Every device becomes obsolete soon. The more we demand better performance and features the faster things get left behind. It's not just RIMM's problem it is a problem for all tech companies.

I wouldn't agree with that completely. Yes eventually every device will become obsolete, but not after 6 months. The iPhone 3G is almost 2 generations behind and people are still buying and using them. Compare that to the tour, its like saying the 3gs isn't going to run OS4. Android seems to fly through phones as well though

It's definitely inevitable. It really just depends on where we are with technology in general. Moore's Law tells us roughly 18 months. Most of the stuff that comes out has probably been in the works for that long, or longer, before it's actually released. But based on the release schedule it may seem like 6 months. So I agree with you on the fact that it wouldn't happen after just 6 months. It just seems like it to us.

Technology does not have to be obsolete in 18 months unless it was garbage to begin with. I have an almost 3 year old notebook computer that wasn't cutting edge at the time but almost 6 months old when I bought it. I'm still running all programs, new Office 2010 beta, windows 7 etc w/o any problems.

Totally agree with you, the problem is RIM is getting tons of money from people buying phones every 6 months so they keep making new models that can barely run the current verion of the sodtware so they can sell you a new slightly "more powerfull" phone in 6 months with the pretext that you need it to run their ultra suopper wow new software, which is just the same software with some changes people have been asking for ages... example, how is it that everyone here is getting so exited about future phones having 512MB when the first iphone ever was released with 8GB?????? just plain stupid... I am really getting tired of this to the point of moving to an iphone or a droid...

It's called fanboyism. A lot of people here don't compare any "changes" with anything else happening in the smartphone market. Instead they choose to compare it only to prior BlackBerry's, which OF COURSE is going to make every new device seem great and powerful, when in reality it doesn't come anywhere close to the hardware found on all the other platforms.

You can't just compare raw specs to determine what is and what isn't 'best'.

As a worked example -

I wish to buy a vehicle with the most horsepower.

I have shopped around and have seen that your common or garden sports cars top out around 400, but what is clearly the superior vehicle for my power-hungry tastes is an M1 Abrams. Its 1500 horsepower makes it better, because all that matters is the BHP.

Same with smartphones. Each OS makes its own demands on the hardware, and applications can be more or less efficient with the available power and RAM.

To finally batter this car metaphor into the ground...
What use is a car with 400 BHP and a 200mph top speed when the VAST majority of drivers will never go past their local legal limit.

This is pretty much how I see droids boasting crazy fast processors and ram. Yes, a VERY few people will take their porsche to a track and let it fly. But the VAST VAST VAST majority of people will never even notice the ZOMG awesome specs and use it exactly the same as their previous device.

I like to think that I'm not a fanboy btw. I defend a lot of RIMs decisions here, but I'm still sitting on my 9000 until I see a reason to upgrade it.

Maybe 6.0 is that reason, but I bet you can work out what I WON'T be looking at when I choose an upgrade device ;)

no way dude, did you noticed how people with phones less than a year old are not able to run the latest festures? like when Storm 1 was released, there were already Blackberries on the market with 256MB of ram, but they choosed to release it with 128... about a year later people who bought it is in consequence not able to run open-gl software... now storm2 does, btu hey, they choose to release it with only 256 MB (while other phones on the marked are baing released with 10x time that at least) so what will happen when 6.0 comes out? people is already talking about 6.0 needing 512 and I can assure you if they ever release it for the S2 it will either be slow as molasses or miss some cool features like the webkit browser or something else... its like their engineers are so near sight it the cannot look more than a coupel weeks forward into their develpment roadmap and hardware requirements, while it is probably a business dessiition: they just make more money if their manufacturing is cheaper by using old technology hardware and even more if that makes their phones dispossable in 6 months to a year so people has to buy yet another one in such little time...

6.0 isn't even out. How anyone can lay a claim it needs 512 is just ridiculous. Everybody here is getting pissed off without even knowing any facts. Everyone was pissed that the 9650 was just a 9630 with trackpad and wifi. Turns out it has twice the app memory. Just people bitching without knowing what they're talking about...

I spoke to a verizon rep and he said that the eris is the slowest android out there currently and they are getting three new droids within the next 6 months, maybe even 3. all technology is upgradable, and the way I see it is, if it works for me then I'm fine with it and I'll just wait the two years to upgrade to something better than I had before and by then they might have worked out all the bugs.

The reason I would go with a bb over an android is because they are more safe. With the upgrade to flash and adobe that the droids are getting they are easier to compromise with personal information and this is from the verizon rep talking to me. BB will always be safer than any other phone out there including the iPhone. At least with the droids you get to choose what you want to load on your phone and what you can have instead of listening to Steve telling you what you can and can't have. Also you can't buy insurance for the iphone. I know people who have it and they refuse to let them buy insurance, so if the phone breaks you have to fork over the money to buy a new phone at market price without the discount for the two year plan. At least I'll be able to replace my BB if it breaks. I'm holding out til august to see what comes out that's newer.

I hope the BB slider is out by then, I really would like to know more about them. Most sliders break within a year of having them for most people, so idk if that would be true with RIM, because they do make pretty solid models is what I hear.

I'm newbie at this, but I've been looking at droids and BB's and iphones for the past year and BB wins for me.

that's awesome. nice to see they're upping the available app memory. sadly i still have 128MB :(

on another note, i hope they have some big surprises in 6.0. with Palm essentially going the way of Old Yeller, i get worried RIM could be the next. not to say i see RIM going under and do expect them to continue growing, but i'd like them to be more competitive in the consumer market.

Wonder if the memory situation in the 9700 is similar to the concept of ddr vs ddr2 vs ddr3 ram for computers.

The Storm2, a device that launched in late October of 2009, was advertised as the company's flaship device for consumers (if not flagship device period). If a device less than six months old does not have the hardware to run BOTH the Webkit or 6.0 OS, RIM will have a mutiny on their hands. And I for one will take my 6 years of loyalty and thousands of consumer AND corporate dollars to Android. It's really that simple. If I have to buy a new device, it isn't going to be another BlackBerry.

I agree that they have touted the Storm 2 as a flagship model and it would be awful if they abandoned that classification so soon.

But, I don't buy all the "I'm gonna leave RIM if they don't do this" vitriol.

You knew what you were getting when you bought the device? Right? You knew that all technology gets obsolete faster than other ....."stuff". Right?

