The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is *officially* unveiled at WES 2008!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 May 2014 04:09 pm EDT

Normally this is the week the CrackBerry team would be in Orlando enjoying the sun and hanging out with ~5,000 other fanatics at the BIGGEST BlackBerry event of the year. With no BlackBerry Live event taking place this year, we're taking a few days to look back at some of our favorite moments from the BlackBerry Live / BlackBerry World / WES events we attended in previous years.

WES 2008 was a HUGELY memorable event for me. In a lot of ways, it was our coming out party (for lack of a better term). At WES 2007 almost nobody knew who or what CrackBerry was. The site was still very new and our audience small. That changed in a BIG way at WES 2008. This was the event where BlackBerry officially unveiled the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

The thing was, CrackBerry unofficially unveiled the 9000 the week before. A BlackBerry 9000 showed up for purchase on eBay, and I was FAST to scoop it up. When it arrived, I reviewed the living hell out of it. With the 9000 being a highly anticipated phone, that story went EVERYWHERE. To this day that initial Bold 9000 walk through video is one of our most popular videos of all time. Showing up at WES 2008, it was like everybody knew who I was and about CrackBerry, in a large part thanks to that 9000 scoop.

Though we beat BlackBerry to the punch in terms of showing off the device, it didn't deter from the excitement. On stage, BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis talked up the new phone, and BlackBerry set up a special room for the Bold, where conference attendees could check out the new hardware. And man oh man, did people love the new hardware. Bold was a fitting name for the 9000. With its leather back and wide body design that featured lots of plasti-chrome touches, the phone stood out. To this day, if you ask BlackBerry aficionados (like Bla1ze, Adam or I) what our favorite BlackBerry of all time was, we'll all tell you it was the 9000. This phone was PIMP. What took it over the edge of awesome was the ability to customize the leather door via Coveroo.

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 enjoyed a lot of success over the next couple of years. Looking back, it was simply awesome to have been there to experience its debut first hand.

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The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is *officially* unveiled at WES 2008!


That's device was amazing!!! Such memories!!! I want to relive the blackberry days when it was cool to have one and everybody had bbm!!! List was like 500 people!!!! :)

It was a very popular device built for serious business, and it was a messaging workhorse. You look back now at it as ancient, but even the first iPhone looks ancient too. Hey, it was a 3G device before iPhone went 3G.

The first iPhone launched without copy and paste and without a real app store. It was basically an iPod with a telephone app and a browser that sucked less than other mobile browsers at the time.

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What's up, Ant. I agree amazing phone and I think that if the Chenster does the "Classic" up the right way - we will get some of that "BlackBerry Qwerty" love back.

You feelin me?

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

I know, I had to laugh :) I think he was at a loss for words and didn't want to say "Bold color display" :) They should have flashed the specs up on the screen.

I agree. That was an awesome time for BlackBerry and CrackBerry. Plus, I was the 1st in my city to officially purchase the 1st 9000 before it was available.....the next day. Definitely an Awesome device and a game-changer compared to previous BlackBerries.

I was refreshing posts on my browser and thought for a moment that there was a mix-up with the news date and it brought back old stuff.

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Me four.

Just had a CB10 update on my Q10??? While I was still posting. Then it crashed. Reload, 2008 ???, ouch what's wrong? LOL

Anything could have happened.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

"deter from the excitement" LOL

Seems like these articles are written at the same speed that people jump in to say "first". I know it's a blog post, but man, don't writers even give it a quick proof before posting?

Not like this article was breaking news or anything. A typing error, silly spelling mistake, maybe. But using the wrong word, like English is your second language or something... really?

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Yes, we need strong deterrents (not detergents! LOL) to keep those people of the 'Berries, otherwise they get too excited and .... ahem eventually hooked!

"Defer" is what he meant ???

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

"Look at me! Look at me! I so desperately need attention!!"

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I wish I had gotten that phone back then. Since I was with tmobile I had to get the 7100t. I think the 9900 us exclusive to AT&T in the US back then.

