Exclusive: New Live Photos of BlackBerry Bold 9650 Show Off Bold Branding!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Apr 2010 11:21 am EDT
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Hot off the CrackBerry Tip Line and following up yesterday's photos of the 9650 OEM casing, you're looking at live photos of the Blackberry Bold 9650. As you can see in the photos, the About screen is branded with the BlackBerry 9650 device model (I guess RIM's thought here is to keep the 96xx as CDMA and 97xx as GSM) and the back of the device features the Bold brand name. Referred to by the codename essex (originally thought to be the Tour2 as it follows up the BlackBerry Tour 9630), the Bold 9650 adds WiFi, an optical trackpad and OpenGL support above and beyond the features and specs found in the 9630. Two more photos below.

More BlackBerry Bold 9650 Photos

* * images removed by request * *

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Exclusive: New Live Photos of BlackBerry Bold 9650 Show Off Bold Branding!


the tour.. and therefore the tour2 now the bold 9650 is CDMA + GSM..which would be hard to do without a SIM card slot :p

Wow u idiots are as gullable as u are dumb. For u to get ur blackberry panties in a knot, wow haha. Obviously it's cdma cuz it shows it in the photo. Go sip ur starbucks and b*tch about something else.

the current tour is a global phone and has a sim card. check it out on the vzw website. its cdma and gsm aka quad band.therefore it makes sense that the bold 9650 aka tour 2 has a sim card slot.

I'm sorry but I LOL'd when I read that comment. xD

Did you even check to look at the "CDMA" bit of the about screen?

the CDMA reference in the About screen that's in one of the pics? Some people are so quick to jump to conclusions. If you knew anything about the upcoming Bold 9650 then you would know that it's upgrade to the Tour 9630 and they are both "global" phones that support CDMA, GSM and UMTS service. The SIM card slot in the Bold 9650 is needed so that you can use a SIM card for the GSM and UMTS service when you travel to Europe and Asia. You can also unlock it to use on the AT&T and T-Mobile GSM networks in the U.S. but it doesn't support AT&T or T-Mobile 3G service in the U.S. since it only supports UMTS band 1 which is used in Europe and Asia.

There is now a trackpad and Wi-Fi. And the green phone icon is now facing up like the Bold 9700. And is says Bold. And there are probably some other internal hardware changes that were required to incorporate the Wi-Fi and trackpad--I believe I heard that the entire keypad has been shifted down slightly and the bottom keys (space, sym, aA, etc) are a little smaller, all to allow for the trackpad. So, no. They didn't just slap Bold on the back.

something about it was supposedly supposed to be so different than the previous Essex models that were released...
i guess it took them a few extra months to get that word "Bold" stamped on there.

Im torn... do i get this phone? Or do I wait until November when usually new phones are released (slider)? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!

Looks like these will be at the back instead of being at the sides like the Bold 9700. Also, the camera flash immediately above the camera lens is true to the original Tour styling, and I say keep it like that. No need to make this device look more like a Bold.

Guess it's getting closer to its release. I'm excited for this to be available to the general public, though I'm sticking with my 9630. I'm ready for some new hardware, excluding the Talladega. That thing is FUGLY.

Storm 3 soon, please.

Can't we PLEASE get something a little bit less mainstream and have their designers think more "outside of the box"? Ok, admittedly the "slider" looks like they are headed in that direction but all of RIMs devices are looking the same.

I love my entry-level Curve 8520 and I really like Blackberry, but they really need to blow me away with something if they expect me to stand pat before the Windows 7 Phone hits the stores around Holidays.

I think RIM isn't capable of doing that, lol. Slider is a start, but I'm not feeling it.

I guess we will see what other tricks RIM has up is sleeve by WES at the end of this month.

Seriously? Windows 7. Its a schotty platform on the computer, and you wanna a phone that runs it. Dude do your homework, Windows is terrible as a mobile platform, either stick with BB, or go with Android.

#1 Win7 is not as bad as anti-MS fanboys say it is. #2 Win 7 mobile has about as much to do with Win7 desktop as Android has to do with Linux. BTW, the UI is already pretty much available for a test drive on the Zune HD, and it is pretty flippin' slick and impressive. I wouldn't write this off with knee-jerk paranoid anything-Microsoft-is-bad reaction.