I'll give you this, though. If you bought and said to yourself "I am buying the Storm 2 since it meets my current needs but I hope that their next device is something special otherwise I may move to another platform" then yes, you have a case.

But we all have to remember we cannot fault RIM for decisions we make. As said above, we do need to speak with our wallets and that, I guess, is what you are getting at anyway.

We can fault them based on the current standards wireless providers place upon us. Torch was purchased last summer, way before the release of the 9550 and the assumption has been all along that the 9550 would be getting an upgraded browser. based on the fact that we have to lock ourselves into a 2 year contract to avoid taking out a personal loan to buy a smartphone, I don't think assuming that the devices creator would be releasing newer and better software for our devices is out of line.

I can assure that THIS bb user will be dropping his expensive ass Blackberry data plan through Verizon and sucking up the rest of my two year agreement at 9.99 a month and moving to Sprint for the EVO 4G, which I can get for a steal and have extremely lower monthly fees.

As for everyone else, the bleeding has begun. RISM can slow the blood loss with this OS and an upgraded browser that both of the major platforms already have.

There's a lot of blame going around for RIM not doing this or that. While I'm not in the business of defending RIM I don't understand the issue. The problem really is that the SERVICE PROVIDERS have tied us to contracts that restrict us from upgrading more frequently. The devices (which are mini-computers) cost what they cost, but in order to get them at a discount, the SERVICE PROVIDERS force terms on us (2 yrs, contract costs, etc).

With that said, RIM as a tech company, should constantly be upgrading their devices. This also means that you (the consumer) have to pay to play. Why should RIM make amends to incorporate every legacy phone that they make? Yes it'd be nice to see 6.0/webkit support for the 9550 and 9630, but if the technology took them away from capability, then people's constant whining about that fact IS the reason that RIM's devices/OS get the perception of not delivering cutting edge tech; they're always trying to appease the masses. In that sense the changes will always be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

I don't think RIM is looking out for consumer satisfaction if thats whats gonna be done, there are devices that have been released as late as October/November 2009 and it would make absolutely no sense what so ever for these devices to not be able to receive an OS 6.0 update.. With you on jumping ship if this is how it all plays out.... sry RIM

Plus always wanted to try android!

"Funny thing about Common Sense, is that it's not that common"

Anyone who ever tried to install PC video games growing up knows that the "minimum" requirements on the box don't mean that the game will actually run WELL if you satisfy the minimum requirements for RAM, etc. I own a Bold 9700, and even if my device "works" with WebKit and OS6.0, the whole point of these things is that they're supposed to work better and faster than what we already have.

What sunk Windows Vista wasn't just crappy software, but the fact that they were mandating a new operating system on entry-level PC's that didn't have anywhere near the processing power and RAM to handle it. What good is a sexy new operating system if simple functions that happened instantly on the old version take half a minute on the new version?

You say the MINIMUM requirement to run OS 6 is 512mb of memory. Well I ran the OS 5.0 leak for the 8330 and I can tell you that sucked even though the 8330 had the MINIMUM required memory. A friend of mine has a 8330 on boost it came with 5.0 and it blows. Windows XP needs a MINIMUM of 64mb of ram to run according to Microsoft. Anyone out there want to try and run a windows XP machine on 64mb of ram????? Again with OS 6 around the corner RIM is going to have an outdated slow machine on the market after only 6 months of production. Unless of course you are happy keeping OS 5.0 but who will want that?

I had 5.0 on my 8330, and it worked quite well. It wasn't the fastest thing around, but it worked as it was intended to. Sure, it is much better on my 8530, but what do you expect? It still worked.

It's 2010. Why are we still talking about ANYTHING in MEGABYTES?

Why doesn't RIM make devices that ship with 8 GB of on-board memory?????????????????????????????????????

256 MB, 512MB, even 1GB? Are you serious? What is this, 2004?

If 512mb seems to be the bare minimum, why not give us more?! make it last a WHOLE year. I'd be happy with 2gb, then they can decide when to release an 8gb. lol.

If RIM is coming off it's best quarter, reward the current owners and new owners with something that will WOW us for the money we pour into these devices.

I've often wondered this myself, I mean I see the iphone out there with multiple versions & all measured in gigs & only one Berry, the orignal Bold that I know of (maybe I'm missing something though) has 1gig of internal memory. Now I don't even own that one because at the time I couldn't swing it so I'm still with my Curve & stuck in a place where I have to decide which apps I want to actually have on my phone where my friends with iphones can randomly download apps without a problem. Now I know these are basically "business" phones, at least that's what they started out as, but in today's world they're much more than that. Everyone from teens to the "Golden Girl" crowd rock a Blackberry so they have to realize that little Billy down the street isn't heading to a big business meeting & Ethel @ bingo isn't really doing a presentation so they're probably using these for more than just business.

Well now, maybe I will wait to upgrade to the 9700 in hopes of something better. Will tmo get a new bb that's os 6 ready? My 8900 is doing just fine...

"hey guys our device hardware was so outdated that when we actually modernized our OS, it made the phones explode, so we're gonna have to um ask you to buy new phones k?"

I appreciate RIM's support for older devices, but if my Curve 8330 can't run 5.0 (not to mention 6.0) or the WebKit browser, so be it.

Other platforms have 512 of RAM, 1 GHz processors, 8 MP cameras, two cameras, etc.

If we want the Blackberry platform to survive, my Curve can't hold them back.


DELL Lightning
DELL Thunder

I need something like this with BB

(Sorry just day dreaming)

This article and the results you guys get are my only interest in the forums these days. You hit the nail on the head with this one Kevin. For me anyway.

glad you liked it waker.  had to unload all the "stuff" that's been spinning around my head.  hopefully we'll get some answers next week.


Kevin if you took that picture, could you snag a picture of the back of the phone. We in the Bold 9650 forum still haven't seen a picture with the battery door cover on the new version of this phone.

Just got the 8530 a couple of months ago. I'm not holding my breath to hear that OS6 and Webkit will work on my device. I'll be disappointed, but the phone is still great!