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Believe it or not. I've never used a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard, so I don't know what it feels like. I went from the Storm 2, to the 9380, to the Z10, to the Z30.

From Zarafet my Z30.

Same here, never had a BlackBerry with a keyboard. Went from a Storm2 (first smartphone) to a Torch 9850, to my current Z10. Looking forward to the possible Z50 if/whenever it comes out :)

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I loved my Bold 9000, I left sprint for that monster. AT&T was the only one that had it. I still pop in my sim card from time to time. My first was the 8310 candy bar phone to give BlackBerry a try, then went to the 8330 Curve.

Lots of nostalgia the past days, hm?
But I love that! And I kinda miss those days!
Even the crackberry days at that time!
I remember Kevin showing of the video function on his 83xx or how he celebrated his birthday at the go-cart track with his 8700 and the otterbox!
Man, that was amazing!

That the 1st BlackBerry I had, loved that device best design in it's time. Wish they would bring back the Bold name sometime in the future.

BlackBerry at its best then, I still believe in a few years we will look back at a BlackBerry 10 onwards device and be able to say the same thing.

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Still wish I could find my old CB log-in. Not sure if it was from 2007 or 2008 (or maybe I was just a lurker back then????) I remember this like it was yesterday, and I remember being so excited, knowing I would have one soon!!

Bold 9000 - BlackBerry All Star !!

Just pulled it out of desk drawer and it STILL feels great in the hand.

Bold 9000 was my first smartphone. What an awesome device! Loved that baby so much.
It eventually blew up, otherwise I'd probably still use it.
Wish I'd known about CrackBerry back then.


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Ha! Still have mine (loved it), but unfortunately the battery is completely shot and won't take a charge or power up.

I seem to be the only one who was a little disappointed with this phone in 2008.

This was supposed to have an iPhone rivalling HTML browser, but it was still slow and lacking.

The GPS in BlackBerry Maps would only work when it felt like it and if it was an even day of the month and if there was a following wind and even then at a glacial pace.

BBOS 4.6 and then 5.0 had a beautiful UI but I couldn't help but feel that there was nothing really new inside, no new killer apps. And it was apps that became BlackBerry's achiles heel once Apple embraced 3rd party apps forcing BlackBerry to play catch up while falling further and further behind.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

The best device BlackBerry ever made! Still have mine and mine is Made in Canada as well as my pearl 8120 and curve,8230

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The Bold was a great phone. Still have mine to mess with now and then. Imagine if it had the current OS I'd still be using it.

Via my Q10

The Bold was the best BB at the time. The stereo speakers were miles ahead of their time. Blackberry will never again see days like this, too bad they couldn't keep up their momentum.

This the phone my brother in law had, that got my sister onto Blackberry that then got me into one...

Little did I know that my mate had one also...

So all of a sudden there were 4 or 5 of us using one in the group..

We'd all been Nokia / Sony users before..

How times have changed...only 2 of us still have a BlackBerry.

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You know, that old thrill is great to think about. I think Mr. Chen remembers, too. It is what he meant when he first came on board about not letting BlackBerry go down.

Man all this nostalgia, Kevin! Did you just come back from an intense hypnotherapy session or something? Ha ha! I actually enjoy hearing about what it was like at the epicenter. I know for a fact I would only know a fraction of that I do about my Berries if wasn't for CB.

Posted via CB from "Z" best

The true BlackBerry Classic! What a nice device! As luxurious like a beamer or benz! Love it!

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In defence of BlackBerry , the last three years have been no innovation and just overspending.
Under those circumstances, is better not to have a blackberry event, no matter how much Kevin whines.

I mean instead of putting editorials complaining about it, why don't you guys organise a BlackBerry event like the one in New York and have it simultaneously done with one in Let's say London and another in L.A.

Just my humble opinion.

