BlackBerry boasts 120,000 apps

BlackBerry World keeps on growing!

BlackBerry apps
By Simon Sage on 14 May 2013 09:59 am EDT

At BlackBerry Live 2013, CEO Thorsten Heins announced that BlackBerry World was hosting 120,000 apps. Highlighted in the slides were new and upcoming titles like Modern Combat 4, Moog, Soundhound, and iHeartRadio, as well as some existing ones like Bloomberg and Blaq. 

The high-demand apps are flocking to BlackBerry 10 - most recently, Skype to the Z10 by way of the recent 10.1 update, but there are plenty more that we're going to be checking out in the showcase here at the show. 

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BlackBerry boasts 120,000 apps


Yes Shazam, along with Pandora, Compass Bank, myfitnesspal,& Iron Man Magazine.

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I think the thing Heins was boasting here was that they did it in a year... only a year ago now that developers received their dev alpha units! 

120,000 apps in one year is remarkable but not impressive since 90% are crapps. It's like releasing a 120-page book and only the first 12 pages are useful.

Gave up on Spotify when I switched from my 9800 to BB10 - shame as I liked it - But Deezer is great on the Q10 - does go a bit wonky if you take a call when playing so you have to restart the app, but other than that a good replacement so far - and plays on the Squeezebox as well.

A quick trip to App World will show you that most of those 120,000 apps are not really apps. RSS Feeds, Web Short Cuts and formatted eBooks... these should not be in the apps category. That said there are a number of very good apps in there. But there are also a number of big apps missing, and more importantly there aren't too many industry specific "niche" apps at all.

For just my job there are several apps design for my field that are available on iOS and Android. They are pay for apps and I have sent inquires to the developers to see if they would be working on porting to BB10... but none replied. Being pay apps you can't find the Bar files on line to sideload.... but there are was to get the APK and convert them. I got one to work, two other didn't. But I wouldn't mind paying and getting updates.

Are these Blackberry 10 apps available on the Q10 and not just the Z10?

Unless they span across all handsets using BB10 it doesn't count in my book!

Knowledge is power...

120.000 Apps???? WOW!!
Yes, android port apps & Apps created by App Generator..

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So what's your point? You're stating the obvious. We all know some key apps are missing, but BB users will persevere since everything else on BB10 is awesome!

I just went to BlackBerry App world, there seems to be a complete lack of professional investment apps that support Z10/Q10. BlackBerry really need to get this area up to speed!

~No Reuters News Pro for Z10/Q10 (only support BB7 and older devices)
~No Bloomberg for Z10/Q10 (only support BB7 and older devices)
~No Citi Foreign Exchange App or a serious equivalent (note: *not* currency converters please!)
~No Dukascopy Foreign Exchange App or a serious equivalent (note: *not* currency converters please!)

~So how can we justify Z10/Q10, if there are no professional investment apps for business users?

They just announced bloomberg. And you need to put things into perspective - no other phone had all that at launch.

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The quantity means nothing from launch day to now. As many of our colleagues have pointed out here the majority of apps of terrible and some not true apps at all. Also in an age where everybody is jumping on the app development bandwagon from indie companies, solo bedroom coders and the huge corporates it's no big deal anymore. When Apple and Android started their App stores it was a completely Landscape... The business models are now solid and the dev tools are more robust and distributed much wiser.

For me quality of quantity any day and BBW lacks this. However the news of promised apps is pleasing.

Would be more interesting to actually know how many are really written for BB10 vs just put into the Android Player....

Thank god I could care less about Netflix, and have never used instagram. But, they are losing revenue, the Z10 rocks and the Q10 doing better than expected. These companies are idiots.

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You have to wonder about these companies really does it cost that much to develop an app for BlackBerry? When you have a decent user base. Like do you have a screw loose?

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We really need app viber for calling through wifi or 3G with Android and iOs devices

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I'm not even going to lie...
One of the reasons I switched from my 9900 to z10 was because Kevin was so certain instagram was coming to z10....
And also when I first saw the sideloaded version without the logging out I quickly got the phone...
Right now I'm highly disappointed and if the app situation in BlackBerry App World doesn't improve this will be my last blackberry smartphone...cos really they aren't offering anything other brands aren't...the whole brand loyalty thingy isn't making sense anymore tbh.

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Maybe he is just tired of people whining about how bb10 doesn't have the same apps available as other platforms that have been around for years. If you want to jump ship then do it. Don't come here and preach about it. BB10 is going to have to grow and mature just like every platform before it which takes time. If someone bought the phone without considering that, they are foolish.

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Oh fuck outta here with your talk bout Os maturing...didn't legacy devices OS have tons of years to mature????
Why didn't they get apps? With time app developers just take your OS maturing bullshit somewhere else...

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What good is 120 apps if most of them aren't vital apps or trendy apps??! Quality over quantity they say..but blackberry seems to be towing the quantity over quality crap.

