BlackBerry board member doubtful of switch to Android, emphasizes shift to niche focus

Bert Nordberg
By Simon Sage on 3 Sep 2013 02:25 pm EDT

Despite his experience in bringing Android into the fold at Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry board member Bert Nordberg said in a recent interview that flipping the switch isn't as viable an option in BlackBerry's situation. 

"As a CEO of Sony Ericsson, deciding to bet on Android was an easy decision. With BlackBerry things are definitely much harder. Blackberry's security framework is built into the mobile software, so you can't just decide to change operating system. But BlackBerry has cash and it has no debt, so I'm sure that we'll piece something together at the end of the day."

Nordberg is on BlackBerry's newly-formed strategic options committee, which makes sense given he was a part of the divestment of Ericsson from Sony Ericsson a few years ago. He went on to say in the interview that there were subsets of BlackBerry that could be sold off, but more importantly, deciding to become a niche handset maker is still a viable path. That makes me feel better about the idea of BlackBerry going back to its enterprise roots in a partnership with a company like Cisco. Nordberg also highlighted that BlackBerry has cash in the bank, no debt, and some unique assets, which is enough that he's "sure that we'll piece something together at the end of the day." 

Overall, Nordberg sounded very optimistic, and pointed out that after getting out of the handset business, Ericsson is still alive and well. With any luck he's right and BlackBerry will find a way out of this rough patch. 

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BlackBerry board member doubtful of switch to Android, emphasizes shift to niche focus


I'm sure he was saying that tongue in cheek. Only a fool would think they don't have enough to survive.

The guy needs some serious media training then. Interviews can move markets and you don't make comments that can be misquoted or misinterpreted.

he may have been right a la Samsung mega and windows 8. Having used a windows 8 computer I see little to no value in a tablet. The Surface pro is awesome and it is only held back by its weight, which should be solved this year.
Of course the media will not realize this until Apple puts it's two operating systems together and claims to have done it first 8/

Nobody knows what the situation will be in 5 years. Technology changes fast. There are things on it's way that CAN make the tablet form factor sort of obsolete for the masses. So Thorsten could still be right. It's just a matter of time. We will see. Don't judge him prematurely!

I think he's fucking brilliant for declaring that the reason for getting out of the tablet market, and in particular the PlayBook product segment, was due to the tablet market not being around in 5 years.

I mean can you imagine the fright he must have put into Apple, Google and Samsung? That the BBRY CEO has forecast the tablet market going away within the next five years? They are likely rewriting their entire 'mobile computing strategy' based on this brilliant forecast. I wouldn't be surprised if they also exited the market soon so as to not be caught with unsold inventory and non-recoverable, sunk R&D costs. He should have just kept this brilliance quiet and not shared it because then we could all have a great chuckle when APPLE totally shits the bed and has to take a write-down on unsold iPad and iPad Mini inventory. Like in the next year or so!!!.

Or maybe not. Maybe this particular Board member also thought that BBRY should provide a warning about the declining tablet market to their industry peers. Whoops.. sorry... competitors. Although... Thor didn't say 'should' when he made this statement... so... who knows.

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After using the Nexus 7 for a year, I came to love it. But now that I finally have a smartphone, I see no reason to have one (unless you have bad eyesight). Most tablets don't have the ability to run desktop applications. They're not very cool. They are just big-screened smartphones with no call function.

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They are big smartphones now but that will change. If u want proof just look at the evolution of the computer. And irrespective of what TH thinks, tablets are not going anywhere just yet but desktops........ Now that's going to be a whole different story.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

"irrespective of what TH thinks"

I recommend you check out the postponed Ubuntu Edge project. If the video is still around you'll see exactly why tablets/laptops and even desktops will die out as consumer products before long.

With a 64Gb 16 core CPU phone in a docking station or clipped in the back of a 10" screen why do you need to pay a fortune for a tablet or desktop?

That's what Thorsten Heins sees and he's well ahead of the game. (Assuming they can ever execute!).

I agree that this is the direction BB needs to move in. It's different, it's bold. However, Heins needs to verbalize that more than he's doing. Right now all we hear are crickets chirping.

Gotta agree. I have Playbooks and iPads, but now with my Z10 I rarely touch either, unless I want to watch a video or read in larger screen. My Z10 does all I want,

Really?! Think of the assets, investments, and the final buyout of the meat of Nokia.

