BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G Hands-On Video

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Apr 2010 10:44 am EDT

Shortly after the new BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G were announced, we headed over to the BlackBerry room to get some hands-on time with the devices. Check out the video above for a quick look of what's in store. Mike McAndrews, RIM's VP of Product Marketing, was on hand so for this video (more vids to come) we had him walk us through the devices.  In addition to the new 9650 and Pearl 3G hardware, I was pretty excited to see the new line of BlackBerry Pearl 3G cases RIM had in the showcase. Featuring a combinanation of hard case and rubber skin, they look awesome!

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BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G Hands-On Video


Awesome that we can count on someone to represent the consumer at WES - great coverage Kevin, keep it up. I will definitely have a 9650, no question about it - but i just have one question, what happened to the possibility of it being released in white???

no mention of the 9650 coming in white at launch... i'm thinking black only.  the pearl 3g on the other hand will ship in a ton of colors right from the get go.

although i'm a little disappointed about the no-white thing... not a deal-breaker though!

That is definatly a Crackberry case Kevin. I want an 9650 since its like my bold but just with out the ball and I dont have to worry about dust getting in my ball or something =D

i want one! i hate how you get a phone or computer or a tv and 6 months later there is a step up from it out...i got my 9630 in october

Did you guys check the processor speed? i noticed on the specs list they released for the Pearl and CDMA Bold, they put the processor speed in the Pearl spec's list but not in the Bold's? Hmm..

RIM got it right, Bold= high performance full qwerty, Pearl=just as high, but suretype, Curve= mid or low full qwerty, more to the Sidekick audience, Storm=full touch screen. 4 family, no need for anymore names.

Actually, I'd always thought that the main distinctive difference between the bold and curve series was the keyboards. It will be interesting to see what specs the next Curve has...

you're right, but i think we're only see the 8900 with that much sexiness, I think it was gonna be a Bold, but T-mobile didn't have there 3g out at that time(or it wasn't ready at the time)without 3g, what's so bold about it, so they doped it down to a curve, but that keyboard is what making my comment kinda off, so I don't know. I started out with a curve 8320, it did get me in just in time for my 9700(witch i love)

An announcement of VZ's 9650 release date would help you plan a bit more responsibly. I wouldn't want to see you camp out in front of a Verizon store needlessly.

it looks a tad bigger that the onyx, the thank goodness that tour look is gone, its looking good, they finally listened on the design. the keyboard looks good it should of gone up to 1gig thou on the memory still looks good. vzw is going to show off now.

I'm kind of hoping the retail on the Pearl isn't too high. I'm considering buying just to have as a nice option for when I want to carry lightly!!!

You had the VP of Marketing right there. Why didn't you ask him why the 9630 wasn't built like the 9650? The 9650 is what the 9630 should have been since day 1.

That would have put the VP of Marketing in a very awkward position. It's best to maintain a good relationship with a company like RIM when you run a site like CRACKBERRY. (Makes sense, doesn't it?)

Even if the urge were too strong, perhaps it would be wiser to ask those burning questions when the cameras aren't rolling.

ill never understand why blackberry doesnt put its headphone jack on the top of the device??? it seems so unintuitive to put it of the side.

I was hoping for the same, especially when they were thinking do we need to cover anything else (watched others videos from wes).

That pearl is packing a punch. I have never considered a pearl till now it would be so nice to have a small berry to carry around. Small but when u pull that thing out its like a little bomb. Small but full of power

Hey Kevin

can you or anybody else qualify that as 9100/9105 has 256 of memory, will this stop it running upcoming os6 and webkit,

wasn't sure if it had to have 512 to run new software

That looped background music makes this video and the last one hard to bear. A distracting monotony that becomes super annoying after 15 seconds. Please. Stop. :-)

Look they're nice but seriously. With all these other smart phones coming out you'd think they could've done better!

Just more of the same from RIM.... When are they ever going to breakout with something jaw dropping?!?! if you were to line up all blackberry's ... they all look the same!

Except the Storm series.. OS is so bland its like using windows 3.0 arrrggg! I love my BB but its getting a little stale..IMHO.

I may consider the Droid or some other phone when my contracts up in June.

They really are! But ... the competition out there(I know, blah blah we've heard it over and over) HTC, Google(Android) ..Be it even the Little Apple, have been in the works of stepping it up in specs and technology and RIM keeps rolling out a waxed and polished version of last years model.

