BlackBerry Bold 9000 OTA Update Coming May 18th ... to OS!?

Bold OTA Os Update
By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2010 12:21 pm EDT

We don't hear all that much about the good ol' Bold 9000 much now that his younger brother the 9700 has taken the reign, and apparently when we do it isn't all that exciting. According to this internal AT&T doc, the Bold 9000 will be getting and OTA update on May 18th & 19th. Sadly the update will only be to OS I think its kind of pointless now to issue an update like this for the device, but apparently AT&T thinks that "general enhancements" are is a noteworthy feature. For now your best bet might be to just use a leaked 5.0 OS. We'll know more in about of week when the update is scheduled to appear, but for now don't go nuts waiting for the update icon to appear.

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 OTA Update Coming May 18th ... to OS!?


5.0 has been very stable and worthy of official release for several builds now.

The latest official release is and while not the official release for AT&T, someone saw it as good enough for their customers.

I am using .592 and it is EXCELLENT. I too was wary of upgrading from 4.6 but since .511, I think 5.0 has been worthy even of an AT&T official release. Of course, AT&T would prefer that you upgrade to the 9700 to get 5.0 on your device...but that thing is too little for me.

.610 seems to be as good if not slightly better than .592...but some people are probably sticking to .592 for now since it is the latest build to go "official."

I've been running since it was leaked and it's the best of the 5.0 leaks that I've ran. If your not running it now you should be. You'll love it!

Really...!? Really...!?
It's a shame at&t has left us Bold 9000 owners so behind. It's made me so bored and apathetic about Blackberry in general. I try to remember it's not RIMs fault, but when I get a new phone this summer or fall, it's going to be something I know will be updated often (most likely not a Blackberry).

Ok, so to all the at&t Bold 9000 owners: What's the best version of 5? I got too fed up trying to keep up with the leaks that I stopped and went back to the official release. Now that the dirt's settled and there's not really any more leaks... which is the overall best version of 5?


unless you want to go with an "official" version - then choose .592

.610 is maybe a bit better than .592 but not a big difference for most

Yep. Go to the Beta OS forum and look for the .610 thread. I posted a couple of working links on what should still be the last page of the thread.

Mine's been pretty stable. Even got Quick Pull to work again with their new beta fix for it.

I've heard the .610 is good too.

Wasn't this already pushed to the phone because I am running now and have been since way back.. .May as well just update to 5.0

Same here. I cant even remember how long ago I got pushed onto my device via Mac desktop manager...wait a minute, it was right around the time that they introduced the Mac desktop manager!

This is a big reason why I'm switching to Sprint. AT&T is too busy with other more important things, I guess, to bother rolling out any new OS's to its BBBold customers.

Are there really any noticeable improvements going from to .304? Seriously? I mean I understand pushing it to .167 users but if you're sticking to 4.6 (I don't know why you would) and you're on .297 already, I don't think it's even worth the hassle to "sidegrade" to .304.

I'm a person who appreciates good grammar and cringes when people habitually misuse "your" and "you're" on the Internet.

Adam's original text was, "We don't hear all that much about the good ol' Bold 9000 much now that his younger brother the 9700 has taken the reign, ... ."

This would be correct, in terms of "having control of the kingdom."

However, I think the phrase usually is heard as "taking the reins" (or in this case, "has taken the reins"), as in holding the leather straps that control and direct a horse.

Im tired of waiting for an official AT&T OS release!! Can someone give me a working link to a .610 download please?

Go to the .610 thread in the Beta OS forum -- there are two working links on the last page of the thread.

I've have had for a LONG time now. Uploadeded it Officially so why would they bother to re-release it again?

I gave up waiting on att around the end of January, and am very glad I did. 5.0 is way better than 4.6, and I'm running .610 now. I don't recall if its someone's official release or not, I guess maybe not. I didn't notice a difference from .592, but I didn't run that for long.

I am having some problems though, but may be the hardware or 3rd party apps. My phone sometimes reboots by itself, especially when I use it plugged into the charger. Also when it's pluggeg in, I get a lot of electrical noise interference making a bluetooth headset connection inoperable and the plug-in headset noisy. I boot up with about 10 mb free, and it normally leaks down to zero within 2 or 3 hours. This requires a reboot, which discharges about 20% of the battery. Since I use the device a lot, I have to charge it up at least three times a day. I can't leave it charging over night, because it sometimes perpetually reboots when charging while powered on, making the alarm useless. I got the battery replaced toward the end of the warranty a few months ago, but I wonder if it was a problem with the device instead. I'm getting pretty tired of these issues and have been considering defecting to a droid, but the announcement that att might be selling the slider next month was of interest and I might hold out for that.