^^^ Agreed. the Win 7 Phone Series is a total turn around from previous Win mobile versions, like not even close dude.

as for RIM... they gotta start making WEIRD devices, yes thats right WEIRD... thats what gets attentions now a days, just look at the Motorola Backflip haha ;]

I was wondering the same thing. I would like my numbers to be a different color from the letters so if its the same keyboard I will put one on my 9700.

If the 9650 is the same size as the 9630, the keyboard won't be interchangable with the 9700. The board on the 9650/9630 is larger in size than the 9700.

I was wondering the same thing. I would like my numbers to be a different color from the letters so if its the same keyboard I will put one on my 9700.

If this isn't a great OS and if there are not any additional features other than the ones mentioned, I am not buying it. HTC Incredible is looking more and more appealing (although I do love the physical QWERTY keyboard).

RIM and Verizon are going to great lengths to make sure everyone knows this is not a Tour with a touchpad and wifi. The last thing they want is their Tour customers endlessly bitching so they slap a huge "BOLD" logo on the camera so they can say, "Hey, this is an entirely different phone peole, no refund!"

Nobody has a right to complain that the phone they purchased does not contain something it clearly doesnt have... its the same for tv's, cars, everything..

and.. to be fair (at least to Sprint) Dan Hesse of Sprint stated back in July/August last year that there would be a version of the tour with wifi in 1Q10..

Guess I'll have to wait until I try it out in the Sprint store, the 8530 trackpad is pretty sweet so this might sell me. I will also be looking hard at the new 4G phone with the 8mp camera. Wife already said she wants my Tour so either way I go the Tour will still be in the family...lol.

you must be blind then.

different battery.
different placement of the mini-sd card.
different placement of the sim card.

definitely not a 9700

as an end user and seeing a sneak peak of a new BB product, I dont care abt the battery model number, where the sim goes or the memory slut placed I wanna see new features better looking product not a compromising between tour and bold and create a new model that doesn't make any sense (we don't have the full specs to judge, but the book from its title)

Dude only the front have some similar looks, there is totally a difference between it and the 9700 that would tell them apart. Don't confuse similar with identical.

They should have kept it named the Tour. I mean even the battery is still the Tour's D-X1 intead of the Bold's M-S1. So frustrated!!

It looks great and all and I'm sure its an improvement over my tour but why are they sticking with that same crappy battery. The 9700's batter takes up like almost all of the entire back of the phone and has a great battery life... Maybe they made some tweaks that will otherwise help?

It's a Tour with a trackpad and wifi WOW I think I'll stick with my crappy track ball Tour until a REAL Bold can pop up that is comparable to the 9700 for Verizon...which is likely NEVAR

I think our first hint that this wasn't going to be a "new" device was the fact that it's a Bold, yet they're calling it a 9650. Had it been a 9750, or something, then we'd actually EXPECT a more advanced piece of hardware.

I love my Bold 9700, and I realize that having the most advanced piece of mobile hardward at all times is an expensive zero sum game. But when my current contract is up in about 18 months, it would be nice to see something more advanced from BB by then that encourages me to stick with the brand.

Processor? Internal memory? The track pad is a welcome addition, the WiFi could come in handy I suppose (although I rarely used it with my Storm2). But what I'm really interested in knowing is if this is something more than a cosmetic "refresh" to the Tour.

If this turns the 9630 into a version of the 9700 that works on the VZW network, then I'll get it. If it is just what it appears to be- nice cosmetic changes- then I'll have to wait.

From what we've seen, It's got the Tour's Processor, the 9700's Internal Memory of 256MB and the same 3.2mp camera with auto-focus.

The real difference here is just the inclusion of a trackpad and WiFi.

I don't rip on carriers because ever carrier has their problems but to slap the name Bold on it when they have been selling it as the tour is bologna. Too many customers would want refunds or the new phone instead of their recent purchased tour. I was a verizon customer for over 10 years, needless to say I left. T-Mobile is a breath of fresh air.

Is no one else absolutely disgusted that rim has taken the tour, added the word bold, a trackpad, and wifi, and are essentially releasing the tour 2? This makes me sick, and I'm a rim fanboy. Come on now! Really!?!?

