BlackBerry Bold 9650 Features and Specifications - Releasing May 27th?

Bold 9650 Features and Specifications
By Adam Zeis on 16 Apr 2010 09:09 am EDT

We got our hands on some info that is packed with the Bold 9650 features and specifications. According to this image, the device may be set to release as early as May 27th as well. We know a fair amount about the Bold 9650 already (trackpad, addition of Wifi) but here are some of the other specs:

  • 1xEVDO/3G
  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera
  • GSM Quad Band 850/9001800/1900 mHz
  • GSM Dual Band 900/1800 Mhz
  • 2.4" TFT LCD Display, 480x360 65k color support
  • Bluetooth

Nothing regarding the inclusion of the trackpad or Wifi on the Bold 9650 can been seen here (maybe they just got cut off the bottom?) but both will be included for sure. No word of memory either, but it would be great it if it were greater than 256 MB. Its looking more and more like the only change from the original essex/Tour2 is the Bold branding on the back. We're hoping for more details soon if this release date holds true so stay tuned. 

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BlackBerry Bold 9650 Features and Specifications - Releasing May 27th?


Get used to the idea of Tour 9650. lol That way, you guys won't be disappointed when it comes out with only 256MB of Flash.

Sombody is going to get fired, because you know that when they check that ID, they will check CrackBerry. We already lost people this month for that reason. LOL!

it says 3G Smartphone right on the top of the spec. 2100 Frequency band is for Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil only.

If you are on Verizon then this will be a pretty good option. I don't know if the slider's specs have been leaked; however, knowing RIM I would bet there are not tremendous hardware upgrades (other than the sliding form factor and touchscreen) over the 9700.

If you're on T Mo then I'd recommend the 9700 should be a solid device. I can't speak from experience, but the majority of people on here who have one seem to love it. Also, since the slider is just a bunch of photos, who knows how long you may have to wait.

And with my experience with the Storm 1, RIM's entry into a new market (in my case touchscreen devices) was rocky. The slider will be something new, so it may be worth a wait to see how the OS pans out.

What is the issue with Sprint? I have a Tour on Verizon right now, and honestly, it's getting old fast.

As much as I love BlackBerry (had 8703, 8830, 9000, 9630), they need to step up their game before I consider them a real competitor again.

The HTC Incredible and the Evo 4G seem like where I'm probably headed...because this updated Tour looks like more like an iPhone "refresh" than a legit improvement. Maybe what the first Tour should have been...even then I'd still consider ditching the BB.

It seems your issue is with RIM/Blackberry though not Verizon. I'm considering the HTC Evo but with if it's a must to have Sprint...I just may consider holding out until it gets released elsewhere. I've done business with them before and they are a tad shady to me. They are like the CDMA equivalent to AT&T which is exactly why I no longer have my iPhone. Depends on how bad I want it.

AT&T may have sucky 3G service in a lot of areas (which they are currently still working on; expanding their network and properly dispersing the iphone 3G load), but they are not "shady" by any means. And also, I've heard from many people that Sprint has upped their game and are much better in their customer service department than 3-5 years back.

You'll find the toys that seem fun and do cool things will send you back to blackberry soon enough. I can't stand how broken all these other phones are that are considered to be better. I've had multiple phones in the past year including the iphone, droid, and pre/pre plus. When it comes down to it, the iphone and android phones are toys. Blackberries are tools. The pre oddly enough is about the best mix between both and I believe that comes from Palm's history of making true smartphones. But if you want a true tool for business (small or large), Blackberry is your only option.

"Unapproved Access - Your ID has been captured and sent to Corporate Security".

Ah, the sacrifices we make for the good of the Crackberry community. ; )

I've been waiting for this announcement. Thanks Adam.

The leaked pics of the Bold branding on the phone clearly show a flash. Quite trying to start false rumors!


This is awesome but I'm HATING the release date. I seriously hope it changes to an earlier date. This is getting a little ridiculous. I wonder if RIM is ready to release the phone but it's VZW pushing it further back so that people who have the 9630 don't start hasseling them for a discount for an upgrade to the 9650 since it's replacing the 9630 less than a year after the release?