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Yeah - but we LOVE going to museums to check dinosaurs out, and Jurassic Park? Cooler than cool!

A few months back, I dropped my phone in water and needed something to get me by for a bit. Looked thru my collection of old berries, and chose the 9000 over the likes of many newer models. I had a hybrid OS from driphter on it, and it was lighting fast - even by today's standards. I remember laying down $300 to AT&T for this bad boy. I just had to have it at all costs. Everybody in my group were using BB's but I was the only one with a 9000. We used to refer to it as "the wide body". I fkng love that phone...!

This is the best physical keyboard BlackBerry ever.

The Q10 and 9900 still have a lot to live up to.

BlackBerry needs to create another iconic keyboard design device, even more than the 'Classic '.

It has to be a 4.5 inch screen and Octo core processor. The battery has to last longer than the Z30 the main camera has to be at least a 15 megapixel camera and the secondary 5 megapixel. Get Panasonic to make the lenses .

These are just the basics

BlackBerry can fill in the rest .

And finally put the 10 next to the BlackBerry symbol.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!! ©

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My first it and still keep it for moved on to BlackBerry Z10... great os...well done BlackBerry....

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That was my first BlackBerry. The device that made me #TeamBlackBerry lol its iconic in more ways than one looks @ the S4 taking inspiration from it with the leather back

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At&t still has the 9000 for sale. At least it did up until a year ago, when I left them for tmobile. It was only available to business customers.

Will eventually be posted via CB10 on my Z70

I still have my 9900 however it doesn't work properly. I keep it to look at it though. Still a good looking phone!

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I have to say, Mike L gave a great speech there. Those are the words that should inspire BlackBerry about its roots when it was RIM and BlackBerry was created to be the best in many areas. I want John Chen to come out on stage and own it.

Hope John Chen can truly make Mike L's dream of BlackBerry being just that, the best, come true in the long term future.

Was never bold enough to own a Bold. Went from RIM 950 to Curve to Style to Z10 to Z30. I didn’t discover the existence of CrackBerry until the day the Z10 came out.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

This phone started my addiction. By far the best BlackBerry keyboard! Typing on this thing was so slick

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That was my first intro to BlackBerry and not long after I got my 8900 and never looked back.
One of the things I always wanted in mine was the glowing trackball, and leather back.
Still a beauty today.

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I have to concur!,...the BBB9K was an awesome device!

Had the Q10 had a trackpad, would have been hard for me to not own one.

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Oh what BlackBerry was, what it is now and what it could be.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! OS:

I had that phone in my possession briefly but used it as currency to help pay for rent, sad but true.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Why did they not complete the dream? And let so many chances slip by!


Design classic and it's on the side of my bed as I text. Only used as an alarm clock.


The 9000 Bold is what brought me to crackberry. Had a member email me and say he had one for sale. So went and picked it up, £300 lighter and from then on I was hooked on crackberry and BlackBerry.

Still have mine in a drawer, still as new as the day I bought it. Best BlackBerry ever.

Posted via CB10

I remember first thing I did when I got mine was replace the ugly AT&T wallpaper with that beautiful city scape one! I must say that I don't miss the track ball, it was very addicting to roll that thing and hurt my thumb. The 9700 track pad was really nice.

It was a wonderful tank of a phone. Solid with a reassuring weight in the hand. Love my Z10 but miss those days.

Posted with  Z10

Mechanical and dirt problems a side, what do people prefer the track ball or touch pad?

Posted via my Q10

My first smartphone was a 9000. I held on to it for 4 1/2 years waiting for the Q10. Was a great phone!! Especially loved the leather back. I carried it in a holster with no case.

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Damn. Post like this make me miss BB and feel bad about jumping to another OS. My first smartphone was the grey 8310. Almost EVERYBODY I knew had bbm back then. Then I upgraded to my favorite bb I ever owned the 9700. I never ever had a single issue with that phone. Then I moved on to the 9800/9810. My reviews of both devices are not as glowing. And finally the device I wanted to love more than everything, the Z10. I lasted less than 5 months. Among other thing BB really should have rethought the battery size on that one.