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People complain about quantity if quality apps are available. People complain about quality when quantity of apps are available. There's no pleasing everyone. I'm happy with the selection and the OS is slick. Wouldn't switch to iPhone or Android for anything...

In today's world an OS without vital apps is no good... blackberry should do all they can to get these apps over...that's the only way they can gain relevance!
Nobody will switch from an Android or iphone which provides a good Os with vital apps to a BlackBerry with a good Os but terrible apps! Simple logic

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A good PDF reader is welcome any time now. I know, beating a dead horse, but it's one I need to ride.

Try side-loading Repligo Reader, it works awesome on both the Z10 and Playbook. Used it to read a 1300 page study guide and mark up and annotate my comments.

I could care less about toy apps like instagram. We need good trading and banking apps with mobile check deposit like all the other platforms have.

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I can't believe instagram is that big of a deal, it's really not all of that. I'm a man I don't need the satisfaction of other people viewing and liking my pics lol. But anyways I guess it's apps like this that define whether a phone is good or not smh

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To everyone commenting about specific apps with too narrow a focus just go to ios or android and see how many local news apps there with ZERO feedback.

Or better yet do a search for your favorite cereals and again you'll find hundreds of useless apps for things like cheerios or lucky charms. As a parent I can tell you the number of times I've needed an app like that ZERO!

I much prefer multiple rss reader apps that are of interest to many different people since you can subscribe to whatever feeds you want instead if yet another app which is little more than an advertisement for some brand.

And speaking of brand name apps many years ago starter was an in demand clothing brand and if you didn't wear that stuff you weren't cool. Needless say 18 yrs later you can now find it at Walmart for dirt cheap and it's been that way for some time. What's in today won't be for long period. It happened to rim,sony, nokia, so you can rest assured it will happen to a lot of these OMG I HAVE TO HAVE IT APPS.

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Errrmm just because they won't be relevant in the future doesn't mean we shouldn't use them now...does it?....

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Keep it up BlackBerry and devs!
Please don't forget CNN, BBC, Instagram, Shazam / Sound Hound, Google maps.

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This is just like the story Hare and the tortoise... BBM catching up with the big guns and out smarting them to become a number one winner... nice work bbry...

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i want or need , instagram, tango, path, line, viber, speedtest, more apps from disney and much more for me there are a little apps, dont look like 120k !

Does anyone know when we can expect 10.1 in Canada on the wind network? Can't wait to download Skype.

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I sideloaded instagram just for having it working. It worked fine...and then I uninstalled it. I just don't need it and I don't see why is everybody so anxious about it..
I need Soundhound... that's the one I'm waiting for..

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120,000 apps which are mostly garbage. So far I got blaq, skype and CB, along with the apps that came with my Q10. The apps are what defines a platform not the platform itself. iOS is the least customizable platform yet it's a solid competitor because of it's further growing appstore. All those big brand apps such as instagram are a must for BB to succeed in catching the eyes of other platform users. Having said that, now that BBM is going cross-platform, why would people even consider moving to blackberry when they can have BBM in a more polished OS with an enormous USEFULL app collection. BB's main argument was that now you can chat with non-BB users, but I had whatsapp n kik for that.

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I didn't get the z10 for Apps. I got it for what it does so well. And BBM going cross platform this summer is a great thing for all users.

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I really don't understand why so many people are complaining about apps there is enough apps and having the ability to side load apps from another app store alone make's BB10 very impressive. For the most part I don't care if it's native or not if someone didn't tell you would you really know the difference? Maybe for some apps but not for the majority of the apps. I love my Z10. People stop complaining crackberry has become a website of complaints.

People complain, developers listen
It's a business world, if the customer is not complaining the business provider won't change a thing because there is no need

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If this was an android forum I'd be complaining about the lack of a decent exchange e-mail client. It all depends what your must have app is. My note2 has essentially become a toy/news aggregator because it is a pointless communication device if you rely heavily on exchange email.
I expect that at some point Blackberry will develop their own Instagram client with Facebook's blessing. It's clearly very important to many.

Also why do people keep asking for Pandora....have you seen Apollo (third party Pandora App)'s a much better app than the Pandora Android app and the speaker on the Z10 is really good unlike anything Samsung has produced.

A Lot of apps suck, and horribly optimized. Android ports are just horrible as to what the device can handle.
Politics? Apple n Google paying developers to keep blackberry down? What else could it be? Or you're telling me the developers that work for BlackBerry are just lazy and unmotivated? App quality is so huge between blackberry - ios/android this is a huge let down about having a blackberry, not the number of apps, but he quality... look at our Facebook and Twitter apps, I can't handle them, using Android ports... sad sad

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I seriously miss the differences between the Facebook and Twitter apps and their Android counterparts of which I have both. And on Twitter if you are a power user you go to Blaq or Neatly on BB10 and Tweetcaster, Ubersocial, Twicca or Plume on Android.

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