I mentioned that 96xx series will be cdma and 97xx will be GSM.....
Personally, I like the device.
Why? Because I can upgrade now or wait till december for my ne2....
Everyone complaining about refunds, etc. deal with it.
I agree 100% with the post above. It's like buying a new car.
You know a new model is in the pipeline....

tony i here what your saying, but these updates if u wanna compare them as buying a car would be like saying, hypothetically speaking a 2009 Honda accord and 2010 Honda accord, they both look the same but the 2010 model has standard antilock breaks and bluetooth radio. no real big changes things that should have been there origially. I guess what alot of people were looking for including myself was a complete overhaul redesign just like the 9700.

Definitely agree with you cheech.
I would have preferred an overhaul.
I just don't think original tour owners should expect a discounted upgrade, etc. because of "known problems"

its just a 9630 tour with the additions of trackpad and Wifi. WOW a whole year goes by and this is what we get. like many have said it should have come with these additions originally. new tour2/BOLD = FAIL!!!!!

If it has OpenGL support, does it have an accelerometer???

I wasn't expecting much of a change from the original essex design. SO, they changed the name and gave themselves a little more time to make sure everything works. Hopefully it will be better than the current Tour. :)

Isn't the bold a larger phone with a larger screen? That's what I think of when I think of the Bold and was actually looking forward to purchasing a Bold just because of that reason. But if it's the same size as the Tour (which I already own), what's the benny? Track pad? Wifi? The camera's the same too, right? 3.2 MP? At least they could have improved on the camera and make a more powerful zoom or increase the MP's. What's the use?

Do yourself a favor and visit the AT&T store if you have the Tour or the VZW store if you have the 9700. Size wise the two are almost identical. The only really large phone was the Bold 9000 and RIM has abandoned that form factor.

The battery on the real Bolds are freakin massive like on my 9700. Why would they go back to the small battery on this one? I've never once had to worry bout my 9700 dying out on me.

I have the Tour and I'm using the Curve 8530 right now. Simply because the Trackpad is THAT much better!

so let me get this right

it looks EXACTLY like the tour, but wifi, trackpad are the big add ons
with the android handsets comin, and a new Iphone launch RIM decides to rebrand an phone they released almost 9 months ago and think they will be ok?

fuck you RIM, fuck you.

I was traveling earlier this week and saw 2 different 9650 cases in the San Fran airport gadget stores.

I know it was spotted elsewhere but i just thought I'd share a bit more as hopes increase for a sooner then later release of the Wi-fi/track-pad Tour 2/9650 BB.

I'm hesitant to buy one online now. I think without the 9650's number being in the Verizon system, they can't hook it up.
Anybody know otherwise????

After 5 phones and my Son is on his 7th. All with trackball problems it is obvious that RIM/VZW didn't want to replace any phones with the name Tour on it. SCREW US!
So now their coming out with a brand new phone the Bold and the Tour is discontinued...... so all you customers with BB problems AGAIN!!!!!! screw you! Sounds like the Storm 1 all over again! Or the lack of memory in the Pearl......

How many times is this going to happen. lol makes me think of Toyota, lemon laws etc...

Who cares if its a Told or Bour, its still 30 steps above my 8330 and I'm thrilled Sprint is finally beginning to play catch up. I'm getting this one. Sliders stink and the extra moving parts are a waste.

I wouldn't necessarily say that BB is going down, but the phones do look the same. BB are more for business purposes (as you know) and not really for the young generation who think its cool to have one. I mean look at what apple is doing. Every year a new iphone comes out and it looks almost identical to the one before (minor changes) but maybe have three or four things added to them. People buy the iphone because of what it can do and its the "hot" thing now days. BB is not really looking for how the phone looks or how creative it is but how RIMs software runs. I will agree though about the new BB slider is terrible and looks like it will be crap.

The largest difference between RIM and Apple is while their phones don't differ much in design over the the years, Apple really has been on the ball adding features and such. As a BlackBerry owner, I don't know how many times I've waited and kept looking for an update to 5.0 without having to use a leaked or hybrid version.

Still, I love my old Storm. It's nearly the best of both worlds with the latest update having great media playback on a large screen but still giving me the functionality of a 'Berry.