The Z30/Z3 are obviously not for me so I'm extremely excited to see what flagship devices BB has in store for the future. Whatever it is I hope its a device that will on all levels be something that will compete with the best of best.

Still my all time favorite BB. I remember searching forever to find that wallpaper that they showed in the pictures. Finally found it after scouring the internet.

Now that I look at Kevin's pics of the 9000, I realize where Samsung got their Galaxy 5 ' innovative design' ideas from.

Samsung, you build decent quality-per-cost ratio devices, but sorry, you suck at true innovation. The only thing you have originated have been silly gimmicky things that are of no real use.

Sorry gang, had to get that off my mind.

For me this was the best non-BB10 BlackBerry device I've had. And THE best qwerty device ever created. I daresay not even the Q10 comes close to how sublime that typing experience was on the Bold 9000. I don't use it anymore, of course, These days I very much enjoy my Z10, but I still have my Bold 9000 relatively close by and I occasionally type random stuff on it just to remember just how good it was and how you stood from the rest when you owned it.

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That was my first blackberry device, I shall never forget my first love such sweet memories, brings tears to eyes my sweet love you shall always be in my mind.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The 9000 was my first Blackberry. I bought two of them, one for my girlfriend. Before BlackBerry I was a Palm Treo fan. The 9000 was a great replacement.

SQN100-3 OS10.2.1.3175

My very first BlackBerry, had to wait till it arrived at o2 UK. Well worth it

Posted via Z10

I'm actually interested at the comments under the video from 5 years ago. Some really nailed it.

Posted via CB10

Still my favorite device of all time. Really good memories with the 9000. I was traveling a lot between canada and Europe and where ever I popped. My BlackBerry was up and running. I used it for 2 years and changed it for a torch. Looking back, I think it was the best device BlackBerry ever made. The leather back was feeling great in the palm of your hand and keyboard was amazing. Too bad the q10 couldn't be more like the bold 9000.

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That was my fav BBOS unit. Tough as nails and just a real great device!

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

The good'ol days...Although it wasn't the first BlackBerry I'd owned, the Bold 9000 is the device the spawned my love for both BlackBerry and this site.

I got my Bold about a month after Kevin (mine was also a pre-release) and to be honest, I wasn't even sure what it was. It was the first (of many) pre-release devices that I'd received and wasn't entirely sure what to do with it, until I found this site. I read his review, and immediately registered. I loved being one of a handful of ppl to post pics in the forums (which are still there today) of one of the most desired phones, at the time...Great feeling and a great period for RIM / BlackBerry.

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I had that phone for 6 months, then my friend gave me his old iPhone. Haven't been back to BlackBerry up until about two weeks ago after watching some videos online I got a z10.

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The Bolds were the most distinctive, sexy products BlackBerry ever made - especially the 9000, 9700, 80 and 790, and not the girly 9900.

I would love it if BlackBerry thought big enough to make hardware small again.

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I bought the "Bold 9000! I paid full price to att,because I wanted it and there was no rebate on it! Still on safe!!

Bold 9000, first smartphone, first BlackBerry first addiction to querz on mobile. So many times 'touched' the ground, you can't break it :D
But it's about time pension it - now it's time for the new Q10 make things done.

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This phone was a great update to my 8820 with an all time classic keyboard. I wonder how many remember how awful the battery life was initially? A few software updates later BlackBerry had greatly improved the battery but it took a little time and gnashing of teeth, at least that's my memory of this one.. My 2nd favorite BBOS phone behind the phone that followed this one for me the 9700.

I remember seeing the ads for that one on the subway. :D

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This device is the reason I became a blackberrian! Really great phone with one of the best keyboards!

This video shows that at one time, BlackBerry made the best device on the market.

And now they dont.

Posted via Z10, UK based (Good luck Bla1ze as EiC!)