Think again

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Hijacking your comment to point something out. (so sorry in advance)

As much as investors and some members of the Crackberry nation want BBRY to soar to the top as quickly as possible, this cannot happen. Complicated systems take time to develop and mature, expecially when you're expanding on all fronts (back end systems, UI, third party devices...). As much as it would be nice for BlackBerry to catch up to Android and iPhone in a few months time, it wont happen; maybe they never will... Look... When the iPhone came out it was lacking so many features; it was in all honesty a "niche" product for apple lovers until a year or two later. It was the gimmick of a full touch screen, the slide to unlock, and the "cool factor" that sold the iPhone at first. The same can be said about Android and it's evolution and offerings (though the open source apect really helped it's image). Most people now will say "yeah, but BlackBerry can't afford to take their time, they need to catch up ASAP. Yes they need to catch up, but they can afford to take time and do it right; anyone who says they can't afford to take time is either short sighted, or a greedy investor.

I think OS 10.2 is great evidence to the step by step process BBRY needs to take. I think that as the OS matures, marketing will follow suit. The first wave of ads showcased what the phone is good at now : Balance on BES, The Hub, and the gimmicky time shift camera. The second wave of marketting should come with the Z30 since it will have the full OS10.2 on it. This will allow the team to focus their attention on the unique difference BlackBerry can offer as well as refined features other OSes can do, but that BB does better (Toast notifications, multitasking, performance of the OS, hopefully headless apps and the begining of consumer mobile computing)

Of course this is all speculation, but I feel as though it isn't far from the reality. Call me crazy (heck, I am crazy), but we'll see in a few months. Until then, I am thoroughly enjoying my Z10 as a supperior communications tool. This thing is a beast in all senses of the word.

Again, sorry for the comment hijacking, I'll make sure to feed some seaguls to regain the karma


My thoughts exactly. I love my Z10, but i feel that it was definitely a stopgap until the Z30 and 10.2, which are both exactly what BlackBerry wants and needs the masses to see.

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Hopefully the Company can get their timing right, for once. Given that the 10.2 leaks, most of which work, have been out for quite some time now I'd have a hard time believing that the telcos haven't had their hands on a testable version for even longer. I've got faith!

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Very well said, i completely agree. Honestly its the shareholders that are destroying BB making it seem as if they don't have time or aren't moving quick enough. They ARE doing it right.. Just the right way takes time though..

Now I think it'd be pointless at this point for BBRY to go private, but I honestly think that they would be in a much better position if they were.. Shareholders are the ones destroying BBRY right now (and I am not just being biased.. I myself am a shareholder) but I personally know that it will take time and am willing to wait for my ROI and more importantly for BBRY to grow..

Shebmillar I agree on point. The z10 is better than the iphone as a communication machine. Also BBM can use voice and video over the cell carrier network while iphone needs wifi. I got to majorly up show my buddies last night with their iphones. Their jaws dropped when then I was video chatting with the wife and their was no wifi in sight. I am starting to see a little more advertising regarding BB10, but I think they are waiting for 10.2 to be released. Anyhow a lot more people are asking a lot more questions when they see my z10 as time goes on.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

It s funny how you guys impress your iphone buddies. As for me most of my iPhone buddies can't be impressed with the z10. Some will say about time BlackBerry comes out with something decent or others will still say iphone is way better and BlackBerry is too late to the game.

They even say windows phone is catching up or has taken the 3rd spot away from BlackBerry.

With the app gap of popular apps and all the negativity being mentioned in the media no wonder BlackBerry is not doing so good.

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Nope but face time is about to cost Apple a TON of money... we will see how long it lasts as it is. It's about time someone wins a good patent suit against Apple. Take them down a peg or two.

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I doubt anyone working at BlackBerry thought the catch up would happen over night.

I love my z10 more with each update. 10.2 will be huge for me. I think BlackBerry finally did it right and I look forward to what's next from them. I'm hoping for some sort of docking station lol

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Very interesting article. It will be interesting for all of us to see what happens with BlackBerry over the next few years.

Why don't BlackBerry just go for two platforms, BB10 OS for maximum security and productivity (with premium pricetag), and another one is Android OS enhanced by BlackBerry for mainstream customers (imagine a mid-tier qwerty touch BlackBerry phone with Android OS at 200-300$ price range).

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How far has that got them? Sometime you have to change to survive and grow. Having dual os sounds like an option to me . this is not the time to bury your head in the sand and cry for the glory of years past it is time for bold and different thinking with quick action. My 2 cents had to edit because I am on a very rough airplane flight.