RIM is a player because of push email. My gmail pops up in literally in micro seconds on my iTouch after it pops up on my Blackberry. Governments run by people depending on Blackberry's is what saved this companies bacon ounce before. Currently they have one oar in the water due to business and governments being slow to adopt new technology. Sooner or later somebody is going to have a enterprise solution that can compete with RIM. At that point you cant talk all the "GLOBAL VISION" smack you want. These boys are going down if Lazzy doesn't pull his head out of his stink hole. "Touch screens are not popular"? That should give you in site to the inner workings of RIM right now. Oh that and the Jitterbug with the QWERTY keyboard. Rolls eyes!

I don't think you get that most Blackberry users have no idea what OS they are currently on and definitely don't know about OS6 or what the hell a webkit browser is. I know about 15 Blackberry users very well and I'd say maybe one other user has any idea about any of this. Most don't have the slightest clue.

I personally think the Storm 2 will get the updates seeing as how the new OS and browser were made for touch screens. OS6 may not run perfectly on it, but it will come to it. If it doesn't, I'm gonna sell my Storm on ebay and buy a new one, easy as that.

I don't think you get that most Blackberry users have no idea what OS they are currently on and definitely don't know about OS6 or what the hell a webkit browser is. I know about 15 Blackberry users very well and I'd say maybe one other user has any idea about any of this. Most don't have the slightest clue.

I personally think the Storm 2 will get the updates seeing as how the new OS and browser were made for touch screens. OS6 may not run perfectly on it, but it will come to it. If it doesn't, I'm gonna sell my Storm on ebay and buy a new one, easy as that.

to get that out you needed to say it twice? Out of those people you know how many of them have the phone as a "Requirement" for work? The ones who have to have it probably carry something else on the side and the ones who bought them through their own volition want an iPhone. Honestly ask them how many times they drooled over an iPhone when they have come in contact with one. If Verizon got the iPhone Berry sales would go way down on Verizon. You don't have to like it or agree but it is fact.

I really don't give a big damn
With OS 6 and webkit, until my basic BB functionality is working fine

For webkit and other mobile web delights my Nokia N96 is perfect.

I own a 8520.

This is actually the 1st time I am worried about not getting the above mentioned updates.

But still, I can understand that, as a business, RIM must at some point drop support for some models and move forward. We see it happen all the time (Windows, anyone?), it's only natural.

But I really wish 512mb is just plain evolution and not a requirement for 6.0 and WebKit.

Research in SLOW Motion, or RISM for short. Sorry 9630 owners your device was obsolete the day it launched, it was a very lame stopgap to get people out of the 8830.

If the Storm 9550 does not get both the Webkit and OS 6.0 then I am done with with RISM. Point blank and period, it has not even been out 9 months and if there is a possibility that it would have trouble running either the Webkit or OS 6.0 then adios. Upgraded hardware to sell more devices is one thing, but limiting devices that have been out not even a year but not offering them software that should have been out two years ago is another thing. It is abuse, an tragic at that. If any of this is true, then RISM is the most money grubbing greedy corporation on the planet.

Not possible. Say buh bye to the people who upgraded to the 9630 from the 9530 and say buh bye to most of the people who went up to the 9550.

Say hello to the Incredible, say hello to the EVO 4G, and say hello to the Iphone whether or not it actually makes its way to Verizon.

Limited OS 6.0 availability to only newer than the 9700 devices would be a tragic and crippling decision, and one that will cost RISM big time.

I would imagine that all phones with 256mb's will be able to run both.

Also to keep in mind is that maybe the Webkit and OS 6 will have different programming for each device, so as to run optimally on that device.

If your phone is two years or older, I can't say I feel bad for you.

Hopefully a lot of questions will be cleared up at WES. I never thought I would see the day when I would seriously contemplate leaving Blackberry, but if my 9630 is not able to at least run the webkit browser, I may have to jump ship.

I don't get why RIM would jump up to os 6.0 anyways... I mean look at the current os, 5.0.0.X YOU would think all these 0s would make you believe that there would be so many versions of the OS to come but we're not even at and we're already talking about OS 6.0 haha what are all these useless 0s for then... Why not os 5.x
Fancy os numbers if you're not going to use them :o

I really don't understand..
What RIM ( or RISM) is trying to prove with OS6

Webkits are old symbian stuff, using since 2008 I guess in my old
Nokia N95 8GB

Just a webkit and RIM will win wars of Mobile phones


Bring head spinners, unseen, out of BOX.

Its really stupid to buy new device just for webkit browser.

It's frustrating to see RIM sitting back and taking its sweet time while others are renovating EVERYDAY.

I was an early adopter of Android (G1) and I loved it. But my friends converted me to the Berries side. Now, seeing all this progress of Android, I feel like I regret going to BB.
Seriously, Blackberries days are going away [FAST] if RIM doesn’t catch up with the industry.

I said this many times before: RIM has 6 months to convince me. My next phones are going to be either Symbian or Android.
And screw Apple, they will NEVER see a penny of mine.

I just cant believe that the current crop of BB's would not be able to run both the webkit and the new 6.0 OS. Are our current BB's (9700 excluded) really that underpowered? Oh boy, maybe it can be true. If the rumors from this week are true, and the 6.0 is due to release in another two months, why havent we seen any leaks? 5.0 was leaked before the official first drop wasnt it? could that be becuase no current BB's can run it?

I am confused? If I go to my "about screen" It shows three different types of Memory. 1)Application Memory which on the Storm 2 is 256MB, 2)Device Memory Which is 2GB and 3) Media Card which I have put a 16GB card in my Storm. The article refers to "Device Memory" as being 512mb??? is it possible that is Application Memory???? Please somebody clarify for Me.

yes the application memory on the 9550 is a measly 256MB and the device memory (WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY AND UTTERLY WORTHLESS CONSIDERING THE DAMN THING COMES WITH A 16GB CARD) is 2GB.

I think I speak for a lot of storm2 owners when I say... If the storm2 can not run os 6 and webkit I will never buy another RIM device again. I got this thing a week after it came out after a horrible experience with my storm1. Now, 6 months later I may have a device that is obsolete as far as it's browser is concerned. RIM needs to get their act together..., actually just because you bought a storm I could see why you wouldn't but another RIM device :p

Was going to pull trigger on another phone with VZW this weekend. After reading this I'll wait to see what happens with Essex in a few weeks. I'll keep my 8330 going a little longer. BTW,despite what's been alluded to earlier in this thread the 8330 is running Nathanix OS5 hybrid very well.