After yesterday’s Skyfire fiasco, and then seeing that this new phone isn’t much more than the phone I ALREADY have—probably with some incremental update in the space—I’m not doing anything. I’m waiting. If that slider doesn’t come to Sprint, I’m going full force into the EVO.

I’ll keep my Tour and go back and forth between the two if improvements I’d like to try come to Blackberry, but this is just ridiculous. I’ll give it until around Fall…or close to it.


It's interesting that the OS is still older than what VZW released for the 9630 (aka OS v5.0.0.591 (Bundle 1002, Platform

Have you read all the trouble they had with that .591 os tho ?, lol Thats why they recalled this phone to downgrade them back. Then use all the current tour owners as ginnie pigs til get the bugs worked out but saying hey "Y'all update this ".

I'm pretty annoyed that RIM and Verizon have decided to call this phone a bold because it is most certainly not a bold in any way. It's just a tour with wifi, trackpad, and Open GL. It has the old tours battery which by the way absolutely sucks in terms of battery life. My 9700 gets 3 to 4 days. I was lucky to get a day or a day and a half out of my tour. The phone design is even very different from either of the bolds albeit slight from the 9700. Furthermore the keypad is actually very different on the tour and 9700. I hate the tours keypad. It's extremely hard to type on and just doesn't feel as good as the bold. I mean try it for yourself if you've never compared them side by side. Bold beats down the tour any day. Plus the back based on these photos, assuming this is the final release, looks like the awful tour back which was a plastic piece of garbage that never stayed on right. Maybe it'll be leather like the bolds but I'm guessing not based on the style. And in regards to the gentlemens question the bold 9000 is huge with a big screen and buttons which IMO was the best blackberry ever until the bold 9700 came out which is actually slightly smaller than the original tour bug leaps and bounds better. Also this pseudo bold is gonna be heavy as hell cause of that miserable battery instead of light and mobile like the 9700. Anywhos I've been holding in my anger and outrage in regards to this for too long. I'm done now.

I agree on the battery comments. When I saw the new frame pics posted I was cautiously optimistic it might have the 9700 battery. Sigh... No go it looks like. I've bought a couple of Tours off eBay now at firesale prices (and am using one of them currently). The trackball is a little funky at times, so yeah, the trackpad should be a nice step up. But other than that (even though my NE2 has been up for several months now) I'm not sure I'm going to jump on this. Maybe wait a month or two after release to let all you eager beavers beta test it for me and then decide whether to pull the trigger on it! ;-) Besides, the Incredible may turn out to be just that. Time will tell-

Are we all actually exited or even care about this release? RIM should be focusing it's resources towards creating and developing new next gen devices.

Stupid RIM

Do you really believe that RIM is not focusing on developing next generation devices? There have been rumors about a device with a slide out keyboard and other form factors from RIM. There have also been rumors about Blackberry OS version 6. I'm sure there are plenty of resources that are focused on creating and developing next generation devices. I agree that this device is just a simple upgrade to the Tour 9630 but some people are interested in it.

..that this makes me feel better. Thanks, Crackberry, for posting these pictures. Now I can stop obsessing about the new/next/now phone, esp. the Tour 2/Bold 9650 and just appreciate my own Tour. Granted, the trackball makes me NUTS, but I never liked that feature anyway. I'll either wait until Nov. and get a completely different style or wait until the 9650 goes down in price. I'm not paying premium, top dollar price for something I already own (Tour/Tour 2, same thing)...just so that it can have "BOLD" stamped on it. :P

dumb some of you are... can there please be a prerequisite for a certain level of intelligence before certain members of society are allowed to post public comments? or buy a BB for that matter?

RIM are you reading this!!!! You have many upset CDMA people over here...what was done is not acceptable when the whole cellphone world is doing circles around you. you have just made me want to switch and try android. next year we will see if you catch up.

If i was to ask them to do one thing is to Change this BB. The Battery to be the Bold's M-S1 battery. Who wishes they would do that?

Looks virtually identical to my Tour, which in my opinion is a very good thing. If we ever get a decent browser, I'm sure I'll like the addition of WiFi. Did have to return my first Tour because of the trackball issue, but it has been working perfectly since then. I'll have to trust that the trackpad is actually an improvement... I've always been a trackball user.