There is no need to have two OSes. BB10 already has an Android player. The problem is that developers aren't willing to do a simple conversion because they can't be bothered and they are unsure for support reasons. The same would likely be true if they had a pure modified Android with their own app store (similar to Kindle Fire). So BB would need to add Google Play to really benefit. This would mean Google would be getting all the income from the store, and BB World would be dead. If they went that route, they could do it with their existing BB10 OS (with the front-end being synonymous with Sense or TouchWiz). So as a last-ditch effort, all they need to do is to add Google Play support and they are effectively Android.

Now technically they could do the same for Amazon's App Store if they partnered with Amazon. Bring their entire catalog over wholesale, leaving out Google.

To me, bold and different thinking is exactly what BB10 is... Now that quick action part? Can't help you there.

BlackBerry should be acting, not reacting. For now, they are on track. They are just afraid to tell the world what diamonds they just produced !! Posted from my amazing Z10STL100-1/

Exactly ramp up marketing efforts get A team focused on consumer relations what the ppl need reach out to top devs get the top apps etc

Posted by z10 boss

Why in the world would you want BlackBerry to run Android? BlackBerry 10 is was more unique and in my opinion awesome. BlackBerry's strength isn't in hardware, it's software, so by going with Android that would make BlackBerry just another one of many Android users. I think switching to Android would be worse than anything else they could do with the brand.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

It's not switching, what I mean is that they expand their phone's price range. BB10 OS is indeed an awesome piece of technology, but concerning price tags that they carry (even Q5 is still 300$++) it'll be better to make some cheaper device with Android OS, enhanced with some of their feature (BBM - which is obviously will arrive on all Android, some skin enhancements to resemble BB10 OS, and their outstanding physical keyboard). For BB10 OS devices let them emphasize it for niche market and enterprise needs.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree. Why switch to Android. It should be the other way around. Let somebody else make the hardware since it has more or less the same components like any other phone and keep developing the OS. Switching to android means you are just like any other company.

That's kind of like U.S. Congressional Republicans kow-towing to Latino immigrants, because they think that they'll vote for them. Last time I looked, most of them still vote for the other side.

If BlackBerry would choose how to change it would drop the hardware... hardware does not bring the big profits in... It would be more likely to licence BlackBerry 10 to a hardware manufacturer then to keep building phones the market doesn't want to see... people buying Androids would not want a BlackBerry handset... people buying a Samsung or HTC (or whatever) would consider BlackBerry 10 instead of Android...

However, I would love to see BlackBerry continue making hardware (which I have always appreciated) and software... It would be even greater if they gave us the option to use BIS again for a monthly fee...

From the Z...

The billions spent by Google - Motorola, and now Microsoft - Nokia, following Apple and even Blackberry's model of end-to-end hardware and software is more than proof BlackBerry won't choose to drop hardware. They're more than likely trying to licence the BB10 OS in addition to what their doing, but they won't drop manufacturing handset hardware.

So there is a chance that there might be no more BlackBerry consumer phones? :( But, after all the developer momentum.. It would seem such a waste to let that all go. So non-enterprise BlackBerry users have to switch away? Hope this doesn't happen.. I really feel BlackBerry really just needs to price their phones better, or at least the lower end ones like the Q5. Hope the consumer BlackBerry phone stays :(

I think he just means that they will emphasize the corporate market and stop worrying quite so much about the apps availability.

I've said this numerous times before. BlackBerry is about 4 years too late to jump on the Android bandwagon. They should've split the devices back then to have both a BES and Android OS platform. That would keep those who value security on BB's then growing fan base and over a playful BB for the youth and other's who care more about gaming and apps. It really was a major missed opportunity on BB's end. They make gorgeous devices and would've held a BIG following from being the top Android builders. Smasung took that ball and ran all the way to the goal line with it. Now, we have to sit back and watch the slaughter of BB10; a GREAT OS that is just too late to the game.

Look, Android was, and still is in some aspects half backed. Users are paying next to nothing for the OS and that's what they get. Slowly the Os it's improving because GOOGLE wants to sell more advertising. Users are those contributing to the development of the OS.
BB10 it's a whole different kind of fish...