I am confident that 90% of the everyday users holding this device have not a clue that the hybrids exist. Out of those that do, maybe 2% are willing to install and run a hybrid. It doesn't matter how easy it is, to most people installing a new OS especially a hybrid is some mystical Ju Ju that they are afraid to tackle.

But his point is that the older hardware can run OS5 with a little work. Just like our current devices (Storm2, Tour, 9700) will be able to run OS6 if not officially, with a little work.

The people on here complaining are the people who will run a hybrid in a second. The people on here not complaining don't know anything about OS6.

if most people do not know these solutions exist. And it REALLY does not matter if the ones that do are to afraid to implement said solution. Get it? Slow device + hard to implement solution = poor to little sales with new OS on market. Your the guy who hits the brakes when the car in front of you does instead of looking 6 cars ahead and anticipating the inevitable outcome. Oh and the ones not complaining are the ones dumping their Berry for an Andriod. The ones who are complaining are the ones (Even if they don't say it) are holding out hoping RIM will give them what they want. I personally am starting to look at my Berry as my retarded cousin. I love him to death, and cant imagine life without him. I just don't expect much from him.

I get a one year upgrade from Verizon so I will be getting the Bold 9650 in August. just a couple months away. I can deal with the OS I have now. If I get 6.0 great if not I am not going to switch to one of the battery sucking phones because of it. Love my BB. Chill out people.

RIM seriously needs to start upping the specs of their devices. Memory is so cheap these days that there's no reason that any Blackberry should ship with less than 1GB of device memory. They should also put in faster processors (like 1GHz or close to it), higher resolution screens and higher resolution cameras. I know specs aren't the only important thing in a device but many people look at them when they compare devices and they affect the performance of a device. I also understand that RIM wants to keep the production costs down to increase their profit margins on the devices but do you do that at the expense of how well the device will function? I'm currently using a Storm2 and I was annoyed that it almost the same specs as the original Storm. The only thing they did was increase the memory, add WiFi (which should have been in the original Storm) and improve the touch screen technology. The screen resolution should have been increased to 800 x 480 pixels and the camera should have been 5 megapixels.

I used a Motorola Droid for a month and one of the things I miss about it is the fast processor. There's hardly any lag on it and you don't get an hourglass/timer icon on the screen like you did with many Blackberries.

Makes you wonder doesn't it......

Does RIM develop a phone like the Storm and a few months later realize that market conditions have changed and they need to add more stuff into it, or do they come up with the idea of the Storm 2, dumb it down knowing they can get people to buy the 1 and then upgrade to the 2 with it's "improved" features.

I know what the answer probably is, but I just wonder some times........

Makes you wonder doesn't it......

Does RIM develop a phone like the Storm and a few months later realize that market conditions have changed and they need to add more stuff into it, or do they come up with the idea of the Storm 2, dumb it down knowing they can get people to buy the 1 and then upgrade to the 2 with it's "improved" features.

I know what the answer probably is, but I just wonder some times........

What really irritates me is that they JUST released the 8530, and it's already likely to be WAY outdated. The tech is there, but RIM released a bunch of crap phones and then released the good ones. Why?
They've had far better technology for quite a while. They've had everything for the 9650 for quite a while. Why did they release the 8530, and why are they releasing the 9650 like this? Because we all know they have better technology, and based on RIM's history, they'll release it as soon as the peak sales for the 9650 have passed.

This is just my opinion but I feel that RIM sees itself as a sales force that deals in communication "Solutions" for the corporate professional. Most companies see the sales force as the life blood of the company and the "Product" second. Good forward looking companies look at market trends and buying indicators as the direction they need to move forward. RIM being a "Sales force" first is too busy holding banquet dinners and giving each other the hi five for recent sales quota milestones and quarterly earnings reports. The tech side is OBVIOUSLY 2nd at RIM and until the quarterly statements reflect their neglect of the product nothing will happen. Only problem is this industry moves so fast that by the time they wake up it may be too late. Especially if someone else decides to seriously compete in the enterprise market.

This is all a bit confusing i mean. how long was the 8900 out before 5.0 and it runs it. even some curves can run it. so you mean to tell me that my storm 2 not even a year old cant compete with the 9700 which came out the same month?. I lOve Blackberry. dont wrong me. i live for my storm. its my sidkick. get it together rim!

I would say yes. Unless RIM uses the acronym differently, would the "MAC" ID be the address code to identify the device to wireless networks?

If they could allow the OS and other apps to be stored on the memory card that would help. Then we would need the 32gb or larger card. I'd even pay (a small amount) for the latest software if all the other conditions were met.

I really REALLY hope 6.0 will run on my 9530. I'm starting to think I should jump ship and head over to the HTC Incredible. HOWEVER, if I got a whole new OS to play with, I could see myself sticking with it another year until my actual new every 2 comes around so that my wife and I can upgrade at the same time. Come on RIM, keep me loyal!!

I'm 100% sticking with my Storm1 until OS6 comes about. Then I'll be picking up whatever touchscreen HSPA blackberry comes out for Telus up here in Canada. My 2nd line, however, is going to Nokia and the E72 that's rumored to be launching very shortly. I was thinking of picking up the Bold 9700, but it would be much too confusing with 2 of the same phone in the same household (room mate picked one up recently). It'd also be a shame to pick up a brand new device and have it not work very well with the newest OS that is launching.

Personally, I see it going down like this: The Storm2 and Bold 9700 were released very close to each other. It is incredibly likely that if the Bold 9700 runs OS 6.0 AND/OR the Webkit browser well, the Storm2 will run it almost as well, if not just as well. Similar could also be said for the Curve2 devices, though they are a few months older. That is my personal opinion there.

Let's also not forget that last the roadmap was checked, there should be OS 5.2 in between 5.0 and 6.0. Unless someone knows for certain that this was scrapped, let's be a bit more patient folks. Who knows, maybe 5.2 will release that webkit browser to the masses, even those of us with phones like the Bold 9000 and Storm 9530. Personally, those are two devices I do not see getting the bump to 6.0 simply due to RAM issues, even though moving up to OS 5.0 did free up quite a bit of memory on both devices and makes them run smoother.

RIM really needs to stop the guessing circus (*that* puts a bad taste in people's mouth) and announce out of the gate what devices will be supported when they announce a new OS. Let's make it clear and move forward.