Guess i wont be getting this phone. I was expecting the sleeker hardware of the 9700 not what we have already seen in pictures

looks like they're using the same convenience left/right buttons. i was hoping they'd upgrade those to the rubber ones. not stopping me from getting the phone though

Dear RIM,
If this is the best you can do then you will be losing my business. I suppose all your other customer's like be screwed but I enjoy new cutting edge technology. I have loved your products for years and have been very loyal but will be jumping ship asap. Come up with something new and original and a little more user friendly. I have always defended RIM for being business oriented but the days of having a business only phone are over. I want a multimedia app rich new platform and you can't seem to provide that.


Amen brother. This is a joke. My BB support is fading fast. RIM's got some serious catching up to do and this weak release ain't it...

I just don't get it, how the idiots @ RIM, and everybody else keeps on saying that this device is a FRICKIN Bold, when it is far than obvious that this piece of @#%$ is nothing other than a Tour-Bold WannaBe...Please guys just look @ the body... is the same tour body, and personally I like better the Bold 9700 Body is more refined and looks better to the eye!!! but please man give it up everybody, already with the Bold branding nonsense... Just a fake disguise for marketing purposes, this is still the Frickin Essex 9650!!! there you go lets just call it BB Essex so all the people wishing for a incompetent CDMA Bold (wich in no way matches up with the 9700) can be happy, and all the Tour crybabies are satisfied!!!! RIM U BETTER STEP IT UP BROTHER...

I'm not really sure why everyone is so upset about this phone being called a Bold. I would argue that the Tour should never have been named the Tour. Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm. That's all you need.

If you're upset that you bought a Tour recently and now this comes out, cry me a river. It's called technology, it gets better.

p.s. In my opinion RIM makes (starting with the latest gen of phones) the most attractive phones out there, with the exception of the 85xx.

technology does get better but RIM is moving at a snails pace compared to everyone else, thats the point everyone is tring to make

My point was at me being angry at RIM for being total Slackers and moving @ 5mph and I give credit to this guy for stepping up on my point, while the rest of the cell phone giants have and poses the technology, give me a break man, really so ur telling me that every body else(smartphone manufactures have at least a 5mp camera and above that and RIM is still settling with the stupid-so long and old 3.2's...
Not to mention the stupidest browser and the most moronic application platform there is! we could go all day... Ive been a BB user and @%# abuser for very long now, but these Blackberry movesa dont get it , they just dont care about this stuff and prefer catering to the government employees and the big corporations with their stupid BES... thats all u here BB branging about BES and their century old "push-email" dude is 2010 man everybody has push technology already bro!!!

Does this new one have the same battery door????? if it does shame on RIM for that!!! Cause the Tour 9630 that I have with Sprint, the battery door is so loose and it always feels loose, they should have the battery door like the Bold 9700 for AT&T and T-Mobile!!! This is bullshit if they didnt change that!!! WHy change the name and not the battery door on the phone!!! Dumb ass RIM!!!!!!

It's getting really old hearing everyone complain that their Berry won't do this or won't do that. These devices are first and foremost telephones with messaging capabilities (text, email, etc...)

If you want a multimedia device, go buy something different. You obviously didn't select the right device for your needs. Don't blame RIM because you bought something that doesn't do what you want it to.

Everyone complains and complains. Just shut up and switch already! That way, the people who actually WANT what RIM has to offer can read in peace without all the negative bullshit from people who feel they should get something for nothing just because everyone else has it too.

If your phone isn't what you wanted, maybe you should have done better research before making your purchase...

Really, ok so indulge me on this one: if this is such a boring phone like all your description feels like, why in the world would RIM talk so much, and have the Hypocrisy of painting their ads, and everything else along that same line, as FUN!!! as Love what u f____g do? ha! why is that? bro apparently ur stuck in the year 2000, when BBs where only used for that matter bro, the world has moved on from your usual texting, e-mail, massage, and all that bla,bla,bla in between they are asking for better apps, better, faster speed(try sending a message while talking and checking your e-mail @ the same time) to see how many times the little stupid clock in the middle of the screen appears!!! and reliability, (yeah try that one with the stupid-every month data outages from BB) man u just dont get it!!!! this is a portal to also be speaking the truth about BB, and all of the things that concern us about our BB smartphones if u cant handle the presure I would YOU to find another place were everything is cinnamon and spice... you should know the rest of it!!!! Bless...