Mmmm. BB10 OS with Android conversion software built-in to BBWorld. Seems like win-win. Pacify the Android-deprived people in most cases but keeps the OS 10 software intact. Another option for the Android devs to make money and also possibly for more money to develop native BB versions of their apps. I don't understand the BB needs to go all Android or lack of apps. This could be solved relatively easily if the developers are not contracted only to put their Android apps with Google Play. Someone else can chime in on that as I have no idea.

What does this mean for the end consumer? If BlackBerry start focusing on the enterprise sector, will the consumer market be cut out? BlackBerry 10 has seen a lot of developers bringing their apps and games to the platform. Will there still nr a demand for these developers to full fill by bringing new apps and games to the enterprise focused BlackBerry?

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One Crackberrian (apologies for not remembering) made the comparison to Mercedes-Benz or Porsche - niche manufacturers for a focused high-end market. BlackBerry just needs to hang in there.

She It Holmes

BlackBerry adopting Android would be going in against everything the company ever stood for.
The loss of credibility would be dramatic.
Not to mention that it's nearly impossible to differentiate between the 1001 Android devices on the market today.

Simon, "shift to niche focus"?? Blackberry has always been a niche, and that is what makes it great. They don't need to compete with the others, the others need to compete with them. Blackberry offers numerous things that no one else has, yet they continue to toy with the consumer add-ons. Since they already own the MDM space in regards to technology, they only need to post a competitive price for their product and they will blow the competition out of the market. All of the BYOD MDM vendors today cannot hold a candle to Blackberry MDM. I am not sure why Blackberry doesn't just blow them out of the water.

We need a Brand Awareness Programme first and foremost.

Without it, BlackBerry will be buried and given the last rites.

I've yet to see a clear strategy from Mr Heins ( He is suspiciously quiet for a CEO).

Time for some fresh ideas....Or personnel!?!

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No one wants an Enterprise Only phone.

That has been BlackBerry's problem.

With BYOD, it is clear that everyone wants dual purpose phones. Being small or being niche means that there will be no native apps. Devs will not support a small platform.

Erickson survived by getting out of the phone business. BlackBerry may survive that way too but I will be sad. I like bb10 and want it to be successful.

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You are correct, enter the Z and Q10 with BB Balance.

No Dev for small platform is also correct, enter porting for Android. There is an app surplus waiting to be leveraged.

BB10 will continue, they Must continue.

BYOD is a myth. You will be surprised if the truth is told. Many if not ALL top and large enterprise and government organizations ban BYOD. In fact one of the biggest U.S. companies that publicly advocates BYOD has the strict internal IT policy that bans employee owned devices. BYOD is to fool.

Actually I don't think that is quite true. I work for one of the largest companies in the world and I can tell you BYOD is kicking in hard and it does not, yet, include the option of personal BB10s as they have not made decision on Bes10. Anyone can bring in their device as long as it is not a personal BB. BlackBerry OS still the corporate issued device (if you do not want to bring your own iOS or Android) but honestly it's unclear for how long that will last. A clear communicated option for them is all BYOD. And if they do not get bes10 that is BYOD except for BB... they said they have still not decided on the BlackBerry strategy.

I didn't say all. I said "many", "top and large", which represent the trend. Unfortunately I cannot disclose the one bans BYOD here. You would be stunned to know that.

He reminds me of Phillip Seymour Hoffman in "Along Came Polly". I just Sharted!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Come on Sony, do the right thing and partner up with BlackBerry

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

I too hope something big is on the horizon, that BlackBerry is hiding something that will blow people away, but time is quickly running out for that. The OS is clean and smooth, but the devices are lagging. I'm tired of them shipping out devices that most people think have last year's specs. It's time to jump ahead BB!! Lots of devs have jumped on board, but there are still a few hold-outs, so go buy them!!! Foot the bill on the entire app and get it on board. I feel like the entire organization is playing this too cautious, kind of like they are waiting for someone else to make a move. Poop or get off the pot BB, all of us here on CB are waiting, but our patience is wearing thin.

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The specs on Z and Q's isn't an issue. The lack of communication is, by far, the biggest issue!!

So what he is saying is we are going to give up and just sell shitty lame devices to businesses.

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Crackberry is really falling behind in its "breaking news" timing.

This story was out everywhere else on Friday.

Stating "I'm sure we'll piece something together " isn't exactly the kind of response me or other investors in BlackBerry were hoping for.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for your concern. Yes I did and I stand by statement. If an enterprise focus keeps the doors open I'm all for it. As a consumer-level user and non stock holder it's not good news. Will they abandon consumers in the short term, of course not. Will consumers be offered a third or fourth generation BB10 device? Probably not and that's discouraging as well as a shame.