2 questions come to mind, I wonder if anyone here can help with... 1. Do memory leaks come only from apps running, or can anything installed drain the mem?
2. If I cancel my att contract and pay the penalty (mine would be down to $105 now), can I immediately sign a new contract with them and get a discounted new device? Att seems to be the only carrier with a decent signal where I live. Thanks!

You should read the .610 thread - you'd see that you're basically the only person with these issues...other people who have issues like yours have been told to wipe your device clean and reinstall the OS and the problems usually go away. Sometimes OS installs can go wrong.

Many 3rd party apps cause memory leaks. It's hard to single out which app you run could be the culprit but given that MANY people using .610 are quite happy and have no memory leaks, you can be sure that this problem is not due to the OS itself.

1) Random reboots are incredibly rare on .592 at least - and apparently the same on .610. I honestly cannot remember ever having a random reboot on .592...

2) I'm not sure if we're talking about the same problem but I have never been able to use the 3.5mm headset jack and charge at the same time. It always causes interference. I don't know why but I do wish I could stream music to my car's sound system with the headset jack while charging but for me it's always been one or the other.

3) I don't know how many apps you have installed but it must be crazy...or your OS install went totally bad. I boot with 39MB free (I'm told I could get more if I upgraded from the "leaked" version of .592 to the official or .610). I have had uptime of several weeks in a row without random reboot or need to reboot due to memory.

4) Your battery problems might be related to everything above...I am not a heavy user of my BB and rarely ever drop below 50%...and charge to full every night and sometimes during the day since I have chargers at work, home and in the car.

Seriously...full wipe and reinstall.

Wow, thanks so much. The wipe was a a bit of a chore but the improvement is huge. It's been so stressful having to deal with a phone whose battery couldn't last half a day even without using it, with 0 free space more often than not. Now I've got almost all my large apps installed and about 24mb free with almost 5 hours uptime. 8^)

But ATT's upcoming OS release is still a joke. lol.

Have you checked to see if you are eligible for an upgrade with AT&T? I became eligible before my two year contract ran out on my Bold 9000. I think it was at the 12 month mark.

I checked recently and it said I could upgrade in November. However, since I wiped and reinstalled the OS last night, it's working much better and may even be able to wait that long.

AT&T is probably doing this for people that haven't upgraded or are afraid to do so through Desktop Manager and are still stuck at .167. If I remember right .304 was a lot better than 167.
It's beyond comprehension why the don't just release a decent 5.0 version and bypass 4.6 altogether as long as they are pushing an OTA upgrade.

You are right in that anything around is a huge upgrade over

You'd figure if they wanted to get the stragglers they'd have done this with and left it at that.

I already posted this today but att sucks with their os updates I have a early version.411 and it has bee working fine att needs to step their game up

I had this pushed to me about two months ago. Is someone in editorial sure they have the right info???????

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it is pointless. I've been patiently waiting for 5.0 and they come up with this. what a joke. this is one of the many reasons I hate AT&T. I sell phones at my part time job, and I'll sell AT&T phones, but I always love it when customers ask my opinion. I'll tell them that for the most part coverage is great in the area, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. they are always slow to get updates to phones even though they have the capability built in to almost every phone, and they definately don't stand behind their product. I love talking customers out of AT&T products.

What the hell. OS 5.0 has been offically released by some carriers for the bold and they are JUST NOW putting out another 4.6 update for it...

It is safe to bet that AT&T will never upgrade the 8900 to 5.0 or give it VVM now.

All bold 9000 running OS 4 out there should grow a pair and upgrade to os 5 already. Don't even bother with this OTA crap. Clean wipe ur device then do the official 592.

I got a "push" for this update about 8 months ago and updated it then...I haven't been daring to update to one of the leaked versions of 5.0 yet but yes this seems extremely pointless because who cares about a "newer" version of 4.whatever...come on, every other device that started with 4.0 is now on 5...just release it already...I wish Sprint had better coverage, and the better Blackberries...I would switch in a heart beat...

AT&T is probably doing this for people that haven't upgraded or are afraid to do so through Desktop Manager and are still stuck at .167. If I remember right .304 was a lot better than 167.
It's beyond comprehension why the don't just release a decent 5.0 version and bypass 4.6 altogether as long as they are pushing an OTA upgrade.