If these phones are the crap that you guys make them out to be, then why do so many people use them?

Cry me a river because you don't have an an app for your blackberry that looks like you're pouring a mug of beer when you tip it over. Most of the apps for iPhone and Android are just flat out useless. Sure there are a few cool ones and some useful ones too, but you gotta realize that the majority of the thousands and thousands of apps they brag about are either duplicate functionality (same concept from different devs), limited functionality (poorly written), or no functionality (like a fake beer mug or a 'lighter' to wave at a concert). If that's the kind of stuff that you think makes a device better, then I stand corrected.

Yes RIM has had some issues (and I know I'll be blasted for saying 'some') with outages, but you have to remember how large and complex of a system it is. The majority of the time it works for millions of people.

You all remind me of the same people who thought Toyota was SO much better. Just wait until the flaws in iPhone and Android start surfacing. NOBODY gets it right 100% of the time....

FYI. I'm not complaining about money or bad purchases. Just stating the facts: I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER BLACKBERRY

Everything looks identical to the tour! Same battery,Same Camera,Same everything except for wi-fi and trackpad. Bad move by Rim! That's why a lot are people are switching to a android device. The EVO smokes all BB's!

It is sad to say Slamma' but it is the truth, and hey, just for the record tell that amber guy that yeah you do want email, text, and msgs on your phone but your not a corporate geek or a government employee!!! jajajajaja and that u want a real F'ING smartphone!!!! jijiji...

People need to stop drinking so much haterade and call the waaahmbulance, its a phone suck it up and stop crying like little 12 year olds just because its not what you want, go buy something else

I think it's kinda dumb that most people just posted a comment to either bash RIM or other comments. So RIM decided to name the phone Bold instead of Tour, so what? I'm sure all the Tour enthusiasts are gonna enjoy the wifi capability as well as the track pad. Who knows what other capabilities lie under the hood? Prejudging a device before you actually use one is very juvenile and premature. It's like really liking someone but not dating them cos other people have crap to say about them. So all the negative posters, try it out for yourself first before you bash it. Have something to back up your opinion instead of declaring it as fact without evidence. Those of you who own Tours, hope you enjoy the track pad as well as the wifi, cos essentially it will be a whole new phone with all the other familiarities you are used to. To the rest of the negative people, if you don't like it then go Android or iPhone, seriously!!!

there u go another one that doesn't get it: hey Xoly babe, sweety, um, we are all BB lovers in this biatch, but we are up for a strike, a strike against the incompetence of RIM and their stupid devices they called BlueBerrys, oops! i mean BlackBerrys, while the rest of the smartphone world is light years away, (technologically speaking) and it does not justify the slacking, poor innovative aproach that RIM keeps having they got to play hardball with these Iphone and Android fucks!!!! because everybody if you notice in this chat well not everybody lets say 98.9% (that leaves u out of the equation) is concerned about all this BB madness! so keep playing wordmole and brick breaker if your not down with the FLOW!!!! Seriously.

I will agree with the slowness in improving their tech, but there is a lot you can do with your BB besides word mole & brick breaker (lol). BB users need to start thinking out of the box themselves and live on the grey side of things. There is the fact that you can't turn an apple into an orange, but in the grey area that apple/orange (in this case blackberry) can be retooled to your own taste buds. The phone & company are both stable as a nun at mardi gra! So while other companies offers all this tech, it's like being at a buffet restaurant and getting ready to eat, you don't know how many hands have touched your food or whether their sick or sneezed all over your goods, but when you go home and cook your own meal, that's more trustworthy. So setting aside my food analogies, yes RIM has a lot of room for improvement, but I'm sure before the go hot tubing with everyone else, they want their entire platform and hardware to be that stable nun at mardi gra! You digg!!! Read Kevin's Heirarchy of Smartphone Needs and maybe you'll understand where I'm coming from. Band wagons pass in time and you gotta keep up with the JONESES at all times which leaves you without an identity. RIM has an identity and don't need to keep up with the JONESES to show their worth and potential. That's my 2cents!!!