And would anyone really be that surprised if that actually occurred? Blackberry has already lost the consumer market. OS10 was their last best hope; the market reacted and it wasn't good. All that is really missing now is for Blackberry to formally announce an exit strategy from the consumer market.

He needs to lose weight. It will help with BlackBerry's vision. These guys get paid too much.

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

Yep, niche. Continue making the outstanding products they currently make to privately serve a niche market of people who prefer the highest quality devices and software to manage their mobile computing existences. Keep Moving! Go BlackBerry!

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Regardless of how many BlackBerry 10 devices sell, there remains absolutely no doubts in my mind regarding how I feel BlackBerry makes the absolute best mobile computing solution available. Seriously.

Posted via CB10

There also remains a demand for devices like the Q10. Sprint's ad recently posted here on CB demonstrates the kind of message people out there need to hear about this device. It's seriously the best device I've ever used for daily computing and communications, even has some cool games too. Anyways, Keep Moving!

Posted via CB10

Android is getting more and more malware (1M) and still can't believe that business choose for android because for a lawyer or finance company it's dumb to use android today. Using Apple iphone is much better and more secure from malware then android . Still Apple has some isseus but mostly protected with there own eco system like blackberry how ever blackberry for Business is the best and some way also better then Windows. So Nr 1 BB, then windows and the Apple and at last Android (92% malware you wil find there).

This could be te reason for Samsung starting with Tizen (Bada with android support) and Chrome OS for next year and also with android support because android is filt. People using an OS that is like cheese with millions holes and the US goverment saying that android a malware magnet.

BB must stay on course and get a Z5 plastic 200-250 euro with the same layout like the Z10. the Z30
is good idea to get 5 inch. selling out Z10 and start later with Z10plus with same specs as Z30 but stay on Z10 design. Advertise that qwerty was great but BB10 build for touchscreen is the best experience like a mention in other threads as well. Go for the low and midrange market and keep q10 and Z30 for high end. Sell out Q5 and get Q10 to a price around 350-400 euro becuase it qwerty. with 3 smartphone in range of 200-250 / 350/400 and 00/550 your have a nice price range and please advertise 2-3 months like crazy but please get phone's before december.

by the way android users paying 9,80 dollar a average thanks to malware using there internet/sms/calls and every 60 seconds 9-10 people there bankaccount get robbed thanks to malware :) have a nice day sir.

Really ? I have an Android and never experienced Malware. Guess I'm doing something wrong ?
Maybe BB should start installing Malware on it's Devices then. Seems to be working for Android .

" by the way android users paying 9,80 dollar a average thanks to malware using there internet/sms/calls and every 60 seconds 9-10 people there bankaccount get robbed thanks to malware :) have a nice day sir. "

Even BB here have to admit that you are being a bit foolish posting this.

Seriously when I see a post like this it just makes me shake my head and feel sorry for people that are so Obsessed with this whole SAVE the World BB that they will say anything to justify the silly things they come out with.

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones. There was a report out the other day that 79% of malware attacks came from Android.

Android is far from being a secure system. Nothing to do with being obsessed, just the facts ma'am.

I wouldn't worry about it dude, some of the ignorance around Android here in CB is staggering. If you believe some of the posters on here not only does Android suck, but it will give you herpes and run off with your wife. It's seriously like watching people from an ancient civilization get angry and scared at the moon because they don't understand it.

TH wished he had the Malware problem you state Android has. At least this way they would be in talks about selling / dismantling BB.
And yes , there is Malware. but if you use your brain and not install APK's downloaded from the Web your fine. besides Anti Malware apps are free if your really concerned.
Also , for those whom download and install APK's form the web and side load them then your more at risk then android users getting there Apps from the Play Store.

For the average user, like yourself, security it's a matter of faith. You just don't need security, and probably you do have some malware on your device. But you don't care. Right?

I continue to cosign with everyone talking about marketing. I have seen improvement in this regard since the change in CEO but it's still no where near enough. There needs to be some extreme advertisement going on. You won't sell but so much, if anything, without advertising no matter how good product is. On the flip side, good marketing can produce good sales for even a poor product. BB10 is a wonderful platform and the Z10, Q10, and Q5 are excellent products. They don't have to try but so hard to convince people they're worth a buy. It's just a matter of making sure the masses know there is something worth buying. This is why the Playbook didn't sell and this is why the new BB's aren't selling.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is running the best OS by far! Hopefully as stated before, once 10.2 arrives they can market the $#!t out of it with all that cash and no debt that they so vigorously proclaim....

