BlackBerry Bold 9000 Coming to Rogers? SWEEET!

Rogers BlackBerry Bold
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 May 2008 11:34 am EDT

Big Shout out to JHard who just posted this in the forums... it seems us Canadians can officially start getting excited about the BlackBerry Bold - a web page on has been launched allowing you to sign up to be notified when the BlackBerry Bold becomes available.

Little mistake on the Roger's written copy though...they say the Bold is sporting a 640 x 240 pixel resolution (it's actually 480 by 320). No worries though, we'll forgive Rogers for the typo since when the Bold does hits Rogers it'll be rock'n 3G speeds.

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 Coming to Rogers? SWEEET!


I'm so excited! My curve is getting the boot when Rogers gets the Bold.

Also Kevin, Rogers says it'll be expandable to 8GB... I sure hope that's a typo...

Rogers really should check their misinformation so that it comes out as accurate information. I don't see RIM reducing the expansion slot capabilities from 16GB to 8GB what sense does that make.

My question is when will we have the 480x320 wallpaper section going?

SOOON - infrastructure is already there. Just need to make the graphics for the wallpaper homepage and once linked it and ready put it all live.

Things are a bit crazy with WES, so let's say earl next week. Get your wallpapers ready!

according to
In a note to clients, analyst Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets wrote he expects AT&T and Rogers to begin selling the Bold in July or August for at least $349.

this sounds reasonable enough...
by then we should know more about the BB Thunder and be able to make a "bold or thunder" decision!

If AT&T gets a phone it's pretty common for Rogers to get it as well, and from the vodafone roadmap leaks it showed a Rogers branded device, so it was never really a question imo if Rogers would get it, just the question of when...with this announcement it just reinforces the fact they intended to launch it...good find jhard,good show from Rogers for once as well.

Still active for me...maybe just an overwhelming response on the server, it ain't like Rogers has a reliable site to begin with, I sneezed in the direction of the server and I swear it went off line lmao!!

HELLO THERE!!! im siked about the new bold, especially for rogers, but i just have one question....

someone stated earlier that the bold would be in $300 zone, now, thats not bad considering its brand new, but i was just wondering if that price includes a 3 year plan, and if anyone wud know how much that wud cost (phone, 3 year plan, and any other services i may have to buy.