Certainly they have to stop supporting old devices when they release new software, BUT... consider, with the iPhone example above, that at the time the software comes out the iPhone 3G will be 2 years old, and will still get some of the benefits. The iPhone 3GS will be a full year old and will get ALL of the benefits of the iPhone 4.0 OS. Why can Apple release hardware that can be fully updated a year later (iPhone fans like to say they get a new phone with the next OS release because of the great new functionality), and RIM might not even support devices 6 months old? My 8530 isn't old... at 2 years I wouldn't expect a new OS, but at less than 1 I *DEFINITELY* do! If they don't provide support for newer devices, they're going to push consumers away.

Sorry... /rant :)

...but it still leaves me sitting on the fence as to whether I take my dollars elsewhere. I have been a long loyal BB user/abuser and wouldn't believe the day would come when I would seriously entertain the notion of leaving BB. WES results will be the deciding factor I guess. I do hope we get some positive news. With the devices that are coming out these days and the dollar shrinking faster and faster one must seek out the biggest bang for the buck.

It seems like this is really going to be a make/break period for RIM concerning the end-consumer side of things. I know oodles of people (including myself) that if their Berrys, most if not all of which were purchased within the past year cannot run OS6/Webkit and RUN IT WELL, will be leaving RIM for good.

*Fingers are crossed for my 9700*

Here are my questions for RIM (possible there are already answers to them):

1) when can we expect a front facing camera?
2) when will bbs be 811n compatible?
3) when will the camera be shooting at 5.0mp
4) which devices will be compatible for Flash light?
5) i want to be able to shoot short videos, edit and email them, like the iphone. Anything in the works for improvement to media?
6) when will bb be itunes compatible.

1) when can we expect a front facing camera?
Ans: 2020.
2) when will bbs be 811n compatible?
Ans: Never.
3) when will the camera be shooting at 5.0mp
Ans: 2010.
4) which devices will be compatible for Flash light?
Ans: white screen is Flash light, but Flash lite comes in 2010
5) i want to be able to shoot short videos, edit and email them, like the iphone. Anything in the works for improvement to media?
Ans: BB's are not multimedia device. Buy a iPhone and cheer up.
6) when will bb be itunes compatible.
Ans: Steve hates BB. 2050 i guess

I'll still be sticking to my Bold 9000. I've tested pretty much all top phones out there. I'm not just talking BB's here.. Also 1 factor I consider is the value for amount of money. Had a few 9700's just to play with them and to be honest I prefer the 9000 (even if they costed the same). Since I got the 9000 for 1/3 the price of 9700.. All I can do is type some smiley's on my 9000..

I admit if one (Apple / Palm / HTC ..) were to bring me better "user experience" (for the type of user I am), I would go and buy it right away. Since that hasn't happened..

I'm sticking to Bold 9000, no matter what RIM offers (either OS6 / just Webkit / both or neither..).

Sure I would like a better browser, but it's not deciding factor.

Screw this, we Tour users haven't even had our phones for a single year out of a two-year contract and already this phone is considered a dinosaur. I understand that new phones come out almost constantly, but I think RIM should focus less on new phones every 3 months and more on better quality phones maybe once a year or every six months. Like many others, between the phone, data plan, and a number of apps, I have probably spent more than a grand on this thing, and all I get in return is a sub-par OS, boring and expensive apps, and the feeling of being a fool for investing in RIM. RIM, you can count me one less customer, and one more person switching to Android. For your sake, I hope you restructure your priorities before you wake up one day and realize you are no longer a player in the mobile phone market.

RIM already does that... problem is the Tour was SOOO bad they had to do *something*.... But the early Tour adopters just *had* to have the Tour when it came out though... that's what you get for wanting a cheap subsidized phone... locked for 2 yrs... waaaaaahhhhh

That's the risk you take, when you become an early adopter. Nobody forced you to buy the Tour. I just will never understand why it's important to have the latest and greatest BB. This isn't high school.

I know there's risk involved with buying a new phone, there always will be. When I got my Tour, my contract was up, and the Tour was about the only phone I could get for what I wanted to do. My problem isn't with the phone itself, my problem is with RIM, and the fact that this phone was the best they had at the time, and even nine months ago, it was a joke compared to the competition. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of assuming RIM would at least TRY to make amends by updating the OS and Appworld, but no, I couldve bought a first-gen iPhone and had a better phone than what RIM will come out with next year!

Keep what you have NOW. I'm going to keep my Pearl 8120, contract or not until this is settled.
No way will I go under contract for TWO YEARS with another simple minded phone.
We all know software defines the future of these devices and how hard would it be to equip the "smart phones with some smarts" ? I wouldn't buy a computer at any price with 512 mb memory. It's sad when my wife's 9700 is going to be marginal.
At this time 1 gb should be entry level. Too many new features/ apps/ business solutions are on the near horizon to keep on with little " baby steps".

Don't Agree with the Iphone commment. The New Versions of the I phone are spaced and updates are givin to the old versions until then. The Storm 2 and Bold 9700 where the newest flagship devices as of 7-9 months ago. Its impossible for the average person to keep up with the latest devices.

Wow can we ever be happy? Everyone complain about obsolete hardware??? Check overseas where they are running 6 and 7G networks and we have yet to rollout a "true" 4G until later this year...Yet I dnt see you all jumping ship and moving oversees to take advantage of that. On top of that are you gonna complain when VZW and ATT roll out 4G that your 3G device is not capable of the 4G speeds???? Get over it....

Blackberry is still falling behind in the memory race. my 16gb flash drive is nothing but a ssd microchip...other manufacturers have managed to put them into phones, where's RIM at on this?

IDC what anyone is saying, all those who said there wasn't any big changes between the 9630 and 9650 .. Well? Here's this for yaa, a big up in storage memory, yeah is only 512 but hey, atleast we've caught up with the big hardware fellas at HTC.

I have never own a BB but I have been following this website since mid Oct. Around the first time the Tour 2 got leaked, ofcourse now the CDMA Bold, and I been waiting since, and im happy this will be my first BB :D


lol wat? the htc incredible is coming with 8 gigs internal storage. 16 times that of a BB, with google openly discussing adding sd-card installing, an issue that RIM remains entirely mute on. the 9650 is what should have been released last year.

look. I am a fan of BB's and such. I would like to know the answers to the questions, rants, and raves that too many of you have flooded the comments section of these types of posts (seems like many tour users). Just stop already. I dont know if any of you know but there is this little show next week called WES? I would suggest you save your b****ing until after RIM reveals and does whatever it is going to do then. Quit being so dang impatient and let RIM get ready for WES then make your complaints and such at the more appropriate time that is post-WES.