I mean, I know I'll get the phone but still, it's a little riduclous. VZW Corporate Regional Reps that I know and talk to daily continually tell me that the main reason why it takes so long to release BlackBerries and other smartphones on VZW is because of the Q&C process that VZW has. Even they say that sometimes the standards are set way too high and that they (VZW) actually loses out with phones because of this Q&C process.

I told him, "I know. Like the fact that my Tour is running os since it got leaked and you have yet to release it but it's coming at the end of this month." He was all like, "Really? I haven't heard anything of the sort. Can you upgrade my OS for me?"

Anyways... Back to the original subject, I just hope this thing gets released a few weeks earlier, like the first or second week in May.

It's a month and a half away..not a big deal...I wouldn't expect it to come any sooner. If anything, it would seem logical to expect it to be pushed back, it's not like they've released that date to the public.

Specs may not look to great but it looks to be a decent upgrade from my 8330m curve... wonder if sprint has the same date or if they are even getting this phone???

Sprint are getting this phone.. it was first announced back in Aug 09 "a tour with wifi in 1Q10".. and btw it is in sprints systems

Seriously, the widescreen is great. However, 256MB isn't enough for Apps. I'm already down to 64MB free on my Curve 8900. I have to keep a good bit free for NotifyLink to work.


RIM, we need more memory. And, don't tell me to go back in time and buy a Bold 9000.

They need to address the outdated parts they use. Look at the HTC Droid Incredible which is 1GHZ Snapdragon, 1GB of Ram and 8GB of on board memory, not to mention MicroSD slot.

I ditched both of my Blackberries for a Droid. They operating system is some much faster and nicer. My wife still has a Curve that I keep update for her and now she is looking at a 8520.

Besides the memory, how about updated beyond the 2004 3.2MB camera?

I just stated it has 2gb's of built in memory... I can prove this with a picture if needed.

He specifically said 256mb of memory for apps... well it has 2gb's of memory for apps. As I stated I can prove this with a picture!

I know he said 256MB app memory. In my non-belief, I thought you misinterpreted what you were seeing. So, please do provide a picture showing 2GB of app memory. This is such a huge leap from any other available phone or even rumored phone from what I've seen, so it's hard for me to believe that it does have what you say.

it amazes me that people like this get pre releases and know absolutely nothing about blackberries.
2gb of internal memory is for music and pics.

The features don't really excite me too much, as it's not too much of an upgrade from my Tour (at least for the functions/features that interest me). I'm due for an upgrade in Dec on one of my lines. So, I'll just wait and possibly do the upgrade then. Maybe by then, a new OS will be out to fix all of the initial problems. :-)

the longer it takes for this phone to drop the less impressive it becomes. especially with the Evo, Incredible, HD2, and the new iphone coming out whenever. I love bb and verizon but these waits are getting more and more painful. and if the slider is gsm then there probably wont be another bb released on verizon for a full year. and this phone with these specs is close to being obsolete before it even releases. I'm starting to think its better to have no loyalties to any brand or carrier and just go where the wind takes you.

Exactly. I can't believe the amount of people who actually think they are getting a worthy upgrade here. It's almost insulting to wait this long for such a minimal upgrade.

The only thing that is "incredible" or "bold" from RIM is how loooong it takes them to release a subpar phone. With these specs it should have dropped back in Dec or Jan.
I believe there are a sizeable # of disappointed BB fans, like myself, that are going to give the htc Incredible a try.
What a shame, RIM!

Not at all. The 9700 still supersedes the 9650. The 2 devices I have, still have a slower processor. Same camera... the only thing I can see that is an improvement over the 9700 is the 2GB's of built in memory.

I don't understand what RIM is doing here... a new device... with outdated specs... they need to beef up the cpu and app memory seriously on all their new model releases... this is getting silly.