So let's bring this around a bit. As mentioned near the top of this comment thread: I too wonder why .573 rather than the latest "official" .591? I'm not aware of a leaked version of .573 but one of you may know otherwise-

beacause the one they have for that particular phone which is the oficcial OS for that phone is not a stupid leaked hibryd, it is the intended OS version for the Essex!!!

* We see Android as a fast-rising ecosystem, with a rich, totally open developer environment, a healthy app market and a healthy advertising and search ecosystem. The Android OS has a tremendous amount of interest from handset makers and carriers, and also has a strong need for making the explosion of video more network optimized (Skyfire’s wheelhouse).
* The Blackberry developer environment is not as favorable for cutting-edge application development. The APIs are fragmented and inconsistent, and the Java virtual machine Blackberry requires is not efficient. While Blackberry users are desperate for a better browser - we know, and we hear them - we only want to bring out something that meets our high standards and is truly great.
* The timing makes sense to return to Blackberry in the future. Blackberry has pledged to improve their developer environment in their 6.0 OS coming at the end of this year, and we can’t wait to see it. Blackberry has said at that time they will introduce a webkit browser with server-side assist on html and text, developed based on their acquisition of Torch Mobile. We understand it will be a long way from able to handle native Flash 10.1 and similar rich media plug-ins, and we think we can build on that webkit engine and add cloud-based new features around it.

I'm sill waiting for an official release date. If it wasn't for BBM I would have been switched to a new carrier. I love Blackberry but I'm so ready to upgrade to a new one that have a flash on the camera. That 8530 just wasn't cutting it for me.

if im not mistaken, isn't the specs on the new cdma BOLD similar to the specs of of the BOLD 9000 from AT&T back about 3 or 4 years ago, except for the obvious trackpad and 5.0??? I mean it had 256 ram faster processor, wifi and 3.2 camera. that my friend is why other Smartphone manufacturers are doing circles around RIM, That = FAIL!!!

If this device had the faux leather battery door and was styled exactly like the 9700, then i'd be irritated that i just upgraded to the 9630 in january.

verizon is pretty smart here. they had their fill of handing out extra free phones with the release of storm 2. storm 1 owners were mad.

verizon upgrades the software later than everyone else, keeps the phones styling exactly the same, and adds a few minor features that some wont need....

i guess verizon is at it again for nickel and diming people... i dunno. im satisfied with my tour, not today because its running .591 which is buggy as hell. ill go back to .419 when my friend sells his tour since i wont be needing PTT....

optical trackpad? convenience. 4 hours out of the week i could utilize the wifi. big deal.

i dont want this phone, even if it is free...

what are the memory upgrades on the 9650 again? yeah, thats what i thought.

Please tell me they swapped it to the other side? If so that enough reason alone to upgrade!

what's the difference now between a 6750 and a 9700 Bold? or should I say, the difference between a Bold 2 and Bold 3??? Trackpad, OS, Camera... any? hmmm? any leverage for it to be called the "NEW or LATEST" Bold? So frustrating...

the Bold 9650 adds WiFi, an optical trackpad and OpenGL support above and beyond the features and specs found in the 9630

What does "above and beyond" exactly mean?

Is it confirmed that the processor, memory and such are exactly the same as the Tour?

So stupid of rim, what difference does this have with the tour 9650 floating around... Just the bold and that took them how long to slap on it?

this isn't a real bold but a TOUR2 or whatever you want to call it... I'm not going to waste my hard earn money just for a branded name--- I'm sooo dang disappointed with RIM.

Why are the side buttons still silver instead of the new integrated black side buttons they are putting on devices like on the Storm 2, Curve, and Bold 9700. It seems like a design inconsistency. Am I the only one who noticed this?

I am as much Of a fanboy as most of you and I can understand alot of you being mad because they didn't change everything but the truth of the matter is rim has found the perfect style of phone to be most comfortable in typing or txting all day.
Yeah they dont have snapdragon processors or 300 mp cameras. Lol but they are a buisness tool. They don't have apps that either use or even need that.the bb is a buisness tool rather than a toy that ppl want it to be.

It is the only device that is capabable of pushing my work email. I have tried doing with winmo,palm,apple and android and it is simply impossible.