Posted via CB10

Gee really? If blackberry chose android it would cease to be blackberry. How many people would buy an iPhone if they decided to move to droid?

Good hardware is everywhere. It's the software that defines the company.

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I say stay the course and this will turn around when people start to realize how bad there phones actually are... I'm BlackBerry 10 all the way!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

I love the bb10 platform I love that you can side load apps I pull out my phone people always ask me what kind of phone is that and I say blackberry of course

Posted via CB10

They have no debt and money in the bank....i would say there already successful! Just need to grow it.

Posted via CB10

I've said it a hundred times before, and I'll say it again, BlackBerry has 2 amazing devices in the Q and Z and yet they not only allow negative press from outside about their products and don't do a dam thing to counteract it, now they are throwing stupid interviews around like this one from within the ranks.

BlackBerry needs to learn and quick, that the only way out of this hole, and back to the top, is to get viscious, start fighting back, advertise the hell out of their products, both hardware and software and quit sitting back with the attitude "I'm sure we'll piece something together at the end of the day". I love BlackBerry but I'm really starting to be bothered by fighting for a product that I love and believe in when it looks more and more like the customers are the only ones that feel the same way as I do.


I blame the media for badmouthing BlackBerry every chance they get, carriers not only not pushing BB10 phones but trying to talk people who have come to get one out if it, and people who are sheep to the media and advertising. BB10 sadly never got the chance it deserves.

9700 > 9900 > Z10

In as far as applications are concerned, how is it the media's fault when consumers demand various applications that are not, will not, and will never be, available for a Blackberry phone? In terms of not having an email app on the Playbook when it launched, how is this the fault of the media when they reported so? In terms of releasing the Z10/Q10 with an inability to keep email for more than 30 days; how is it the fault of the media when they present this as a concern consumers should be aware of if they buy the product? In terms of Blackberry indicating that they will "leapfrog" the competition by releasing something, somewhere, sometime, to which, to date, we haven't seen - how is it the media's fault for calling Blackberry out for this? The drop in stock value? How is it the media's fault for causing this?

Blaming the media is short-sighted. The fault; the woes; the agony all stem from Blackberry itself. Blackberry has also failed time and again to "control" the media, i.e., present their side, clarify their side, and clarify any erroneous stories. If the media does report something egregious, where is Blackberry's response? Quite frankly, Blackberry's handling of the media has been appalling.

Not to be solely negative; the only bright exception that I see is the work of Anders Jeppsson who has gone out of his way to communicate and promote BB10 to the gaming community and the media therein. He has done a significant job at convincing the media that Blackberry actually plays games as well to educate gamers about the potential of Blackberry has a viable mobile platform. If Blackberry had more people like him who understood how to engage with consumers/developers/media, things may be different.

I always thought BlackBerry were a niche manufacturer. Isn't it general media hype that seems to compel every manufacturer to engage in a crusade for mobile ecosystem world domination? Oh and all that; we've got 20 billion apps in our store stuff as well... we'll just ignore that all but six of them are pure sh!te

I'm not sure I agree about the niche smartphone maker strategy. I think that the BYOD trend has shown that what is popular with consumers will work its way into the enterprise and, eventually, dominate there. I remember when there were enterprise personal computing systems on desktops. Today, desktops at offices are almost all PCs or Macs, consumer platforms that everyone knows how to use and are trained on beginning in elementary school. Why should enterprise pay more for devices that people are not familiar with and employees don't want to use? Maybe security is the answer, but I'm not sure. More likely, when the CEO wants to use an iPad and iPhone, he will. BlackBerry must compete for *these* decision-maker consumers; it doesn't mean all consumers. I actually thought that the marketing Thor talked about was fairly good -- I'm not talking about advertising or selling -- but the market definition and ideal prospect discussion seemed to be on target.

Frankly, I'd like to see Prem Watsa, Lazaridis, and group take the company private. But, if that doesn't happen, I'd like this board member to help work out a deal with Sony in which Sony adopts BB10 for a line of phones, tablets, and home electronics solutions. Maybe a BB10 Sony stereo that won't sound as tinny and geek-deaf as Kevin's Sonos system. (Actually, the Sonos I've heard sounded remarkably good...) I see a lot of potential in a serious JV with Sony like MS and Nokia had before the acquisition. If Sony wanted to, they could make a serious push into mobile... and I'd love to see them do that with BB10 rather than Android. The use of Android doesn't allow them to differentiate their beautiful mobile devices enough...

