BlackBerry Bling Roundup

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 07:03 am EST
BlackBerry Bling Roundup

BlackBerry Bling. Some of us hate it. Some of us are all about it. And most would agree that while device personalization done right is awesome, there is a line that can be crossed where things going from looking plain cool to looking like plain crap.

Our good friend Al Sacco put together a roundup yesterday over at of some of the latest options available for blinging out your BlackBerry, including both inexpensive and insanely priced options. Jump over and take a look! Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think the ultimate form of BlackBery Bling is (or isn't!). 

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BlackBerry Bling Roundup


i'm not gonna lie - i'd really like to colorware my storm. i just can't bear to part with it for weeks...

wow, just wow...

I thought there was a Global Recession? :)

Just goes to show that "some" people still have disposable income! PM me and send some my way!! LOL

Colorware is really nice.. but way to expensive and, I am wondering how long before the color starts to wear off due to use. Or, are the components that come back colored actual plastic replacement parts that have the color all the way thru the pieces. Still... $200 or more just to have your BB a different color just doesn't make sense to me. But that is me!

1. Those are the worst things for a phone I have ever seen. They would have to pay me to use them.
2. If I did have them I would have to switch to an I-Phone. LOL

3. I will still to my basic case thank you.

I love diamonds and black diamonds at that!!! :) I just don't think I would want them on my phone. Especially when I get a NE2. I think stones should stay off of phones and stick with jewelry!

Here i was just excited that you could buy trackballs in different colors. Personally I use different cases or skins to personalize, I don't like to do anything permanent to my BB cause then I can't take it off when I get sick of it. Of course, if someone has enough money to buy diamond encrusted Bold's, then they probably have enough to just buy a new one when they get sick of it lol :)