BlackBerry Bold 9000 Appears on ATTs Website!

The BlackBerry Bold Appears on AT&T's website!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jun 2008 12:19 am EDT

The BlackBerry Bold has finally made its way onto AT&T's website. No pricing or release date have been provided but at least we know the BlackBerry Bold is "Coming Soon" and that within the USA it will be available "Exclusively from AT&T". You can check it out at Let's hope this baby gets released SOON. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 Appears on ATTs Website!


Sooo... Remember the story on the BlackBerrys codenamed Javelin and Niagra? Basically a 3G-less version of the 9000 (for T-Mobile) and a CDMA version of the Bold?

The form factors shown in that image were very Bold-like... and if you think Curve or Pearl RIM has never changed the name for similar form factors with varying model #s.

But this exclusively from AT&T thing to me means either:
a) we won't see the Bold hit CDMA carriers or T-Mobile for like a year or....
b) RIM will have to change up the form factor and specs enough to justify giving it a different name. We've heard the Niagra and Javelin would have a better camera...but is that enough??

Any ideas on this?

The better be coming to Verizon in 2008! How can VZW miss out on ANOTHER huge phone? I am looking forward to the Thunder, but come on Verizon!


The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is expected to be available later this year, exclusively from AT&T in the United States.

What the heck is this ?!?

I think the removal of 3G is enough to push it to T-Mobile sooner then later but then again if I was a T-Mobile customer I wouldn't be holding my breath, AT&T is the largest US BlackBerry carrier, that buys them alot of exclusive rights with RIM...I'm thinking we may be seeing the timeline follow the same as the Curves did..AT&T for a while...then T-Mob..then everyone else, have to remember, VZW has apprently forked out a lot of cash to be exclusive with the "Thunder" so whatever version of the Bold they may be getting..may be pushed back.

PS: Rogers FTW (twice so far, Bold and Pink Curve)..their still (insert vulgar word of choice here) though.

Can't wait to get my hands on this one. Losing Patience haha.. btw why does the at&t version bold doesn't show the red numbers on the keypad? it looks complicated especially two white number and letter on one key.

Dennis, I completely agree with you. I was looking forward to the red numbers on the keypad and it does look a bit confusing, but then again, you already know where the numbers are; they're in the same place they've always been. I'm sure it won't be a big deal after 10 minutes of use.

Actually I didn't like the red numbers, I think it looks better with the white numbers. Not a big deal for me either way really.

Blackberry support at T-Mobile told me they are getting it around September.

But did I hear right, Bold wont have 3G capability?

Not on T-Mob, word around the campfire is they are getting the 3G-less version, lol not like they could support it even if it did come with 3G.

So why exactly could T-Mobile not support the 3G version? They have 3g rolling out as we speak. Fall would be perfect timing for many major markets to be turned on and have the Bold release. Maybe wishful thinking on my part.

If BB is not gonna get with it, I am gone!!!! Why would someone get a phone without 3G? I have been a BB ownwer since 2000. I have been patient over the years. They had to know TMO was gonna roll out 3G. And if it's exclusive to AT&T, BYe! I refuse to use them. The are making their customers get a whole new 2 year contract if one buys the 3G Iphone. And everyone I know that had ATT said it sucked from bad phone calls(dropped) to bad customer service. BB has always let everyone choose what carrier they want and has offered Curves, Pearls to everyone. I have TMO, and they have won JD Power for Cust Servie 7 years in a row. Not to mention my works for TMO, and I get my BB's for free lol. Come on RIM, hook us up!!!

So they have the best customer service....whoopty freakin doo!!! They have a bad selection of phones, the phones they have get the features locked, their coverage is garbage, their idea of roaming is not letting you use your phone in the US except on their network(whole personal gripe with that one)! Yay for customer service, but I'll take a full-featured, 3G, in-service everywhere phone anyday, honestly how often do you have to call customer service where this is a big deal? I call them MAYBE once every few months if something happens to my phone and I need a replacement, which they never hesitate to give me, I don't need T-mo's free bonus minutes that they shell out, especially since if I dont use them they don't rollover so whats teh point!!!!

sorry a little off topic there, but basically my point is, buy an unlocked one, if you really want it and T-mo is gettin 3G, buy it unlocked and use it. Even if t-mo ends up getting it, I still recommend getting it unlocked from ATT or unbranded.

It won't happen... t-mobile uses 1700mhz and the BOLD will only have 850/1900/2100mhz for 3g.

I have finally decided not to wait for the Bold. I don't want one now for the same reason I don't want an iphone. The reason is spelled ATT. If it comes to Verizon I may get one but for now I will get a Curve instead.

Does anyone know what the deal is with the exclusivity? I heard that it was going to be released for Verizon after it was released on AT&T. Is that not the case?

I was going to get the Curve from Verizon but held off when I heard about the Bold. But if Verizon is not getting the Bold then I may choose to upgrade now

I love it!!, I can feel the tremors starting up!!, Let's hope it gets out there within the next few weeks...

Hasn't this been up for a while, it was in the forums section. Rumors abound that is sometime between now and August. The corp rep I know and golf with said August and of course the know it alls jumped on me saying what do I know. Well I know what they know. Someone who had info that may turn out to be valid or not. I will ask again tonight if there is any update.

i already talked to att since i cant upgrade to 3/4/09 they are gonna let me get it early woo-hoo cant wait!!!!i hope in the mext month it comes out

I noticed on the ad that it says "exclusively AT&T in the U.S." Is that true bcause it was stated previously that Bold would be available at Sprint,Verizon,etc.?

I was psyched for the Bold. But I agree with previous - ATT sucks! I switched from Nextel to Sprint and ordered a curve today.

Representatives at T-Mobile left and right are not shy to admit they will in fact be launching the BlackBerry Bold with 3G coverage this fall.

So whats the deal with the att&t web site. The side view doesn't show the att&t decal nor does it show the white number keys like the front view does instead they are red. Whats it gonna be fellas??? poor job by att&t but i still cant wait.

I can't wait for the Bold to be released down under. I know Australia's main carrier (Telstra) have been testing it & I know RIM staff are also using it here. I am very keen to try it out.

Hopefully we'll see it arrive on our shores soon after it's release in the USA (unlike the 2G iPhone which never made it here. Though I have read the 3G iPhone is due for release here in July).

When I pull up the link, it says "Maintenance In Progress", however I can navigate anywhere else on the site without problem ... Hmmmmmmmmm.

I must say I was very disappointed to read the last line - about being available "later this year". Booooooooooo! As anti Apple iPhone as I am, at least Apple does one thing right: make a big announcement and the customer knows when they can get their hands on it.

The page is back up, but I don't see what they actually changed, maybe they added more features or something, I can't tell.

they added an email notification to it so you will be notified when the bold is released. I already entered both email addresses synced to my berry. Not letting this one get past me although im sure I'll know when it comes out long before it does.

*The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is expected to be available later this year, exclusively from AT&T in the United States.

Standard dismissive approach to keep us guessing.

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