"the longer it takes for this phone to drop the less impressive it becomes. especially with the Evo, Incredible, HD2, and the new iphone coming out"

+1. As we thought might be case, under the hood this is nothing but the same ol' phone that we were all chatting about here on CB last winter. When it's released in May or June, I'm afraid it's going to appear somewhat long in the tooth from the get go vs. the above competition. Many of us thought the 9650 would be here in February. Simply taking the same 9650 phone that Sal and others had us primed for and printing Bold on the back doesn't seem like it should then delay release of the device for another 3 or 4 months...

Are we sure if that is a screen shot of verizons system or a 3d party vendor? that "i" logo in the top right doesnt seem like something verizon would have on an internal system. Which would make the late may seem more accurate as it will probably release to verizons own stores first and 3rd party after. plus if you look at how verizon lays out the specs on their customer facing site this would not follow the same hierarchy of features. also the foolish errors like listing camera then camera with flash..
no mention of VZ navigator or PTT which i assume verizon would call out internally as a selling point.but a 3rd party probably wouldnt care about that as much

Hmm. The addition of a trackpad and WiFi and a new name and people are supposed to be excited about a "new" BlackBerry. NOT. It'll still have the same lame OS that just keeps getting repackaged with a few "new" features to BlackBerry that others have had forever (threaded SMS for example). I love, love my Bold but this is my last BlackBerry.

We don't have even that to look for at US Cellular. I just saw yesterday on here that they are now listing this phone on the rebate form. Would have been nice to know 2 weeks ago when I got my 8530. I asked about a tour2 and they said they haven't even heard of it or any other new blackberries coming out. Oh well, at least it's only 1 year and 50 weeks away ;)

Contract price for this device will be 100.00 or 200.00 depending on your NE2 status, with a 2 year contract and a ***350.00*** advanced device ETF according to a VZ rep. Full price will be similar to Android. That brochure is missing a lot of additional info due to it being cutoff. Rev A, PTT, WiFi to name just a few things.

Whatever the release date I will use my upgraed for that. I left before to try Android, Iphone and others and I keep coming back. The specs on the Evo and others are quite impressive I have to say but at the end of the day I just love how Blackberry functions. With all the bells and whistles that the new Android phones have I honestly wont use half of them. So I will stick with my Blackberry. And with a possbile release of May and my upgrade June 1st thats just in time.

I live in waterloo and I'm in a grocery store shopping right now beside RIM and Despite these facts I still find it hard to be loyal to a company when the hardware AND the software they have is not the best. I don't care what is planned, I don't care about expected webit, I don't care about expected, upcoming, anything of the sort. I care WHAT IS. And what is, is the android devices. I'm really trying to stay loyal but its hard

My current Tour 9630 has MOST if not ALL of these features including those that were spotlighted.....

* 1xEVDO/3G
* 3.2 Megapixel Camera
* GSM Quad Band 850/9001800/1900 mHz
* GSM Dual Band 900/1800 Mhz
* 2.4" TFT LCD Display, 480x360 65k color support
* Bluetooth

So essentially ALL THIS WAIT TIME for them to add a TRACKPAD and WIFI and to figure out WHAT TO NAME THE DAMN THING.

This is why RIM is quickly losing me to ANDROID.

I guess this will be a worthy upgrade for people who have 8330s/8830 but for everyone who has a 9630, I wouldn't even bother contemplating burning an upgrade for this.

RIM - is anyone listening? You have a lot of frustrated users and fans that want to support you but this product is disappointing.

The 9650 (aka the Tour 2) is Branded as the "Bold." While no one can specifically say why the 9650 is the Bold, since 9700 and 9000 are the Bold series, the common theory is the Bold name is used so Tour owners don't become upset at the fact this is the phone they should have had when the 9630 dropped.

Here is the link (taken from a Crackberry Forums' search) of the housing with "Bold" stamped on the back.

i love this line.... Its looking more and more like the only change from the original essex/Tour2 is the Bold branding on the back.....Im sorry, this phone should have been out 6 months ago not released at the end of may. I love my blackberry but this is ridiculous and why im switching to android when my contract is up. i will see what blackberry has available next year 2011...