I am in no way dissing RIM, I have a Storm2 and it's a really sweet device. It does what I want (usually! Lol)it's gorgeous looking and it serves it's purpose. But y'know, sometimes people want a 'lil eye candy, a little oomf. I had test drove the HTC Magic and it blew me away at the time! (It had ALOT of draw backs though - so I opted for the Bold 9000) and now with the new Android devices that can do everything but tuck you in at night - RIM's devices are nifty, but not quite as tantalizing.

RIM makes a great device line - I will give them that, but sometimes when it comes to deciding between Reliable and Current... unfortunately Current may win

Now, on the devices part.. the Pearl is a very nice option for compactness, but I am not 100% sure i'd drop my upgrade in February for something as such, I'm still going to see what Apple has going in July, or if Rogers will upgrade their stale Android line.

Anyway..Thanks for the review guys! :)

why do they continue to use the bold name on these inferior products? taking a tour and calling it a bold does not make it a bold!! why won't RIM listen to the people and put out the bold 9000 form factor with all the new upgrades? not everyone wants a tiny little phone to play with. those of us with normal sized hands would like a good sized phone.
step up to the plate RIM and give us the updated bold we are begging for!!!

Considering we were well aware of these "unofficial" handsets prior to their release and the fact that they are not that big a deal,this is not news...Snore
How can one of the biggest and wealthiest handset companies in the WORLD not have a better showing than this. They hold the largest market share, albeit "corporate" business, but can't produce a better product than this?!
Looks to me like they are running out of ideas. They should hire some of these software developers and theme designers to help them out. With RIM's deep pockets and these independent geniuses it would seem to me they could develop something more exciting and worth writing about. Let RIM keep and develop for its corporate consumer business,it's what they are good at. Stay out of the "real game" if you're just gonna keep stirring the same old pot.
The Mike And Jim Show...

"Hey Mike" , "... "Yes Jim"... "I've got an idea that's gonna rock the market and really throw them off their seats"... "What is it Jim"... "I am gonna change the ball and add the track pad, like the others we already have, then I am gonna rename it from Tour to BOLD! No one will know how we did it, What do you think?"... "Jim, it's genius! And, we can throw the pearl in there just for kicks and really confuse them. Not to mention the money we are saving. Brilliant!"... "Mike"... "Yes Jim"... "Since we are done early tonight, want to go to a Penguins game tonight? It's on me." "Sure, but I'll pay"... "No I'LL pay"... "Ok"...

Come on Rim. You can do it.

It's good to see others who appreciate the 9650. Other places they're being kind of 'snitty' about the 9650. I like the 9650 & will have one as soon as it's released. Heck Big Red sent me a kite reducing the price & waiving the installation. Now how can I deny that?:)

Rumor has it there is an Droid 2 due out anytime? The guy at Verizon told me to hold off on buying any kind of blacberry.. Not sure how true, but I'm holding off... I will prolly be jumping off the RIM dull train and try out the Droid.

Sorry RIM but I have been patient way to long.

Have fun carrying your charger with you 24/7. What good is a phone that is poorly constructed, laggy, trendy, bulky, and so counterintuitive it hurts? Let's not forget that the battery life is pathetic. I know two people who do nothing but text on their Droids and they almost always have a spare battery and/or charger on them at all times. Another person I know spends about 2 hours per day on WiFi and has to plug in his phone by 3pm.

When it comes down to it, BlackBerry devices are reliable. If you can't appreciate what RIM is putting out there, take your hate away from CB. Nobody is asking you to stick around.

Calm down dude....It's not a motorola droid.. It's an HTC Droid..which is miles better! So I wont have to carry a charger or extra battery.

I love my Storm-2 and it is very reliable.. The reason why RIM is so far behind on the browser and outdated OS is because everyone just accepts it like sheep to the slaughter..

Agreed and thank you. It's always the same trolls making the same old comments about BlackBerry. Seriously, if you people don't like BlackBerry, please go away. This site is called CrackBerry for a reason.

I never would have considered a Pearl but that 9100 looks like a great little phone. I think there is something to be said for the classic look of it; a bullet proof familiar device.

I reckon I'll be adding one of those when they come to the UK - THAT plus the iPod touch would be a great combo.

Everyone accepts what they put out for the sake of being loyal, but they arent it is crazy.

HTC DROID Incredible, I have a 9630 yet again but I am done


Well that's fine you leave RIM will be fine what do you think would happen to their business market if they completely changed directions? Corporations can give their employees faster but very similar BlackBerrys every 2 years especially when the changes are minimal they require no extra training.

But please continue to complain about their more of the same market domination.