Forgive me guys, as I am not an expert in the area of Device Memory and Application Memory. This news blurb indicates that the Bold 9650 will launch with 512MB of Device Memory. I just took a look at my Storm 1 and see that it shows 879.2MB of Total Space Device Memory and 856.8MB of Free Space Device Memory. Does this mean that the Bold 9650 is a step backwards in the area of memory or is the 512MB of the 9650 actually the Application Memory??

I sincerely appreciate any education you can give me!

Just like the title says, this past year its become more and more obvious that RIM is going to be losing a LOT of customers soon if it doesn't step up its game. A majority of the comments on CB now are about how dissatisfied people are and how behind the curve blackberries are. Cmon guys, I even considered the Pre for a little while because I am so sick and tired of that recycled, ugly, unintuitive interface, shameful amount of memory, and lacking OS! DO SOMETHING RIM!! Step up your camera quality (I'm saying this being a storm 1 owner), OS quality, the web browser REALLY needs an overhaul (hopefully webkit will be more than just a sloppy add on and new UI, I'm hoping for a browser rebuilt from the ground up), and would you PLEASE make a new interface already? I'm not a fan of the iPhones UI, but the Pre and Android devices are something else! They're really a pleasure to use and the interface makes everything smooth and easy to work with.

If RIM doesn't come out with something fresh and nice with their next touch screen phone I'm getting an Android (as much as I hate to say it :[ ), the HTC EVO 4G looks nice. Hell, even WinMo seems pretty awesome compared to RIM right now.


A lot of people have been grumbling that the Tour 9630 won't be OS6 capable. People also grumbled about how long it took Verizon to offer an OS 5 update for the Tour (and look at all the complaints about bugs in that version). Well, my carrier, Bell Mobility, offers only OS as the latest OS for the Tour. Given that they stopped selling the Tour only 6 or 7 months after releasing it, I'm convinced that's the highest version I can expect to see from them. I don't see them offering software update support for a "defunct product", which ticks me off. A three-year contract ought to equal three years of decent support. I'm contemplating putting one of the stable OS 5 versions such as .419 or .484 offered by other carriers on my Tour, even though doing this might void my warranty.

Given that carriers seem to be so inconsistent about releasing OSs, it seems to me it would make more sense for the OS to be released and downloadable directly from the RIM website. That way those of us who feel uncomfortable putting unofficial OSes on our BBs can get the software support we deserve, and not what the carriers cavalierly decide we're going to get.

how does it work for other phone OSes? For example andriod, who dictates the OS versions (google or carriers). Do people have to wait for their carriers to approve and provide OS also. I download all leaks and stuff so it does not matter to me, but I get a feel RIM gives up too much control...

To all the people threatening to go to an android device, I hope that you all use gmail as your primary email and don't use outlook for your contacts or calendar. My gf has an android and while it's a nice device, it just doesn't work for my needs.

I believe that the best thing to do is to wait for bb devices that will be released late this year or early next year. RIM has no choice but to join the smartphone memory horsepower race. Android has picked up so much steam in a year and the next gen bb devices should deliver.

Being stuck on cdma this conferms this berry will be in my pocket day 1.
To all the nay sayers yes we will welcome you back when you find out the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Don't hate just jump to another platform if you are unhappy. Life is too short to to be unhappy over somthing as little as a phone.

Everyone say's its not Rims fault for anything. How bout releasing hardware not obsolete soon as you buy it. No instead they build a phone with a crap OS then stop supporting with real upgrades long before the average 2 year contract is up. Just like the storm1 I got. Rim cant even produce a decent OS any carrier will release even the ones that are released are terrible just goes to show you what is offered to carrier's from rim. So I'm stuck with my storm 1 no update in sight for rest of my contract. Rim better start producing the goods quick . I don't see anything from Rim I would touch now. It looks like Droid Incredible will be my next phone unless RIM makes a real leap forward not a baby step.

Sorry everyone. I have got to leave RIM, I love my 9700 but if it doesnt get OS 6.0/Web Kit broswer, I am done. Why even offer the 9700 in white if it isn't getting the newer OS? I have been with RIM for 3 years now, converted most of my family to blackberries but I think my love affair is over. Window Mobile 7 is looking better and better everytime I look at it. And if the Dell Lighting is any indication of what is to come from WinMo7 devices, I am a happy camper.

"Why even offer the 9700 in white if it isn't getting the newer OS?"

WOW! Really??? Are you F#$%ING Serious? Device color and software have anything to do with one another? Go buy a droid and post in their're the kind of person they're looking for.


Here is what I would like to know coming out of WES: will the slider phone be released on VZW and if so when and what are the specs. I'm rocking an S1 here since launch and while I love the screen size, I miss a physical keyboard and am tired of 3 batt pulls/day. My NE2 upgrade comes up in July and I would like to know if the slider will be an option for me - looking to upgrade ASAP. That would be the perfect device for me, but only with the right specs so it will run smoothly without having to reset every few hours. If it won't be an option soon then I will probably go with the VZW bold, but not if the new OS and browser are going to choke it like my S1 does with so little memory for apps. My priorities are performance then physical keyboard then screen size, but having a device with all 3 would be my ideal. So I would like to know by the end of WES which device I should be looking to get that will meet my wishes.

Ive had blackberry since the pearl came out years ago, and i used to love them. But now, im sick of the long load times, i don't see why phones like the droid can load up in 9 seconds and it takes my tour about 8 minutes. i can't even load google maps anymore without getting the hour glass of death. The browser is such a joke too. Im switching to the droid, the only thing ill really miss is bbm and all my buddies and password keeper. and beejive. The games sucked. the interface for the storm is really designed for a trackball interface so the experience it self sucks. maybe os 6.0 will make things better, but im not counting on it. when the storm one was released, i had high hopes, just goes to show these companies don't really care about making improvements, they want to capitalize on making small improvements to make bigger profits. another thing ill miss is slingplayer as i have a slingbox. But oh wait, theres an app coming out for android this summer by sling so nevermind. I had vlingo (voice recognition) for my bb, but ive tired it on the droid and it works soo much better and now that android supports yahoo email, im set. i have a blackberry storm 2 as well so maybe when os 6.0 comes out, ill try it out, but i don't see how it can compare at all with android, as far as usability, interface, screen, browser, and the apps... blackberry definitely needs to step it up or google will take them out

We can't have it both ways: ask for significant upgrades & changes to OS, browser, etc., and then ask for it to be compatible with what will be outdated devices.