This bold is leaps and bounds ahead of my curve so I personally cannot wait for the phone. I was going to buy a tour but I read about the Essex a few days before the tour was released and decided to wait it out.

If they had the snapdragon processor they would not have the 2-3 days of battery life they do now. I'll be happy if they just put the Storm2 processor and some more memory in it.

One thing I don't understand is why they put Bold instead of Tour beside the camera since its part of the tour series :s

i dont see anything bold about this phone, and the battery is a disappointment, the body is same size as the 9700 looks even smaller, well the bold is dead as far as im concerned and im not going to be wasting my money on this, its even more disappointment than the 9700, all these changes and the bloody phone looks even more ugly than what im use to. you guys only talking about tours then for sure its not a bold so which one is it? doesnt matter, this is just a waste of production and money.

I just don't get it, how the idiots @ RIM, and everybody else keeps on saying that this device is a FRICKIN Bold,on http://www.electronicswholesaledistributor.com/ when it is far than obvious that this piece of @#%$ is nothing other than a Tour-Bold WannaBe...Please guys just look @ the body... is the same tour body, and personally I like better the Bold 9700 Body is more refined and looks better to the eye!!! but please man give it up everybody, already with the Bold branding nonsense... Just a fake disguise for marketing purposes, this is still the Frickin Essex 9650!!! there you go lets just call it BB Essex so all the people wishing for a incompetent CDMA Bold (wich in no way matches up with the 9700) can be happy, and all the Tour crybabies are satisfied!!!! RIM U BETTER STEP IT UP BROTHER...

Everyone stop bitch, this site was created for the appreciation of blackberry its a another phone Crackberry is giving us a heads up on. If you don't like the phone don't buy it. No one has a gun to your head making you buy it, but with that being said don't bad mout it and ruin it for those people whom are on the fence about the device whom know nothing about phones. I'm a sprint user and I've followed the feed from when they changed the name whenever it is Released I'll be a 9650 "BOLD" user!

how long is the boot time? same tired OS being pushed by incremental hardware upgrades. done with bb.

More and more BB loyalists are getting fed up with these incremental retreds and maddening design decisions. I hope someone in Waterloo is watching.

So I was excited that Verizon was getting this "Bold" b/c I like their network coverage in rural areas better that AT&T. But, I wonder if I should switch to AT&T and get the 9700 since it sounds like it will be a better overall device.

I'm using it for work email/calls mostly and some browsing- anyone have any recommendations on waiting for the 9650 on VZW or getting the ATT Bold?

att is good in most places but you have to remember if they are not then the phone is only as good as the network it is on.

same shit device to me, looks like RIM didnt put the black rubber on the side for the volume and the other stuff... i like that black rubber better, anyways looks the same as the tour2 and kinda looks like the bold 9700... cant wait to see what the storm3 well bring... anyways this is my opinon =)

From what I understand, the 9650 will also have 2GB internal memory like the Storm 2. This is a definite improvement. However if the back cover is the same as the Tour, I'll pass on it as everybody knows, that battery door is horrible and flimsy. I'll stick with the 9700

so we waited all this time for a name change basically and trackpad and wifi.. same s@@@T that the "tour 2" was going to have! Rim has brought nothing new to this model except same crap! Retards In Motion!

the retards are us! (to them)

the game is changing before our eyes! 4G! Apple is moving! Android is moving

by the time Rim brings 6.0 and webkit the other guys will be on the next level! their customers already felt what a good browser feels like! what having Flash on your phone is like! Rim treats us like b@#@tches!

i think the bold 9000 destroys all blackberrys. it's built verry well and i like the trackball. hardly ever have problems with trackball. the only thing i don't like is that there aren't letter for each number like you would see on a hardline telephone, so if you have to call for example, 1800 verizon, go find it. i also like the screen size and the width of the phone. until they come out with something better, i will stick my my bold

First you all cry that the Tour doesn't have wifi like the storm2 and curve2 and petty things about button changes, you know that the only reason that they made this phone was for people who complained to get the changes made for the tour. They won't call it the Tour because the problems with the tour have scared customers away. The Bold has great customer rating so hence the name change. This phone is beautiful... I hope I can get one soon!