Why the hell does "andriod" keep showing it's face? That would just be going backwards even though all the sheeple out there don't understand that

I'm sick of hearing the "A" word!

QNX inks deal with Panasonic and then recently with Garmin. These are big names! Yet it's almost kept hush. I agree with above. Something big is on the horizon. It's like BlackBerry is keeping it's cards very close to their chest. I see the z30, BBM and a docking station about to hit. Something big is brewing......

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

BlackBerry switching to Android would be like Apple switching to Windows when it transitioned to OS X. Ludicrous.

And you can bet bottom dollar that Samsung is looking at ways to get out from Android dominance, as are the lesser players in the Android space like HTC and Sony. I could even see either company hooking up with Blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Samsung would love to get their grubs on BlackBerry but it won't happen. At least not until they can pass the test of being the dominant player in winning all the military and gov't accounts with their Knox layer.

Go BlackBerry.
Regardless what happens do not forget the consumer market, because there's is currently not enough awesome choices out there to replace BB10. Which is why BB10 is superior in every way.

That is one of the biggest hurdles for BlackBerry right now, as they have never been equal in the enterprise/consumer markets.
They realize that their legacy gear is dropping faster than bb10 can ramp up, so to attempt a smoother transition, they must play the consumer game and try to leverage the losses. This is difficult for them, because they have never before needed the 'apps' like they do with bb10, which further drops them behind the 8-ball.

A Sony merger would change this whole thing, with equal win for both sides.

Failing a merger, I would love to see BlackBerry use the Balance feature for consumer levels to offer a dual-boot (Android/bb10), or at least further the integration of Android into bb10 and thus have the best of both. How could anyone say then that BlackBerry isn't the Champ? This is possible, not just speculative.

Yes, find a niche, focus on profitability and don't worry whether you are Apple or Android, because you're not trying to be them; you're trying to be Blackberry.

The new norm in the mobile device world is accepting how fickle the consumer actual is and with what is out of vogue today, could easily turn around and be all the rage tomorrow.

I like the niche approach. If anything it allows the company to buy the time it needs to allow the pendulum to swing once again in BlackBerry's favour knowing that it's fair to say customers could easily turn on Android in the same manner in which they "tired" of BlackBerry.

BB10 is a phenomenonal operating system whose time is going to come and while intrigued by the buzz surrounding a Cisco partnership I'd be curious to see if a three-way partnership with DELL is in the works.

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Except android users on these forums would tell you that BB10 is " too little too late" "can't multi task" "no apps"... I think they should just stick to their forums.

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I've got a Z10, and love the device and the OS. I've also got an Android tablet, and the BlackBerry OS is much more intuitive to use compared to that. But I don't know that BlackBerry has done enough to differentiate itself from the competition right now, and the devices are still too expensive to make much of a dent in the market. The result is that a consumer sees a new device that's either expensive to buy (like the Z10 & the Q10), or looks quite cheap (Q5), and would rather have a cheaper android phone.
I think BlackBerry need a game changer, like the original BlackBerry's were - imagine if the phone had been designed to give 3 days use on a single charge, even with moderate to heavy usage - that would be a true differentiator.
I think it's time BlackBerry went private, stopping some of the negative press from the institutional investors who seem to want to drive the price of the shares so low through constantly hammering BlackBerry for one thing or another. This should give some time to focus on bringing the innovation, which brings people back to BlackBerry.

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I start to worries about the future of BB10. Will blackberry continue or just abruptly discontinue?

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My feedback from the street is that if people could install Android apps from the store AND have the secure balance it would be well received. This both from sales people and users here in the DC area.

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BlackBerry must innovate and offer something new to the market. Their big innovation was a touch screen which has been offered by the competition for years and an OS that consumers did not ask for. Remember the basic "sell the benefit -not the feature " how does the OS actually benefit the consumer who loses functionality measured by apps switching from android or ios. BlackBerry brought nothing to the table UNLESS they leverage the OS. BlackBerry must create new market space- m2m, potent mobile computing apps- robust links to cloud computing. And toys. The situation blackberry found itself in was the collapse if the business market as companies adopted byod protocols. This niche market is gone. The tool must serve both business and consumers. But there are many more business apps on other platforms. BlackBerry needs a "z100"- a "z30" will flop. Exactly the same but bigger. What's Heins going to say- "it's so cool- its BIG"

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BlackBerry needs not to get out they don't need to compete against nobody . BlackBerry is a completely different breed of smart device.