Can we have a rule about people making insane claims about things like this killing RIM and ensuring that one day they'll be out of the cell phone market?

I don't care if my S2 got OS6.0 or not. 607 is working fine for me. I won't ditch BB but I don't feel like I'm a hardcore user. The ONLY thing I want to see is an OS update for the S2 that included flash support. Don't know if that's webkit or not, but I'm fine with Opera Mini. I'd be perfectly set with flash.

I'm not a fan of the stock themes on any BB OS. I'll just put a theme on my S2 and I can be productive as hell. I don't mind not having pinch to zoom or improved flick scrolling. I can zoom right now just fine. I can scroll. I don't mind not having an ipod look to the media player. If I did I would get an ipod. I'm happy with what I have now for the most part...

I just want flash!

I have the 8900. Most likely I will be left out of webkit and OS 6.0. But despite that I won't be disappointed with RIM for leaving out the 8900s. My phone still does what it's meant to do and has been doing. I can still play music, browse the web (full html with BOLT, Opera), send e-mails, make calls. If I want the new OS and gimmicks then I should upgrade to a newer phone (one that is capable for sure). Sure, it would be nice to view Flash and whatever on web pages, but this isn't a computer. Technology will evolve to that point but that is in the future. As many others have said, what's the use of running the latest software if it will just be sloth-like?
If you're left out, yeah it's unlucky. But you still have your wonderful BlackBerry.

Blackberrys are so far behind what every other cell phone manufacturer is coming out with now. They may have decent email capabilities but everyone else is now either catching up or has caught up. So where does that leave BB? A few years behind everyone else when it comes to what the standards are now in cell phone technologies. What is the problem with coming out with a good browser? What is the problem with not being able to put out a good OS? WHAT ARE THEY DOING UP THERE IN CANADA AND WHAT ARE THEY SMOKING? If you don't keep up with consumer demands people will jump ship. I for one will be going Android very soon and can't wait. I looks like they have what I want.

Listening to him on the podcast's in sounds like he'd know a thing or two aboot it. (Not a typo) I'm heading to Zuma beach right now, bet Bla1ze would fit it no probs :-)

I would think that at least 12 months of software support wouldn't be asking too much. I was foolish enough to buy a Tour, had my share of issues since day one. Now its to be discontinued, so will my relationship with RIM. Screw me once its your fault, .......

Former Curve 8320, to S1, and to Tour 9630, and have always been a loyal and hardcore Blackberry user since before I even got my first one. I have enjoyed the experiences I have had with my Berries and have really learned a lot along the way with them. One of the things I have learned about myself is that I am addicted to technology (along with most of us haha) and feel a need to have newer and better technology at my side. Unfortunately I do not feel like RIM has done way too much to try to innovate their technology. That is fine for a lot of people if it is not broke don't fix it, but for me I have learned I enjoy some decent changes from time to time or at least nice boosts in what a phone can do. I'm not making a huge dig on RIM for whats going on they are a business and will do what they need to to try to satisfy as well as make lots of money. For me as of right now the next jump I see for RIM more than likely will not give me the changes I want to see or make me happy, so I put my pre-order in for a Incredible the other day. I got to use one today and it is pretty impressive, very quick and responsive and I know it will be a nice change from the norm. I hope Blackberry really starts to shake things up and can convince me to come back, but for now I'll just bounce around enjoying new innovations in technology :)


p.s. Sorry for the long rant haha just had a lot to say

storm 2 will def get os 6.o. per bgr's review alot of 6.0 has touch screen elements. and i still think rim loves their storm line even w the bad pub.

i wish the bold 9650 had some what of a different hardware design to make it stand out from the tour and bold 9700

stuck with my storm 1 until december, :(
theres no way thats going to get OS 6.
If it does im actually going to sh*t my pants.

yo, forget this man, im not waiting for a freakin replica of a tour with only a trackpad, wifi, and more memory..they shouldve redesigned it other than making it say BOLD on the back..cant w8 till july, upgrading to Palm Pre all the way

WOW so many Tour whingers!

I applaud RIM for making the BOLD decision NOT to support certain hardware. Otherwise, it would have held them back trying to get something to perform on ancient technology (e.g. Tour, Storm etc). I am sure there are plenty of unsatisfied customers BUT think of how many potentially new customers they will gain with a better performant OS and hw.

Well done RIM!

I think rim puts out to many damn phones. That's why people never get satisfied because everytime we buy the newest hottest berry 2 months later they come out with a new one.

Everybody bitching and complaning about cell phones. You guys are fuckin horrible. There are more things in life than just phones - you jackasses.......go drink a bottle of lysol.

I think the issue is, is everyone wants the latest and greatest BB device (which I will never understand). I mean, if your BB does what you want it to do, then what is the problem? You buy a BB and six months later a newer; better BB is released. Ok, so what!? That BB in your hand still does what it did before the newer BB was released.

Keeping up with the Joneses is so 1990s.

To all those people that keep saying I have a Android phone/iPhone because I hated my BB or as soon as my contract is up I'm ditching my Blackberry. Might I remind you that you are on "" a site devoted to Blackberrys and is for the people who love them. So if you hate them so much why are you here? Ah you must enjoy trolling, thats it. Oh and by the way I'm going to put this as nicely as I can, GTFO.

RIM constantly talks about the Data Crunch, making things small, because it is more efficient, having the bare minimum to still get things done.

This philosophy from back in the day when PC's had 2mb hard drives has it's place, in today's world where bloatware abounds. The problem is this only a goes so far. This isn't 1980 any more. With WIFI capable devices the data crunch argument loses it's significance.

It is this philosophy of giving the customer the bare minimum for the sake of efficiency which still drives their R&D for devices. This is why their phones go obsolete in 6 months rather then 1 to 2 years.