The only thing that I dont' want to give up is BBM, other than that, this phone can bite it. I'm glad Verizon took their good ole time to release OS 5.0 just to try and please Tour owners when the Tour 2, sorry I mean Bold 9650, is the phone that should have been released last year. Oh, and thanks for the browser click problem Big Red! I may not be brand loyal, but I do hold grudges and RIM ain't going it for me. Stick to your business market RIM.

These specs are disappointing and hardly seem like an upgrade over the 9700...but is it possible that these numbers could be wrong and RIM will surprise us with something closer to iPhone and Droid specs??

the droid only has a 500mhz processor, the 9630's was 528mhz i believe...

i am upset to see pics from KSW1 showing only 122mb free app memory left. I use an HTC Touch Diamond on Sprint now and I WANT a Blackberry...but this just seems to pale in comparison to the EVO 4g...

i think that RIM needs to start introducing new phones with maybe a new OS. we're starting to see a lot of OLED/AMOLED screens on a lot of phones, and like a lot of recent poles have been stating, many BlackBerry users and abusers are planning to get iPhone's or phones that run the Android OS.

Verizon just announced the HTC Incredible yesterday, and if RIM/Verizon are planning on selling the 9650 at the same price point as the Incredible, i could imagine a lot of people making the choice to go to Android.

i mean when you start comparing the specs, it's really a sad comparison. besides having GSM/CDMA capability, the 9650 doesn't really measure up to the competition anymore. sure it still beats other phones for people that need push email and a phone that works with their company, however we're coming to a point in cellular technology where we're starting to see smartphones in the hands of all different types of uses: teenagers, business people, media junkies, game junkies, etc.

the 3.2 megapixel camera is looking meek, and the display doesn't stack up to the competition anymore. come on RIM, the only thing that's keeping me attached to my blackberry is BBM so i can chat with my family and friends that live abroad.

...the underwhelming specs on this phone over the 9630, or the fact that someone is going to get themselves canned for sneaking the photo.

goodb ye blackberry, hello droid incredible....your OS and lineup is straight out of 2004. may my tour rest in peace(s) along with its crappy trackball....may blackberry will get with the times and I'll be back in 2011.

goodbye blackberry, hello droid incredible....your OS and lineup is straight out of 2004. may my tour rest in peace(s) along with its crappy trackball....may blackberry will get with the times and I'll be back in 2011.

wow how long does it take RIM to release an already outdated product? Even the rumored phones coming out from RIM in 2010 are already outdated. Could be death of BB as we know it

So let me get this straight. This phone was in production and ready to ship for Feb. 3, RIM even officially posted a Facebook announcement for about 30 minutes before it got yanked, some local VZW stores claimed to receive shipments...then the phone is yanked for another 4 months JUST SO THEY CAN GIVE IT A NEW NAME? That is lame beyond comparison, especially for a phone that would hardly have been cutting edge back in February. I'm sorry folks, but I'm getting an Incredible at the end of the month.

Why not make a bold a bold and don't hold out on anything I dont understand why rim would make it different because its cdma I thought they want the customers money we are not stupid and putting out a device like this is insulting my intelligence and other people im sticking with my tour or leave the darkside to the apple fam

I think before Verizon releases the new BB they need to give us a much better 5.0 OS upgrade on the current Tour. Their version is positively horrible and I downgraded back to the 4.7 Lately the trackball has been sticking on my Tour and I use the canned air. I did have a replacement a month after getting it last August. Just recently it has begun to stick and a replacement has been offered but am declining because the device will have the 5.0 and I really HATE it. So I will put up with the sticking trackball to keep the 4.7 OS.
My Bluetooth doesn't work, my screen freezes, don't like threaded texting,and my complaints just continue. other than that, I like BB but this 5.0 OS they give us is a real disappointment. Yet, nothing is being said to give us a better OS. I have a friend who is a store manager and he says the complaints are coming in something fierce. So why isn't Verizon doing something about it ?