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Hey almost 75 million users can't be wrong, right why get out when we still doing good. You guys wait and see what blackberry has for us. Remember me.............

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First rational statements I have heard in a very long time! There is still light at the end of the tunnel.
BlackBerry for life!!

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There is no protected or sustainable enterprise niche for phones. BYOD has made that a shrinking market. The lines between consumer & enterprise, work & home are blurred.

The suggestions that BlackBerry sell hardware running Android makes no sense at all to me. Why would anyone want to buy a "BlackBerry " phone not run by BlackBerry OS? Certainly not me. It would not be a BlackBerry.

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If for some reason BlackBerry ended up using Android, they would go belly up as soon as possible. There's just too many Android devices out with Samsung making all the profit from them.
BlackBerry = Security, Work and Play where as Android = Malware, un-secure and inefficient.

I niche market for enterprise sounds good for the company. Maybe after several years with that they could come back with a business phone for the consumer pitch.

That leaves me buying an android phone for my next device though. Kit Kat anyone?

Blackberry should definitely go back to being a niche market phone and that niche should be tailored to true business people. Leave the toy phone market to Apple and Google, and concentrate heavily on business. Blackberry still has solid roots in business, but they need to keep giving large firms reasons to go BB. A relationship with CISCO would be a good marriage.

Odd comment considering my Z10 can already run sideloaded Android apps!!
Perhaps they can't see the amazing opportunity they have to run Android inside BB10. A dual Os capable phone would be desirable. Using the security of QNX to run apps in discrete tasks would make running the less secure Android apps a snap.
They are already doing it. They have already integrated Android and iOS into BES10. So what is he talking about?

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"The divestment of Ericsson from Sony Ericsson" makes it sound as if Ericsson was a part of Sony Ericsson (SE) and then divested; is that what you mean? To my knowledge, Ericsson was one of 2 shareholders of SE and sold its stake to the other shareholder, Sony.

Liking what I'm hearing here I have to say. Perhaps they are finally waking up to reality.

Glad to be hearing directly from the strategic initiative committee.

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And by that I mean that I like that it sounds like they may be looking toward more work on a hybrid BB10 / Android based OS rather than scrapping Bb10 entirely for Android.

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Forget, for a minute, that security was not an issue, and even then, Android is not the best solution out there. Even Google is looking to replace Android with Chrome OS someday. Why are we still having this pointless debate about moving to Android.
Folks, the grass always looks greener on the other side. BB10 is far and away the best mobile OS today.

So glad to hear that. I know there are a core group of us who still appreciate BB's strengths. I also suspect if BB can survive this market change, they may find themselves back in favor if they stick to their guns and continue to build on their strengths without diluting them. Markets are fickle.

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What is Facebook goes ahead and buys BlackBerr.. should not take more than 10 Billion dollars or so.. They can just kill the BB brand, use this OS as a base and then pump in some money, ramp up BB10 development, and create a new Phone brand owned by Facebook which uses BB10 in its core.. it is a good opportunity..

Facebook is a joke. I would dump BlackBerry immediately if Facebook buys. Talk about the absolute death of privacy! No corporation or government agency will use that platform! If BlackBerry is that desperate, it may as well throw in the towel.

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That's good to hear, a switch to Android would be a deal breaker for this user.

All signs point to BlackBerry getting a second lease on life enabling it to bring BB10 into full fruition.

If BlackBerry wasn't available, I wouldn't give Android the satisfaction of adding my name to their list of growing minions.

You heard it here first - Android will experience it's own earth shattering crash once it's current user base grows tired of it.

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Heres how I see it from where I sit...

There are 2 dominant OS's in the lead spots. Android and IOS. IOS won't license their OS to anyone which only leaves Android. Whoever buys Blackberry will make the company Android, and when Blackberry are sold they have nothing to say about it.

We're missing a piece of the puzzle here. If Blackberry has no debt and has money in the bank then why are they up for sale? Someone somewhere is lying to us. And I have a feeling its that turd Heins as he gets $50 million if Blackberry is sold.