You can talk about the speed of new technology all you want but I doubt the HTC EVO will be obsolete in 6 months. Give me a break. RIM's lack of technical generosity tied to their bare minimum philosophy is the problem. Not the speed of technological progress.

If RIM does not change this philosophy, or at least recognize that there are two markets, Enterprise and Consumer, they will definitely lose the consumer war, if not the enterprise.

Wow I bought the tour full price because I didn't like the touch pro and after my first tour missed up on me I kept getting tour after tour after tour intil finally I think I got one good one ( refurbished ) but damn they just discontinued the hole device all together and not a year old wow they think there on iphone level. I mean people still got the first gen iphone and all they do is upgrade after upgrade but rim just cut us tour users OFF !! well I know 6.0 will have bugs like 5.0 so I'm not trippin anyway lol

i have a pearl flip 8220 and im happy with it. i am of course not going to have 6.0 (cant even 5.0).we dont need those features unless if your going to use it constant. rim is already the best. common we dont want to take down palm, apple, google, in one hit with those features haha.

According to various sources in wikipedia that the Storm 2 and the 8530 are the only ones that are OPEN GL supported, so it would make sense that the 6.0 would come out with the webkit browser for the Storm 2, so that when blackberry get's flash it will be supported by the OPEN GL graphics on the Storm 2, it doesn't make any sense that it wouldn't get it. The Storm 2 has 256m/b of application memory, and 2GB of device memory, wen the Bold 9700 has 256m/b of flash and application memory, so Bold users are at a loss... The processor speed could be different, but still given the facts that it wouldn't make any sense that the 9700 is the only one that is going to get it, I would say that the newest ones are going to get the new OS... Storm 2 9550, Bold 2 9700, and probably a couple of others, I believe that the CEO prefers the qwerty keyboard phones, which brought him to fame, But I think they'll see that once they get out a great OS for the touchscreen, it will become more popular than he thinks!

contract or not the blackberry storm 2 is my last phone. im gonna get 6.0 and flash and webkit. and its opengl support means once rim fully adopts flash my app are gonna be crazy

its funny alot of people complaining about the tour being EOL'ed and possibly not getting these updates forget about one thing... just ride out your contracts! or guess what... you will hurry up to purchase the first device that ships with OS6/webkit.. and find yourself RIGHT back in this spot again only a year later.

you dont have to have EVERY BB release! buy your phone, use your phone through contracts end, and then pick up another current blackberry. its only a problem for you if you make it a problem. i'm a tour owner, love my tour, still on the same tour i purchased, and havent had to send it back for anything. its fast efficient and does great at its tasks i give it to do.

and who cares what Crapple does with the iphone.. i mean really, oh yay, a 2 year old phone is still getting updates.. but guess what.. its still a two year old phone that wont multitask, and you will still have to buy another phone for their next revision of their OS that will support it..

Then the webkit was scheduled for Q1 2010.

The former, OS 5, wasn't released on the first device (Storm 1, I believe) until weeks before the launch of the Storm2.

One thing we are all forgetting is that the carrier has the final say as to when an OS update is released. RIM may indeed have v6 ready for carrier review and modification before official release, which can (and will) take months more.

In the highly-competitive smartphone market, any given model is considered, by the industry, as obsolete within 12-18 months. This follows Moore's Law of integrated circuits which states, in summation, that any given technology will double every 18 months.

With that said, one could comprehend the fact that the 9630, for example, could be considered an obsolete device/technology by this summer (the possible time of release for the 9650).

Yes, those of us will be testing OS 6 as soon as it is leaked, but the general public will be forced to wait some time for the carriers to approve the software for use on their network.

Well if 512 will be the new standard i hope they add it to the 9100 as well although i wish they would just move to 1Gb just for fun.

All I'm hoping for is 512, UMA-wi/fi, w/the ability to have GSM. Yes the 6.o should be the new OS. That's not asking too much is it?

So I keep seeing people saying iPhone has 16GB ram etc. that is not true. iPhone 3GS has 600mhz cpu with 256MB (yes 256MB) of ram. 8/16/32 GB is not ram, that is just storage.

I am not sure how that lines up with the way blackberry reports memory (< not sure if this is actually ram), internal storage and then external storage.

It's kind of sad that RIM basically were FORCED to up their memory, FINALLY...I can't believe they were trying to STILL keep 256MB or's ridiculous. They thought "we'll upgrade the browser with webkit & keep our shitty RAM oh wait -- !" Now that they've realized they're idiots, they HAVE to upgrade their memory to 512MB for the first time ever. I bet they feel so sad now.

The 256MB doesn't have to be a problem if RIM would allow users to save applications to the memory card instead of internal memory.

I wouldn't agree with that completely. Yes eventually every device will become obsolete, but not after 6 months. The iPhone 3G is almost 2 generations behind and people are still buying and using them. Compare that to the tour, its like saying the 3gs isn't going to run OS4. Android seems to fly through phones as well though - wholesale name brand electronics.
Maybe 6.0 is that reason, but I bet you can work out what I WON'T be looking at when I choose an upgrade device ;)

I wouldn't agree with that completely. Yes eventually every device will become obsolete, but not after 6 months. The iPhone 3G is almost 2 generations behind and people are still buying and using them. Compare that to the tour, its like saying the 3gs isn't going to run OS4. Android seems to fly through phones as well though - wholesale name brand electronics.
Maybe 6.0 is that reason, but I bet you can work out what I WON'T be looking at when I choose an upgrade device ;)

Blackberries are great phones but their technology, os, web browser and everyhring else is getting way to outdated for me to handle. I'm going to the htc incredible. Just google the phone and join me. Thanks bye.

I sure hope Tmobile gets in line for a couple of new Blackberrys. I really don't know how much longer my pearl 8120 can hang on!

I agree with those making comments about dumping your blackberry if it can not run os 6.0 and/or webkit browser. And I will also never buy a product made by RIM.

good things come to those that wait...I'm on the Pearl Flip running v4.6.1.309 and considering the new Curve...I'm excited about the tracpad and wifi and OS 5...I'm retired to don't need the fastest and the best...for the working man I can understand that NEED... The question I have is since apps take memory from the phone NOT the memory card (UGH) how many apps CAN you run on OS 6 and keep it fast?? the BlackBerry ya got!! FLIP IT!!