The tour is my first bb. I love it. Been waiting patiently to use my upgrade on the T2/Bold. I really didn't think the delay was a big a deal. But, had they released the 9650 a few months back, I would be using it now. With the delay though, I've had time to look at other phones, and I'm definitely going into verizon on the 29th to check out the incredible. Didn't imagine a few months ago I'd bail on bb so quickly, but the specs of these other phones seem too impressive.

Like everyone else the delay might have made me rethink my purchase. I have even started browsing the android forums. The one thing that keeps me loyal to blackberry is bbm however the specs on the evo are haunting me at night.

So I have decided to add a line to my account and see which phone is for me. Then burn my upgrade on the one that wins the race since my premier upgrade is July 1,2010.

Alright! Bold coming out next month, then another Bold will probably come out in August with a 5MP camera, then December a Bold with a 256 MB app memory... no thanks! I've lost my patience with this. Would have been nice 2 months ago. Berries are getting really dated and surpassed by other phones... Tour... wait... Bold... wait... EVO we're comin'! we're comin'!!! Get some serious upgrades Blackberry, then charge people $500+ per phone. Stop ripping off people of their hard earned money.

While I was on a cruise even though 90% of the time I was switching back from GPRS to EDGE on the islands, while I was in St. Marteen I picked up 3G using Orange and was able to talk and surf at the same time on my Blackberry Tour.

Well so long blackberry, you've been good to me but you never change. After a storm and 2 tours, I'm thinking its time to head to android. The incredible is looking mighty good to me about now.

I hope this is true. I'm soooo ready to get a new blackberry. RIM needs to spped up the pace before they start losing customer's to other markets.

then they will get it right next time, this phone is no bold, from what i was told blackberry is loosing sales. give us what we ask for rim your business can be better. bigger ram, faster cpu like the way you changed the ball into the pad good choice you got to make better phones the 9000 size is nice much more comfort, if the 9000 had a trackpad it would be a bigger seller IMO.

To be honest, this picture could be a fake. So maybe we should wait until official details come out before people start making statements like, 'goodbye BB, hello android'.

What is with Rim? When in the process of upgrading a device why wouldn't you add more memory and other items to make the phone a very desirable option??? It cost pennies while you are building the device. The answer is simple, it's just a carbon copy of the 9700. Take the interior of the 9700, slap a new name on it and out the door. This is complete bullshit. The 9700 is a great device but they will not gain many new customers farting around like that. Every BB owner knows what they want in their next upgrade, MORE MEMORY, BETTER CAMERA, BEING ABLE TO DOWNLOAD AND OPERATE APPS FROM MEMORY CARD, FRONT CAMERA FOR SKYPE CALLS, TOUCH SCREEN WITH KEYBOARD, BETTER BROWSER ALONG WITH THE NEW 6.0.....OS. I can go on but these things are needed to compete with all the new devices and to keep us BB owners happy. I love my 9700 but I want to see Rim step up and grow with the times. Can you imagine how many BB owners would jump on a new device with just a few of those great upgrades, I sure as hell would.

I don't see what there is to get excited about, it looks exactly like the Bold 9700. The ONLY difference is that it is both CDMA and GSM. They need to come out with one that has a second front facing cam so you can do video calls using BB Messenger or Skype. Also, a better and longer zoom with a better flash would be great.

HTC EVO 4G will be my next phone. BlackBerry has fallen behind in development. I don't really see much improvement from my current 9630 Tour.BlackBerry used to be top of the line when they were the only ones who had email push now everyone has caught up and passed them.

Wow! Wow! and I mean that literaly RIM. (T2i). Hope to see T2/B9650 on the Sprint Now Network.

Blackberry always comes out with something innovative. But they are slightly expensive. Let's hope Blackberry Bold 9650 comes out with a reasonable price tag.

I'm on my 9th Tout and it is JUNK

As soon as Verizon gets the iPhone I will be trashing my Tour CRAP